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2016 Forecasts

All together now — as we cruise/slide/stumble/leap/slither/crawl/drift/drop/tumble right into 2016, here are several astrological bloggers who’ve looked ahead to share their ideas for the days to come.

Although I know there’s all manner of wonder — and trouble — ahead, I am taking heart in the North Node conjunct Jupiter as the calendar turns and I imagine Janus looking forward with a cautious and measured hope and good cheer for all.

Peter Stockinger’s Traditional Astrology Weblog is instructional — you can learn how to start to assess what is important in the range of planetary movement upon us. In 2016: An Astrological Preview, he briefly covers Retrograde motion of the planets; Noteworthy sign ingresses and transits; Solstices, Equinoxes, Super Moons; Solar and lunar eclipses and Solar ingress charts.

Dipali Desai at Celestial Space writes Winter Solstice – December 21, 2015. “This year’s Solstice definitely opens a symbolic doorway. It opens the way to welcoming in transiting Uranus in Aries at 16 degrees shifting into outward expression. This also represents that the ‘Uranus square Pluto’ transit that has been going on for the last two-to-three years will be ‘reactivated,’ … thus, the major themes of ‘wake up, shake up, break-free and liberate’ are also highlighted. It is indeed a time of accelerated transformation and big transitions. Uranus square Pluto will continue to symbolically … push things up for purging until about April 2016.”

Marina Macario of Darkstar Astrology considers The Astrology of 2016. “The main astrological influence over 2016 will be Saturn square Neptune, which will get activated by various inner planets, and then, most importantly the lunar nodes. People will be feeling like they need to armour themselves, put up their defences and wall themselves in moated castles. All this despite being told we must dissolve boundaries, hold hands in a circle, and sing Kumbaya.”

Agent 98 – Lorna Bevan, at Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency (C*I*A) calls her piece The Astrology of 2016: A Change of Frequencies.
“2016 is not simply another year in a linear time-line; it is not a passing trend. It will infuse and enmesh itself into consciousness, rather than seem to pass us by. It is an energy threshold, a turn in the story, or as the current astrology describes, an entirely new evolution of both consciousness and world events — at the same time. It marks a permanent shift of frequency as planets on the Mutable Cross of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, encounter the tuning forks of the Galactic Centre, the Great Attractor along with black holes, pulsars, and masers.”

(FYI: also from C*I*A, an Interactive Webinar on Navigating the Transits of 2016 with Margaret Gray, on Sunday, January 3, for a $20 fee.)

Here’s a column that Michael Lutin wrote for artnet news, Michael Lutin’s Astrological Predictions for Art World Success in 2016.
“The world is not ending, no matter what the doomsday people say. Society as we have always known it, however, IS. The key words for 2016: stability in the midst of chaos.”
He has advice for each sign — a snippet of his words for Capricorn: “You’re an ultimate realist, however, so no matter how many risks you take, or how spiritual you are, praying or chanting, your mantra will always be, God bless you, ‘I want the best and I want it cheap!'”

Erin Sullivan’s December 2015 Newsletter has an in-depth look at the main themes of the new year, infused with her deep experience of archetypes and myth. Of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, she writes:
“Their dance is incestuous, if we take it from the origin myths … it is a family affair and it is a brother/father battle that has now taken its action to a global scale. There is something about this time that seems strangely familiar as if it has happened before, which it has – even if millennia ago – mythically, sociologically and politically!”
And, a bit more from her very rich observations: “Jupiter opposite Neptune brings an inflated sense of ‘holiness’ and godliness, and it being t-boned by Saturn suggests ultimately that we are in a war of the Titan Saturn with the Olympians Jupiter and Neptune. So, we are watching massive inflation of aggression, weirdness, alarm and another pathology of Jupiter/Neptune: the ‘holy wars’ coupled with astoundingly ridiculous — and worrying — parodies of ‘authority’ …  If we can see beyond the veil and into our psyche and watching the world, the anima mundi — and the cycles of Neptune and Saturn ­— it is apparent we are in a muddle on planet Earth.”

And, for a different approach, Sally Kirkman writes very practically on The Three Biggest Opportunities in 2016 for Each Sign. For Capricorn:
“1) Saturn turns your attention away from chasing after ambition or status toward finding a path that’s fulfilling on an inner level.
2) Love offers you a road to temptation, and if you’re ready for a passion-filled year ahead, this is one option.
3) Your attitude towards money and possessions shifts, and what you value highly in life is starting to change.”

For a farther look, U.K. astrologer Jessica Adams finds something very interesting to look forward to in Christmas 2016 Astrology Predictions:
“The most unusual line-up in years takes place at Christmas 2016, twelve months away, as I write this in Christmas 2015. If your personal horoscope has any factors at 20 degrees, you will be profoundly affected, as Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries and Saturn at 20 Sagittarius all link up in the heavens.
Uranus is opposite Jupiter, which is rare. What is even more remarkable, though, is that Uranus is also trine Saturn, and Saturn is sextile Jupiter. What does it mean? Massive opportunities. Extreme change. Tremendous life lessons. And all at the same time!”

If you like to listen as well as read, here’s Chris Brennan’s podcast, Astrology Forecast for 2016. Chris, Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock discuss some of the major transits and alignments for the year ahead.
(Here’s a YouTube video of the podcast.)

All of us at TMA wish all of our dear readers a joyful, healthy, and fun-filled 2016. Stay in touch, so happy to be on the road with you!


  1. Wonderful collection! Thank you, Mary, and happy winter holidays to you and yours.

  2. Thank you for the continual insight into our collective evolution!

  3. Mary,
    I always enjoy your fine collection and presentation of Magi. Truly there are signs in the heavens to guide us and learned ones to share their wisdom as we “all together now” move into an awesome new year.
    Thank you for this gracious gift.

  4. This is my first time here.. Thank you for your insight and the links you’ve provided. I’m just learning and this makes it easier for me. As a capricorn I feel I need all the information I can get and even now things are changing rapidly.

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