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2020 Astrological Calendars

As we move towards the turning of the year and all of the unfolding planetary storylines, it seems like a good moment to round up some astrological calendars.

This blog idea was also precipitated by the news that a popular calendar — Jim Maynard’s Celestial Calendars — will not be available for 2020, but hopefully return for 2021. (From the website: “We are hoping to have another publisher lined up to take over the Celestial Calendars for the 2021s.”)

In the mean time, you can download the first four months of 2020 (either Eastern or Pacific time) for free here.


Another long-loved calendar, We’Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn is in its 39th year of production. “The datebook presents a comprehensive introduction to astrology; to Sun, Moon and Earth cycles; and the seasonal Holy Days.”

A collaborative effort, there are over 250 articles by different astrologers, with art and poetry accompanying the astrological information. The datebooks are available in spiral binding in English or Spanish, paperback binding, and loose-leafed. ($21.95) There is also a wall calendar ($16.95). The datebook is in Pacific Time with all the time zone conversions across the world for easy reference.

We’Moon’s 2020 theme: “Wake Up Call sets out to wake us, sometimes gently, sometimes with alarm, to our peril and our opportunities. This call summons and inspires us for the deepest, most loving rescue work we can imagine. We urgently seek new possibilities for healing Earth and mending humanity. Goddess-sight is here. 2020—Clear Vision.”


Creative Cronies Astrological Moon Calendar & Moon Diary are Southern hemisphere based — produced in New Zealand and in existence for 42 years. The 2020 Moon Calendars feature astrological guidance for the year, Sun sign predictions, monthly forecasts, Moon phases, sign changes, eclipse details, gardening and fishing guides and Mayan Calendar Ninth Wave Spiritual Days and Nights. (NZ $27)

The spiral-bound Moon Diary has similar content along with New Moon maps and interpretations, daily oracles (based on Moon signs and planetary aspects). (NZ $35) Both versions have colorful original artwork. “Our 2020 theme, Weaving New Cosmic Contracts, explores how each Zodiac Sign expresses Self through our physical bodies and links this to where and how our natural inclinations might be most useful in our rapidly changing physical world.”


Long time astrologers Ralph and Lahini De Amicis have a Planetary Calendar Day Planner (for Pacific Time) with much astrological detail. There are New and Full Moon charts, daily forecasts, Sun sign guidance times to the lunations, month (and week) at a glance, planetary and lunar aspects, lunation meditations, ephemeris, information about essential oils, spaces for notes and appointments and more. There is a wall calendar (in three sizes, $18 and $20); the 218-page day planner ($27), and a digital version ($12). See the website for lots of graphics from the products.


Michele Finey of Celestial Insights has an Astrology Calendar that is packed with information. Timed for Australia, it is available as a wall calendar ($25) or as a PDF for download ($12). It includes planetary positions, lunar perigees and Supermoons, monthly analysis of key events (with advice and guidance), global cycles and trends for 2020, equinox and solstice charts (with Chiron, asteroids and Eris), as well as a beginner section and original images of Australia. Designed for beginners as well as professionals, it is both easy to read and detailed. A feature that is different from other calendars: There are no glyphs in the monthly pages, the data is written out — e.g., for July 12: “Chiron SR 09AR26 Mercury SD 05CN29.”


Llewellyn: New World’s of Body, Mind & Spirit Since 1901 has calendars in many related subjects — e.g., magic, tarot, alchemy — but the astrology section has three primary offerings. The 2020 Astrological Calendar (Eastern Time) has monthly artwork and horoscopes, days for planting and fishing, rewarding and difficult days, travel advice, an astrology beginner’s primer and major daily aspects. ($15.99)
The 2020 Daily Planetary Guide ($12.99) is a datebook format with weekly forecasts, daily aspects, ephemerides, retrograde planets, eclipses, and “Opportunity Periods— times when the positive flow of energy is at its peak.” The 2020 Astrological Pocket Planner (4”X 6”) has a daily ephemeris and aspectarian. ($9.99) (According to the website, this product is not yet in stock.)
See the website for details on the 2020 Moon Sign Book and 2020 Sun Sign Book.


Astrid Fallon has created her products for a number of years; she is a very skillful interpretor of the astronomical basis of astrology which informs her products. (She gave a webinar on Declination Matters, OOB and 3D Astrology this past weekend for ISAR.) Astrid produces the Astro Agenda (a diary) and the annual Rainbow Ephemeris. The diary is easy to carry it is 68 pages, bound with staples. It is available in French or English; the cover is in French as that is the only part produced by a professional printer. She does the printing and stabling pages herself! Astrid mails her products internationally; there are no digital editions. Here is a sample page from the ephemeris where you can see her very colorful work which is replete with astrological/astronomical data: daily ephemeris, the Black Moon, declinations, Moon Apogee and Perigee, and much more.

And, here is the 2020 Astro Diary (in English).


A web search uncovered calendars that I have not seen, here are a few that I found.

Phaedra Mitchell of Mystick Physick has a day planner designed for ease of use: “Our Ultimate Astrological Day Planner is the ONLY full size monthly planner that you don’t need to be a professional astrologer to use.” It is available in sidereal (Fagan-Bradley) or tropical zodiacs and is color-coded for “the best days for love, business & good luck through January 2021.” The user can choose a cover design and there is also a downloadable PDF version. ($24.99 – $59.99)
Although the planner on the website is created for Eastern Time, Phaedra will customize in your choice of time zone (for an additional $9.99). In an email she wrote: “… for folks who are interested in that feature I recommend reaching out to me directly and we can make it happen.”
There are other products at Mystick Physick, including a Planetary Observation Journal for noting transits and creating a personal astrological journal.


Magic of I has a 2020 Astrological Planner ($45); a pocket-sized planner ($30) and other products, i.e., stickers, Moon phase poster and journal.The planner looks beautifully produced in black or white “lush silk touch” vegan leather, with an aim of 100% recycled materials for the 256 pages. “We avoid mass printing in China and focus on small, high quality print runs. We print in Europe using highly skilled artisans and an amazing production team who are continually evolving with us.”

The planners are available for the Northern Hemisphere PST (GMT-8) or Southern Hemisphere AEST (GMT+10), and includes lots of astrological features. “The 2020 Astrological Planner is a powerful tool for creating magic and living in alignment with the cosmos. You do not need to know astrology to own this planner, but it is suitable for beginner to advanced astrologers.”

This is a start, I know there are others out there. Please let us know of any 2020 calendars that you’ve used and I have overlooked. Thank you. Have a good Scorpio New Moon week everyone.