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2024 Astrological Calendars

The Museum of Modern Art’s 2024 Phases of the Moon Calendar is printed on high quality paper with a silk finish in Pantone black and metallic inks to give “the dark moon phases a rich luster, and multiple varnishes in both matte and gloss to give the light moon phases their shimmer.” (Conceived by artist Irwin Glusker, this is the calendar’s 28th anniversary.)


In her 2024 Astrology IRL Journal beekeeper Merryman Cassels weaves practices from “the voice of the ancient bee priestess” into the astrological weather to assist in the embodiment of the planetary energies.


Tiffany Harelik’s Wise Skies Digital Calendar works with iOS, Outlook, and Google calendar. The calendar is colorful, has lots of features (i.e., Sabian symbols), some interpretive text, and is very easy to use.


Comprehensive Australian Astrology Guide designed by practicing astrologer Michele Finey in print or digital versions, includes all the necessary data along with monthly analysis of key events, global cycles and trends.


2024 Mystical Moon Calendar includes monthly and weekly spreads, affirmations and Sacred Geometry Symbols; look through the flipbook at the website.


Honeycomb Collective Personal Astrological Almanac is super-tailored to what you want. Specific to your natal chart — start from any month, choose house system and zodiac; add Hellenistic plugin with graphic overview of ZR for all seven Hermetic Lots; add optional asteroid transits; digital or spiral print bound or wall calendar. Basically an ongoing detailed study guide to your natal chart.


2024 We’Moon Datebook: Moon Calendar & Astrological Planner has been produced for over 40 years – “a  visionary collection of art and writing by creative women from around the world.” Check out the video for a tour of last year’s calendar.


For the digital-weary the 2024 Astrology Calendar is a hand-drawn wall calendar with transits set for EST.


This Digital Astrology Calendar 2024 (not pictured) “seamlessly integrates into your iCal or Google Calendar.” (I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s bound to be very useful for some.) The company, Spirit Daughter, also has digital and printed seasonal workbooks.


Magic of I. has lots of elegant products including their “small batch, high end wall calendar….a sight to behold ….glimmers of shifting light from all angles. Rare to find full-pressed foil on a large format A2 print, with no expenses spared….. keeping in theme with our Astro-Mycology 2024 Astrological Planner.”


Llewellyn’s products are tried and true, reliable and affordable — the 2024 Astrological Wall Calendar, Pocket Planner and Daily Planetary Guides are already on sale.


  1. They look great

  2. They are awesome

    • Thank you Rebecca, glad you liked the links..

  3. Will there be a Maynard calendar this year? I miss it.

    • Hi Maura,

      I am pretty sure that Jim Maynard has retired and his much-loved calendars are gone to the archives of history.

      That loss is still remarked on by many and has been part of the inspiration to assemble this list of what’s out there now.

      Thank you for reading,


      • Hi Maura, the Jim Maynard calendar is discontinued. I’ve tried several different calendars, and I like The Honeycomb Almanac as a replacement for the Maynard Calendars.

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