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2024 Astrological Forecasts

As I thought about writing a 2024 forecast, I knew I had nothing to add to what my brilliant colleagues have published, highlighting their unique wisdom and skill.

Instead, I decided to try to find a few words to describe my sense of the year. Perhaps, a very loose overview, maybe? In the early days of TMA’s blog — Tem and I would discuss upcoming topics and, at the close of the always wildly creative conversations with him, he quietly said: “I think our readers always like to hear from you, Mary.” So, this is for Tem, and Rae, and all of you …

We know that astrology is a profound practice and art — supporting and surrounding the scaffolding of its many technical and cultural permutations, lies its unparalleled ability to articulate interconnection. (Richard Tarnas may have been the first to apply the term “multivalent” — i.e., “having many applications, interpretations, meanings, or values” — to astrology.)

Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius and the Jupiter–Uranus conjunction are two of this year’s planetary events that lend excitement about the future. While in a time of rapidly accelerating collapse of global systems and philosophical, psychological, and practical inquiries on surviving the metacrisis, we are also in an era — AI, the global widespread use of psychedelics and plant medicines, the James Webb Space Telescope (“everything we knew about the universe is wrong”), and an increasing number of authenticated reports of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) — where the meaning of interconnection is becoming more subtle, more mysterious, and more powerful every day.

Pondering the unpredictable nature of the time and radical impact of events in our world, I am curious about how we respond to what may rapidly be becoming a different experience of reality.  And this makes me think about the nervous system’s ability to adapt.

In a recent conversation on the “the cognitive and spiritual components of the metacrisis,” psychiatrist/philosopher Iain McGilchrist articulates a distinction between the left brain and the right brain. To simplify a complex topic in neuroscience: the left brain, where theories and logic are contained, “closes to certainty;” whereas, the right brain, connected to presence and imagination, “opens to possibility.” Of course, the hemispheres work together, but cultivating experiences connected to the right brain might be fruitful.

My immediate world is marked by intellectual curiosity about many things — the Ottoman Empire, newly available translations of Tibetan Buddhist texts, quantum theory. And the ease that technology brings in order to follow my diverse interests is a great pleasure in my life.

When I listen for and attend to a different note in my experience — I find I respond to an irresistible pull from Saturn and Neptune in Pisces. For me, it’s a free fall into wide-open, deep, subversive, and bottomless realms — places where I can grab a lifeline to hoist myself back into the tangible world just in time. Here lurks the sorrows of everyone’s life — the grief of loss, the reality of war and suffering, and the darkness that obscures all.

Acknowledging the sad or depressed moods and moments fits with the symbolism of Saturn and Neptune. By some reckoning, a gift of Saturn is to sit with, to face, and to feel the reality of the situation — even if there are many such moments for some of us. If I pick up the notion of listening via the right brain, perhaps this process takes on a deeper meaning, i.e., the retrieval of a sense of the sacred. There is much talk from different quarters about the need for resilience in our times. I think resilience may be strengthened by our own personal experiences — there are many pathways — into the sacred waters signified by Saturn and Neptune.

I’ve learned a new word, coined by Nora Bateson — “Aphanipoiesis (n.) combines two words from ancient Greek to describe this way in which life coalesces toward vitality in unseen ways. (‘Aphanis’ comes from a Greek root meaning obscured, unseen, unnoticed; ‘poiesis’ is from one meaning to bring forth, to make.)” This describes the art of tending to what is latent, seeing what is unseen, and being moved by that. I find this to be a gentle framework for the year upon us.

And now, on to the forecasts. The following list of YouTube links represent many hours of viewing; and a number of the videos include time stamps and transcripts. I trust, dear readers, that you will find much support and guidance from these wonderful astrologers.

“2024 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast” with Chris Brennan and Austin Coppock at The Astrology Podcast is a comprehensive four-hour discussion. It includes a yearly overview, month-by-month commentary, concluding observations, and summarizations.

Kathy Rose and Pam Gregory offer the conversation, “A Powerful Leap Forward.” They describe the “very quick” tone of the year, quantum leaps, global hotspots, outer planets, big picture cycles, waves of personal development, and more (1 hr. and 30 min).

“The Astrology Livestream” is a new joint project of long-time collaborators, Nick Dagan Best and Patrick Watson. This episode, dated November 12, 2023, runs just over two-hours long and, while not a 2024 forecast, Nick and Patrick cover mundane events and figures in the news in their conversation.

“Astrology Predictions for 2024 — The Jupiter–Uranus Conjunction & Pluto in Aquarius w/ Wendy Stacey” is published by The Astrology Hub. This is a 55-minute talk and includes “the concept of Uranus ‘rolling back the clock,’ offering a fresh perspective on how unprecedented events may be rooted in historical contexts.” Wendy also talks about preparing for 2024 and offers final tips for the year.

World Astrology Report is Dan Waites’s channel. (As I recollect, Dan’s background is in journalism, and his work is always succinctly presented with dynamic graphics.) This 56-minute forecast episode “Why 2024 Will Be a Landmark Year” features Dan with his frequent collaborators, Steph Koyfman and SJ Anderson.

Another entry of the World Astrology Report is an interview, “Interview: Talking the Astrology of the 2020s — with Andre Kahr.” This two-hour presentation covers “a lot of ground, including geopolitics, the multipolar world, the dialectics of history, André Barbault, 2026, Russian and American history, nuclear weapons, and, yes, UFOs.”

The Rage of Astrology: Outsider Astrology Podcast presents dialogues with astrologers Andrei Burke, Rachel Capurso, and Frederick Woodruff. Eschewing “heavy-handed predictions,” they are imaginative thinkers and their interest is “to reveal astrology as an art that emerges from natural grace and flow.” “Episode 7 // The Year in Preview: The Astrology of 2024” is a nearly two-hour conversation which includes “the impact of AI on mass media, law and society, how 2024’s Mars retrograde could influence the US presidential election, and the shocking conclusion to the US Pluto Return.”

“Christopher Renstrom’s Astrology Predictions for 2024 – All Zodiac Signs” is a presentation found at The Astrology Hub and is replete with Christopher’s very warm and personal tone. Among his focuses are Pluto in Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces, and Jupiter in Gemini (1 hour and 23 min).

“Pluto in Aquarius for all signs — No Fear! 2023–2044” is a two-hour talk by Susan Hopkinson. Her introductory thoughts include “shedding the victim stance” and the idea that life is constantly building up and falling apart — nothing stays the same and power is inherent within. Susan sounds like a wise friend with counseling skills. Time stamps allow you to jump to signs of interest (written for Sun, Moon, or Rising signs).

“The Year 2024 Astrology Overview” is produced by Maurice Fernandez — Evolutionary Astrology. Wonderful graphics accompany Maurice’s two-hour talk. Acutely perceptive and engaging on world events, Maurice begins with a glance back at events in 2023 and Saturn in Pisces as a marker of neglect.

Watch Maurice on “Nodes Cycle in Aries Libra 2023 to 2025.” In this one-hour episode, he “discusses the influence of the Nodes in Aries (North) and Libra (South), along with the new cycle of eclipses whose path will cross over the USA.” (There is a Solar Eclipse at 19° Aries on April 8.)

In “Awakenings: The Archetypal Astrology Podcast — Episode One,” published by ANN —Archetypal News Network, James Moran and Renn Butler interview Richard Tarnas, PhD, author of Cosmos and Psyche, The Passion of the Western Mind, and Prometheus the Awakener” (1 hour and 40 min.).

Lori Lothian, host of the Lunatic Astrology channel, has a conversation with astrologer Candace Marie in “2024 Rare Powerful Healing Event – Chiron North Node in Aries — All Signs.” “On February 19th we are going to be experiencing a powerful and rare event as Chiron, the wounded healer, connects with the North Node of fate in the sign of Aries. This last occurred in 1820, 1875, and 1969. This energy can help heal conflicts in the world and in your life.”

(1 hour and 44 min.).

photo: Jonathan Borda, Unsplash


  1. Wow! I’ve already watched a handful of these great astrologer’s work that you listed, but thank you for so many good resources to add.

    This is an excellent resource-I’m telling all my astrology students to subscribe to Mountain Astrologer for this kind of excellent content. Cheers.

    • Hi Victoria,

      Thank you for being so appreciative. There are many wonderful astrologers out there and it was fun collecting them..

      Be well,

  2. Mary, thank you deeply for listing and summarizing all of these. These are tumultuous times and having the perspectives of so many helps one to open to the unseen, contemplate the meta… everything, and find one’s own center (at any given time).

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Love what you said.

      Thank you for commenting,


  3. Thank you! Mary for this great collection of works and your wonderful introduction. I enjoyed tremendously.

    • Hi Shunita,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece. I was a bit shy about my introduction, so I’m happy you liked it.


  4. It would be nice to *not* rely on YouTube. I’m deaf and captioning is very iffy. I avoid YT for that reason. Anything in print you can recommend? Thanks! It is a liminal year…

    • Hi Sue,

      Let me see what I can find for you to may take me a few days, but I will post back here.

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention, a big oversight on my part.

      Take care,

      • Thank you so much, Mary! ❤️

  5. I too am hearing impaired and will appreciate readable information rather than youtube.

  6. Beautiful! Thank you Mary!

  7. Wonderful resource, thank you so much!
    Also Austin Coppock does a biannual overview- as a guest on a program called ‘Rune Soup’. (Each episode covers half a year) Austin’s insights are always invaluable. I hope he will someday offer his own.

    • I agree! We want to remember to check back during the summer for his “H2” forecast. Thanks for mentioning it here.

  8. Thank you for this forecast! I am interested to see how this 19 degrees Aries solar eclipse feels in light of such strong Aries energy this season!

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