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A Collection of Blogs for Gemini Time

In a bow to Gemini, I found a diverse collection of blogs, covering such things as the Maya calendar, Kim Kardashian, the eclipse paths, psychological astrology, and employing fun visuals and excellent graphics. Something for everyone to enjoy, I trust.

Happy eclipse season, everyone.

Art Gianfermo’s blog is called Aquarian Solutions: Providing mystical, occult and social commentary from an astrological perspective. He is currently writing on the 18-day phases of the Mayan calendar, which, by this reckoning, will end on October 28, 2011. “In my efforts to chronicle the swift, momentous changes aligned with the Mayan Universal Underworld and current astrological transits I have been researching the qualities of the rulers Gods/Goddesses of Aztec lore.”

Alison Gunn’s site, Beyond the Stars Astrology: Questioning all things occult, arcane, and interesting, is eclectic.  As her title says, her subjects and her writing are definitely interesting, and visually stunning. She uses graphics, video clips, Tarot cards and more with her fine writing on a range of subjects.
She has a unique series on the 12 houses, (i.e., The 6th house: I live to serve you, masterThe 9th house: Who Knows Where the Road Will Lead Us? Only A Fool Would Say and an archive of Excellent Posts from the Past, including such titles as My petition to include Athena in the planetary pantheonThe Wonder and Beauty of the Astrolabe; and The ‘Fixed’ Sky.

One article, Abandon hope, all ye who enter here, begins with the inquiry, “Why do we need astrology?” She concludes:  “It is the panacea of all those who suffer emotionally. For all of those who have abandoned hope that anything will ever change in their dreary, postmodern existences, astrology… does not have all the answers, no, but it helps people feel better. In this way, yes, of course it resembles religion; don’t think I hadn’t noticed that connection too. Astrology, however, is not the opiate of the masses, Karl. It is something much more interesting.”

Ralfee Finn writes a weekly column for Star IQ, which is also housed at her website, The Aquarium Age: Transformational Astrology.  Of the recent Jupiter ingress into Taurus, she writes: “Life is the greatest garden you will ever plant, and while Jupiter is in Taurus, the potential for gorgeous growth is gigantic.” Her blog is user-friendly and succinct, perfect for a quick check of the week’s energy. She also writes a bit on each sign. For Pisces, for the week of June 1 – 7, Ralfee writes: “Let the light move through the broken pieces and you’ll find the mosaic of your life to be far more beautiful than previously imagined. And then, just for a moment, be glad to be you.”

The Inner Wheel is a site “devoted to intermediate and advanced astrological interpretation.” Dawn Bodrogi has many articles archived on her very well-designed (i.e., easy to navigate) site, as well as information on her private practice. She teaches classes and tutors students with lessons “designed around the student’s own abilities.” Progressions and synastry are her specialties, and her recommended reading list is a useful compendium of (mostly) contemporary classics of modern astrological thought.

Carl Boudreau’s Astrology Blog has an accessible synopsis of this eclipse season. His view is subtle (he writes about Power Shifts and Quantum Shifts) but also worldly (i.e. Economic Prospects), and he has original graphics that get to the essence of the eclipse energies.

Linda Schurman is a well-known astrological cultural commentator. (You may be interested in my review of her book, What Next? A Survival Guide to the 21st Century.) She writes the Soothesayer Internet Newsletter, which features an article on the current eclipses and covers such timely themes as the U.S. debt ceiling and U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.

Beth Turnage is the prolific blogger at Astrology Explored: An Astrology Media Press Blog.  She writes on celebrities (i.e., Kim Kardashian and William and Kate) and uses Astro*Carto*Graphy maps for current events (the May 22 tornado in Missouri) and to show eclipse paths. Along with tracking current affairs, she has longer pieces with  historical content — The Astrology of Royal Weddings: The Yod–Destiny Plays a Hand is a good example.

Feedback and comments welcome, as always.

Be well, one and all.


  1. Thank you so much for your review. It is very much appreciated!

  2. Thank you for the mention, Mary. I’m honored to be included.

  3. Hi Dawn, Alison and Beth,

    My’s so great to discover such fine astrology..

    Take good care, one and all

  4. Great! Born in Athens, Ga, I’m ready for Athena to be included. Thanks for a fine list, Mary! Jude

    ps: is this Athena same as asteroid Athene #881?

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