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Growing up with an astrologer mom made me a uniquely arrogant type of eight-year-old. Whenever anyone would mention the word “horoscope(s),” I would pipe up in a know-it-all voice to proclaim that astrology is soooo much more than your Sun sign! I’ve softened my approach immensely since then, and relinquished the desire to “prove” anything to anyone. However, I do always aim to be a beacon of approachability to those who are curious — a Witch holding space for sacred language play.

To me, astrology is a calendrical language. Although it is universal in that it has touched nearly all human civilizations, it is not universal in meaning. It has many dialects, and I believe all of them are worthy of our attention and examination, even when it feels foreign to our own interpretation or mode of practice. And I would like to endlessly encourage everyone to be curious instead of judgmental. To ask each other questions and really listen to the multiplicity of truths that exists. But most of all — that we remember to heed the following wolf motto:

Learning how to play means getting friendly with teeth.

Toni Morrison wrote, “We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.” To help guide us through this dangerously beautiful task, my team and I continuously aim to meet the four main objectives from Susan Scott’s book Fierce Conversations:

  1. Interrogate reality.
  2. Provoke learning.
  3. Tackle the toughest challenge.
  4. Enrich the relationship.

At a time when polarity feels pricklier than ever, I hope we can all open ourselves to the magic that fierce conversations can bring and remember the powerful teachings of Mother Teresa: “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” While our increasingly cyber-linked reality allows us “connection” with just the touch of a button, the collective continues to feel lonelier and more estranged. If I could sacrifice every bone, muscle, and vein in my body to become the sinew of a human bridge of embodied connection — I would!

Yet, for now, all I have are my words. In them lives my deep-seeded soul prayer that we, as humanity, genuinely have the capacity to promote more fiercely LOVING dialogue and create compassionate containers for collective reconciliation.

So, I would like to invite you all to please share YOUR words with us via the survey link below and to enjoy one of my favorite 1991 letters from Tem that beautifully describes the mission of this egregore we affectionately know as The Mountain Astrologer:

Thanks for the supportive comments about reprinting the political commentary from Z Magazine last issue. Some others complained that it was wrong for it to appear in an “astrology magazine.” To me TMA is a magazine written by astro-literate people, but not just an “astrology magazine.” Why separate astrology from real life? When I come across something I feel is important or of great interest to our readers, I put it in, astrological or not. Look for more (not necessarily political) in future issues. Also, it is important to note that TMA is independent; we are not affiliated with any other astrological organization and we don’t need advertising income to survive. We don’t sell our list. We’ve made it on store sales and subscriptions, thanks to good writing, good humor and hard work to get the word out — and all the networking done by you, the readers. Actually, now that I think about it, the main reason this magazine sells is due to the ‘Glyphoid’ cartoons. I better put more of those in. — Tem 

From the bottom, sides, and top of my infinitely wyrd heart — THANK YOU!





Letter from Tem

Rae Sapp & Mary Plumb

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