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A Fateful Place? The Polish Plane Crash

The terrible plane crash in Russia on Saturday leaves one bewildered at the magnitude of the shock to the Polish people. Our deep condolences extend to all our Polish family and friends.

There is a lot of fine astrological commentary on the tragedy at TMA’s Facebook page and many other web sites. There are many horoscopes to consider, including looking at the deceased President’s birth chart, the time of the swearing in of the current government, and the different national horoscopes for Poland.

The plane crash occurred on April 10 at 6:56 a.m. GMT, in Smolensk, Russia (54ºN36′, 32ºE03′).

Polish plane crash

Inevitably, there are some harsh midpoints in the chart for the plane crash: Neptune (28º Aquarius) is directly on the Sun/Pluto midpoint (27º52’ Aquarius), and the Ascendant (10º18’ Cancer) is on the Sun/Saturn midpoint (10º04’ Cancer). The Mars/Saturn midpoint is 2º31’ Virgo, opposite the Moon and Midheaven (2º33’ and 2º29’ Pisces), and the Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint is 6º24’ Taurus, square Mars (5º12’ Leo).

The plane carried 96 people, including President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, and many prominent politicians and policymakers. Everyone on the plane perished. The plane was on its way to a ceremony to commemorate the Soviet massacre, ordered by Stalin, of more than 20,000 of Poland’s military elite, politicians, and artists, in April 1940. That gruesome event, known as the Katyn massacre, began “after April 3” and continued for the next 28 days. (1)

Although there are no immediately obvious connections to dates 70 years apart, I thought some astrological marker might show a link for an event with such an eerie tie to a previous time.

There was a solar eclipse at 17º52’ Aries on April 7, 1940, within a few days of the beginning of the killings.

Solar Eclipse April 1940

Hades, the TransNeptunian Planet (TNP) associated with darkest horrors and unspeakable tragedies, was at 18º10’ Aries at that eclipse, within 18’ of arc of the eclipse degree.

At the time of this week’s plane crash, transiting Uranus was at 27º55’ Pisces, exactly square Hades at 27º55’ Gemini. Aside from the sudden tragedy and grievous loss of life, the world is now getting another look at the events of the Katyn massacre, said to be one of the darkest moments of WWII. (2)

In another striking parallel between the two events, when the 1940 solar eclipse is set for Smolensk, Russia, site of both the massacre and the plane crash, the Ascendant is 25º34’ Scorpio. The Vertex point (the most “fated” point in the horoscope) for the crash is 23º34’ Scorpio. This connection between the Vertex of one event and the Ascendant of another event plays out the other way as well: The Vertex point for the 1940 eclipse in Smolensk is 9º20’ Cancer; the Ascendant of the plane crash chart is 10º18’ Cancer.


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(2) Telegraph


  1. Excellent detective work Mary! I’ve seen this double whammy between Vetex and Ascentant only a few times. One was between Pincess Diana’s natal chart on the car crash chart. I’ll bet you had an “eureka moment” finding this

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I was captured by how eerie the story was and felt there would be something ‘different’ in the astrology..And yes, the Vertex/Asc tie is amazing. It does seem to speak of a whole different level of experience

    I’ve seen it in some very famous couples but did not know about Diana and the car crash..

    Thanks for commenting.

    Best to you and your tribe!


  3. Thank you Mary! I found so many aspects between the date of democracy and the date of the crash – thanks to your initial posting — it boggles the mind. If one were to review sans midpoints – it is all there and an extraordinary teaching for all
    of us.

    If it is at all possible – let’s try to find the president’s birth data – as it is now rumored he requested the pilot to land – even in the fog – even with the warnings from air traffic tower.

    Thank you again for the work you’re doing and for the magazine, which has always been a staple of our lives.

  4. The April 7, 1940 Solar Eclipse does seem relevant to this event. I just finished reading Bill Meridian’s new book called The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, and his ideas are derived from Charles Jayne’s studies on eclipses. One of the basic tenets is that majuor geopolitical (mundane) events have a marker that is the closest eclipse, and that this eclipse chart can be progressed as an event chart. When you do this, it becomes evident what the connection is between April 7, 1940 and April 10, 2010. I wrote about the connections in my weekly NewsScope column. See for the details and graphics.

  5. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the input. I’m eager to read Bill’s new book and thought there was probably a connection with the eclipse paths..

    I’ll go read your article..

    Best to you

  6. Thank you Mary! I was commenting, just after the accident, the same that you are saying, but without looking at any chart at all, but remembering the eclipses and important positions and aspects in the sky. And also something very important that a “shaman” said a few years ago: “It is time to clean in many Countries the energies that were left by the wars and revolutions” Keep well, studying and working! Regards from Cuernavaca in Mexico.

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