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A Neptune interlude…

Yesterday I heard a choral group, accompanied by flute, bagpipe, and piano, in a program of Celtic songs at the local university’s music hall (with its excellent acoustics). It was easy to be moved by the music and transported to another state of being. There were no empty seats in the hall, and together we went on a journey of some sort — unique for each, I am sure, but all of us being carried into a different realm of experience. A planetary theme that invites this possibility — and an antidote to the density of many of our collective troubles — is the ongoing sextile between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. While exact on January 31, June 18, and November 8, this aspect is part of the background of the year, as it stays within a 4° orb for most of 2019.

Saturn is in Capricorn and is traveling with the South Node this year; they are precisely conjunct on April 30, July 4, and September 27. One description of this combination is that themes, storylines, or events from our familial (or collective or national) history are tumbling forth for a necessary new assessment, forgiveness, or integration, in light of this new day. Pluto’s presence in Capricorn condenses this process — adding, for some, a relentless pressure, compulsion, or urgency to this work of integrating what has heretofore been in the shadows.

Neptune in Pisces suggests that a refined, subtle, or translucent quality may be available to those of us who are actively engaged in healing the past, releasing traumatic patterns held in the memory or the physical or emotional body, or simply enjoying (or being renewed through) the experience of an altered state of awareness. There are many modalities being employed by the energy healers, shamans, yogis, musicians, therapists, alchemists, herbalists, magicians, and priests among us. We are currently accompanied and assisted by many helpers and guides in this and other worlds.

Although my particular current storyline seems to involve the presence of the recently departed as well as themes in my ancestral lineage, there are myriad other possibilities that we are open to in our ever-expanding multiverse. Dreams, memories, all manner of unusual experiences may be quite vivid for many of us, or might be awakened or enlivened by the gentle and delicate support of the sextile aspect. The healing water of Neptune in Pisces can soften and dissolve what may be some raw or rough edges when we surrender to the mysterious presence that seeks unity instead of separation, that invites love instead of anger.

I went to sleep last night before finishing this blog; I knew that what I am trying to express was not clear. At some point in the night, I got the image of weaving a cloth: Neptune’s sextile is offering a thread of the transcendent, the magical, the mysterious to weave into how we experience the current reality (Saturn). The old books say the sextile indicates a connection that can be activated if we take advantage of this aspect.

Music is only one of countless ways for Neptune to inspire us — a devotional service, a particular color in the evening sky, the sound of someone’s laugh — all can pierce through our ordinary senses and impress us with a new world of possibility where we are part of the gentle, unifying dance that is often hidden in plain sight.

The Saturn–Neptune sextile occurs between 14° – 19° Capricorn and Pisces this year. Their midpoint is between about 15° – 18° Aquarius; if you have planets or sensitive points there (or in aspect to that degree area), the idea proposed in this blog may be particularly relevant. (Full disclosure — or confirmation bias? — if it’s not obvious by now, my natal Mercury is at 16° Aquarius.)

Be well, everyone — much to celebrate during this Full Moon and equinox week!


  1. I also have a 16 dg Mercury in Aquarius, 1st house. I’m a double Aquarian. Saturn will be conjuncting my Venus at 17 and Capricorn. Where is Pluto in all this as I have been dealing with that for years now? My Moon is in Pisces.

  2. Thank you for the evocative and meaningful reflection. I love the image of weaving a thread of transcendence through the rough fabric of reality. With love.

    • Hi Tracy..(long loyal reader)

      Thank you…glad my dream image of weaving made sense..

      Best, as ever,


    • Me too!

  3. Well done! My Mercury is at 15 deegres Leo

  4. Thank you. A beautiful article about our times. The Neptune aspect also reminds me of Rebecca Solnit’s book “A paradise built in hell, the extraordinary communities that arise in disaster.”

    • Thank you, Ieneke..

      I love Rebecca Solnit too..


  5. Mary, I loved your pointing out the sextile of Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn. Weaving the two together is so important. For most of us, the Saturn Pluto impact is modulated by the Neptunian potentials, I am sure.

    But, for me, what comes through is the potential of grounding (Saturn) our ideals and compassion and caring (Neptune). Making real the kindness and love. Bringing heaven to earth.

  6. My natal Mercury and Saturn are at 16 Aquarius. Mahalo this was very interesting!

  7. Beautifully written Mary. No one can ever accuse you of only using mono syllable words. Nice to remember it is not all the Saturn and Pluto duo. ?

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