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A rough eclipse season…

Our new blog presents several discussions focused on the week’s events. Fully aware that I am sitting in a safe and warm place, uncountable numbers of people are not. While many of us are in situations that allow us to be immersed in images of conflict, or engage in actions and remediations to alleviate suffering or manage visceral emotional reactions, I hope that these astrological insights may bring a moment of relief or a flash of objectivity. From my vantage point, it does feel that the experience/awareness that we are all deeply, profoundly and undeniably interconnected is a phenomena that is gathering steam in the collective.

Jessica Adams describes The Astrology of Israel. She writes: “The problem for Israel and Gaza is clearly shown with one glance. Uranus (shocks, independence, upheaval) is in Gemini, the sign ruling neighbors. The issue always was, always is, geography.” Adams makes a definite prediction: “At 5:00 am on 1 November 2023 the crisis over control for Israel, Iran and Gaza ends. Benjamin Netanyahu may lose power.” She also looks as far ahead as 2031, suggesting dates for “progress.”

Jamie Partridge includes fixed stars in his work. His article, Israel at War – October 2023 includes a tri-wheel with Israel, Palestine and the October 7 attack. He writes: “It is as if this attack was timed to weaken the strong points in the Israel astrology chart, especially with Mars on the Israel Ascendant.”
He also includes a point about the timing of the Israeli chart. “Masons have used one particular star for millennia to align temples and time events. That is the fixed star Spica, the beginning of the zodiac. David Ben-Gurion, a Freemason, used the moment Spica rose to create the modern state of Israel. Hamas launched their attack when Spica was with Mars and the South Node. The Sun was conjunct fixed star Algorab, associated with terrorist attacks.”

Mychal A. Bryan is the creator of the Oraculos School of Astrology, “providing excellence in concrete, event-based astrology education & making it universally available.” His media presence is blossoming via many podcasts, teaching videos and Q and As with practicing astrologers.

This almost two-hour podcast for October 15-21: A Week of Bittersweet Resolutions is particularly interesting as Mychal includes Uranian Astrology along with his primary focus of traditional astrology. If you are new to Uranian, this is a vivid introduction. For those familiar with TNPs, Mychal points out that Kronos (“benevolent or wise leaders”) stationed retrograde on October 15th, the same day that Mercury and Admetos combined to suggest “failed negotiations.” On the 17th, “the most challenging day of the week,” Zeus (“god of firearms”) is conjunct the Sun (“the burning body”). These are stark images, but Mychal presents the material with serenity and compassion for all of humanity.

Not focused on the war but an overall monthly overview, Dan Waites, creator and host of World Astrology Report is joined by SJ Anderson and Steph Koyfman for October 2023: What You Need To Know, a 28-minute concise and detailed discussion with an emphasis on mundane events and personalities in the news. The astrologers include the Pluto station (October 11), Mars entering Scorpio and the two eclipses in a well-researched and illustrated (lots of graphics) presentation which keeps to a very good pace.

Photo: Jongsun Lee via Unsplash

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