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A Shared Birthday Eclipse

I thought it was curious that Helen Thomas and Barak Obama share the same birthday, August 4.  Thomas, born in 1920, is the veteran journalist whose career ended suddenly last week when she spoke candidly about her views on Israel.  I’m not commenting on the politics involved, just looking at her horoscope to see if there are any clues that might show the timing of such an event.

In August 2009, there was a lunar eclipse at 13º35’ Aquarius, within 2º of their respective Suns. (1) We know that a year with an eclipse in the solar return is always an important year in life. The President’s ongoing trials are well documented, and this abrupt end to Thomas’s career certainly fits the symbolism of a lunar eclipse — a significant chapter in life coming to a climax or turning point.

I don’t have a time for her birth, so am looking at the sunrise chart for Helen Thomas.  (2)

Helen Thomas, natal sunrise

Helen Thomas has the natal Sun conjunct Neptune in Leo, squared by Mars in Scorpio conjunct the North Node. The Moon was in Aries on her birthday.

She had an illustrious career in a male-dominated work environment, a testimony to someone with both the Sun and Mars in dignity. Among pioneering achievements, she was the first female officer of the National Press Club and the first female member and president of the White House Correspondents’ Association. Thomas was always known for her outspoken and direct questioning of the president’s press secretary in the White House pressroom. She has covered the presidents since Eisenhower and, in her long career, “earned a reputation for being relentless and demanding.” (3)

On May 27, the day of her career-ending comments, transiting Mars was at 25º Leo, conjunct her natal Jupiter.

Thomas & transits for May 27, 2010

Looking at solar houses, the 10th house of career is signified by Taurus. On May 27, transiting Venus at 9º Cancer was conjunct natal Pluto — in this case, apparently, a brutal combination for one’s reputation.

Interestingly, Thomas was born with Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces, the same aspect we are in the midst of again.  She was born with the potentially polarizing implications of planets in opposition to one another. The Israel-Palestine issue is certainly one of the most divisive political issues of our day.

Since the Moon was at 1º Aries at midnight as her birthday began, it’s possible that the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction – exact on June 8 – was within orb of her natal Moon on June 7, the day she resigned.

The prenatal solar eclipse prior to birth shows a life-long sensitive degree. The prenatal solar eclipse prior to Thomas’s birth was on May 18, 1920. The Sun and Moon were at 27º Taurus. The Sun for Israel is 24º Taurus. (4) Barak Obama’s prenatal solar eclipse is 27º Aquarius, the degree of the U.S. Sibly Moon, his natal South Node, and the current transit of Neptune (and its discovery degree). In this case, we can see that, in part, their respective life stories are entwined with the fates of those two countries.


(1) Obama’s natal Sun is 12º33’ Leo; Thomas’s Sun traveled between 11º29’  – 12º27’ Leo on her birthday.


(3)All biographical material and quotes from Wikipedia.

(4) The legal moment for the creation of Israel is May 15, 1948, 12:00 a.m. The chart can be set for Tel Aviv. “Set for Jerusalem this could also be considered a map for Palestine.” Nicholas Campion, The Book of World Horoscopes, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004, p. 169.


  1. Hi Mary:
    Also Meg Whitman, former EBAY CEO and now set to run for California Governor against Jerry Brown (April 7, 1938) was born on Augst 4, 1956.

  2. Hi Mary, when I saw this email I realized how out of touch I’d been over the last few weeks…I had no idea that Helen Thomas’ career was over…(got to go research this).

    June 7 was my birthday, although since I was born in Hawaii during the war, by UTC it was June 8, and I have been feeling GOOD…Obama was born in the same hospital I was, too, and I have a huge stellium in Leo. I was a Hillary supporter, as I see Obama as too centrist/right for my taste (plus my Pluto is 5 Leo), but I like him, I am impressed by him…

    Unlike Meg Whitman …. but then, buying a governorship (or presidency) is quite the thing to do with gobs of money, I think…it really just irritates me to no end!

    Right now my natal Neptune is being transited by Saturn, so to me this is the blinders coming off big time (I was born with an exact Sun/Sat conjunction, so this is nothing new to me) and the ensuing exposure of reality stories I find quite refreshing.

    Check out the story that popped out about the enormous mineral deposits in Afghanistan…bingo, another reason to be in a war there, huh, and perhaps the reason so many wars have gone on there. A friend tells me our Death Valley is part of that same band of deposits, and she said there is a razor wire expanse of that desert enclosing lots of buildings and new cars out there. No tinfoil hat stuff, just observations from several people living out there.

    Just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

  3. Very interesting 🙂
    I was just posting an entry on my blog about Helen Thomas’ birthchart when I saw this post.

    I would define Helen Thomas as “the tip of the iceberg”.

  4. My at-a-glance biorhythm personality/character analysis shows these three people are:

    Obama: humanitarian, leader, self confident, gets the ‘whole picture’ & makes decisions deliberately, weighing all options
    Thomas: a ‘fools-rush-in’ self confident person who does not get the ‘whole picture’, but must be listened to, and a parent type: do it now, do it my way, for your own well being….

    Whitman: a ‘conperson’ type, Me First and the rest be damned, must be listened to, is a martyr type so will bask in suffering and stay in a situation too long for her own benefit; will get out of it when she has suffered enough.

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