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A Summer Monday

If you, dear readers, are anything like me and my friends and family, you will understand that I am taking a week off from the blog. Time needed to assimilate, maybe, and have a bit more time to enjoy beautiful summer weather.

Transiting Mars is out-of-bounds (now at 23N46) and continuing to engage the brilliant and bright energy of Uranus (which it squares on Tuesday morning), and confront the hidden reserves of Pluto. (Mars is opposite Pluto on Wednesday night. Let’s make the most of it — this particular aspect won’t happen again until July 2013.)

Mercury is retrograde, of course, and rules siblings. Here’s a link to my sister Kate’s recent blog on this retrograde:

With Mercury retrograde, if you have time to reflect here are some articles on our site that you may have missed, or that deserve another read.

TMA’s Beginners Series There are 13 parts; plenty to keep you busy for a while.

In case you missed the very cool digital flip-book, here’s the entire June/July issue.

Book Reviews appeared only on the web from March 2007 through September 2008. There are lots of wonderful books reviewed here.

Robert Blaschke’s blog on Mercury Retrograde.

Gary Caton on The Moon and Mercury Overthrow the Sun.

Laughter Yoga, scroll down for the link to the video.

Love to one and all,


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  1. I’m commenting on my own blog, but I was thinking about a phrase that an astrologer friend and I came to on the phone the other day – the Uranus Pluto square is a brilliant urge for truth and beauty “thwarted by the density” of Pluto in Capricorn..

    Be well everyone…

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