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9.0 earthquake, tsunami, possible nuclear meltdown, ongoing aftershocks, volcanic activity..

Can it get any worse?

Here we are all together now with shocks in every imaginable way being experienced on great swatches of this earth.

I felt very shaken and even scared for a moment as I fell asleep on Saturday night, after following the news for most of the day. Uranus moved into Aries and the earth’s axis actually did shift.

So far, I have figured out that the best thing I can do is to return to a stable ground within myself as these wildly unpredictable events continue to unfold. (Maybe my language is too mild: A nuclear expert on CNN called this an “unbelievably catastrophic event.”)

So the process in these last few days for me has been to stay informed, deeply look at what is happening, let the waves of feeling move through my mind and body, and find my way back to center with a deeper heart prayer for everyone. (Maybe other water-air types will find that a helpful idea.)

I have mentioned my friend, Norma Nakai Burton, minister of the Unity Church here in Ashland, in other blogs. In the service on Sunday she spoke of interconnection, and the one body that we are all part of. She led a meditation that was so helpful; I want to give you the basics of it.

After a few calming breaths, she gave the image of using our mind’s eye like Google maps. We scanned this whole magnificent earth. Then we dropped down in scale — she was very eloquent in taking us through this part — but the basic idea was to zoom in closer and closer and go all the way to northern Japan and focus prayers there. Any prayer or song or blessing or light that comes from your heart is good, of course. It was a very powerful visualization and I felt more settled. Using the very focused visuals that we all can see now with the internet and the TV and sending prayer quite specifically there, to that specific ground, feels like a useful idea for those of us not immediately impacted by the situation.

The astrology of these events is, naturally, like the events themselves,  great in scope and in some way breathtaking to behold.

Here are some fine blogs on the astrology of the time.

Ed Tamplin has researched earthquakes extensively. In this article, he looks at the chart for the Japan earthquake, the Fukushima reactor, Chernobyl and more. He also links to other of his very thoroughly researched articles, including Earthquakes and Astrology.

Theodore White was one of the astrologers who accurately predicted the earthquake: The Super Moons Of March And April: Large Magnitude Earthquakes and Storms Ahead.

The Japanese Nuclear Explosion by Dharmaruci discusses charts connected to the “nuclear axis” and speculates on Neptune’s April ingress into Pisces (which is accompanied by six planets in Aries).

Mark Lerner’s article at Earth Aquarius News is called Japan 8.9 Quake. He writes: “Major planets in our solar system, aligning with one another and shifting relative to our planetary home base, are the precipitating cause of what we are witnessing now in Japan and which may dramatically affect other places on Earth in the month or so ahead.” (Mark was the astrologer who originally identified the degrees of the “nuclear axis.”)

Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers looks at various natal and progressed charts for Tokyo. He concludes:
“When something this big happens it affects us all, regardless of whether some know it or not. Over time events such as this one will teach us compassion, one-ness, and the clear need to overcome fear in all its forms. As John Donne once wrote in his 17th Meditation:

‘No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were. Any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee….’ ”

Eric Francis has essays on the Sendai quake chart, the explosion at the Fukushima power plant and the chart for the first nuclear explosion (December 2, 1942). He also has a special edition of Planet Waves Podcast: Quake Chart Overview in which he summarizes the key astrological charts, and his interview with Karl Grossman, an environmental journalist with a keen interest in the nuclear industry.

I just found Australian astrologer Paola Emma’s fine site, Living Moon Astrology. Her newest post includes a wide selection of charts and methods (i.e., declination, lunar mansions).  She looks at both the December 2010 and January 4 eclipse charts, along with the 1898 and 1952 horoscopes for Japan. She also links to her many previous posts on mundane topics.

At Stellar Insights, David Crook looks at the 1898 (i.e., ‘Meiji’) chart for Japan, and the Feb. 12, 2011 solar return of that chart in Uranus Shakes Japan. He also includes an article from EarthSky on the March 19 Full Moon.

And, speaking of the upcoming SuperMoon, read Richard Nolle’s updated article SuperMoon: What It Is, What It Means .  (He coined the term in 1979.)

Michael O’Reilly’s The Astrology of Earthquakes (posted in 2010 at Neptune Café) has his essay on the subject, as well as articles by Richard Nolle, David Crook and Celeste Teal.

Michael, in his current NewScope column, notices the asteroids in the Japan horoscope for its formal surrender after WWII, September 2, 1945.

I know there are many other excellent and informative blogs out there. Please do add your suggestions. (Serious astrology on the web is getting much too big for me to track on my own!)

Have a good week everyone. Stay in touch.


  1. thanks for this message Mary.
    I think that anyone on this earth has been shocked and felt shaken within after the new of this horrible earthquake followed by a tsunami hit Japan. When on 9th of march, one with a magnitude of 7,2 hit this same country, we should have been in alert. Japan is linked to the Aries Sign…and Uranus has made ts enter on 11 march in Aries.
    yes all of us have to stay grounded more and more & to keep faith in our hearts. Prayers, meditation can be very helpful…and to be involved more deeply in any action towards our planet Earth.
    April is going to be also a “hot” month with the package of planets in Aries.
    Love & Blessings

    • Thank you, Corinne,

      Lovely message and yes, to taking “any action towards our planet Earth.”


  2. Wow, Mary, you found some real gems here! Thanks to all the brilliant bloggers.

  3. Yes, thank you for the links!!!

    Christmas 2004 Tsunami, Uranus in early Pisces, Moon in Gemini, Uranus leaving Pisces, Moon in Gemini, Tsunami 2.

    Uranus rules the collective, Pisces is the sign of Christianity. The 7 years of tribulation began with the Tsunami on Christmas Day 2004.

    This is the 2nd wakeup call from Uranus the Great Awakener, note that Uranus was in Pisces the sign of Christianity, both times.

    Uranus transits bring sudden shocking events that are usually extremely exact on the degree. There are no coincidences.

    Another note is that because the Moon was in Gemini, the shocks came in 2s, first the earthquake, then the tsunami.

    Even though we are used to earthquakes, tsunamis are more unusual and did the most damage overall. With Uranus in Pisces, it was sure to be the water element that both shocked & did left people unprepared for its devastation.

  4. The position of Uranus in the Earthquake chart is highly significant – as is often the case with earthquake charts. In this instance, Uranus conjuncts the Aries point, Mercury, Lilith (the ‘dark moon’) and – significantly – the midpoint between two angles (the MC and the Descendant). It also squares the nodal axis. An angular Uranus appears to be very common in earthquake charts – else it often conjuncts the midpoint between a pair of angles, as in this case.

    The position of Saturn in this chart should also be noted: at 15 deg Libra it is at the apex of a ‘hard yod’ (with the Moon at 0 deg Gemini and Neptune/Chiron on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp).

    A further, interesting, example (regarding Uranus) is that of the great San Francisco earthquake of 18th April 1906, in which a Uranus-Neptune opposition was closely conjunct the MC-IC axis.

  5. Mary,

    Great article. Bravo.
    Could you call in to our radio show tonight
    at 4:00 on Tuesday, tonight, your time call
    917-889-8292 as we would love for you to share with us your thoughtsabout how astrology is tracking the events of Japanor world events. The first part of the show will be about my High Strangeness with Dennis Weaver thenyou can come on right after that if you can email me at or as I don’t check the other email
    address that often. Let me know.

  6. Found your webblog through Bing. You already know I will be signing up to your feed.

  7. I wonder if the conjunction of Makemake and Atlantis has to do with the Japanese earthquake. The symbolism surely fits. The two were conjunct, both retrograde, on Mar 2, within a degree from February 6 to March 5, and by March 11 were only two degrees apart.
    It was about on that day that scientists announced the possibility of having found the location of the ancient Atlantis.
    If this conjunction is the “cause” we could see the same sort of thing when the helio conjunction comes around, exact on April 3, within a degree from Mar 28- April 10, and with the conjunction with both of them direct,exact on July 18, in orb of a degree from March 28-April 10.

  8. I wonder if the earthquake has to do with the conjunction between Makemake and Atlantis that took place around then. It was exact, at 27 Virgo, on March 2, both retrograde, within a degree from February 26-March 6, and by March 11 they were still only two degrees apart. It was about then that scientists announced they were close to finding the site of the ancient Atlantis.
    If these two bodies were involved, we can expect more of the same. We will have the helio conjunction exact on April 3, 26 Virgo 50 and 51, in one degree orb from March 28 to April 10, then the geo direct conjunction at 26 Virgo exact on July 18, in one degree orb from July 15-22.

  9. Thank you Mary for your words that connect to us all and for the links you provide. I also find the comments very interesting as always.

    I found some things in the chart for the 2000 conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (5/28/00) that tied it to the explosion chart on 3/12/11 that you might find of interest.

    The chart for the 2000 Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus has Pluto at 11+ Sagittarius thus opposing the Moon at 12+ Gemini in the explosion chart. (destruction vs the people)

    The midpoint between Uranus and Mercury in the explosion chart is the same degree as the 2000 Jupiter Saturn Moon, 2+ Aries. (people caught in the middle between commerce and technology)

    The midheaven of the explosion chart is 22 degrees of Taurus, the same degree that Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in 2000. (the results of greed)

    In the 2000 chart Jupiter and Saturn were square Uranus at 20+ Aquarius who was stationing retrograde. Nessus (known for poison) is at 21+ Aquarius in the explosion chart. (worldly power vs. universal power = death)

    Jupiter and Saturn are now opposed therefore half-way through their cycle and they will meet again in 2020 at 0+ Aquarius. In the explosion chart Pallas Athene (the strategist) is at 0+ Aquarius. (planing for the future)

    Also, in the last solar eclipse on 1/4/11, Ceres was at 0+ Aquarius. (mother warned us)

    In the U.S. Sibly chart Pallas Athene is at 26+ Aquarius (& conjunct the US Moon 27+ Aquarius), and in the explosion chart Ceres is at 26+ Aquarius and conjunct Neptune, sextile the Galactic Core and the north node, indicating that Mother Nature and the Universe (GC) are demanding the dissolution (Neptune) of nuclear production (Aquarius) and providing the opportunity (NN) to do so.

    The south node of the explosion chart is conjunct Hades, telling us to let go of that which we don’t like to look at or think about.

    Transiting Neptune forms a quintile (72 deg)to transiting Pholus in the explosion chart which has been in effect for some time. This aspect relates to the occult and the use of the will. It synthesises the four elements into the fifth element of Ether, and transcends physical limitations (like splitting the atom). Pholus can produce great effects from a small beginning. Neptune can dissolve and it can spiritually motivate, so while it is in the last compressed degree of Aquarius, the sign of mankind, and especially while it is still conjunct the USA’s Moon, is it not an indication of what humanity has the power to do through prayer and by demanding of their governments to cease and desist before it is too late?

  10. I read the
    articles by Celeste Teal and was blown away with stuff I had never heard of before. Perhaps she would write an article for the Mountain Astrologer??? Surely the Japanese quake on the date of the Uranus ingress into Aries deserves an article by Ms Teal!!!

  11. TO Mary Plumb @ MOUNTAIN Astrologer from astrologer Edna L. Rowland. You did an excellent job of collecting data about the Japanese nuclear disasters. Keeep up the good work.

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