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Another personal story…

Hello friends and TMA readers. I want to thank all the truly wonderful and generous colleagues who wrote TMA’s blogs for the last few months.

I had a minor car accident that had some more significant consequences than appeared at first. But, I am well and happy to be back with you all.

For the curious, here are some basic astrological factors. The accident happened on August 1, a few hours after Mars squared Uranus (an aspect in my natal chart). Mars had just opposed Pluto and was in the last days of its out-of-bounds period.

I had had a few hints in the previous days that I might want to slow down.

In what now seems a (painful) demonstration of “coming events cast their shadow before them,” on July 28 I made a comment to Tem’s post about the (then) current transits: “I almost got a speeding ticket – twice.” (1)

I happened to be sitting still at a light in my car when I was rear-ended, and I am grateful that the added stress of driving too fast was not part of the immediate situation.

But, sitting still is part of the story. With Scorpio ascending in the natal, Mars is the ruler at 9° Libra and retrograde at birth. It is now stationary by progression and about to go direct. (2) Maybe I am stopping to get my bearings before moving on. I don’t have a clear perspective on it all yet, but am moving carefully and (hopefully) thoughtfully forward.

To catch up on other writers, here are some interesting blogs to enjoy:

In case you missed Tem’s post on Facebook, here’s Barb Hindley’s true story about following Chris Brennan’s electional advice and winning a trip to Hawaii.

Lyn Dalebout, astrologer at EarthSky Oracle, calls herself an Earth Listener. She uses the sidereal zodiac and tracks the daily planetary weather. She also has some posts on Uranus-Pluto: “I have often described the influence of Pluto as being akin to a Cosmic Backhoe. It shows up one day, out of the blue, unannounced, unasked for, and begins to dig up your yard, your life, your psyche. And Uranus, as the Great Awakener, functions often as sudden accidents, being struck by lightning, major anxiety or panic attacks, kundalini awakenings. And genius.”

Peter James Clark’s Classical Astrologer Weblog is an elegantly designed website (many graphics) with articles on a range of subjects, particularly under “the confluence of magic, science and religion.”

For some samples, he includes the complete text of Timaeus.

He writes on the fixed stars, e.g., The Stars of Orion. “The right shoulder is Betelgeuse, a massive reddish star. He is synonymous with great strength. A planet or luminary rising, culminating, setting, or conjunct Betelgeuse will be considered a powerful companion. He is the one who must have the strength to metaphorically ‘flex the bow.’

On the left shoulder is Bellatrix, a star of the deep power of the undefeated Feminine. She is the Amazon warrior. In Tibetan Buddhism, the left hand is related to Compassion and the Right to Skillful Means, being feminine and masculine, respectively. The symbol for these is the bell and the dorje.”

The mundane articles include Global Uprising, wherein he looks at the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in May 2000 in Taurus and ahead to the next one in 2020.

“Most of us are unlikely to shed tears over the passing of the twenty year period heralded by the last conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. It’s fixed Earth and the material world. The predictions I made almost a decade ago have come to pass, with massive economic collapse, the banking crisis and extreme social polarity and violence.

I think when we stop waiting for a better tomorrow and work with what we have today, a new kind of humanity, not one guided by fear, can and will start to realize a world without the atrocities that all too often pass for normal.”

Just a Kiss Away, an interpretation of Mick Jagger’s horoscope.

And a piece on Hermes: Magician & Psychopomp

Have a good week, everyone. The Sun opposes Uranus and squares Pluto in the next few days – keep lively!


(1) Read Ray Grasse’s article The Voice of Divination: Omens, Oracles, and the Symbolist Worldview.

(2) Natal Mars is 9°36 Libra; transiting Pluto on August 1 was at 9°33’ Capricorn. Although there are lots of variables, I do expect to have assimilated the accident more fully by the end of November when Pluto moves into the 11th degree of Capricorn.


  1. Recover well and take it as a gift.

    • Thank you Ursa…

  2. Hi Mary,

    Glad you are okay. Thanks for sharing your story. It always interesting to see astrology in action. If I’m picturing your chart correctly from your comments, transiting Mars had crossed over your natal Moon and Uranus in mid-July and had squared your natal Mars on July 27th. Transiting Mars then went on to square your natal Neptune on August 7th. I don’t know your time of birth, but with Scorpio rising your lunar return for this period probably had Mars near the cusp of the 8th, Saturn near the cusp of the 12th, and Neptune angular near the IC. All-in-all it sounds like a stressful period.


    • Thank you Tony for commenting..

      Although it felt a bit narcissistic to talk about myself, I did think the basic astrology was interesting and might be helpful..I also thought that writing a bit would help me process it a bit more too..Scorpio rising can prefer secrecy, as we know 😉

      You’re accurate about the Mars transits and Mars was exactly at the desc for the lunar preceding the event..

      One step at a time for me these days..

      Thank you again for the kind thoughts..


  3. Hi, Mary!

    So glad you’re back on your feet; hoping your recovery continues well.

    I thought you might be interested to note that asteroid Mary (#2779) on August 1 was at 19 Cancer, with Mercury (cars)at 20 Cancer, inconjunct Damocles (the doom hanging unseen overhead) at 21 Aquarius and opposing Asclepius (contact with doctors or medical facilities) at 20 Capricorn. Mary/Mercury is part of a bundle of points including Mars (accidents, before we found Uranus) at 12 Cancer. Mary is also exactly sesquiquadrate Neptune (hospitals, isolation) at 4 Pisces.

    Sorry, there is no “Plumb” asteroid. :^)

    Get well soon!

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