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Aquarius New Moon

The New Moon in Aquarius was on Saturday, February 13 at 6:51 pm PST. I’ve considered some of the key themes of this lunation and am linking to some other writers, each with a distinct focus.

First of all, in honor of the stellium of Aquarius planets, particularly Chiron and Neptune conjunct the Sun and Moon, here’s author Lynne McTaggart’s website, The Intention Experiment, where you can “Join the Largest Mind Over Matter Experiment in History.”

This page has podcasts with “her interviews with some of the world’s most renowned frontier scientists” (i.e., Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake).

These ideas are pertinent now as cutting edge thinkers, scientists of consciousness, and mystics find they might really be talking about the same thing. It’s a display of Aquarius on center stage and at its best.

A look at the headlines, however, can usually be gruesome. Mars has just opposed Mercury in the sky as he’s still close to the earth and heading backwards in the zodiac. It’s easy to see Mars in the news — both the tragic high speed accident before the Olympics opened and the U.S. launching a major offensive in Afghanistan, (in which twelve civilians were killed by an off-course rocket on the second day), are obvious displays of the violence and trouble Mars can bring.

Astrologer Richard Nolle has a thorough understanding of mundane events and planets’ cycles.  Check out his 2010 World Forecast Highlights; it’s all relevant, of course, but I’m especially pointing now to his work on Mars.

This article is long; if you don’t have time for the whole thing just yet, do scroll down about half way to the chart for the Sun-Mars opposition of January 29, 2010 and the moving graphic just below on the Synodic Cycle of Mars.

Of course, we give great thanks for the current Venus and Jupiter conjunction, exact on the 16th at 7° Pisces. (The last time the two benefics came together in this sign was in April 1998.)

Barry Perlman writes about “one of astrology’s loveliest, luckiest, most inspiring and magically advantageous aspects” in his article, Intentions to Receive with Venus/Jupiter in Pisces.

Tom Lescher has a nice take on Jupiter in Pisces in his Forecast for February/March 2010 at his New Paradigm Astrology site.

One more subtle point with this lunation is the Black Moon Lilith. Both Black Moon Liliths (i.e., Mean and True) are now in Aquarius, very close to the New Moon. BML has also been traveling opposite retrograde Mars.

In case this is unfamiliar to you, here’s a chart of the New Moon.

You’ll see a glyph at 16°25’ Aquarius (this is the True Lilith; the Mean is now at 15°05’ Aquarius).

Marina Funk has a fine article, Black Moon Lilith Rising, where she demonstrates Lilith in the 1st house or Ascendant of some famous people’s charts.

Tellingly, she divides her models into The Mystics, The Mesmerizing Artistes, and The Blackest of the Black.

Marina elaborates on Kelley Hunter’s proposal that the longitude between the Mean and True positions can be considered the Black Moon “corridor.”

Luckily perhaps, Black Moon Lilith is not everyone’s cup of tea (she requires a stronger libation than that), nor does everyone have her prominently in the horoscope. If you’re curious, do check out Kelley Hunter’s seminal article, The Dark Goddess Lilith(TMA, April/May 1999) as well.

Have a good week everyone, and all you Metal Tigers, may it be your best year yet!