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Chart uses Koch houses and the Mean Node.

Q: I am suddenly unhappy in my marriage of 25 years and wonder if you could shed any light on why this is happening and when things might resolve.

A: Let’s start with a look at relationship patterns in your birth chart. Juno is the asteroid that represents marriage in the natal chart, and yours is in Scorpio conjunct Saturn and your Ascendant. Both of these planets square your Moon and Pluto in Leo, creating tension between your emotional needs and the needs of the relationship. Juno on the Ascendant shows that relationships are very important to you, and to some degree, part of your identity is tied to your primary partner; also, because of your Pisces Sun, you have a tendency to merge with people you love. Scorpio rising, along with Juno, brings a need for a deep emotional connection with the partner, and the willingness to change and grow together.

Because the nature of Scorpio is to have very intense emotions and even hidden feelings, sometimes things can simmer deep inside for a long time before you recognize there is a problem. The conjunction of Juno with Saturn brings life lessons and karmic lessons through your primary relationships — making them a place where you’re forced to learn and grow — along with a desire for stability and permanence in those relationships as well. The square from Juno–Saturn to the Moon and Pluto adds weight to the tendency to hold emotions and needs inside, possibly based on early childhood patterns.

Part of the unhappiness you’re feeling comes from transiting Uranus, a planet of sudden changes and destabilization. Uranus will often feel like a wake-up call and stimulate a desire to break out of old patterns, leading you to want and need more freedom, autonomy, and self-reliance. Uranus in Taurus is currently opposing Juno, the marriage asteroid, and will continue to be within orb of opposition until January 2024. This is a symbol of you needing change in your marriage.

Meanwhile, Uranus beginning to make contact with your Descendant, another point symbolizing the significant other, and to oppose your Saturn, one of the symbols for permanence in the chart. This becomes exact in July 2023 and remains in effect until January 2025. I would anticipate that many unexpected thoughts and feelings are surfacing about your marriage and security in general (Saturn) and, because Uranus is so unpredictable, that you’re very uncertain about what to do. You may decide to leave, or to stay, and change your mind every week, or every day — at times wanting to maintain the status quo, while at others wanting to break free and change everything. Given the length of these transits, you may be in transition for a few years. Lessons associated with Uranus often teach people about staying in the present moment and watching things evolve until they become clear.

Additionally, in your birth chart you have Venus, the planet of romantic love, conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer archetype, in the sign of Aquarius in your 3rd house. Venus in Aquarius strongly values friendship with a primary partner and, in your case, also communication (3rd house) above all else. Being able to talk about what you’re going through with your partner is essential to your well-being. If that doesn’t happen, you may become unhappy. Chiron being so close to Venus suggests that you have been hurt in love, or that you are attracted to people who are wounded, so this adds another level of difficulty. Venus also squares both your natal Mars in early Taurus and Neptune in late Libra. The Venus–Mars square is associated with tension between the friendship part of love (Venus) and the physical attraction (Mars). After 25 years, you may feel that these two things are out of balance. Venus square Neptune will often put loved ones on a pedestal and overlook or minimize their faults.

All of these issues are coming to the surface because of a transit from the planet Pluto, the deepest, most revealing energy that unearths what has been hidden or buried. Pluto is often experienced as a deep dive into healing ourselves. In March 2023, Pluto will move into Aquarius and begin to activate your natal pattern about love relationships through January 2028, although you may be feeling this now. This Pluto transit can be a time of discovery for you, not only about your current relationship, but about all of your loves, and you may discover parts of your own psyche that have been previously unexplored. Pluto transits only happen once in a lifetime, are very slow and thorough, and are often associated with great internal changes — unlike Uranus, which often tends to bring external changes.

To answer your question about when things might resolve, I think that you will be in a transition about your marriage until the beginning of 2025, when Uranus finishes the transit to your Descendant. You may make decisions and changes before that time, but with regard to feeling like life is stable again, I think it will take until then. The Pluto transits continue for two years beyond that, but I think you will likely experience those internally, as deep changes in lifelong patterns of personal expression that bring you to wholeness.

Moon Zlotnick began practicing astrology in 1975 and received formal training in 1979 with Zipporah Dobyns through her Los Angeles school CCRS. Since then, Moon has worked with clients full-time, taught astrology to beginners and seasoned students alike, and participated on the boards of ProSig, OPA, and STARS. She has been certified through OPA and currently leads Peer Group Trainings. Her book, Star Sisters: An Astrologer’s Memoir of Twin Loss, is now available on Amazon Books.
Moon’s website: Astrology by Moon Rabbit

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