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Astro Assistance: December 2021

I am being courted by a gentleman who seems totally smitten by me and I am quite taken by him. Astrologically, I see huge pluses and a few major snags. Before I get more involved, I seek your astrological perspective.

Chart #1 (Querent): September 5, 1947; 2:56 a.m. PST;  Hoquiam, WA (46N47 123W53)

Chart #2: August 25, 1951; 11:43 a.m. BZT; Brasilia, Brazil (15S41 47W55)

Koch houses; Mean nodes; birth certificates for each.

It’s quite clear that you and your love interest have a number of strong and positive connections, and that some of these ties also relate to areas of difficulty. In answering questions about compatibility, I always like to start with natal configurations — in your case, the Leo Ascendant, with Pluto and Saturn rising, in a wide square to your Taurus Moon opposing Chiron in Scorpio.

Pluto is close to the Ascendant (within two degrees) which will often indicate some trauma related to the birth experience; with Saturn conjunct Pluto (only three degrees away) the earliest hours of your life may have been fraught with health challenges and difficulties for you or your mother. In spite of the fact that you have no memory of this, on a deep cellular level it had an impact on you and can create a wary and cautious approach to life. The additional square from Pluto (the gatekeeper to the underworld) and Saturn (the planet of limitations) to your Moon (feelings and intimacy) may make it hard for you to feel safe or be comfortable with your own vulnerability. Throughout your life you have had to work hard to learn to trust yourself and others. The opposition from Chiron (the wounded healer) to your Moon suggests emotional wounds inherited from your mother, or as a result of your relationship with her. Emotional intimacy is a complex and hard won area of life for you, and it’s not surprising that you would proceed with caution in relationships.

Your love interest has Mars (the attraction principle) conjunct your Ascendant, triggering your T-square. There will be mutual desirability, but any sign of conflict (Mars) between you could trigger Chiron, your old wounds. When Mars is strong between couples passions run high, as does a tendency toward competition and conflict. I’ve known couples with strong Mars connections that play sports together, or competitive card games as a positive way to express the Mars energy, sometimes they also work hard together on conflict resolution. Because you are both Virgos and highly analytical, using your combined intellects to solve problems may make this relationship easier than others in your past.

You have a Sun/Venus/Mercury conjunction in Virgo indicating a great interest in relationships with a strong need for communication and analysis that could very well be shared by your love interest since he has this same conjunction, along with Juno (the relationship asteroid) on his Ascendant. His Venus/Mercury conjunction in Virgo is very close to yours, making for many shared interests and easy, thoughtful conversations. Because you and he share the same Sun sign, there is a great likelihood that you will project unexpressed negative qualities of Virgo onto one another which may teach you a great deal about your hidden selves.

His South Node in Virgo is also conjunct your Sun/Venus which suggests a past life connection, creating a strong feeling of comfort and familiarity between you. The South Node is often associated with a karmic debt or some type of unfinished business which complicates this otherwise lovely connection. Over time, this connection can open up opportunities for you to work out whatever might be unfinished from the past, or it can create a situation where you feel so comfortable that you’re drained or bored by the relationship.

Your Scorpio South Node is exactly conjunct his Juno, which adds to the feeling of already knowing each other, or of having been together as a couple in the past. Scorpio can bring tremendous potential for transformation for both of you, but its fixed nature may indicate some challenges in breaking old patterns between you. When Scorpio energy works well people engage in radical honesty and push each other to grow and change, but when it doesn’t work well there can be jealousy, possessiveness, or manipulation.

Your love interest has a T-square with Uranus in Cancer as the focal planet, squaring both Jupiter and Neptune. Because Uranus is erratic and unpredictable in nature, this T-square, while not very personal, still energizes his capacity for expressing originality and changeability. Additionally, your Mars in Cancer is conjunct his Uranus which indicates that you motivate him to try new things, but it can also create conflict when you sense him detaching or feeling uncertain.

Finally, his Gemini Moon is square your three planets in Virgo, indicating that while you might be intent on finding practical solutions to any potential problems and are very willing to work hard at achieving your goals, he may bring a more lighthearted and changeable attitude to those same things. This may help you in many ways, but could also leave you feeling frustrated when searching for answers.

Often Moon signs are indications of domestic compatibility, and yours are in a wide semi-sextile. Signs next to each other in the zodiac are usually expressing a very different energy than each other. His Gemini Moon needs variety, change, and constant stimulation, while your Taurus Moon loves predictability, and routine. Your Moon in the tenth house needs structured time and well laid out plans to feel safe. His seventh house Moon needs connection but is very mutable,  heightened by his natal Moon/Mercury/Venus square. He can adapt easily to different domestic situations, but will need to talk everything through.

I think the commonalities you share with your Virgo planets and the willingness of that sign to work through things is a positive sign for your future.

Bio: Moon Zlotnick began practicing astrology 1975 and then received formal training in 1979 with Zipporah Dobyns through her Los Angeles school CCRS. Since then, Moon has worked with clients full-time, taught astrology to beginners and seasoned students alike, participated on the boards of ProSig, OPA, and STARS and been to many national and international conferences. She has been certified through OPA and currently leads. Her book, Star Sisters: An Astrologer’s Memory of Twin Loss, is available on Amazon. Moon’s website:

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