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Astro-Assistance: February 2022

Birth data: September 8, 1994; 4:46 p.m. EDT; Jacksonville, FL; AA; Koch houses, Mean node

For the past 8–9 years, I have experienced a great deal of distrust and conflict (including internal conflict) in the areas of “home” (living environments), as well as in work/career. For example, I struggle with tension between “what I should” do for others vs. what I must do to express my needs and authentic self. This ongoing tension creates a sense of general uncertainty and often results in feeling distrustful of myself, meaning: my own ability to identify and advocate for what it is I truly want. How can I work with my chart to move more confidently toward my truth?

You have a few aspects in your chart that speak directly to the questions that you asked. Let’s start with your Capricorn Ascendant, which conjuncts both Neptune and Uranus; a conjunction that marks the charts of all people born between 1990 and 1995. Capricorn rising creates a sense of duty and obligation in your everyday life. You want to do the “right” thing and often feel responsible and worry about problems that are not yours to manage. This creates a fairly serious, conventional approach to life, and shows you value hard work, productivity, and reaching goals. Capricorn is highly motivated by “shoulds” and can struggle with feelings of guilt when even small things go wrong. Uranus on your Ascendant symbolizes a desire to live an authentic life, break the rules, and challenge authority. Neptune, on the other hand is fluid, empathic, and tends to struggle with boundaries. This creates an enormous struggle for you since your initial reaction to everyday life events is so complex.

In any type of complicated personal situation, you may start with the Capricorn response, reacting out of duty, obligation, or trying to do what’s right, but very quickly Uranus will assert your need to do things your own way, and you may feel uncomfortable with whoever seems to be the authority. You might even distance yourself or rebel. When Neptune is activated, you identify with the other person’s struggles and can lose all sense of personal boundaries. My suggestion is to give yourself time to think things over in order to understand what really matters to you. In work situations, it would be helpful to make sure job expectations and responsibilities are clearly defined from the very beginning. Then, you would need to hold strong to only being responsible for what is yours. This strategy might also help if you live with other people.

Your Moon is in Libra and conjunct Venus. Both Libra and Venus seek harmony in relationships, looking for fairness, reciprocity, and balance. Your natural instinct may be to go along with the desires of other people, particularly when something seems more important to them than it does to you. Compromising comes naturally to you, and sometimes you say yes to something before you realize that you’re too busy, not interested, or just keeping the peace. People with the Moon in Libra need to be very self-aware in situations that involve compromise and need to be fair to themselves — and not just other people. This same Libra Moon makes a square to your Neptune–Uranus and Capricorn Ascendant, bringing these issues into high focus. Typically, people with strong Libra don’t like conflict and will avoid it until things become a crisis. Finding a time to talk about any problems with your housemates or work colleagues when you feel calm and rational can help avoid some problems.

Mercury is also in Libra, representing a very diplomatic style of communication, and is not making any major aspects to the other planets in your chart. This can indicate difficulty collecting your thoughts and feelings about something and then communicating your ideas in a clear and integrated way. Take plenty of time to explain yourself, and ask for feedback to make sure folks understand what you are saying.

Finally, Mars is in Cancer in the 6th house opposing Neptune. The fiery nature of Mars has a hard time in the watery sign of Cancer. Mars wants to act on your behalf while Cancer is naturally supportive and nurturing of other people. This planetary combination is also part of the pull you feel. Mars in the 6th house can also make you self-critical about your wants and desires, while Mars opposite Neptune can make them illusive and changeable in nature. This all leads back to you needing to take time and clarify exactly what it is you want in any given situation. Understanding all the different forces at work in your birth chart and finding a way to honor each one of them can give you the confidence you seek.

In March 2023, Saturn will move into Pisces for two years, and you will begin your Saturn return. Saturn returns are one of the best teachers for people who struggle with setting and maintaining clear boundaries. I imagine that the next few years will bring you a much deeper understanding of how to navigate these issues.

Bio: Moon Zlotnick began practicing astrology 1975 and then received formal training in 1979 with Zipporah Dobyns through her Los Angeles school CCRS. Since then, Moon has worked with clients full-time, taught astrology to beginners and seasoned students alike, participated on the boards of ProSig, OPA, and STARS and been to many national and international conferences. She has been certified through OPA and currently leads. Her book, Star Sisters: An Astrologer’s Memory of Twin Loss, is available on Amazon. Moon’s website:

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