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Birth Data is confidential, but the source is birth certificate.
Chart uses Koch houses and the Mean Node

Q: My life has tremendously shifted since the pandemic. It feels like I’ve taken the long scenic route to finally be embarking on a much quieter and more desirable spiritual life path, which I’m sure will take some time to mature. I am wondering if the calling is aligned with my highest potential as I really love what I do now, but I sometimes feel uncertain about this decision and the direction which I am able to steer this in the near future. I am currently a full-time Tarot practitioner and reader, freelance writer, and Evolutionary Astrology Apprentice.

A: I think you are very well suited for practicing Tarot and astrology and also writing, but doing all three of these may cause some difficulty. You have an extremely condensed chart, with all of your planets falling between late Virgo and early Capricorn and in houses 10, 11, 12, and 1. This signifies a highly focused personality, someone who typically keeps to fairly narrow interests, and finds themself very successful within a chosen field. Your interests would often focus on the collective and spiritual sides of life, with eight planets in the fourth quadrant of your chart.

You have Neptune, the planet of attunement, conjunct the Ascendant, your everyday life, and also square the Moon, giving you a highly sensitive emotional nature. These are also strong indicators of psychic abilities, high intuition, and a compassionate nature. These attributes can offer you great gifts in working with Tarot and astrology, but you would need to learn to ground and clear your energy because Neptune’s position is likely to cause you to absorb all kinds of feelings, emotions, and energies from other people. This can lead to great physical and emotional depletion over time, so practicing clearing and grounding is extra important for you. Neptune square the Moon can engender confusion about personal boundaries and makes you susceptible to wanting to help people too much. Fortunately, the Moon in the 10th house, which is naturally ruled by Saturn, gives you the capacity to learn from your mistakes and create solid, long-lasting boundaries.

You have a powerful stellium — four conjunct planets in Scorpio — indicating a heightened capacity for deep and thorough study of any subject that interests you, as well as an interest in life’s mysteries. Venus and Jupiter in a tight conjunction with each other and your Sun supports your love of learning about the occult, and can indicate the capacity to attract good fortune. This conjunction also shows you working with people because of Venus’s social capacity, and brings you a natural understanding of diplomacy and kindness. Mercury is also part of the stellium and, besides contributing to your skill as a writer in your previous career, makes you a natural communicator. All of these planets being in your 11th house, and with Sagittarius rising, suggests that you like people and might find contentment as part of a collective or group of people sharing the same ideals and pursuits.

On a more difficult note, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all oppose Chiron, reinforcing your vulnerability to the wounds and illness of others through its placement in your 6th house. Chiron acts as a singleton, or point of high focus in your chart, being the only planet on the western horizon, and it speaks to the need for you to consciously address your own physical and emotional problems so that, through your own healing, you can help others. Because we often experience oppositions as external problems, you might tend to encounter clients who reflect or mirror your own issues, again pushing toward your own healing.

Your Virgo Moon in the 10th house, conjunct the Midheaven, suggests a down-to-earth business sense and a commitment to working hard to develop your skills. Over time, people with the Moon in the 10th house will often experience deep emotional satisfaction from their career. The Moon sextiles your Scorpio stellium, helping you to integrate your practical side with your intuition. Because Neptune squares your Moon, finding ways to focus on small, practical, and obtainable goals is very important, since Neptune will often create dreams and longings that are highly idealized.

The main challenge I see coming your way began around June 2021 and lasts until the end of May 2025, as Uranus traverses 13°–27° Taurus. This transit may be part of why you are questioning your career decision, since Uranus is associated with some degree of ambivalence. During the next two and a half years, Uranus will oppose your Mercury, Sun, Venus, and Jupiter and conjoin your natal Chiron. This indicates that the change you have already begun, with moving toward a full-time Tarot and astrology practice, will continue. Because you are still in the beginning of this change, you can expect that your ideas of who you are, how you think, and what you want to be doing will keep evolving. Uranus transits can be both exciting and destabilizing, leading people to let go of parts of themselves that they have outgrown in order to live a more authentic life. I believe that your chart supports your calling to the metaphysical, and that the time to make the change is now.

Moon Zlotnick began practicing astrology in 1975 and received formal training in 1979 with Zipporah Dobyns through her Los Angeles school CCRS. Since then, Moon has worked with clients full-time, taught astrology to beginners and seasoned students alike, and participated on the boards of ProSig, OPA, and STARS. She has been certified through OPA and currently leads Peer Group Trainings. Her book, Star Sisters: An Astrologer’s Memoir of Twin Loss, is now available on Amazon Books. Website: astrologybymoonrabbit

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