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Jude Cowell’s Stars Over Washington looks back at the Reagan administration and “America’s secret-invisible-shadow (Neptune) government (Saturn).” She writes on some key aspects and events of that time and concludes: “And this is the president the Republican candidates dream of emulating – if that tells us anything about America’s future direction if regressives take back the White House and succeed in returning our nation to their plutocratic vision of ‘the olden days’.”

Genevieve Vierling’s blog at Blue Light Lady is called Neptune into Pisces: Enchantment Or Sorcery? She begins intriguingly: “How will we discern the difference between the realm of true enchantment, the kind of magical experience that uplifts and inspires the soul, and the realm of sorcery, which can equally enchant us through the dark arts of seductive glamour and beguiling deception?” She explores previous transits of Neptune in Pisces, and speculates on how the current collective themes may manifest in several realms: the socio-political; the environment and our physical health; and spiritual-religious movements.

Molly’s Astrology for February 2012 is a clear and practical look at some key events of the month, including Neptune’s ingress into Pisces, a Jupiter-Neptune contraparallel, and Mars’ continuing retrograde. She concludes: ”The best days for your top priority plans are February 1, 11-14, 16-19, 23-27. Take it easy February 8-10.”

Leah Whitehorse displays a good understanding of the astronomy (and meaning) of her subject in Black Moon Lilith – Mean Bitch or True Witch? She has some good graphics of the elusive Black Moon’s position in space and writes: “Looking closely, you can see that from Earth’s point of view the second foci and the moon’s apogee are in the same sector of space, at the same degree in the zodiac as each other. So really when astrologers say Lilith is the second foci or Lilith is the apogee of the Moon, both are right. Personally, I take both points into account in the symbolism.”

Ruth Hadikin is a guest blogger at She is an esoteric astrologer writing on Aquarius-Leo: The Flow of Love and the Flowering of Human Consciousness. It always seems like a good idea to include an uplifting view, and she writes: “The fully integrated Aquarian Soul knows that the way to flow the energy of love and life is through skillful use of the mind; that mental energy is not meant to be wasted as we currently do in petty conflicts or the pursuit of mental games to amuse the ego, but that our mind is meant to be a focused vehicle for the influx of spiritual energy.”

Beth Turnage has a great service at AstroBlogging. She’s showing us some tricks to maximize our blogging efforts in Learn to Love Your RSS Feed. (Personal note: Tem, I know I need to spend some time here.)

The amazingly prolific and vigilant political astrologer, Nancy Sommers of StarLightNews, writes on Romney Rumble. For those who may not know her work, she includes solar arcs, eclipse patterns, and so-called ‘minor’ aspects in her analysis. Tucked into her assessment of “the reality-show slugfest known as the Republican Primary,” she writes: “I am not ready yet to predict who I think will win the November election, although I strongly lean toward President Obama at this time. I am waiting to see who Romney’s VP nominee will be and what his 2012 solar return looks like.”

Alex Miller, known for his pioneering work on Black Holes and asteroids, writes at DayKeeper Journal (which also has nice artwork and photos). His new entry, Astrology of the Costa Concordia Shipwreck, concludes with this evocative sentence: “Finally, asteroids Poseidon (the sea), Requiem (the funeral mass for the dead), and Osiris (Egyptian god of the dead) combine at 10, 11 and 13 Scorpio, inconjunct Francesco/Chaos and squared to a pair of Black Holes at 12 and 13 Aquarius.”

Lara Owen’s site, writing for inspired, awakened living, has a nice clear blog, Astrology of 2012. She concludes: “Stay well, keep cheerful, and enjoy this once-in-many-generations chance to reshape our collective reality!”

And, thanks to Kate Sholly for reminding me of EngagedHeart, which houses 55 interviews with top astrologers. There are audio podcasts with Robert Hand, Rick Tarnas, Demetra George, Alan Oken, Jeff Jawer, and many others. I linked to it a few years ago, but like me, many of you may enjoy another visit.

Have a good week, everyone…

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  1. Mary,
    Thanks again for such a wide variety of astrological perspectives from some wonderful writers. It’s a treat when you do a blog about blogs. And wow, the info in Learn to Love your RSS Feed is fabulous!

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