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Astrological Outlooks: 2023

This week, TMA offers a handful astrological overviews for 2023. There’s plenty here, and more is to come in the next few weeks. Please enjoy a sample from the wide world of internet astrology.

Astrologer Gahl Sasson weaves Kabbalah and numerology into his work. In his forecast “What 2023 Holds for You (Yes, Your Horoscope!) — How to navigate the year with grace and (relative) ease,” he writes, “In the astrology of 2023, we will have a great deal of change taking place in the heavenly realm. … As above, so below. A lot of changes above mean a great deal of transitions and shifts here on Earth. Hence 2023 will be a bridge over troubled water, and I can see people, borders, values, and ideas moving—an exodus of sorts—that will last until Saturn exits Pisces in 2026. These are fated junctions. But it is your decisions that determine how these crossroads will play out for you. …

“In numerology, the year 2023 is reduced to seven. In countless traditions around the globe, seven is upheld as a sacred number. Think of the seven chakras, seven sacraments, seven days of the week, seven seas, and seven continents, seven circumambulations around the Kaaba in Mecca, not to mention the expression ‘lucky seven.’ In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the sphere associated with seven is appropriately called ‘Eternity.’ The list of the auspiciousness of the digit goes on. What does it mean? In spite of the tests and trials that will be posed by 2023, there is a digital lighthouse helping us see the way.”

Along with an overview of the major planetary themes, Sasson gives forecasts for each of the signs. (Read your Sun and rising signs.) It is an accessible and heart-full guide for the year. His approach is practical, grounded, and affirming
Read Sasson’s forecast at Yoga Journal.

Jessica Lanyadoo, creator of Ghost of a Podcast, takes us through “2023 Year Ahead Horoscope.” In 90 minutes, she covers the year’s retrograde planets, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, the US Pluto (and Chiron) returns, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, and much more. An activist, she also collates information and links in her show notes: one is to “[e]ducate yourself about whose land you’re living on …”, and another is for Snowflake by Tor, a web extension that “ … allows people to circumvent censorship in areas that the internet has been restricted … .”

Here is Lanyadoo’s podcast (and an essay about prediction): 2023 Year Ahead Horoscope

Long time astrologer Mark Lerner is founder of Great Bear Enterprises. (I know some readers will remember his Welcome to Planet Earth magazine, published 1981–2000.) Lerner and Wayne Moody are the team behind the AstroScope podcast, which can be accessed through Lerner’s website, linked below, and is available on all podcast platforms. “With AstroScope, Mark offers his timely, unconventional and insightful reports — going back into the past, viewing current events and envisioning the future — utilizing a unique skill-set of transpersonal astrological techniques in service of the Nation, the World and the Cosmos.”

Lerner has also been a longtime guest on George Noori’s Coast to Coast AM radio show where an abbreviated version of the current podcast episode, “The Big Picture Astrology of 2023: Part 1,” was recently featured. The episode is nearly two hours long; Mark discusses 13 astrological alignments for the year, including transiting Neptune opposite US natal Neptune (2021–2023), astro-locality world map of the US horoscope, the Pluto Return, Mars stationing in January on the US natal Uranus in Gemini, etc. (Sports-minded, Lerner discusses the recent terrible event of Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest at the January 2nd Buffalo Bills football game.)

I had no idea that Mark Lerner was doing this podcast; I think others will be very happy to find him again, as well.
Listen to Lerner’s podcast episode, “The Astrology of the USA and the World November 2022 to January 2023: Part 2”: Great Bear Enterprises.

The Astrology Podcast needs no introduction to many of our readers. Chris Brennan and guests have been going strong and consistently for 381 episodes. The “2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast” is four-and-a-half hours long and features Brennan and his guests Austin Coppock, Leisa Schaim, and Diana Rose Harper. Most helpfully, there are timestamps for the episode, which is available in both audio and video versions.
Watch the forecast on YouTube or go to the episode webpage 2023 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast.

The “2023 Yearly Astrology Forecast” is available as a video replay from a January 1 livestream, hosted by astrologer Divine Harmony. A PowerPoint slideshow accompanies her two hour and 15 minute presentation, and she includes pertinent tarot cards and mentions Gene Keys. Harmony ends the presentation with a guided meditation for a gentle integration of the material.
Watch the replay: 2023 Yearly Forecast Livestream

New Year Astrology with Christopher Renstrom!” is a 54-minute video from The Astrology Hub Podcast. If you don’t know him, Christopher Renstrom is an exceptionally lively and insightful astrologer who includes ample historical references and correspondences. Renstrom walks us through the year with mention of specific notable periods for each sign. Time stamps are included.
Watch Christopher’s forecast on YouTube.

Blog posting deadlines require a stopping point, but there as so many other creative, hopeful, funny, insightful astrological contributors and commentators on 2023. What a marvelous world is at our fingertips! Onward now, with Mars direct and Jupiter taking the lead in Aries, into the best possible life for us all.

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