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Astrological Voices on YouTube

Since many of us are spending so much time at home, I thought it was time to catch up on YouTube astrologers. I spent more time rambling around than I realized (the Moon was void), but when my local Ascendant moved into Scorpio, I noticed how much time had passed and focused on creating this list. (Some of you may already know, but there are more YouTubers out there than you can imagine. Some are funny or sourced by a particularly expressive personality, and have lots of subscribers. Do a search someday when you want to see what’s going on with astrology in the depths of your screen.)

For now, I’m sticking with a short list that I hope will offer some versions of astrology you’ll enjoy.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa and his wife Ashley (an herbalist with natal Mars in Aries) team up for a 38-minute talk, Plant Medicine for Mars in Aries, discussing herbs to help support us during this long transit of Mars in Aries. Dandelion, nettles, coffee substitutes, and more, this is a lovely and useful presentation.

Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh, founder of Astrology Hub, has developed a wonderful community. There are different levels of membership and training and lots of free interviews. Rick Levine is a frequent guest. Here is the link to the July Forecast (1 hour 17 min).

And here is a 57-minute talk with Christopher Renstrom on Mars in Aries/Uranus in Taurus.

Among the topics they discuss: “How Saturn is the voice of the oppressed and Mars reflects authority and why both sides of this conflicting energy will need to lean into change and compromise. What to expect when Mars moves into retrograde and how to harness this energy by embracing the opportunity for constructive change. The slow-burning change of Uranus in Taurus and how this energy is revealing itself in our world today.”

I just found Stormie Grace’s channel and I love it. She’s relaxed and fun and has an easy and informative way of talking about astrology. Here’s an example of her weekly horoscope, July 6, 2020 Mercury Direct (10 minutes).

She also has a great selection of interviews, talking to lots of young astrologers as well as the oldsters. While I was scouting around, there was a wonderful live talk going on: Astrology of China with Christopher Restroom and Gary Caton.

Here’s TMA writer Elizabeth Grace on Hemispheres in the chart. It’s a teaching video and has lots of chart examples. (1 hour 22 min).

A few more from Stormie’s channel: Samuel Reynolds: Your Moon in Changing Times (1 hour 22 min).

Astrologer Alejo Lopez (from Majorca), All About Eclipses (53 minutes).

Here is the whole list (30 videos) of the interviews: Eat & Greets 2020 Collaborations.

I’ve linked to Ablas Roland Legrand’s channel before, but was happy to remember him again as he is definitely a valuable resource. (He was an especially cool drink of water after my above-noted YouTube wandering.)

On June 15 he posted The long transit of Mars in Aries, much tension and retention in view. It’s a bit over an hour and he begins with a look at the chart for Mars’s exact ingress. His approach is a careful analysis of chart factors and he points to the various chart factors along the way. This video covers the transits of each Sun-sign period as long as Mars is in Aries — that is, through the Capricorn ingress. He includes Lilith which points to “what is darker, what is incomprehensible,” in his analysis.

Patrick Arundell has a channel I had not seen. Here’s a 25-minute talk titled Ghislaine Maxwell: Personal Horoscope. There is no known time, but he explains the reasoning behind several suggested times. (If you don’t keep up with celebrity gossip, Maxwell is the British socialite recently arrested by the FBI. Her natal Saturn is at 28°56” Capricorn. She had been a fugitive from the law and, on July 2, as soon as transiting Saturn retrograded back into Capricorn, she was arrested.)

I hope you found some new channels here for your next dive into astrology. As I don’t travel in the same digital circles as some of you, I love getting your suggestions, too. I always like to see as far and wide as I can.

Have a good week, everyone.

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  1. Thanks, Mary. I second the rec on Acuyta-bhava and Astrology Hub, especially every Friday with Rick Levine. In addition to being a TMA subscriber for years, I’ve been learning a lot about the little subtle things in astrology by watching these two guys. I’ll look up the Nightlite Astrology episode with Ashley; thanks for the tip! I’ll also check out these other recommendations, too. I really enjoy these leads and follow all of them to check them out! I’m still learning. After all these years of basically being a hobbyist, I feel like I’m finally really gaining real understanding.

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