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Astrology Blog Mix

Good Monday to all. I’ve got an eclectic collection of blogs from some of the many talented astrologers commenting on the nature of the times. Astrology is an entirely creative and inspiring way to view the world — Tem’s wonderful letter in the current issue says it beautifully. If you haven’t read it already, enjoy it here.

Leah Whitehorse at Lua Astrology, Navigation by the Stars, has a weekly column, Weekly Cosmic Tides. Of today’s Mercury opposition Jupiter, she writes, in part: “The best way to use this energy is to listen to someone else, talk through your plans, and remain humble.”

At Nancy’s Starlight News blog, the ever keen political observer, Nancy Sommers, writes Cain Unable.  Referring to Herman Cain’s chart, she writes: “Astrologically, Cain’s recent success is indicated by the multiple Jupiter transits to his chart from late August through October 21. These include the Jupiter station quincunx his Venus (9°Sagittarius27′), as well as the Jupiter transits quincunx his Neptune (8°Libra24′), quincunx his Mercury (7°Sagittarius56′), and sesquiquadrate his Sun (21°Sagittarius23′).”

Celeste Teal writes U.S. Forecast and New Moon Reports every month. She discusses mundane and personal implications for the New Moon set for Washington. For the lunar month beginning on September 27, she says: “Overall, it appears that peace and harmony in the country is disturbed by upsetting or unfortunate changes. The Cardinal T- square ties into the U.S. Venus and Jupiter, forming a Grand Cross on the NM angles. It reflects the general tone. There is agitation in the country, with confusion and disorder.”

World Astrology with Adrian Duncan considers Barack Obama’s chart and the 2012 election in Hello Again Obama. Read his blog for his reasoning behind this statement: “But whoever becomes president of the United States of America from January 20, 2013 to January 19, 2017 is not to be envied, and here’s why.”

Jeremy Neal (born in 1967) writes evocatively on The Chirotic Journal. His new blog is called The Magi of Uranus-Pluto. “We all crave a life characterised by stability, by predictability, by safety, but the Uranus–Pluto adepts of the ’60s are the generation that safety forgot. They have found themselves assuming the helm of a society that looks ahead and can see only darkness, and all the predictions are gloomy; shadows beset every horizon and we can take nothing for granted.”

Roy Gillette writes on What are the Prospects for the Euro? in the AA Journal. He includes consideration of the World Economic Background and assesses the European Union chart (1993) and first trade chart for the Euro (1999).

Joyce Hoen of CHTA Astrology writes on the Week Ahead. Her subject this week is Windows & Apple, Bill Gates & Steve Jobs. “Interestingly enough, both gentlemen were born with the Moon at 7+ Aries sharply sesquiquadrate Saturn in Scorpio, the one in the spring, the other in the fall of 1955; and, interestingly enough, both gentlemen have 22° Virgo on one of the axes of their charts.”
(There are lots of archived articles at the site. Here’s the Wayseer Manifesto, part of Counter-acting the Pluto-in-Capricorn repression of Uranus.)

Robert Wilkinson’s Aquarius Papers – Global Astrology has a great synopsis of this week’s aspects, Astrology Now in mid-October 2011 – Very Productive Days Ahead. “Relax into the next few days, since there’s a lot of good that can come forth, a lot of productive actions, feelings, and thoughts, all leading us to sound understanding and, for those with planets in early Taurus, a lot of promise for the future!”

Samuel F. Reynolds of Practicing Astrologer writes eloquently on Chiron in Pisces – Coming home. He begins: ”I’ve been a Chiron skeptic for most of my astrological career.” After telling his story, he concludes, “I’ve come to understand Chiron [as] learning to trust my body to a process or a state that’s beyond my control, while at the same time learning a set of motions that helps me cooperate with this process.”

Jessica at Moonkissd has an insightful blog, The Karmic Wave Breaks on Amanda Knox. Curious about the case whereby recently Knox was found ‘not guilty’ and released after three years in prison, she writes: “Given that I had just done a slew of charts for clients for whom ‘the karmic wave is breaking…’ (when outer-planet transits trigger the nodal configuration, i.e., our past life karma, the ‘karmic wave breaks’) I wasn’t curious so much about her guilt or innocence, but about her past-life karma; after all, a murder trial is not something a typical, unconscious 18 year old faces in a lifetime.”

And, my sister Kate Plumb has a fine new entry on her blog, Something’s Happening Here. She discusses Thomas Friedman’s recent column “about two books that present alternate views on the general social turbulence of the times.  One author sees current events as a ‘Great Disruption’ and the other as a ‘Big Shift’.” She also includes reference to Wendell Perry’s article on the “Are You Ready for the Neptune in Capricorn Generation” in the current TMA.

Onwards, to a great week everyone.


  1. I especially enjoyed the blog about the Euro. Thank you.

    • I added that with you in mind, Mr. Larson..

      Thanks for reading..

  2. Hi Mary, since I am pretty new at this blog, I’d like to know if there is an astrological signature for both you and your sister Kate being astrologers?

  3. Thank you, Mary, for introducing your readers to these fantastic bloggers, and for highlighting my blog -Moonkissd!

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