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The August 21st Solar Eclipse

Digital graphics are a perfect medium for explaining the astronomical phenomena for the solar eclipse. Check these pages on Vox:

Total solar eclipse 2017: everything you need to know

A solar eclipse is coming to America. Here’s what you’ll see where you live.

Astrologers are getting lots of mainstream coverage, too. Newsweek magazine has a big piece featuring reference to Wade Cave’s extensively researched (and freely available) article posted on Skyscript.

Marina at Darkstar — Astrology For Discordant Times considers the significance of the fixed star Regulus — the solar eclipse is on that star at 29° Leo. (She takes into account Regulus’s recent progression into tropical Virgo in her article as well.)

Marina concludes: “Regulus has a big heart, it is the heart of the Lion after all … So for this golden Solar Eclipse it will be very hard to keep anything in the dark … Skulking cowards will not do well under this Solar Eclipse, there will be nowhere to hide.”

Here’s her 45-minute YouTube video on the subject.

There are lots of YouTube videos, including many interviews with Amanda Pua Walsh at Astrology Hub.

Here is Amanda’s 50-minute interview with David, The Leo King:
Solar Eclipse August 21 2017 Astrology Talk with The Leo King.

And here’s the interview with Arielle Guttman that addresses personal empowerment with the solar eclipse in Leo.

(Other astrologer interviews in this series are with Christopher Renstrom, Kathy Biehl, and Gemini Brett.)

Christina Caudill speaks on Shifting the Collective Destiny: Lunar Nodes into Leo and Aquarius on the Evolutionary Astrology channel. (She looks back at previous cycles with these nodes, which she finds is “not just a story of resistance, this is a story of resolve.”)

Back to the written word for The Astrology King’s post on the August Solar Eclipse. Noting the solar eclipse conjunction to Regulus and exact trine to Uranus (28° Aries), he writes: “This is an excellent solar eclipse to change destructive or outdated behaviors such as prejudices and addictions. A strong desire to succeed together with self pride will break bad habits and provide unexpected new interests and hobbies to replace them.”

TMA pal Dale O’Brien has a wonderful 70-minute talk: 2017 & 2024 Solar Eclipse Paths: America’s Historical (and Near Future?) Societal and Earth Changes. He carefully looks at both eclipse paths on the U.S. landmass (and their crossing point). He also mentions other cultures’ views on eclipses, Hopi prophecy, and the specific historical significance of the August 2017 solar eclipse “that divides, yet unites, and connects Lincoln City, Oregon to Lincoln, Nebraska, to ‘the land of Lincoln’ Illinois, to Fort Sumter, South Carolina.”

The astrologer writing as anthropik9 at Sabian Earth references Charles Jayne, Bernadette Brady, and others in War! DJT and the August Eclipse.

“This eclipse by itself does not suggest that the U.S. is in immediate peril of war, but it alerts us to be prepared for some kind of significant, perhaps shattering event here in America … The proximity of Mars to the eclipse is indicative of a rather volatile mood that will be stimulated by the astronomical event, regardless of where one is located on the globe.”

Of the current transit of Saturn to Trump’s Moon, anthropik9 writes: “With Saturn crossing his Moon, DJT may experience health and stamina issues (he has apparently always enjoyed good health); he may feel strong inner frustrations because he doesn’t feel that he can act as freely as he has throughout his life. He has always been the total captain of his ship, answering to no one, now as President of the most powerful nation in history, he finds that he is more restricted than at any other time in his life. Boy! What a bummer!”

Here’s a site with snippets (easy to read) on Myths and Superstitions Around Solar Eclipses. “The Tewa tribe from New Mexico in the United States believed that a solar eclipse signaled an angry Sun who had left the skies to go to his house in the underworld.”

Mark Flaherty’s blog is called Are the Lights Going Out on Trump?
“Traditionally, solar eclipses are considered the most malefic of omens in astrology, since the Sun, the source of all life, disappears during the middle of the day, plunging the earth into darkness. My teacher will not even leave his house on the day of an eclipse.”

Turkish astrologer Öner Döser’s article Leaders Time! includes these observations: “According to Persian astrologer Abu Mashar, Leo and Mars are related to Turks. This means that 2017 will also be an important and remarkable year for Turks, as Mars will be in Leo during the two eclipses in August this year. During the summer months, when the Sun and Mars will be close to each other in Leo, the chart of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shows that this year will be highly important, as his natal Pluto is activated by the eclipses.”

Jude Cowell at Stars Over Washington covers the eclipse entry point on the Oregon coast and its last place of totality — in the fishing village of McClellanville, SC — and the Saros series in her blog: Horoscope: August 2017: Solar Eclipse Across America.

“In 2017, the manifestation of 1N is the first time the ‘Nostradamus’ ‘King of Terror’ (or, ‘Alarm’) — the ‘Mother of All Eclipses’ — has repeated since its much touted manifestation at 18° Leo on August 11, 1999. The Fixed Grand Cross of that eclipse is notable for its appearance in the Book of Revelation of the Oxen Point, the Lion Point, the Eagle Point, and the Angel Point of the mid-degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius).

Perhaps you prefer to think that this link by eclipse between 1999 and 2017 is of no matter. Well, as always, dear reader, that is up to you. Yet the Fixed Cross degrees and the degree and sign of the 1999 eclipse are sensitized and I expect some repetition of such themes.”

I am in Ashland, Oregon, where the eclipse will be 93% total. Local shops have stacks of eclipse glasses on hand and campsites and hotels have been booked for months. Thus far, I am one of those inclined to aim for a very quiet retreat on the 21st.

Be well everyone! A very hot summer indeed.


  1. The eclipse degree is conjunct the asteroid London and the UK was the setting of the 1999 Eclipse …. a continuation indeed

    • The eclipse conjuncts Prime Minister Theresa May’s Pluto, as well as to Trump’s Ascendant and Mars. (Maybe the UK WILL have a second general election this year, in which case I expect Labour to win.)

  2. Fabulous compilation Mary. Thank you. You must have worked hard on it. ?????

  3. Yes a great compilation and thanks very much for the mention!

  4. The upcoming eclipse is another reason why Trump will be gone soon.

    It falls very close to his Mars in the 12th house, Ascen
    dant and progressed Sun. November WILL BE TELLING.
    and that’s not even mentioning transiting Saturn goes D August 30 moving to conjunct his moon and oppose the Sum/Uranus conjunction.
    He is done.
    Get some popcorn and enjoy the show.
    Good riddance to him.

  5. Very well written, you have collected all the information as I can see. Bookmarked the website:)

  6. I’ve been looking at the asteroid ‘Horus’ this week. Horus was an ancient Egyptian Sun god whose eyes were said to be the SUN and the MOON. (Very relevant for a solar eclipse!)

    According to

    ‘The Egyptian religious myth of the cosmic battle between the solar falcon god Horus and the sun eating serpent god Set (or Apop) was also evidently inspired by the total eclipse of the sun …..the solar falcon god Horus is quite literally described as taking on the form of a “great winged disk” in some versions of this ancient Egyptian religious myth inspired by total solar eclipses.’

    This does feel like an intense battle of light and dark to me, a reset perhaps? What do you think?

    On the Eclipse the asteroid Horus will be conjunct
    Neptune 13’15”
    Horus 14’17”

  7. And the Asteroid ‘Truth’ (249521) is conjunct at 0’04 Virgo, snuggled in there !! Amazing
    I’m excited for this eclipse 🙂 not long now…

  8. Okay, last post. 😉

    I just discovered Trumps North Node is conjunct the powerful asteroid Aten.

    NN: 20 Gem 48’14
    Aten: 19 Gem 34’45”

    Would that mean his spiritual role this time around is to bring back the light of the SUN? (perhaps inadvertently and recklessly however!)

    No sides, but as an observer I really believe destiny is at play, and the old establishment is being usurped.
    (Perhaps even in the same way that happened with the Aten religion and the Amun priesthood at the time of Akhenatens attempt to bring in the monotheistic religion of Aten. (The Sun).

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