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Birth Time for Julian Assange

True to the spirit of the time (and the Uranus station), several days ago TMA received an (unsolicited) exact birth time for Julian Assange.

Our source has requested anonymity, which we are respecting. Both Tem and I felt that the circumstances through which we got the information, and some other details, suggest that this is an authentic time. The source personally viewed, but was not able to make a copy of, Mr. Assange’s birth certificate.

Update: our source clarified what s/he saw: “The birth record (is) from the registry which has appended to it a copy of the birth certificate but the hour was not on the certificate but on the record in the registry files.”

Because of ink that was a bit smeared, there is a question of whether the time of birth was 2:05 pm, 2:06 pm. or 2:08 pm on July 3, 1971, in Townsville, Queensland, Australia (19S09 146E48).

I’ll just make a few quick comments, and open it up for you all to chime in with your fine ideas. What a story!

Birth data for Julian Assange: July 3, 1971; 2:05 pm; Townsville, Queensland

First of all, take a look at the chart for the solar arc directions that Tem noticed right away.

Assange bi-wheel

Uranus is a big player in Mr. Assange’s birth chart (it squares the Sun) and has come precisely to the Ascendant.

Mr. Assange’s MC/IC axis 6º12’ Leo/Aquarius; the U.S. nodal axis is 6º36’ Leo/Aquarius.

Julian Assange has 17º08’ Scorpio rising. His co-rulers are Mars and Pluto. In the past few days, transiting Mars has been opposing natal Venus  (ruler of 7th of open enemies) and squaring natal Pluto. His progressed Ascendant is 24º16’ Sag; Mars crossed that degree on November 29.

His prenatal solar eclipse is 6º09’ Pisces; the Sibly progressed Moon is now 6º08’ Pisces (which of course, we can see without a birth time).

The A*C*G map for 2:05 p.m. shows Pluto – IC through Sweden (but if done “in mundo” it shifts away from Sweden) and Sun line goes through London and Paris.  Venus – IC runs through Washington, D.C.

There’s lots more to say, and we look forward to your comments.


  1. Wow, his Asc and Nodes are all on the cross quarter points and he finds himself under arrest as the Moon waxes toward a Total Lunar eclipse on the Solstice points.
    This Total Lunar eclipse in the last degree of Gemini is conjunct his Venus and he is under arrest for sexual crimes against women.

  2. If Julian was born at 2 something in the afternoon, how can his sun be in the morning quadrant of the chart, not even having reached the midheaven yet?

    Love to know.


    • You’re looking at his Solar Arc info, not his natal.
      His natal (birth chart) has the Sun in the Eighth House.

  3. Some things come easy to Mr. Assange it appears what with his Mercury trine Jupiter and Venus trine Mars, but I am intrigued by the yod between the sextile of Mercury to Pluto and their quincunx aspects to Mars. The U.S. progressed Moon is now at 27 Virgo so is conjunct his natal Pluto. Some love him, some hate him, but his detail loving Virgo Pluto gets down and dirty, and Mercury in Cancer (aided by Jupiter in Scorpio) supplies the info needed to press Aquarian Mars into action.

    Mars has some interesting companions in the way of asteroids Eurydike at 26+ Aquarius, Arachne at 24+ and Osiris at 27+. Eurydike, Martha Lang Wescott says, will show where dependence on people, issues or behaviors of aspects “feels like a matter of life or death.” So while Eury supplies the drama, Arachne has been weaving the threads of a pattern and Osiris feels complete in the company of Mars. This little group enjoyed the transits of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter last year as they conjoined and now as Chiron and Neptune finalize their work in Aquarius, Mr. Assange it seems has played an important part in realizing their message.

  4. Cherie,

    The outer wheel is the solar arc directed chart..the natal Sun is in the 9th house (the inner wheel)


  5. This chart is almost too good a case study in natal astrology to be true. I mean, it describes this man’s life and circumstances almost to a point of astrological perfection. Moon in Scorpio, 12th house? Scorpio rising, with Neptune in first (opposite Saturn in 7th)? Venus square Pluto being hit by transit Uranus in T-square? I am skeptical because it is too perfect for how we know the man through the media :-)).

    I guess the main thing to ask is: will this man spend the rest of his life in prison for revealing the truth that thus becomes a political crime? And under the allegation of rape? Was that a set up? Will he go down as a martyr, saint, or a traitor in history? No doubt, if this is the correct chart, he is on a mission and believes his cause… even to the point of death. In fact, it would seem his whole life is to be spent on death and destruction, even of himself… but for a cause he believes in, whether real or not.

  6. The current and upcoming transits are notable. Transiting Saturn began to square his natal Sun in Late August (using a 6 deg. orb). That was the month the rape allegations surfaced. Saturn’s square to the Sun would have been exact in late October, and continues to be in orb for about a year in total. This difficult Saturn transit to his Sun can indicate restriction by, and a dead-on confrontation with, Authority (Saturn). One possible interpretation is that this case will drag on and on unresolved for the next year, and that he will find his every action and move blocked. This Saturnian element overlaps with a hard Neptune aspect: Neptune square Neptune. This midlife transit began for him in April – July of 2010 (with a 2 degree orb), and will return for most of 2011, beginning in March. With the Neptune and Saturn influences so strong over the next year, it looks to be a time of constriction, loss, and withdrawal. A saving grace may come with both transiting Jupiter and Uranus trine natal Jupiter in January. Perhaps a surprising source of help comes to him during that month.

  7. Gary, great observation about that eclipse, thanks! His Venus is indeed troublesome. He has AS/MC = VE/PL = MO/NO, which I read as karmic unions with women tied to sexual compulsions running his life. Whether he’s been set up or not, he’s in serious trouble. He has the very very forgiving SO/JU = MA/SA, so he gets away with a lot, but that midpoint axis is being transited by Neppy now. Smear campaign, or legit charges? Who knows, but it’s not looking good for the world’s most hated computer geek. What a circus this is.

  8. thats not right, uranus was in libra in 1971

  9. the chart is wrong, july 3 is cancer and uranus is in libra in 1971

  10. Mary, please don’t jump to conclusions and confuse the Natal chart with the Solar Arc chart. You really think any astrologer worth his/her salt would miss the Sun being wrong sign?

  11. Dear Mary F.: The inside wheel is the natal chart and the outer wheel is his Solar Arc Directed chart for the current date.

  12. It may be worth further investigation of the source.

    “The source personally viewed, but was not able to make a copy of, Mr. Assange’s birth certificate.”

    In Australia, we do not record the birth time on the birth certificate, never have.

  13. With or without an accurate birth time, Mr. Assange’s Mercury-Pluto-Jupiter network links in so remarkably with the USA’s perception-management Mercury-Neptune-Pluto complex—only someone with this level of linkage could tap in, in such a big way, to the state’s secrets and expose the lies and deceptions. The Jupiter part, natally and by transit, is what was needed to make this a BIG development.

    As for the pretext for the warrant for his arrest, his natal Venus-Pluto-Jupiter configuration indicates the likelihood of entrapment by a woman in a sexual situation. That’s a cheap shot, an attack on the honor of his manhood, that would be orchestrated by, in essence, thugs. I don’t buy it.

  14. Dena: All of these upcoming transits are also a prelude to his upcoming t.Pluto opp n.Sun. That would be one of the biggest one in my eyes. Not only the total culmination of all this for Mr. Assange but most likely a very dangerous time for him as well. I know that’s a very simple way to look at that particular transit but Mr. Assange is already making a lot of powerful enemies. And sometimes it does just play out that literally, I mean look at
    Benazir Bhutto.

  15. I had no idea of his planetary positions, but my first inclination was that he is of a Scorpio leaning. (his Asc comes through even in his online interview,(don’t recall the program of a few weeks ago) when he evaded the interviewer, declining to comment. It’s ironic that it is through his web pages that others secrets have been revealed. Sounds karmic to me~

  16. I was interested to see he was born a few days before Mars stationed retro, which happened when he was about 8 years old by progression.

    Slow Mars in Aquarius close to his NNode has a compelling maverick energy to it, which will persist in its objectives despite being an outsider, and maybe because of it. Mars retro esp near its station is always very determined to prevail, a sign of the underdog who never gives up.

    • After doing a bit of research on his childhood – it was a hard one at best. Apparently, his inner group was a member of “The Family” which is a spin off of the Great White Brotherhood. There is alot more to this but found this part interesting as so stated the next ‘dump’ will contain UFO information.

  17. You seem to be citing an anonymous source for data from Assange’s Queensland birth certificate. I was born in Queensland and have collected various Queensland birth certificates during family research, etc, and I can assure you that QLD birth certificates do not include times of birth. Nor do Australian birth certificates for that matter. Really, you should know that.

  18. I just checked with our data-source-person and got more detail into the type of birth record this person saw: “the birth record (is) from the registry which has appended to it a copy of the birth certificate but the hour was not on the certificate but on the record in the registry files.”
    I will also share this detail with AstroDataBank.

  19. Couldn’t help notice that Julian Assange has several aspects in common with U.S. First president George Washington! (February 22. 1732, 10am, Wakefield, Virginia, from astrodatabank):

    Sun square Uranus
    Sun square Chiron
    Mercury trine Jupiter
    Mercury trine Neptune
    Jupiter opposite Saturn

    Assange’s Venus on Washington’s South Node
    Assange’s ascendant conjunct Washington’s descendant
    Assange’s Cancer Sun and Aries Chiron widely conjunct America’s (July 4, 1776) Sun and Chiron

    This tickles the esoteric reincarnation side of my brain.

  20. SMUDGED DIGIT FACTOR ADJUSTMENT: Sabian Symbols for ASC & MC tell us 2:08:20 p.m.(or later)

    ASC for that time: “A parrot listening and then talking, repeating a conversation he has overheard.”
    MC for that time: “An Activist is stirring up discontent by spreading his revolutionary ideals”
    PART of FORTUNE for that time: “An officer drilling his men in a simulated attack” (in fifth house, e.g., with the Porphry house system)

    • whats the sabian symbol for 18.51 of capricorn sun and 2.59 gemini rising?


  21. Dale, if you are correct, then Solar Arc Uranus hasn’t yet reached his natal Ascendant, which would be just above 18 degrees Scorpio. Correct? Those Sabian degree symbols are awfully relevant, aren’t they?

  22. So now the time of birth is not from the certificate but from the registry? I repeat that times of birth are not recorded on birth certificates in Queensland and I further clarify that they are not recorded in the registry of births in Queensland because this information is not sent by the hospital to the registry. In other words, I think someone is pulling your leg.

  23. As a few astute minds have mentioned, this is suspect information! This birth time dilemma is always at the heart of accurate chart erection, much less interp!! Good luck Tem! I will still subscribe!! All is forgiven…..LOLROZF!!!!

  24. Sy, I respect your knowledge of Queensland birth certificates and registry procedures. However, I do not think that means that the anonymous messenger is “pulling (anyone’s) leg” regardless of the actual source of this birth time. Consider the comments of some of our most talented astrologers. Consider the intuitive amongst us who “just knew” that Julian is Scorpio ascendant. Further, His 12th house Moon square the M.C. makes sense for his arrest and imprisonment for his taking on the powers that be in high places (See my M.C. note, previously posted).

    Tem, note that Solar Arc-Directed Sun (the most important SOLAR Arc of all!) is at 18Leo16′ now and for perhaps the last three months, square a 2:08:20pm ASC. It would make sense to me if within less than one year when Solar Arc Uranus is at 18+Scorpio Julian will be truly free, “out of the 12th house,” into “the open.” The Parrot then should be able to freely re-tell much (all?) that he has heard.

  25. Sy, isn’t it true that the hospitals themselves keep the times of birth on file?

  26. I also took note immediately of his Sun in Cancer conj the US Sun. Also, with Merc in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio, don’t you think he must feel emotionally committed at a deep gut level to his cause? With Mars in Aquarius in the 4th conj his N. Node, he was destined for this, don’t you think?

  27. Some say 2.05, some 5:30am,I think it is safer to make a rising chart, putting the Sun on the Asc. so or so, he has his Saturn on the Pleiades,making an 150 deg. to the Moon, showing us a problem first with his mother then with women in his life. Moon in Scorpio, in fall too. He is 39 years old, and there are 39 degrees between his Sat- to Sun…In the Solar chart, with Sun on Asc. Sat will be the ruler of the 7th&8th, Opposite Jup+Nep. Neptune rules his month (7) and there are 39.36 degrees between Neptune 180 oppisition to Natal Sun, another sign for trouble at this age. Venus in Gem. will show us a person who has multiple relationships with younger women, none serious.Directed Venus sends a sextile to Saturn and sqaure to Moon at this age. again women related troubles. Career? Chiron in Aries in his H10, 90 to Sun, 180 to Uranus, trouble trouble again,effected by transiting Satrun (180)and squaring Directed Saturn, gives me the answer, that his career will be effected by women (Satrun ruler of H7)
    There was a Solar eclipse on Feb 25, 1971, on 6 Pisces, and surprize !!! Dir. Pluto is now in his 5th house on 6 Sco. trining the eclipse degree. Dir. Venus on 4 Leo, Dir. Jup 6 Cap., again women, open enemies and H7.

  28. Julian Assange’s natal chart relocated to London chart
    (where he’s been arrested and locked up): Venus & Ceres & Sun (10Cancer36′) in the twelfth house; 13Cancer11′ relocated ASC.
    13+ Cancer is the degree of any July 4 1776 chart set for 9:28 a.m. or later.

    I’m sure we can each draw our own astrological conclusions, as always!

  29. Transiting Saturn is at 15Libra9′
    His natal chart’s Porphry House Cusps for 2:08:20’pm gives 14Libra24′ for his 12th house cusp: sounds like a potential for imprisonment….

  30. Tem, are you saying that the time of birth is now claimed to be not from a QLD birth certificate nor the registry, as previously claimed, but from hospital records? Each time I have disproved your informant’s claimed sources they have changed them. I advise that Queensland hospitals destroy their records after 21 years.

    Dale, I am not disputing whether Mr. Assange has Scorpio Rising or not, nor am i questioning the talents of any astrologers. As a local Queensland astro-data collector I just feel that it is my duty to question the claimed sources of the birth time, because they simply don’t ring true.

  31. i love it that the exact time of birth was leaked anonymously. julian would be very happy about that.

  32. Thanks, Sy. You do the late Lois Rodden proud! If she were with us, she’d likely classify this birth time as “dirty data.” Still, to me, this time of birth seems to merit much further study, not dismissal.

  33. Sy, skepticism is *always* welcome when it comes to data and data claims. And as someone pointed out, who knows whether the time was accurately written down at the time of Assange’s birth. Testing data is necessary before it can be widely accepted. That is what is going on now, this time is being tested by many. Just for the record, the source who was in a position to see the data hasn’t changed anything in their story; only, I asked for more detail and received it — hence the update posted in the main story above.

  34. In general, the timing of recent events is amazing in terms of the EXACT Mercury and Pluto conjunction, the coming EXACT Mercury retrograde-Pluto conjunction, and next month yet another EXACT Mercury-Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn is most commonly considered to be the sign of “government” and Mercury – Pluto aspects often involve the issue of exposure or repression of the facts regarding some matter(s). STAY TUNED!

  35. i am in agreement with sy in maintaining a level of skepticism towards this data until further notice… in the meantime it is fun to play around with different astro ideas around this person and what he is bringing forth.. i too note the mercury/pluto conjunction at present and how mercury is essentially in a station about to go retro at present.. assange has sun at mercury/pluto midpoint which is really quite fitting when one thinks about it.. for secretive info to come out under a mercury/pluto combo is no coincidence, and one wonders how much more their is that we are not being made aware of at this time.. wikileaks seems designed to reveal or pull away the veil of secrecy that increasingly shrouds gov’t and their actions.. so much info remains hidden.. one is left wondering what will come out after the mercury retro period when mercury returns to the conjunction with pluto close to the full moon in mid january 2011…

  36. I think it a little premature to be speculating on a chart where the birthtime comes from an ‘anonymous source’ – this could simply be somebody justifying their own slant on Assange’s chart.
    I think the Scorpio rising choice is a little too obvious and facile frankly. The Scorpio Moon easily takes care of that aspect of him. Assange does not ‘look like’ a Scorpio rising, more an air sign rising to me.
    The best charts I have seen thus far are Libra/Uranus rising and Aquarius/Mars rising. The latter one for me is a particularly strong one with Moon in Scorpio in the 9th house of foreign affairs, Jupiter in Scorpio on the MC being so strongly squared by transiting Neptune/Chiron, putting him in the world spotlight – with plenty subterfuge and mystery.

    The ruler of the Taurus 4th house cusp is Venus in Gemini and Assange has been moving all his life.

    Mars on the Asc is quite the warrior as well as his original inventive genius. Aquarius rising is up for the greater group good here, there are so many parts of Assange’s character that point to this Aquarian disposition.


  37. TMA: “The birth record (is) from the registry”

    As Sy Scholfield said, birth times “are not recorded in the registry of births in Queensland”.

    To find out the time of birth of anyone born in Australia you need to go to the hospital and get their records. If you are not the biological mother or father you will be politely told to go away.

  38. Also, to obtain a copy of a birth certificate you must be the person listed on the birth certificate or the biological mother or father, and fork out $80.

  39. Dale wrote: “Thanks, Sy. You do the late Lois Rodden proud!” Thanks Dale, that’s the best compliment I’ve received in a while. Lois was one of my mentors. (I don’t think she would be very pleased with all the data inaccuracies published all over the internet today.)

    “jinny” wrote: “i love it that the exact time of birth was leaked anonymously. julian would be very happy about that.” I disagree. I do not think Mr. Assange would be very thrilled about this at all. As the editor of Wikileaks he has published leaked government documents as a public service. With all due respect The TMA has not published any leaked document verifying Mr. Assange’s time of birth. What has been published is a statement by an anonymous and questionable source. I don’t think Mr. Assange would do such a thing. And anyway, the “exact” time of birth was not given: reportedly it is 2.05, 2.08,or 2.09pm. Whatever. If the last numeral is smeared then why not 2.03pm, considering that the numeral “3” would look pretty much the same as 5, 8, or 9 when smeared ??

    Tem wrote: “Testing data is necessary before it can be widely accepted.” I disagree with this because in my experience you can get any number of astrologers, all of equal merit and talents, to independently rectify a chart, and all will come up with an equally-reasonable rectified time of birth.

    The only way to test data is by the accuracy of its source/s. In all fairness I think you should add an addendum to the data you’ve published, stating to the effect that it is questionable because QLD birth certificates and the QLD registry do not record times of birth.


  40. Sy, I agree Julian would not be happy at this breach of privacy. The story seems plausible but the smearing is just another reason to be skeptical. Still worth investigating with all our various methods, and of course we’ll never agree like you said. Marina and I work together and we argued for hours about different rectified times.

  41. I like to think of myself as an intuitive astrologer, but I would not trust my intuition to rectify a chart. And it’s cool that Uranus sits on the asc in the solar arc chart, but it also sits on the asc in the noon chart that I drew up initially. That doesn’t make the birth time noon, necessarily. I really appreciate Sy and Jamie’s comments from Australia and since I have Mercury in Scorpio myself, I look forward to clearing up this mystery!

  42. the outer circle of transiting planets should have been calculated for London, England where assange was taken into custody
    i appreciate your work, thank you

  43. To all you Fact Checkers –

    Thanks for your service to the astrology community here—Much appreciated.

    Hope we get more info about the questionable provenance of this birth time.

  44. After looking at his Zi wei chart (Chinese astro) I can tell you his birth time fits as fish in the water. Amazing

  45. Yes, Lynne, I was delighted to see Uranus on the Asc in the initial midday chart, yet no matter 2.03 or 2.09 pm, he is still Uranian indeed: new ideas, technology, breaking new ground, reform, breaking down the establishment, innovative, shocking, having a cause, non-emotional change (although I think it IS emotional for him) plus a need to get to the bottom of things, the value of knowledge, the intellectual drive for information and knowledge, driven to make a difference for humanity. How about his philosophy and world-view fed/nourished/connected/supported by the need for secrecy?..Moon in Scorp in 12th ruling 9th AND trine Sun in 9th; could even look at Venus in Gemini in 8th ruling 12th as a twist on a similar theme… the love of disseminating info’ could be his undoing. Not surprised to see the ‘establishment’ or ‘authorities’ opposing him!

  46. Assange’s Venus (7th house ruler) antiscion = 4 Cancer 34, and transiting Pluto is -180- this point- sexual allegations and power struggles. The June 26, 2010 lunar eclipse = 4 Capricorn 46 conjunct Pluto at 4 Capricorn 05. And now Mercury is stationing at 6 Capricorn, with the Dec. 14 triple conjunction between Mercury, Mars, and Pluto, falling at 5 Capricorn. The chart for Assange turning himself (12/7 9:30 am, London) has the Moon and Ascendant at precisely 5 Capricorn.

  47. What a great and somehow appropriate discussion of secret sources and real truth. I am aware that the discussion itself is taking place on the cusp of Mercury stationing retrograde and a new moon cycle that began with Pluto exactly conjunct Mercury. So happy for the Mountain Astrologer; thanks for keeping us informed and helping us hone our practices.

  48. Has anyone else noted the rather astonishing number of exact parallels of declination in his chart? To wit:

    Point Decl.
    Moon -18°47′
    Mars -18°58′
    Jup -18°41′
    Sat +18°38′ (contra-parallel)
    Nep -18°38′
    (MC +18°43′ — if time is correct)

    Sun +23°01′
    Merc +23°10′
    Venus +23°02′

    And, the secondary progressed chart has progressed Sun and progressed Pluto in exact parallel.

  49. Cathy, wow, those declinations are amazing. And it should be mentioned that the declination of the Moon usually changes quite a bit during the day, so Moon declination depends on time of birth much more than the other planets.

  50. I work with three zodiacs – Tropical, Draconic and Sidereal, and see the connections between these (both natal and transiting) being very relevant.

    Here we have Julian’s Draconic Asc./Des. at 2 degrees Cap. 5 ft/2 degrees Cancer.5 ft so the current transiting Nodal Axis is conjunct (exact in early Feb.) and transiting Pluto conjunct the North Node and Draconic natal Ascendant.

    His natal Moon in the 12th house denotes incarceration, which, unfortunately, Julian is experiencing at the moment. In the Sidereal chart natal Moon is 12 degrees, 54 ft. Libra. Transiting Saturn conjuncted this in mid-Nov. and will again in mid-April.

    I feel March 2011 is a particular time to watch. Jupiter will oppose natal Uranus, and Pluto be opposite natal Sun, thus forming a Grand Cross. At this time Draconic Jupiter will conjunct Julian’s natal Sun (Tropical) also M.C. in the Draconic natal, and Draconic Venus will be opposite natal Moon (Tropical). So perhaps a little lightening up of the present situation?

    With regard to Julian’s personality and drive, we have Jupiter conjunct Neptune, opposite Saturn which in the Sidereal is Jupiter 2degrees 57 ft. Scorpio, Neptune 6 degrees 22 ft. Scorpio and Saturn 7 degrees 20 ft. Taurus, so Jupiter, Neptune conjuncts his Tropical Moon with Saturn opposite. He has a vision which involves equality and informs his emotional/subconscious nature where the intense Scorpio elements are enhanced by a sextile from Pluto.

  51. Abilities; Read Ebertin’s Book-COSI
    Sun/Uranus=Mercury,zero orb read Ebertin.
    Mars/Jupiter=Uranus, zero orb, for your key words.
    Asc./Sun=Mars, zero orb, read the same.
    Mercury/Mars=Uranus, zero orb, read the same. This point is connected with Moon/neptune.
    Asc/Mercury=Uranus, zero orb, read the same.This point is connected with the Sun.
    Mercury/Pluto=Sun, zero orb, read the same.This point is connected with Moon/Mars.
    Speaking from the heart with intent…Venus/Mercury=Uranus,zero orb read the same. This point is connected with Moon/Neptune-secretive stories, the power to undermine.
    Sun/Pluto=Uranus, zero orb, read the same,(arrest).
    Transiting Pluto/Uranus=Sun, zero orb, for the day of the arrest. Transiting Neptune-Natal-Moons-Node,zero orb, for the day of the arrest.Transiting Uranus=Natal-Mars/Uranus, zero orb=Natal Asc.
    Time for action…Transiting Uranus on his birth latitude at the time of the arrest.
    Transiting Uranus also on the place where he was arrested.(time for action).

  52. I like the Mars in Aquarius rising time. It fits his height (Aquarius is often tall) and his pockmarked face (Mars). It also fits his identity as a computer hacker.

  53. I forgot to mention his prematurely gray hair, also common in Aquarius rising.

  54. Right, Tem… the range of the Moon’s declination for his birthday, midnight to midnight, is -16°12′ to -20°27′, so only in the mid-day hours would it be so tightly configured with the other planets.

  55. Can someone look at Assange’s relocated chart for Sweden, where he would be extradited to, using the 2:05 pm or 2:08 pm time? That may be telling, besides the Pluto on the IC for Sweden. I’m curious, but I need to focus on the next magazine deadline so all of you subscribers can get your next magazine on time! 🙂

  56. Someone on TMA’s Facebook page just commented: Looking at Assange’s facial features, Scorpio rising fits. His eyes–that schnoz, the fleshy broad jawline–Scorpio…..the other features could also apply to Capricorn rising, but the eyes sealed it for me. Although in Cap, we see sharper bone structure.

  57. Mars was at 26°40′ Sag when it squared stationary Uranus at 26°40′ Pisces Friday. Uranus stationed direct Sunday.

    These are majorly important planets for him, as others have pointed out — Mars as handle of his “bucket”; Sun square Uranus natally.

    So — using a time of 2:06 p.m., his progressed Ascendant is 26°37′ Sag — just 3 minutes from exact conjunction with Mars at the Uranus square.

    (A 2:05 p.m. time gives a progressed Ascendant of 26°23′ Sag.)

    (If you progress his chart and get something different, it may be that the method of progressing we are using is different – I used Naibod in RA.)

    Just more fuel for the discussion.

  58. Tem — where in Sweden would he be extradited to? Do you know? I did search in google, but the sources I saw just said “Sweden”.

  59. I cannot go with the Scorpio rising because he is not “solid” enough, Pluto in the 1st with Uranus Square the Sun in 10th would give him all the qualities others talk about, at 11:05 am 21Vir ASC with 24 Gemini MC, n Mercury in 11th on Sat helio N.N speaking through Sat in Gem in 9th the Venus is conj MC. With this time of birth Prog & SA Sun are just going into the 12 hs

  60. I wish the 2:05-2:08 time was a little better substantiated; it does feel a little suspect. It’s too bad the source can’t snap a photo of the document and upload it to email, so TMA could publish the image (including that smudge of ink)!

    To be honest, I don’t think he looks like a Scorpio Rising. There have been some pictures in the press that have been so pale and ghostly that alien-like was a word that came to my mind more than once. Although it requires ignoring the 2PM time, I do think the Aquarius rising fits him well. He’s a little otherworldly and strange and a computer prodigy (the ultimate geek) and concerned enough with a civil-rights, democracy-in-action sort of humanitarianism to walk the walk in addition to talking the talk (really living your Ascendant).

    Using Placidus houses, here are some other fun things about an Aquarius rising (other than the fact that it puts the Scorpio everyone has easily identified on the MC, establishing his “career” and his public role/reputation through Scorpionic themes and means):

    An Ascendant up to 11 Aquarius puts a 10 Scorpio Moon at the MC (although anywhere in the 10th would work)— Moon for the public and mass consciousness.

    The asteroid Damocles (the powerful man with the sword hanging by thread over his head) is at 21 Aquarius tightly conjunct Mars in the 1st house. Pholus (small cause, big effect) is also in the 1st, squaring elusive Neptune in the 10th and Saturn (governments, entrenched policies/structures) in the 4th.

    The asteroid Kassandra, the ignored truth-teller, is at 13 Sagittarius (the truth-teller) in the 11th house of group, and sometimes humanitarian, causes.

    The asteroid Pandora (no explanation necessary!) is at 16 Libra 51 in the 9th house (the going beyond visible boundaries house), square his Sun and opposing the Eris-Chiron conjunction in the 3rd (communication/publication). Pandora, the Part of Fortune, and Uranus all in the house of international affairs seems to make him Pandora’s box-opener of the world (and loving it).

    And the asteroid America is at 8 Leo, which in an 11 Aquarius ascendant chart would be conjunct the Descendant—his “partner in crime.” (Not too many of us would disagree that the Sun may be beginning to set on the American Empire, I imagine!)

    I know that’s a lot of enticing stuff for a totally speculated time, but when you see the apt asteroids show up in such uncanny places, it’s hard to resist. Thanks for indulging me.

  61. I have noticed the Cancer native often take on the physical charistics of their Moon sign. This could account for the ‘Scorpio rising’ look.

  62. Tem, for a 2:08:20 pm time, Julian’s relocated chart for Sweden (at least for Stockholm, and using Porphry house cusps) has Venus, Ceres & Sun in the 12th house (like his London “relo” chart), plus Mercury in the 12th house. His Juno is 4Leo8′ conjunct a 4Leo16′ Ascendant.

    Vesta is retro at 3Aquarius55′ conjunct the DSC; N.Node & Mars are in the 7th house; MC is ZeroAries43′ + Pallas Athena very late in the 10th house at 10Taurus52′

    Pluto in the 3rd house conjunct I.C. conjunct Lilith at 3Libra36′ in the 4th house, along with Uranus & Moon in 4th house

  63. The 2:05 pm birthtime is a good start, so in my opinion, neither TMA or Tem can be blamed for releasing it. However, I am more inclined to say Libra (or maybe Aquarius) rising for Assange.

    The SA aspect of Uranus to the Scorpio Ascendant is fitting, but it’s still a transit ! From everything we know of this character, his Uranian qualities seem not ONLY of a transitory nature, but rather, part of his essense or very being !

    Everything, from his unkempt, filthy physical appearance, his life-long interest in computers, his tendency to incessently change residences, 50 or more times, since boyhood, his eccentricity and anarchistic views of governments and democracy, all seem to support natal Uranus conjunct or near the Libra Ascendant.

    Sometimes, I have used astrocartography as a method of rectification. If we use the birth time of 11:30 am to 12 noon, his relocated chart for London, England reveals Saturn conjunct the relocated Ascendant in Gemini and Neptune in Sagitarius conjunct the descendant.

    Yikes ! England is CLEARLY not a safe place for him…as the ramnifications of his Saturn – Neptune natal opposition fully come home to roost…

    Being in a Saturn-Neptune “crossing” is probably the most darkest, unfavorable place on Earth to be !

    Two depressing scenarios come to mind…

    One is the damsel in distress being tied to the railway tracks while the train whistle is heard in the background… LOL

    The other is Jesus being led and tied to the cross and crucified by King Herod’s soldiers.

    The arrest and detainment of Assange by a London judge coincides and confirms the placement of relocated Saturn on the Ascendant, with Neptune on the 7th house cusp of legal matters.

    Martydom is a frequent theme in such a zone. Saturn on the relocated ascendant is a reality check, a bucket of ice cold water over the head !

    Ironically, the alledged Stockholm rapes of two women took place at a Sun-Mars crossing.
    Mars is traditionally associated with rape and, on a Mars line, men in particular are destined to prove themselves through competition, sport, or sex.

    The crossing of Sun and Mars frequently denotes conquests, either of a sexual or chauvinistic nature and where bravado and egotism rule the day.

    The Sun-Mars crossing, however, is a better place for him, especially if you have to defend yourself in court. I expect that with the Sun Mars crossing, he could successfully defend himself against the rape charges. However, Mr. Assange has many, many battles ahead of him, so we wish him well !

  64. Lisa, I agree with you about the asteroids and thank you for sharing your research. In addition to the asteroids in earlier comments, I noticed that Askalaphus in Assange’s chart was at 25 Pisces 57, conjunct the now transiting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. In mythology, a second Askalaphus (the 1st one being connected to medical/health issues)is known best for abiding in Hades with Pluto, and for ratting out Persephone, who had eaten some pomegranate seeds, which caused her to be forced to live forever after in Hades for half a year. Askalaphus was prominent in the Deepwater Oil Explosion chart too. This reflects the whistle-blower (or tattle tale?) nature of his line of work.

    Also of interest in his chart is Prometheus (bringer of fire to humanity) in Gemini, trine Hebe (enabling, server to the gods) in Libra and she is conjunct Pandora as you reported. He was born to do what he has done it would seem.

  65. Natal chart looks right to me. Awaiting further verification. Noela above I think has it just about right. Neptune/Jupiter in the 1st, Jupiter trine Mercury in 9th, Jupiter sextile to Pluto in the 11th- is what leaps out at me looking at the natal chart.

    Jupiter in Scorpio- enthusiastic dissemination of (what were once…did the US leak these?) secrets- tied to Neptune in Sagittarius (zero degrees!): freedom of the media- the web first and foremost- in this case.

    Note his Venus is conjunct the USA Mars- but squares his own Pluto- curiouser and curiouser.

  66. A very strong Scorpio chart.

    Besides the Ascendant, the Moon and Jupiter, all in Scorpio, there are others.

    Venus in the sign of communications, Gemini is in the 8th, Scorpio’s house.
    Venus In Gemini squares Pluto in Virgo. Pluto is co-ruler of Scorpio.

    Jupiter in Scorpio squares the other co-ruler of Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius.
    And Mars is in the angular 4th.

    Mercury at 23 Cancer, natural ruler of communications, is in the decanate of Scorpio.
    And Mercury is the ruler of the 8th of this chart with Gemini on the cusp.

    The two singletons are interesting relative to the furor Julian has created.

    Neptune is the only planet in fire, Sagittarius.
    Pluto is the only planet in earth, Virgo.

    Neptune, has to do with scandals, and is in the sign of truthfulness, Sagittarius.
    And Neptune is rising.

    Pluto, connected with secrets, is in the sign of detailed accuracy, Virgo.

    Also note that most of the planets are over the horizon. So an objective individual

  67. I am of the school of thought that dictates that the signs of born in Southern Hemisphere go in the opposite direction (just as it appears in the Southern sky).
    In this case, the chart is wrong, even if we assume the birth time to be correct.
    When I had my astrology practice, I had quite a few clients from Southern hemisphere. I had to do their charts by hand in order to reverse the flow of signs, and readings were always accurate.

    • Ella Moss, I can see your reasoning on the southern hemisphere having a differing system, but being from the southern hemisphere, and having watched my chart progress over the last 7 years I have to conclude that the basic system is the same as it is for the northern hemisphere! The only real problem we have “down here” is house location. Some peoples charts seem to have the 4th/10th houses reversed, but then the opposing houses are connected to each other so I draw no conclusions from this! I find your “open approach” interesting though, and am open to any discoveries that you may find! Cheers C.

      • If you keep the houses the same (they should not change since asc means East and MC means north), but reverse the sign flow, you would see that everything would fall into place

  68. Lisa, do you think that “pale and ghostly” look you wrote of could be because the Moon is close enough to the ASC to influence it?

  69. Dear All,

    First, may I say that the informant for Julian Assange’s time of birth is claiming that it came from a Queensland gov’t birth certificate or from the QLD registry (same thing really), not a hospital. Neither the birth certificate nor registry would include a time of birth.

    However, I thank Elva and Alice and others for their comments regarding hospitals in Australia, their keeping of birth records, and their release of times of birth to the public. I also understand there have been Queensland-born people who have remarked on mailing lists and blogs that they have accessed their birth times through QLD hospitals, particularly after the 21 year period that I stated was the cut-off point.

    This prompted me to double-check the situation. This morning I phoned Townsville General Hospital saying that I was born there in 1971 and would like my time of birth. After a long wait I was put through to “medical records” who informed me of the following:

    (a) Yes, times of birth are currently available for some periods from the 1950s until now. Some of the records in the early 1970s are missing due to floods. The person I spoke to wasn’t sure of which, but said “perhaps 1971 and 1972.” Other periods are not available for various reasons.

    (b) Birth times are only available to a person requesting their own time of birth, not to their parents, or the children of the applicant, etc.

    (c) Medical records are destroyed after 10 years (“for example, if you were born in 2000 then the record is now destroyed”), BUT the hospital keeps the birth record indefinitely.

    (d) Birth times are not available over the phone, etc. An applicant must write to the hospital providing their mother’s name at the time of their birth, plus the obvious things like the date, year, etc, of their birth, and proof of identity (“photocopy of your drivers licence signed by a Justice of the Peace”).

    (e) Records are then searched at the hospital “by the mother’s surname,” and here is the sticking point: If Julian Assange was born in this hospital (and there are quite a few hospitals in Townsville) and this time of birth of 2.05pm came from someone looking at the hospital medical records then they would need to know not only that his mother’s surname was not Assange, but also they would need to know her actual surname at that time. I do not understand where the informant to TMA would find that information. It is now reported widely that “Assange” is Julian’s step-father’s name, given to him after his mother married Mr Assange senior a year after Julian was born. This information has only been released in the press in the last two days or so, so I don’t think the informant would have had that info, to conduct a search, before making their claim. It seems that his mother’s maiden name has now been released but was that her name at the time of Julian’s birth (??) because she reportedly had a partner at the time, Julian’s biological father. Did she use her maiden name or his name, either way it reportedly wasn’t “Assange,” so it seems that the informant would not know that, and so would not be able to search the hospital records by surname, not that the informant is claiming that the info came from a hospital anyway.

    I’m happy to stand corrected on this matter. Indeed it is great news. I was led to believe by my birth hospital in QLD (and by the experiences of other Queensland-born folk) that all such hospital records in this state were destroyed after 21 years, if not before. Clearly this is incorrect. It means that other hospitals in QLD may also keep and release info on times of birth (probably only to the person concerned). But for anyone born at Townsville General since the 1940s you may have a chance to get your time of birth through the hospital, and this may also be the case at other QLD hospitals, but others like my hospital of birth don’t release the info.

    For now, TGH is the only QLD hospital I know of that provides this service. I also know of one in Sutherland Shire (Sydney, NSW) and one in Melbourne (Victoria), and reportedly one in Adelaide (SA). I hope to make more enquiries about this and put all the info on my Aussie Stars website, for my readers, when this website is relaunched in the near future.

    It’s a long shot but I have started searching for Julian Assange’s birth notice in QLD and Northern NSW newspapers for the month of July 1971. (It is possible that Interpol got confused and he was born 7 March 1971, because I have seen no alternative verification of the date, but that is another matter). Obviously his birth notice would not be listed under “Assange” because that was not his birth name, but I have checked it anyway and what I believe to be his mother’s maiden name, presuming that she could have been an unmarried mother. If anyone can help me with his biological father’s surname then that would be a big help.

    Anyway, there is no birth notice for him, or any male called Julian, in “The Townsville Daily Bulletin” and other newspapers I have checked on micro-film at the state library, such as the “(Brisbane) Telegraph” for July 1971. If his birth notice was placed in a newspaper it would likely be in “The Courier-Mail,” the Brisbane-based state newpaper. Unfortunately 1971 was perhaps Australia’s largest baby-boomer year, and there are hundreds of birth notices in this newspaper for the month of July 1971. Because it was becoming fashionable by 1971, a minority of these birth notices include the time of birth. I have checked for “Assange” and what I believe was the mother’s maiden name in the C-M for this month but no luck yet. Of course, his birth notice could be listed under his biological father’s surname. Does anyone know what that is??

    I could go through these hundreds of birth notices in the C-M looking for any males born in Townsville on 3 July 1971 and then check if they are named Julian and what the parents names are, but as you understand that would be a laborious task, and i’m rather too busy just now.

    I have ordered copies of the “Northern Star” (Lismore, NSW) for July-August 1971 to view at the library, but because they have to be brought in from remote storage they will not be there until late tomorrow at the earliest. I’m going to check these for a birth notice because I understand this is where one of Mr. Assange’s grandfathers lived at the time of his birth. Sometimes grandparents put their grandkids birth notices in the local paper.

    Australia has relatively strict privacy laws compared with the USA, UK, etc, and Queensland would have to be one of the strictest places on the planet. The QLD gov’t will not even let me have a copy of my QLD-born grandmother’s birth certificate, even though she has been dead for 22 years and was born nearly 100 years ago. I have to wait until 2014 when she would have reached the age of 100, if not 2015, because of bureaucracy, before I can get her BC, and by then it would be publicly available to anyone anyway. Only parents can access their child’s BC, and vica versa. In other words, if your parents are dead, and you want to get your QLD-born grandfather’s BC (for family history research, for example) then you will have to wait until he would have turned 100 before getting any such official information. You might die yourself before reaching that date! (And the BC wouldn’t have a time of birth anyhow).

    In Queensland, and in Australia generally, there are no birth indexes available to the public for people born in the last 80-100 years. If you cannot contact a person’s mother or family to make enquiries, and you want to find or confirm a person’s date of birth, let alone get their time of birth, or even their birth name, you have to search through things like birth notices in newspapers. I have had moderate success with this laborious approach (roll, roll, that microfilm!!), having found birth times in birth notices for people like actor, Julian McMahon, fastest-swimmer-in-the-world, Eamon Sullivan, et al.

    Mr Assange’s birth notice could well be in one of these newspapers, along with his time of birth, but it would be a big search at this stage to find it.

    Anyway, I apologise if I misled anyone with my comment that QLD hospitals destroy records after 21 years (and i apologise particulalry to Tem for my Taurean bull-headedness). I have made the relevant enquiries today and checked the facts and clearly I was wrong. However, considering the above I think it unlikely that the informant’s info on Mr. Assange’s time of birth came from a Townsville hospital record, not that they are claiming that in any case, but if they did i grant that it would not be an impossible source for such information.


    Sy 😉

  70. I love his nodes! Leo in the 10th for the past life, and isn’t he a light for us now? And Aquarius conj Mars in the 4th for the goal of this life — courage gained from (or grown in) scary exile, extradition, and restraint/imprisonment (using the 4th house metaphor of container, cocoon, binding, etc). I would feel bad if he were imprisoned for long, but there’s an opportunity to be deepened, like Mandela and Gandhi were when they were imprisoned. I only pray he doesn’t go the way of Ken Saro-Wiwa. Big hitters transiting Jupiter/Uranus are opposing natal Pluto, ruler of his ASC and Moon. 12th house Scorpio Moon: He’s could be set up to be undone by manipulative underhanded women. It’s also interesting that TWO women in Sweden have filed complaints, considering Venus in Gemini in the 8th.

  71. Thanks for the correction, Sy. One thing though: our source never claimed he/she got the birth time from a Queensland government birth certificate or from a QLD registry building. He/she did use the words “birth record” and then later, “registry,” to describe an area where records were stored. The word “certificate” appeared in my first (erroneous) interpretation of his/her email to TMA. There should be more detail coming in from the source tomorrow (Thursday). Stay tuned.

  72. Sy, wow, thank you for your diligence in pursuing this issue of the birth record. I too share your skepticism about this alleged birth time.

    No one has mentioned the possibility that the perpetual moving in early childhood points to a fourth house Uranus, the other being a Moon/Uranus in major aspect, which is not the case here. Uranus in the fourth would likely give him a Gemini Ascendant. Also, this would put Mars in Aquarius in the 9th house which fits a person who is on a crusade. Julian is definitely a man on a mission.

    The imprint of Uranus is so marked on his character. His story reflects strikingly the myth of Prometheus as hero, trickster, thief, and outlaw, in his struggle with Zeus, who in this myth equates with Saturn and in this time equates with world governments. I saw a blog post today about Julian titled “truth in chains.” Well that’s Prometheus bound, and it is Julian now in custody. And look at the timing of his appearance on the world stage when Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter are involved in a mutual activation. Prometheus unbound. Wikileaks is looking like ground zero of a people’s revolt only instead of out in the streets it’s on the internet.

    Gabriella (Dec. 7 @9:14 p.m.), where have you heard about a 5:30 a.m. birth time? Do you have a link?

  73. Correction to my prior post.

    Mercury is not in the decanate of Scorpio but in the decanate of Pisces.
    However his Sun is in the decanate of Scorpio.

    Regarding luck, Jupiter, the planet of luck, is in the 1st house.

    And the Part of Fortune at 13/48 Pisces in the 5th trines the Ascendant

    The POF also is in a trine with the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Cancer

    And note his Sun in the 9th, the house of legal matters. The Sun is, is where you shine.

    While there is no geocentric grand trine in air, there is a heliocentric grand trine in air with Venus/Saturn, Mars and Pluto.

    Julian has been lucky and IMO and this will continue.

    How well connected is that Jupiter/luck in Scorpio/money from others sitting in the 1st? See the current headlines.

    As credit card companies of all types stymied his cash flow, hackers favoring Julian, have set out to infect credit card systems.

    Temporary setbacks is natal Saturn in the 7th opposing natal Jupiter in the 1st. An out of sign opposition.

    While there is a yod between Mercury, Pluto and Mars, the quincunx orb between Pluto and Mars is wide, over 5 degrees.

    The Moon’s Antiscion is at 22 Aquarius. His natal Mars is at 21 Aquarius in the angular 4th.

  74. Hello,

    I have to say that I agree with Jamie and others that there seems to be something fishy about the circumstances of our “knowing” Julian’s birthtime.

    I have not reviewed Assange’s (“rectification”) case at all, but wonder if there are many events for him? If so, it should be a short matter to look at the Topocentric Primary Directions for those events. They might not conclusively give us the actual birthtime (depending on the number of events), but should very quickly tell us if the given birthtime is definitely wrong.

    I am assuming there are no “birth stories” to go along with Julian’s beginning, so that we have no narrowing down of search range to less than 24 hours?

    It’s a very interesting case, but I am very skeptical of this given birthtime. Now, to see if a few events makes one MORE or LESS skeptical of this time. 😉



  75. Phillip Lindsay, and Helena both say air…..having “had several dozen house moves” as a child I too thought Uranus in the 4th – he still has no permanent address…but what sealed it for me is that he lived on Magnetic Island (!)Phillip says air, I too think physically that high forehead, fairheaded and slender body (Scorpio rising is stocky, strong, whereas he is a classical, intelligent looking air sign to me – I also feel Mercury very strong in his makeup and would expect that to be angular and prominent – two names (at least) a journalist, two women sueing for rape almost at the same time!no fixed abode……no fixed relationship etc) He was early on noted for having a keen sense of right and wrong… Four air and 4 water planets give a complicated makeup, espec. since only Neptune is in Fire and Pluto in Earth – basically two empty elements, thogh you would expect those two planets to be significant in the lght of his vocation/trodden path. Sy Scholfield, you have done magnificent tracking about the birth times and well done – it matters MORE than anything else, otherwise we just fit our own concepts onto him instead of holding off to get the truth…unlike many posters here I don’t feel Scorpio particularly strongly – I think he is just keen on liberalising information to everyone on what really goes on – Uranian absolutely.

  76. I am the anonymous source of the Assange chart.

    When given a birth date and location it takes 700 asteroids,Composite Points natal and in progression and a little brain-work to rectify the chart.

    Making a composite with your own chart provides interesting answers and making composites with further known charts that definitely think about the event makes for almost perfect rectification.

  77. First of all, I just want to say how delightful it is to see so many astrologers communicating to a spirited discussion! TMA has always been a good forum for a wide range of opinions/techniques/approaches. I’m so grateful for it.

    I like the look of Assange’s Scorpio rising chart; it is definitely worth taking seriously, even as more exact information is sought. I have a Scorpio-rising daughter who is tall, thin, and pale and comesacross as very Aquarian…as Linda Goodman said, in the very first book I ever read about astrology, “You never know, with Scorpio!”

  78. Great comments, everyone! Just to clarify TMA’s position here: We are sharing information with you all, as it comes in to us, because we were contacted by the source; we are not claiming the data is legitimate and leave it up to the collective astro-community to determine that. Mary and I did feel, however, at the time of the first e-mail we received, that the source was not deceiving us. And we didn’t want to hoard the information, so we put it out to a dozen bloggers and data collectors that we knew.

  79. Hi Folks:

    The chart that I presented has the 28 Gemini 17 Asc.
    It shows Chiron in the 10th.
    Mars at 21 Aqua 31 in the 8th

    Dark Moon Lilith is at 6 Capr in a cluster with asteroids Tawaddud 5 Capr 56 (what the hell is this) and Tisiphone 7 Capr 41 ( receiving a bit of his own medecin) that will be transited in the near future by Saturn. Saturn -Dark Moon spells big trouble!!!

    His birthday is available by googling Julian Assange and go for Wikipedia.

    His Icarus is at 16 Aries 29 in a cluster with asteroids Cruithne 16 Aries 25, Tweedledee 16 Aries 52 and Las Cruces 17 Aries 2.

    His Chiron is at 13 Aries 46 and Retro by progression. Natal cluster Oja 13 Aries 0 (is this true?) Eris 13 Aries 2 (murder by other means)Telemachus 13 Aries 27 (felling imposed upon,”your day is coming”), Hermite 13 Aries 35 (isolation)
    Lunation in August at 17 Leo 25 activated asteroids Records 17 Leo 15;Ramirez 17 Leo 38 (invasion of one’s space by evil);Romanishin 17 Leo 33 (aggression); Hypnos 17 Leo 18;Church 17 Leo 43.
    His Asc at 29 Gemini is in a cluster with:
    United Nations 28 Gemini 55
    Dudu 29 Gemini 9
    Lie 29 Gemini 21
    Freud 29 Gemini 34
    Tara 29 Gemini 53
    Hazard 29 Gemini 55

    I believe that this partial coverage of the asteroids in combination tells an interesting story.

    Henk Middelraad

  80. I just set up the chart for 2:08 and then read all the comments. I agree with Dale as I did the Sabians and these really seem to fit the Asc and MC. If this is the correct chart, and it certainly could be from what we know of him so far, Solar Arc Uranus one degree from the ASc makes sense as does Solar Arc Saturn one degree from his Sun (no matter what the time on this). His next year will certainly be Uranian and lets hope that he doesn’t end u incarcerated. We need a lot more data to rectify this chart, but thanks TMA for the lively discussion. Marcia Starck

  81. Hello again, everyone:

    Because of the good work by the skeptics in the astro-community, I was inspired to ask our source of the purported Assange data some additional questions. I asked her/him if it was true that birth records were kept for only 21 years (a claim that has since been withdrawn by the person asserting that…see recent long comment above by Sy). Also, I asked if a photocopy was a possibility should he/she be asked to provide one.

    To the question about the photocopy, he/she said it was too risky, given the privacy laws.

    It is clear that our source, if this is not an outright deception, had access to the room at the hospital where old birth records are kept. Here is what our source said (keep in mind when he/she uses the word “registry” I don’t think he/she is referring to some official government building but rather a place in the hospital where birth records are kept):

    “…from what I gather these registries containing medical records were brought here from the old hospital (there was another before this one was built) and in some rooms they are just piling up. There was talk of transfering all data to computer, but they started doing it backwards (from new data to old data) but seemed that process ceased or otherwise I do not know what has come up with it. Anyway, it is true that not all old data is kept beyond 21 years but this is not a general fact. Some are kept, some are not, I do not understand why either, but this is just the way it is.”

    Also, our source says he/she only “discovered astrology last summer” when a friend of our source took him/her for a reading and he/she was impressed that the astrologer was able to tell him/her things he/she had never told anyone. The source’s motivation in getting us this data was so that we would be able to see (from Assange’s chart) if Assange was capable of the thing he is being accused of, “one who abuses women.”

    Our source closes with: “I understand that everyone wants the data in writing but have you tried getting confirmation from his mother, Christina Assange?… I saw her on TV some days ago, she is from Noosa but I think she moved to Melbourne, or the interview was in Melbourne… I can not recall. I am certain she will confirm what I said. I am so sorry I can not be of anymore help.”

    So there it is.
    I have just now asked our source about the “maiden name of Assange’s mother at birth”question (i.e., how the source found the record itself … possibly by a chronological search?) and I will forward the answer, should I receive one.

  82. Tem and Sy
    Wow, this is fantastic – the assiduous search for credible AA birth data, I am loving the dialogue with Sy and Tem! Thanks for this, it is brilliant. I was / am fond of the chart given, because it relates to mine, but that is just silliness of a seasoned astrologer. I am excited you both are continuing to search for verifiable data, because this is a really serious situation which dates back to the 1966 period . . . . And the beginning of the “secrets” to be calm about it, that would be front page news in the early 70’s and massive investigations into various malfeasances in law and political procedures in the US upper echelons. So, as much as I like the idea that Assange and I share ascendants, have Mars in the opposite degree, and his Moon on my Mercury, I will await the FINAL decision and watch your column here, with great interest and pride in our collective astrological community and its rigour.
    Erin Sullivan

  83. Great discussion. Thank you all.

    One thing i would add is that on August 20 when his arrest warrant in connection with the sexual encounters was issued in Sweden—which led to his current incarceration–Venus and Mars were conjunct. At 13LI35, 4 minutes away from the cusp of 12th house (imprisonment) in the chart above. – Stephanie

  84. I really appreciate all of the work being put into this endeavor.
    The first thing he must have is a repeated connection to the world axis – he has this regardless of time in the True Node at 15:05 AQ. and one could argue that Mercury is also on the World Axis in H16 but it is a bit wide.
    Ray Merriman’s objections of the 2:06 time being too perfect is the ironic problem. I would argue that given the impact Assange has had on the world, his galvanising of the imagination of so many, his domination of the news, and the impressive response his arrest in London (and the official attempts to curb him and bring Wikileaks to a non functioning pass) has produced in the distributed world of the internet and its anti censorship crusaders demands a chart that is so perfect, and powerful.
    To the argument that his early life and his peripatetic nature, nomadic life style would fit with Uranus in the 4th I can only comment that Aquarius on the IC also has such a life pattern – I have it. Additionally, the presented time gives SU/MO = ME, which, being posited in the 9th also supports this, as it supports his basic claim of only being the Messenger (see his piece in The Australian).
    His propensity to work in seclusion speaks well to the Mars Node conj in the 4th.
    On the matter of his father Heather Cameron has posted to the Political Astrology group this
    George Assang aka Vic Sabrino,
    Which she has supported with a range of sources including this conversation
    And for his Mother’s Maiden name there is this
    “Found a transcript of visitors book on Magnetic island where his mother made comments when visiting on a few occasions. She was a single mother there back in 1971 with Julian. We know now the father is Assange, whoever he was, where ever he is. She is Hawkins or Hawkings originally from a family in Lismore, New South Wales.”

    I also believe that when relocated to London the chart has to show the arrest. It does as it also shows the progression of constraint on his ability to communicate – T Saturn in the relocated 3rd, applying to conjunction with SA Mercury.
    The extremely tight declination pattern also intensifies the whole of the chart and he is, in interview, nothing if not intense, focussed and precise in his articulation of what he is doing and why.
    As for his future, I have just read commentary on the nature of the difficulty that will be experienced in actually prosecuting him in the US even if extradition is successful.

    But most of all it is only as this case unfolds and the cable releases continue, that we will be able to gauge the full impact of Assange on the world political scene. The potential is enormous, how it will play out?? there are consequences downstream from this for just about all world governments as well as for the openness of the internet.
    – Martin

  85. Hi
    I am not sure if this data is widely known or covered by Eric etc – if it is forgive me I don’t have time to keep up with all the blogs.
    My research shows that the idea of a mass document site for leaks was first mooted at 8.16pm (presume USA time as date is backwards but no confirmation of where) 3 Oct 2006 and Wikileaks was registered 4 Oct 2006 at 05:54:19 UTC. Registered to ‘John Young’ in an adress in Belmont CA (which is not the same as where the site was hosted which is unknown except it was Dynadot, LLC (R1266-LROR)
    Assange was formally arrested after ‘surrendering’ sometime around early morning Dec 7th GMT.
    The movement of the Sun into the 12th of his purported natal chart (at the exact time of the creation of in 2006)and Jupiter across the Asc plus the Progressed chart of Assange for 4 oct 2006 with Mercury at MC is a coincidence of huge proportions if this birth time of 14.05-14.08 is false
    Kathryn Cassidy

  86. Hello everybody,

    I have some information to share, although I’m not at all certain it will prove useful. I have been doing research on Assange in the past week, trying to find his birth time. Apart from astrology, I do genealogy and have found the following info on the net. I have traced the surname Assange in Australia to the Sidney area and to that area only. I am posting the two pages here:

    As you can see, there have been several Assanges living in the Sidney Bay area in the last century. I would like to make some speculations at this point:

    1.Do we actually know for certain that Assange was Julian’s stepfather’s surname? Was it not the mother’s? As far as I can gather she wasn’t married at the time she gave birth to Julian. What were the circumstances surrounding his birth? Did his birth parents actually ever have a relationship or did Christine have the child alone? What was the surname of the man Christine eventually married and who became Julian’s stepfather? What happened to his birth father? I think we must first establish unequivocal answers to these questions if we are to find his real birth time – supposing that the “leaked” birth time isn’t right, which it very well might be.

    2.Assange has lived a cloak and dagger life for a long time. His mother went into hiding for much of his childhood, traveling to and fro, because she and his stepfather separated and he wanted to take away Julian’s half-brother. This makes me doubt that Assange was his step-father’s surname, because I very much doubt that Christine would have kept the surname of the man that put her through so much trouble. Remember that these were the seventies and Christine appears to have been a very liberated woman. I tend to think Assange was her maiden name and this is confirmed by the fact that she still goes by that surname, although she is divorced from the stepfather. The Assanges in Sydney might just be Julian’s maternal relatives.

    3. I also read somewhere (and this might be completely false) that an inside joke in the Assange household is that Assange comes from Ah-Sanj – a chinese ancestor who lived on an island off Australia in the 19th century. To me this surname sounds very French, but you never know… Anyway, the question is – would they make his stepfather’s surname part of their
    family history?

    4. Assange is the world’s most famous hacker and very paranoid about leaving traces. He never talks about his personal history and shrouds thick fog his past and family as much as he can. Don’t you think he might have hacked into australian databases and actually changed his personal data? Just a thought. Of course, that wouldn’t change any data on paper, which this given birth time is purported to be. It might be interesting to follow the lead of the Sydney Assanges and see where that leads.

    4. And lastly, I must say that I, like Erin, am quite keen on the chart with scorp rising as my sun exactly conjuncts his moon and my ascendent his!

    This is so much fun! The best of luck with the research.

  87. With all the difficulties around the birth time, I think it’s good to remember that there are many solid pieces of information we can always get without the exact time, as long as the date is reliable. For example, the timing of transiting Saturn squaring his Sun and the Neptune square transit that I mentioned earlier is unaffected by birth time, as are any other transits to the Sun or the other planets, with the exception of the Moon.

    Graham: I would agree with you that the Pluto transit will be the most significant upcoming transit for him over the next few years. My unstated intention in my comment was to look at just the current trends and the next few months. I tend to use very conservative orbs for Pluto transits (about 2 degrees), so Pluto opposing the Sun fully comes into play beginning in 2012 as I see it. However, it is indeed very important to consider the “one two punch” effect of the Saturn/Neptune transits followed by a major hard aspect of Pluto to the Sun. I think it is not a simplistic way to look at it at all, and I agree with you that that transit can often indicate a dangerous time. Perhaps even more so when one is a public figure.


  88. I have Julian’s son,Daniel’s birthdate from his facebook account. Jan. 26 1990. I study synastry, and found a few interesting aspects between him and his father. I do recall that Julian told Daniel Ellsberg (on a youtube video) that he was being born when the Pentagon papers were being released, which would be between June 13 and into July. I was happy to get Julian’s birthdate from Interpol, but not under the circumstances that called for the release of his data.

    I don’t imagine that Julian believes in astrology,(yet) but anything I have to say about him, or his loved ones will always be positive. As for Anna Ardin, born March 19 1979, and Sofia Wilen born September 17 1983, I will not be so inclined. Synastry reveals a great bit about those two.Their lawyer, Claes Borgstrom born July 21 1944.

    Julian has Venus trine Mars, don’t forget, and 2 children. Venus sq Pluto can also mean that the native attracts sychopants,people who ride his coat tails and leeches. Mars sq. Jupiter can bring about great losses. Sun sq Uranus is a person on the hot seat. I will be watching transiting Mars on Dec 20 this month to see how it affects his Uranus, and solar degree.

  89. Excellent research Sly.

    To add to what you have found, I still have two other major concerns:

    1. The source still refers to the Townsville hospital “registry”, when everyone here knows these places as “medical records”.

    2. The source says they saw the birth time “appended to it a copy of the birth certificate”. Like you, I phoned Townsville hospital and talked to the girl in medical records. I was told by her that they do not have copies of birth certificates.

  90. Jamie, good points. The first question may be a word choice issue. And I wonder if they currently no longer attach certificates to the record with the birth time on it, but maybe they used to in 1971? Hard to guess. Like I said, I am awaiting a response from the source to questions I recently e-mailed.

  91. Birth certificates in Queensland are done by the district register of births deaths and marrigers. not the hospitals.

  92. Birth certificates in Australia simply have nothing to do with hospitals. I have never heard of any hospital in Australia keeping copies of birth certificates.

  93. Mary this chart is obviously incorrect whay are you unable to acknowledge that?????

    • in response to mic jor from Dec 9:

      this is a big discovery on-going research project..I am not holding on to the correctness of the chart, we’ve just offered the data to the community and we are all investigating…

  94. Sorry again – there’s no delete button for my stream of consciousness thoughts. So Julian was presumably not Assange at birth, so how would the informant have been able to find the birth record?

  95. Lynn, that’s what I’m asking the source…awaiting the reply. May have been a chronological search method. We’ll see,

  96. In the Chinese Feng Shui advanced astrology of Qi Men Dun Jia, Assange’s Birth Chart features the White Tiger Goes Wild structured situation, which portends bloody violence against women.

    The same structured situation holds for the moment of his domain registration for Wiki Leaks, as if he used Wiki Leaks as a way to attract women with whom he might dominate through violent sex.

    White Tiger Goes Wild was also the portent for the time period when Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered on 12 June 1994 along with Ron Goldman, so imagine that scene and you know what the White Tiger Goes Wild looks like.

  97. Sorry to be getting this to you in bits and pieces, but I didn’t want to overwhelm our source with a long list of questions in one e-mail.
    This may be the last e-mail I get, as there are signs he/she may be feeling harassed a bit or maybe just frustrated at not being able to satisfy our thirst for detail.
    (It leads one to speculate: who is getting the more intense interrogation today, Assange or this source? 🙂
    Anyway, here is what the source answered when I asked about the mother’s maiden name and how the record was located, given the possibility that the baby or the mother or both were not named “Assange” at birth:

    “now, that is good question. but to which I have no (satisfying) answer to give you. Imagine that I was in a place where I was not supposed to be. I saw Christine, I saw Julian Paul Assange but I can not remember seeing any other name, I even believe that it was “Christine Assange” right there, but now that you mention it, I think I may have been disturbed by the emotions when looking for the hour of birth and trying to figure out between the 5, 6 or 9, and I can not recall seeing a maiden name or any other name for that matter, so I will not even give it a try…… the search I made was part luck, part knowing his birth date since some of the file holders have the year written on the side. I am so sorry that I can not give you what you seek. Talk to Christine and I really believe all your problems will be solved in one second because without a copy of the records, I understand that what I say lacks some of the credibility….. until you talk to Christine I have nothing else to add to what I already gave you.”

    Of course, I thanked the source for being generous in his/her responses.
    I guess one of the Australians among us might need to talk to Christine, Assange’s mother, for confirmation. The good thing is, if Assange’s mother can’t remember the exact time but thinks it was in the afternoon around 2 or 2:30, then we know the range would be from 2:05 to 2:08 pm.
    If any of you do, I trust you will post here for our readers. Thanks, all.

  98. Further to my comment earlier about the aspects that Assange has in common with George Washington, I am now thinking that Assange’s horoscope should be considered from the speculative “Whole Earth Tropical Zodiac”.

    This idea was originally suggested by astrologer Dane Rudhyar to overcome the problem of Southern Hemisphere charts not being in sync with earth’s seasonal changes, for which the signs of the Zodiac were named when they were first used as a calender in the Northern Hemisphere.

    In this “bipolar” Zodiac, there are actually only 6 double signs instead of 12 single ones. A person born in Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, as an Aries, would actually be a Libran if born on the same day in the Southern Hemisphere, where it would be autumn/fall.

    All the other planets/bodies would also change their signs to the opposite polarity or Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio etc, with the polarity being equal at the Equator. The further someone was born from the equator in latitude, the more polarized towards one sign they would be.

    Using this system, Julian Assange would actually be a Capricorn Sun – or at least polarized towards the Capricorn side of Cancer-Capricorn, not a Cancerian. His Uranus would be in Aries, his Pluto in Pisces, Chiron in Libra, and his Ascendant would be Taurus, not Scorpio.

    As mentioned earlier, Assange shares several aspects with revolutionary founder of the U.S. George Washinton, but when we swap his ascendant to Taurus, he actually has almost the same ascendant as America’s first president! Just like Washington, Assange did not start the revolution – with America it was people like Thomas Jefferson and Paine who laid the ground work – but he is the fighter for many of the ideals of a new world consciousness.

    I will be giving a talk about the Whole Earth “bipolar” Tropical Zodiac at this months Los Angeles NCGR meeting.

  99. Hi everyone,

    Wow! When this email first came to me I knew it was a big, exciting, hugely impactful and meaningful bit of data for all of us to begin to toss around..

    And, look how gorgeously, creatively, playfully, seriously and deeply you all have taken it..

    Here’s to the Uranus station and shared surprise, discovery and delight.

    I honestly can’t wait to participate more here – I have been very, very full on with clients and other TMA projects..

    But, truly, many thanks to one and all, and I join you all in hoping that our shared embrace for Mr. Assange’ work and plight be part of a good outcome for one and all..

  100. We haven’t heard from any Vedic astrologers yet on nakshatras, dashas, or chart rectification for this purported time of birth. Are you out there?

  101. We need to send Christine a messenger pigeon.

  102. ASSANG George Franklin Death notice 31JUL1997 Age at Death 70 late of Terara Sydney Morning Herald 02AUG1997
    and for Vic Sabrino –
    SABRINO Vic see ASSANG, George Franklin Sydney Morning Herald 02AUG1997

    George Assang was a musician, jazz singer, rock and roller and actor and had a starring role in Barrier Reef, a TV series (one season) that aired on Ten, Feb 12 1971 – Apr 2 1972 and was filmed around the Barrier Reef Queensland. The production schedule prior to airing for the series would have placed him in the right place to father Julian. He was, in 1970, 43 years old.
    He’s probably the best candidate for fatherhood.
    And thanks Aries for the dob for the bad actors in all of this. Claes Borgstrom’s an especially disturbing chart.

  103. Google image/web search turns up George Assang. Very interesting.Something to ponder. Thanks Martin.

  104. Hi Folks,

    This is amazing stuff and we await the next updates with bated breath! I have approached the chart from the past-life perspective at Silk Road Visions, and I had just posted articles on Aquarius so really tuned in to Assange as strongly Aquarian! (Come have a read when you get a chance)..

    I see the feminine energy to be vital in his chart with Lilith conjunct Pluto and Uranus with (by extension) all 3 squaring Venus (which in turn is trine his Aquarian Mars)…and if you use the Equal House with the Scorpio Asc you get both the Sun and poor Venus in the 8th house! How perfect is that for an International Man of Mystery in a possible honey trap with two women? I have read detailed reports now of the encounters, and I think “abuse” would be a stretch, but Uranian, unorthodox, Aquarian, dissociated, yes…

    Re the likelihood of the Scorpio ascendant – I just did a chart for a gal with Scorpio Rising (Pluto conjunct) and she was 6 feet tall, extremely pale, all Goth..

    Even without knowing the Ascendant, however, the Mars and North Node (and by some calculations the Part of Fortune) being in Aquarius, resonating to a Greek-tinged Uranus in Libra square to both Sun and Venus (through the conjunction) really gives us a lot to work with. Thanks for all your hard work here! Carol

  105. Hello again!

    I would like to correct something I wrote in the previous post: Julian actually seems to have had two stepfathers, not one as I assumed before. The first was a theatre director (Brett Assange?) and the second was a musician affiliated with the cult of that crazy lady who stole children and dyed their hair blond(!) – I forget her name at the moment. His mother married the musician in 1979, had a child with him, supposedly lived with him at the cult place and then ran away in 1982 with the children and was on the run for 5 years.
    I also found this on the net, which explains how the Ah Sang surname went to Assang and then Assange:

    I would also like to call your attention to the fact that one of Julian’s most striking features is his strong and quite beautiful baritone voice – did you listen to George Assang’s singing voice in the video?

    That’s all for now and wishing you the best of sleuthing.

  106. Hi everyone, sorry, I have been busy today. Thank you all for your info and help. I already have a local news item reporting that his mother was a “single mum” at birth so I have been working on that premise for some time. Yes, I am working with the maiden name of Hawkins, re: birth notice searches, etc.

    I texted Mr. Assange’s mother requesting his time of birth before making any comments on this blog or elsewhere. She has not replied to my message. The text was sent just days before her son’s arrest, so it is hardly surprising that there has been no answer to date. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful toward his mother by contacting her at that time. Maybe I should have paid more attention to what was unfolding, but if you don’t ask you will never get an answer. I mentioned sending the text on my Aussie Stars website and texted her the URL so she could check that I was fair dinkum. I am not pursuing this matter further just now, if at all, because I think the family has a right to privacy. Ms. Assange is probably on a plane from Brisbane to London, if not already there. She has been open to interviews by the media, and I think she would give out her son’s time of birth, but if so we will have to wait to see if she replies. Try and imagine how she must be feeling at the moment. Her son’s time of birth is probably the last thing on her mind.

  107. Martin, thanks very much for the George Assang lead. I will see what I can dig up about him.

  108. Sanaa, yes media reports have stated that ‘Assange’ comes from the anglicisation of a Chinese surname. This is not uncommon in Queensland. My paternal grandmother’s father was Chinese, and he came to be known by the single name of “Tanwan.” After the Californian gold rush, Australia became known to the Chinese as “New Gold Mountain” and many headed to Victoria then Queensland, seeking gold. I think my grandmother’s mother was born to a Chinese immigrant father at the gold rush town of Calliope, QLD, in the 1870s. Her mother’s name, Livy/Levy is given on the BC, but not her Chinese father’s, possibly because the registrar officer did not know how to anglicise it. On her death certificate it had became “Tanwan.” But I’m having a lot of trouble tracking down his death certificate, etc, because officially he may have been nameless. 🙁

  109. any hurrah’s Aries Dobbs on finding the son’s birth date – excellent. Sun Aquarius is the father’s signature, unusually it is either unaspected (I use only 6 deg. orbs even for important conjunctions) or for those giving a greater orb, it is hooked into the incredible 7 planet Capricorn stellium that Daniel has. Actually if the Marsin Sag (at 27) is allowed in too, only Pluto and Jupiter would be not counted into the stellium! pretty exceptional don’t you think? Saturn in its own sign, closely conjunct Moon/Venus and the son with his Mars/Jupiter opposition echoes Julian’s Mars/Jup(Ur) square. According to Charles Carter that is the most reckless aspect anyone can have in their chart, the risk quotient being high…….Daniel’s progressedMercury conjuncts his Sun presently which seems very fitting……..I do start to wonder with the powerful Mercury in Julian’s chart if he actually has a Gemini ascendant, I see that planet as the most powerful in his chart
    Daniels’ pro Sun is at 27 Aq, with transit Neptune on it, his progressed Moon is moving towards a conj to natal Pluto (so this must be exceptionally difficult for his mother)….. Daniel (allowing for the fact that a proper birth time may change this) has exceptionally few Sun aspects,(the mother image being very bombarded in the middle of the stellium) except a semi-sextile to….Uranus! Also the son’s chart has only one fire planet, 1 air, whereas earth has 6, 2 in water…..thus I would guess the mother is a very earthy lady. Riveting stuff, posters….

  110. I just looked up the meaning of the name Julian it means youthful = Mercury So (thinking a lot of his life sounds very Mercurial, I put that on the ascendant – however, Julian also means’ Joves Child apparently – his Mercury does trine Jup(Nep) so perhaps he has late Cancer rising with that aspect smack on the ascendant? Someone mentioned he has two children, this chart would have Sag as the 5th ruler.

  111. Sorry, formatting of my last post was not intended but automatically altered by this sites scripts.

    My main working field is astrological research on “mental disorders”, mainly ADHD and Borderline, but also other PDs. – His chance, to have ADHD is close to certainty.

  112. Hello Sy,

    Have you already tried this site? I found three contemporary Tanwan death certificates – could they be descendants of your chinese ancestor? Just type the Tanwan surname in the search window…

    And here are lots of Queensland Tanwans that could be your relatives. Perhaps you could start by trying to contact their descendants – they might have info on your great-great grandad!

    The best of luck.

  113. I had to hunt all over the internet for some of the information, so I am not revealing anything of a secret nature. Daniel Assange’s chart has an aspect that might help him to mellow out when things get rough. His Mars in Sagittarius opposes his Jupiter in Cancer, and I believe that he wants a harmonious family life, and home very much.(Mars opp Jupiter covets) Venus conjunct Saturn in his Solar 12th house might indicate an older alpha female who has, or will have a great influence on him. I believe that more family members will come forward in various ways in order to stand up for Julian. I saw a video last night that featured Brett Assange. (Julian’s step father) Don’t we love mysteries ? Anyway, I am on Julian’s side. He’s shown the world that no corrupt governments should make life miserable for the rest of us.

  114. @moderator: please erase my 2nd last post, I’ve changed the formatting of my calculations, to better fit this board. (see further below)

    I (11th of July 1972, 12:30pm, Duisburg Germany) for myself am a double cancer with gemini venus and sun square uranus (with uranus sitting 1° past my AC). I’m diagnosed ADHD and am researching on ADHD and BPD, from an astrological point of view (with psychiatric patients and online). My concept on BPD seems to be statistically safe (by 1 : more than a trillion). – Things I can say on Assanges chart:

    – He has ADHD – mostly hyperactive type – (close to certainty).
    – His IQ should be above 125
    – He almost certainly is a bit paranoid
    – He could be a bit neurotic (the “counting tiles on the wall” type)
    – He’s nearly unable, to have longer relationships and possibly is bi-sexual orientated.
    – He most likely is anxious (beeing alone in the dark among other fears).

    There’s more to say (a lot about his sexual preferences), but that’s nothing for this forum (at least not at this time).

    Calculations (based on Acrons system, slightly modified by me):

    Julian Assange – 1971-7-3

    ..Moon Points: 160
    ….(100) Trigon
    ….(60) BODYINSIGN (0, 4 )
    ..Jupiter Points: 150
    ….(75) One-and-a-half-square
    ….(75) BODYINHOUSE (0, 9 )
    ..Saturn Points: 50
    ….(50) CUSPINSIGN (10, 5 )
    ..Uranus Points: 100
    ….(100) Square
    ..Mars Points: 25
    ….(25) RULERINHOUSE (5, 1 )
    ..Neptune Points: 40
    ….(40) CUSPINSIGN (5, 12 )
    ..Mercury Points: 85
    ….(60) BODYINSIGN (2, 4 )
    ….(25) RULERINHOUSE (6, 4 )
    ..Mars Points: 175
    ….(75) BODYINHOUSE (4, 4 )
    ….(100) MIRRORPOINT (0, 0 )
    ..Jupiter Points: 40
    ….(40) CUSPINSIGN (9, 4 )
    ..Uranus Points: 75
    ….(50) CUSPINSIGN (4, 11 )
    ….(25) RULERINHOUSE (4, 11 )
    ..Neptune Points: 85
    ….(85 ) BODYINHOUSE (1, 12 )
    ..Pluto Points: 75
    ….(75) BODYINSIGN (1, 8 )
    ..Venus Points: 60
    ….(60) BODYINSIGN (3, 3 )
    ..Mars Points: 100
    ….(75) Quincunx
    ….(25) CUSPINSIGN (6, 1 )
    ..Jupiter Points: 185
    ….(100) Trigon
    ….(85 ) BODYINHOUSE (2, 9 )
    ..Saturn Points: 40
    ….(40) CUSPINSIGN (3, 10 )
    ..Uranus Points: 110
    ….(85 ) Bilin
    ….(25) CUSPINSIGN (11, 6 )
    ..Neptune Points: 60
    ….(60) Trigon
    ..Pluto Points: 115
    ….(50) Sextile
    ….(40) CUSPINSIGN (8, 3 )
    ….(25) BODYINSIGN (9, 6 )
    ..Mars Points: 125
    ….(100) Trigon
    ….(25) RULERINHOUSE (2, 1 )
    ..Jupiter Points: 115
    ….(75) Quincunx
    ….(40) CUSPINSIGN (2, 9 )
    ..Saturn Points: 75
    ….(75) BODYINHOUSE (6, 7 )
    ..Uranus Points: 25
    ….(25) BODYINSIGN (7, 7 )
    ..Neptune Points: 40
    ….(40) CUSPINSIGN (12, 7 )
    ..Pluto Points: 210
    ….(100) Square
    ….(25) RULERINHOUSE (7, 8 )
    ….(85 ) BODYINHOUSE (3, 8 )
    ..Jupiter Points: 185
    ….(100) Square
    ….(85 ) BODYINHOUSE (5, 1 )
    ..Uranus Points: 200
    ….(85 ) One-and-a-half-square
    ….(75) BODYINSIGN (4, 11 )
    ….(40) RULERINHOUSE (1, 11 )
    ..Sun Points: 25
    ….(25) RULERINHOUSE (5, 1 )
    ..Neptune Points: 75
    ….(75) BODYINHOUSE (8, 1 )
    ..Pluto Points: 50
    ….(50) CUSPINSIGN (1, 8 )
    ..Saturn Points: 125
    ….(100) Opposition
    ….(25) RULERINHOUSE (10, 9 )
    ..Uranus Points: 25
    ….(25) RULERINHOUSE (11, 9 )
    ..Neptune Points: 150
    ….(100) Conjunction
    ….(25) RULERINHOUSE (9, 12 )
    ….(25) BODYINSIGN (8, 9 )
    ..Pluto Points: 125
    ….(50) Sextile
    ….(25) RULERINHOUSE (8, 9 )
    ….(50) BODYINSIGN (5, 8 )
    ..Neptune Points: 100
    ….(100) Opposition
    ..Pluto Points: 60
    ….(60) Trigon
    ..Pluto Points: 85
    ….(85 ) BODYINHOUSE (9, 11 )
    ..Pluto Points: 100
    ….(100) Sextile

    • HI Marco, Mary here (I am the moderator) and I did delete the earlier one..

      Thank you for all of this..

  115. To add to the confusion about a birth time for Julian Assange, or to add to the barrage of clues of same, I too was born on July 3. However, here in the U.S. it is(was) a big deal to be born on the 4th of July, for hospitals as well as the parents of newborns.

    Because of that, the hospital where I was born fudged the time and instead of 11:30ish PM on 7/3 they wrote 12:02 AM 7/4 on the birth certificate. I did not learn of this until I was in my 30s and had started studying astrology. My mother informed me of this during a conversation about the relevance of a correct birthtime, and said the hospital wanted to be noted in the newspaper as having the 1st July 4 baby that year.

    To this, my dad later said when he saw me for the first time, he thought I had a 3rd eye on my forehead, but it turned out to be a thumb print of the nurse who had used silver nitrate, an antiseptic used to treat the eyes of newborns.

    This led me to discover that instead of the Aries rising my legal birthtime gave me, it was probably Pisces. This felt much more in line with my nature and view of the world, and further rectification has proved it so.

    I kept thinking of this personal event as the confusion mounted over Mr. Assange’s time of birth, so I offer this as a different perspective (like we need another one); could this confusion be part of the present astrology? Is there an astrological reason why we cannot easily pinpoint this data? Is it perhaps revealing too much information and therefore being “hidden” for a reason?

    Venus re-entered Scorpio on Nov. 29 as Mars in Sagittarius (actively searching for truth) squared Jupiter in Pisces (expanding confusion). This, and the triple conjunction of Mercury to Pluto seems to be encouraging this depth of inquiry into Mr. Assange’s personal life. . his birth, family, early history, maybe for a reason we can’t know yet. Somehow I think it is the right thing to be doing; the Universe will reveal his correct birthtime when appropriate. . or not!

  116. I feel like an Astrological Miss Marple..snooping about. (oh, pardon, I mean “curious”) I would not wish to upset anyone by revealing personal secrets. I feel that many books will be written about Julian, and most certainly an Astrological one. His life moves along so quickly, and the transists are easy to connect with life events. Famous people can’t hide very much, can they ? The price of fame shouldn’t cause the nervous jitters, and health problems, however.

  117. This came in from Pat Taglilatelo, who is involved with AstroDatabank: “For AstroDatabank I use the Rodden Rating system as a shorthand-guide to reliability, and I have given Assange’s data a “C” rating for now. This rating (and the more important source notes) will be changed as more information comes to light confirming or denying what your correspondent has given us.”

    I had also commented to her that I myself learned of my birth time (years ago) by writing the hospital and having a stranger (a worker in the records department) look up the data, type it out, and send me a letter. My data was assigned an AA rating, the highest rating, even though an astrologer never viewed the record. Apparently, the credibility we assign to a hospital worker who is authorized to view records is much higher (for astrological data rating purposes) than someone who has easy access to the records room at the hospital but is not legally authorized to view records. In both cases a typo is possible, I suppose, while typing/transmitting the data. But because of the celebrity nature of Assange, one could surmise that the potential for intentional deception is there, where it wouldn’t be there in the case of the authorized records clerk at a hospital reporting on my data. Perhaps that is the difference in the AA rating vs. the C rating being assigned (for now) to Assange’s data. Your thoughts?

  118. Barbara, I agree with your last sentence, and I think because Mercury is about to station and go retrograde, some change in the information is very likely after it goes retrograde. Maybe someone will talk to Assange’s mother and get a different time, or maybe some other piece of information will come forth in a day or two.

  119. Tem, how’d you get in touch with Pat Taglilatelo? I’ve got a question I’ve wanted to ask her for ages.

  120. Julian Assange appears to be a Uranian person. I see quite a physical resemblance to Bill Maher, who is an Aquarian. Maher’s chart can be viewed on

  121. …it is amazing. I’ve been a member of Amnesty International for decades but I do believe that Assange is the “now” figurehead of that organisation – I do feel his quest is JUSTICE which originally Amnesty’s was also – yet that organisation has become establishment and watered down, become tame…..Assange is the “bare face” of justice, as it is dished out literally.

  122. Aries Dobbs: Hi, if your source for Daniel Assange’s date of birth is his facebook page then please be aware that it could be a joke: 26th January is “Australia Day,” a national public holiday. Plenty of people put fictitious birthdays on FB. Today i will look for his birth notice in the Melbourne newspapers to see if i can confirm the date.

  123. Sanaa: thanks very much. I have an subscription and you’ve accessed my family tree with that link! I have tracked down plenty of Tanwans on my family tree. It is really their ancestors i am looking for, i.e., before the name was anglicised to become “TanWan.” One family member has told me that originally the family name was “Wan,” so “Tan” (first name) and “Wan” (second name) then became a singular name, “Tanwan,” and then his name became the surname for everyone following him on the family tree. This is not really relevant to this blog so let’s leave it at that. 🙂

  124. To Sanaa,
    Are you my ‘lost’ friend from Mexico?
    Or the capitol of Yemen?
    It must be you . . . !

  125. Sy, Daniel has a blog, and he stated “My birthdate is clearly available on my Facebook account” (he was telling his friends about the N.Y. Post giving his age wrong)His twitter account is Somnidea.

  126. Hi Erin, it’s me! Lovely to meet you again. Isn’t this Assange sleuthing exciting? Trust us double scorps to crawl out of our holes for this one!
    I would love to have your news, but this isn’t the place, my mail is with TMA. Please write. A hug.

    P.S. Hi, Mary, could you please forward my mail to Erin? Thank you so much.

  127. Sy, I was thinking the same thing – let’s concentrate on the Assanges for now.

  128. Using Sidereal/Vedic, I believe the BT should be near 9.08pm. This gives an ascendant of 3Aq24. This would also be Aquarius in the Tropical system.

    The ascendant will be in the nakshatra Dhanistha. Some key words for Dhanistha from “The Nakshatrsa-The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology” by D.M Harness are given below.

    Star of Symphony
    Difficult marital karma
    High virtues
    Charitable nature
    Perception of Truth
    Adventurous nature
    Fame and recognition
    Fortune found away from home

    This asterism is ruled by Ma. Ma near the ascendant and exalted should give mainly positive significations for this nakshatra.

    The main points on the chart as follows.
    Mars close to Ascendant
    Jupiter conjunct MC

    1. 8L Me is in the 6H of enemy and weak by degree. 8H is a house of secrets and intrigues
    2. Me(6H) rules communication. He created an enemy by his publications.
    3.Ju L11 (Internet communication 9 from 3) is in mutual aspect to Sa(Asc lord)
    4. 3L Ma (Initiatives) close to max. exaltation in 12H (secrets)
    5. Tr Sa (Asc lord) in 8H
    6. Tr Chiron close to Ascendant


  129. Andrea, I concur with your observations about Aquarius and Bill Maher, see my comments for Dec 7. If he was this rising sign, he would be born roughly between 7-9 pm. It is interesting how many ‘hunts’ (Sag) there are for Julian Assange at this time, this one for his birth time! Here are some bits I wrote a few days ago: “particularly strong one with Moon in Scorpio in the 9th house of foreign affairs, Jupiter in Scorpio on the MC being so strongly squared by transiting Neptune/Chiron, putting him in the world spotlight – with plenty subterfuge and mystery. The ruler of the Taurus 4th house cusp is Venus in Gemini and Assange has been moving all his life. Mars on the Asc is quite the warrior as well as his original inventive genius. Aquarius rising is up for the greater group good here, there are so many parts of Assange’s character that point to this Aquarian disposition.”

  130. Thank you so much for finding the birth time. I’m learning so much from reading the comments. Assange doesn’t look like a Scorpio Rising person to me, but in his photos he doesn’t look tall to me either.

    Maggy, I thought your comments referring to Mercury were interesting. I’ve noticed something interesting concerning transiting and progressed Mercury in Virgo in Assange’s chart. Of course, Mercury is going to be very important in a computer hacker’s chart.

    Looking at the SA chart above one sees that Assange’s Solar Arc Mercury has just passed into Virgo.

    His progressed Mercury (secondary) is at 11 Virgo. P.Mercury is very strong in its own sign, this certainly shows that vast amounts of detail that Assange is dredging up. His prog. Mercury is due to begin stationing Rx around next April. That can mean that his thinking processes may be affected in some way. His progressed Mars is also Rx.

    The events of the rapes occurred I believe between Aug. 14 and Aug. 18 in Sweden. At that point, there were a whole lot of significant aspects. This occurred right before a trasnting Mercury Rx in Virgo at 20 degrees which made for an extra long Return with Assange’s progressed Mercury. Assange was having a Lunar Return at that point as well, in Scorpio (connection with sexuality). Saturn was exactly opposite Jupiter (and Uranus) and squaring Pluto-NN. And the lovers, Venus and Mars, were in conjunction with Saturn in Libra (their conjunction became exact during that time). And Assange’s 11 Cancer Sun was not far off from filling in the empty leg of that big transiting t-square (along with his SA Saturn!).

    There seems to be a weird connection with events in his life happening right before Mercury Retrogrades. He went to jail last week just before another Mercury Retrograde.

  131. Oh, I just read Robert Blashke’s article about the Mercury in Sagittarius Rx and Assange and online hackers in general. Wow, he’s right on!

  132. Aries Dobbs: I cannot find a birth notice for Daniel Assange in the Age (Melbourne’s main newspaper), 19 January-15 February 1990. Of course that does not mean that he wasn’t born there on 26-1-90, but it does mean that at this stage i can’t confirm his DoB, not independently of his statements anyhow.

    Martin, I now have a photocopy of the two George Assang obits in the Sydney Morning Herald, 2 Aug. 1997, p. 115: It is stated that he was “father of Richard and Georgia” and “uncle of Gloria-Dorn (sic) and Steven.” That’s it. Apparently he’s not the one.

    Sanaa: “Assange” is not Julian A’s mother’s surname because her father is “Warren Hawkins” ( Therefore we can presume that her name was originally “Christine Hawkins.”

  133. The 17 Scorpio rising , does suit Mr Assange. I have a gilrfirend Scorpio rising tall and very very blond/white. With Venus in the 8th in Gemini, the uncovering of information, ruler of the 8th in the 9th with the Sun, suits very much his global agenda. Mars ruler of the Asc, aligned with NN and squaring it seriously pick up how his passion for truth and justice in the world and exposing the truth are not an easy path. With Jupiter and Neptune in Sag in the 1st- also very fitting, having a strong influence on his features and what he looks like, having become larger than life in his quest for making this world a better place by doing something others would never dream of nor have the guts to do- I think it would take the passion of Scorpio rising to motivate him.
    An astrolocality chart for this time shows, Mars and NN rising in Sweden and crossing Pluto on IC – where is that Wikileaks bunker exactly?

  134. Just had a quick look at all the Aabic Parts,
    some very intersting things come up, as Parts are calculated according to various formulas re: Asc + Sun + Moon etc.

    Part of Commerce conjuct Neptune(so amazing as his next agenda involves Banks and Corporations)
    Part of Life conjunct Jupiter – his life passion for truth
    Part of Death conjunct Venus – Yikes!
    Part of Passion conjunct Ceres –
    Part of Merchandise conjunct Sun – well he does have some pretty amazing goods.

  135. Baj, if Mercury retro brings significant events in his chart – is there a possibility that it is his Ascendant ruler (thus affecting him so clearly)? a lot of posters feel the mystery has been solved….but before looking at his chart I thought about what I’d HOPE/EXPECT to find in a hacker’s chart…….though loads of people are opting for the Scorpio ascendant, it is quite possible that his powerful Pluto between that ‘grand sextile’aspect to Mercury and Jup/Ur gives the Plutonic feel to his chart. Perhaps he has a Gemin or Virgo asc and that is why he’s so responsive to the retrogrades..? interesting to see how this unfolds.

  136. ..another interesting point for those who agree with Sakoian & Acker that the planet rising before the Sun is the vocational indicator (shocking how accurate this has proved, I am now a convert) – his Venus rises in front of Sun at 25/6 Gemini – this is the quote from their interpretation of this decan.
    “The eleventh duad of Gemini is the Gemini-Aries or Mercury-Mars duad. These natives tend to be mentally energetic and interested ininitiating new ideas. In fact they can be amongst the most important intellectual pioneers. Because this duad is part of the Aquarius decante of Gemini the intellectual ability of Gemini combines with the intuitive perception of the Aquarius and the pioneering drive of Aries and because of Pluto-s co-rulership with Aries the new ideas these natives come up with are often concerned with new ways of making use of rescurces that are old, discarded or ignored….”

    “Because of the physical, muscular nature of Mars these natives with work with their hands and are skilled in the use of tools and machinery. There is a combination of brains and brawn where the hands are concerned. These natives make good leaders and initiators ofgroup activities…” end quote.

  137. I’m posting some excerpts from an article entitled “The keeper of secrets” –

    Suddenly, he is here – a tall, thin, pale figure with that remarkable white hair, looking very tired, and wearing creased, student-style, dark clothes and boots, and backpack.
    As we shake hands, he inclines his head slightly in a courtly, old-world manner, at odds with his youthful, student-traveller looks. When I remark that there’s a lot to ask him, he replies: ”That’s all right – I’m not going to answer half of it.”
    Is Assange his real name? Yes, he replies, then says it’s the name in his passport. ”What’s in a name?” he then adds mysteriously, casting doubt on his first answer.

    IN 1997, a remarkable book was released about the exploits of an extraordinary group of young Melbourne hackers. It was written by Melbourne academic Suelette Dreyfus, with, says Assange, research assistance from him.
    In the book, Underground, all the hackers had monikers. Assange is said to be the character Mendax.
    In the book Mendax/Assange was an unusually intelligent child, who never knew his father. His mother, an artist and activist, left home, in Queensland, aged 17, after selling her paintings for enough money to buy a motorbike. In Sydney, she joined the counterculture community, and fell in love with a young man she met at an anti-Vietnam War demonstration – who fathered Mendax. Within a year of his birth, the relationship was over. When Mendax was two, his mother married a fellow artist and actor-director, and the trio travelled from town to town as an on-the-road theatre family. But soon after Mendax turned nine, the couple separated and divorced.
    Mendax’s mother then started a relationship with a man who Mendax considered to be ”a violent psychopath”, a man with five different identities, who’d fabricated his entire background, including the country of his birth. They eventually fled, and began a life on the run, eventually ending up on the outskirts of Melbourne.
    Assange will neither confirm nor deny that he’s Mendax. But in an extraordinary slip recently, on SBS’s Dateline program, whose reporter, Mark Davis tracked him down in Norway earlier this year (the program screened last Sunday), Assange said that this man ”seemed to be the son of Anne Hamilton-Byrne of the Anne Hamilton-Byrne cult in Australia, and we kept getting tracked down”.

    A few things in these paragraphs seem interesting;
    What he says about his name, for example – we already know that Assange wasn’t his surname at birth, but could it be that it wasn’t Hawkins either? It seems that his birth parents were together for some months after his birth, so he conceivably could have carried his birth father’s surname. Here’s another excerpt of another interview with him and it begs the question – which father? Is he speaking of his step-father Brett Assange?

    When asked recently about his core values he stated that he was inspired by his father. “Capable, generous men do not create victims, they nurture victims. I’m combative, not so big on the nurture, but you can nurture in other ways. By policing perpetrators of crime.”

    Wouldn’t you agree that this sounds remarkably like a cancer sun with scorpio rising?

    You can read the whole first article here:

    The second excerpt is from a video:

  138. thanks for your work on Aquarius rising Ron, there are a significant number of us who have come to this conclusion using different systems. Time will tell though – what the birth time will tell.If late Aquarius in the tropical then the transiting Neptune-Chiron conjunction comes through for its last hit in the next 4-8 weeks, extremely signficant in terms of the outcome of his current predicament, not to mention esoterically his rising sign as his soul purpose.

  139. Can someone who has the appropriate Vedic software calculate the dasas/bhuktis for the 2:05 or 2:08 pm birth time and list recent and present dasa/bhukti dates? That might shed some light on it.

  140. Mary P., can you dig back into your e-mails and list the exact time and date the source sent you the first contact e-mail (and your location…and we can assume the location of the source was Townsville, QLD), and if you remember, the time you opened and read that e-mail. Astrologers here might appreciate that bit of info.

  141. Hi Maggie, I have no idea if this indicates that Mercury would rule the chart. I have Gemini Rising and I don’t think that Mercury Rx’s affect me as clearly as they do Assange. (Mercury Rx seems to just happen all the time for me.)

    However, Assange does remind me of a guy I used to know who had Virgo Rising with Pluto in 1st house. He looks like him. And the guy was/is into computers and, when one of his employers made him angry he completely destroyed their internet system and walked out. And, although extremely intelligent, I couldn’t see the reasoning for his anger at all. So, Virgo Rising does give the Plutonian revenge element in the 1st house. If he has Virgo Rising, Mercury will possibly rule his MC as well.

    Assange’s childhood sounds so difficult that it would make sense that he has deep resentments which he tries to hide under macho Cancer shell (just as a computer nerd with control issues).

    I agree with the people who think he has Aquarius Rising, but a guy with Sun in Cancer squaring Uranus is going to be pretty unpredictable on his own without any Ascendant to be speak of, especially when he also has Mars-NN in Aquarius. He was raised not only in a step-family but in a puppet theater. Astrology aside, this guy is going to have some serious issues around pulling strings from behind a curtain. Sun and Mercury in Cancer are always going to focus back on to the roots, family, childhood, parenting, and needs. Just my opinion… I heard that the official reason that the English are holding him without bail was that he didn’t have a physical residential address to give in that country. That’s a Sun in Cancer stress out moment.


    15.33 birth time rectification for Julian Assange with ASC at 16 degree Scorpio. He is in Dasha of Saturn principal Rahu secondary. The Sade Sati started for him and will be a difficult time.
    This person has big courage with Mars exalted in 3th house but this is the most difficult time for him. Pls read what Sade Sati means in vedic astrology. This person is ok and need some help in future. Everybody can do something.

  143. A couple more comments.
    For the time 2.05pm,sidereal Libra ascendant gives Vata constitution. Waxing Mo in ascendant gives more Kapha in physiology. I would expect he would be more solid than the photos show.

    Aquarius ascendant gives vata mainly but Ma is in close conjunction to asc gives some pitta as well. The ayurvedic constitution would likely be vata/pitta.
    Sa ruling ascendant without any other influence should give tall/thin structure.

    Ju in Scorpio close to MC= Bringing hidden knowledge to light.

  144. I have a special book I found years ago by Carolyn Dodson titled ‘Rising Signs’ (publ. 1979) which has fantastically helpful work and many clues on rising sign identification. She calls it ‘A compendium of trivia’ and its great. I like that.

    In Aquarius she says “An Aquarian needs to be involved with everybody in the whole world. When he isn’t involved he needs aloneness in order to keep that electric battery humming”.
    Now to me that can explain some of the character that Scorpio Asc believers for Assange see. It also has Assange down to a ‘T’ for me and with the other good work here I tend to go for the Aquarian ascendant at this point.

    She points out that many Aquarians love to wear their hair in manner that shocks or runs against the grain and you can see that of Assange’s hair and general presentation (above the shoulders).

    If the birth time is soon after 9pm as Philip Lindsay notes, we will see the Chiron/Neptune pass effect as a clue. If not then more discussion….

  145. Magda, thank you for posting that link to KN Rao’s attempt to rectify Assange’s chart.

  146. Hey Tem and company. Thank you for your time and effort in this. I am sure that the true time will manifest and I would not at all be suprised by the Scorpio rising time we have.

  147. Hi, Mary & All,

    What a great discussion and extraordinary response to the TMA blog this week!

    I thought this a timely happening itself, and discovered that this column is by far the most commented on column since your blog began on September 21, 2008.

    Did you use an election time to start the blog, Mary?

    Even untimed, the 9-21-08 start date presents the possibility of a surge to me. Its tight Sun-Pluto square at 28 Virgo-Sagittarius – illuminating perspective – is now receiving the transiting Jupiter-Uranus energy at 24 and 26 Pisces – potential for sudden expansion – with a Mars trigger in this week’s picture: T Mars at 29 Sagittarius on Dec. 7.

    We have so many worthwhile individual astrology blogs on the net; but, like some others have commented, I think the sense of astrology community here has been has been very special and exciting.

    Thanks, All!

  148. Sun exactly conjunct the ninth cusp, square Uranus very close to the 12th, certainly suggests exciting, international communications espionage — also in and out of hiding, or prison, in foreign countries. The facial appearance is very much a rising moon type, with a ginger Scorpio je ne sais quoi that you see in the faces of Gordon Ramsey, Burgess Meredith, & Arthur Godfrey. Then ruler Mars adds the Aquarian overtones, with the trine to Venus — he’s rather cute, isn’t he? A lunar ET. Someone sniffed he is dirty-looking! No, just, sometimes fashionably scruffy. But the Aussies have seen more of him. The Saturn opposition to Jupiter & Neptune is alarming. I can see a long, life-consuming process of coming to terms with the authorities. I think he’s a saint.

  149. Hi all,

    In response to Tem’s request:

    The original email came to me on Dec 5 at 10:19:25 PT

    I did not see it or open it until the next day. I had lots of other email activity but somehow this it slipped out of view until then!

    I opened it and read it for the first time on Dec 6, maybe around 6 pm. I sent it to Tem quite soon after that..I sent it to Tem at 7:19:21 pm Dec 6..

    I worked on the first quick blog and posted it on the 7th at 11:42 am

    And the rest, thanks to you all, is history 😉

  150. Would a horary/electional astrologer like to chime in about the potential to see — from the chart for the moment that the e-mail arrived to a TMA editor (see Mary P.’s post above) — the nature and accuracy of the claim made by our source. The location for Mary is Ashland, Oregon and the location of the sender (our source) is probably Townsville, QLD. Does the chart show Assange, our source, and anything else of interest? Very curious!

  151. So if it turns out that Julian’s son Daniel was actually born on January 26, 1990, that means that Daniel was born within a day of a solar eclipse at 6 degrees 35 minutes Aquarius … exactly on Julian’s IC and also squaring his natal Moon. Pluto was at 17 degrees 37 minutes Scorpio on that day as well.

  152. That’s interesting Tem, about the Aquarius connection between Father and Son. That timing seems to match up with the layout of the chart, for sure. I personally don’t deal well with Uranus hitting the angles in my own chart, everything in life turns upside down, so that Arc sure does fit as well.

    Pluto was just passing over his Ascendant when his son was born which is a pretty powerful transit. Before I had Assange’s birth date I wrote on my blog about how Ceres and Pluto might be placed in his chart because that myth is all about child abduction and custody issues and Assange’s life as presented in the Wiki article (don’t know if it’s true) is so full of problems in that area. Turns out he has Venus-Ceres conjunction squaring Pluto!

  153. The scorpio asc chart is fascinating and if correct, then the north node/mars conj in 4th is very illuminating. According to Schulman’s “Karmic Astrology” this placement means “he enjoys the role of protector and goes to extremes in filling his life with those whose very weaknesses put them under his dominion. By so doing, he is constantly testing his own power to stand tall”. He goes on to say “it is in the area of his most highly intimate relationships within his own family that the stage is set for his lifelong battle in an attempt to gain control of his own roots”…..”So unwilling is he to see himself in a back-seat position that when circumstances force him to do so he may in extreme cases even contemplate suicide; for he firmly believes that without achieving some great destiny, life is utterly worthless”…. I think the mother’s movements/divorces during his childhood speak to this north node/mars, as well as the 12th house moon position.

  154. Hi everyone! Julian wrote a blog in 2006 and 2007. Apart from being a very interesting read, it has a date for every entry and 2006 was an important year for him. His daughter was born presumably in the first months of 2006 (I think the picture of the baby girl in the blog is his daughter, although he doesn’t say so-would he ever) He also founded Wikileaks in 2006 – the domain name was registered on the 4th of October and the first article published sometime in December. For the 4th of October 2006 the transits to the scorpio ascending chart are very interesting: Jupiter on the ASC and Chiron the the IC!
    Here goes the blog:

  155. Thanks, Rebecca and Sanaa, for these two great posts!

  156. This entry from Julian’s blog is very revealing:
    (start paste-in)
    Wed 03 Jan 2007 :

    Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love. In a modern economy it is impossible to seal oneself off from injustice.

    If we have brains or courage, then we are blessed and called on not to frit these qualities away, standing agape at the ideas of others, winning pissing contests, improving the efficiencies of the neocorporate state, or immersing ourselves in obscuranta, but rather to prove the vigor of our talents against the strongest opponents of love we can find.

    If we can only live once, then let it be a daring adventure that draws on all our powers. Let it be with similar types whos hearts and heads we may be proud of. Let our grandchildren delight to find the start of our stories in their ears but the endings all around in their wandering eyes.

    The whole universe or the structure that perceives it is a worthy opponent, but try as I may I can not escape the sound of suffering. Perhaps as an old man I will take great comfort in pottering around in a lab and gently talking to students in the summer evening and will accept suffering with insouciance. But not now; men in their prime, if they have convictions are tasked to act on them.
    (end paste-in)

  157. Sanaa, if one were to use the pre-“natal” eclipse for the establishment of the Wikileaks site, going back to the nearest solar eclipse (of September 22, 2006) at 29 degrees 20 minutes of Virgo, that eclipse degree would have landed in Assange’s 11th house about two degrees away from his natal Pluto. Assanges’s natal Moon-Mars midpoint using the 2:05 pm birth time is 29 degrees 24 minutes Sag (tightly squaring that solar eclipse in 2006). His Moon rules the 9th and his Mars rules the ASC and the 6th. Also, true Lilith (black moon) is at 27 degrees 01 minutes in the solar eclipse chart, a few minutes of arc away from Assange’s Pluto. These are tight orbs. I think this pre-natal eclipse may be one good chart for the process of his establishing (and posting on) Wikileaks. Your thoughts?

  158. Tem & Mary, Thank you for your extra astro-sleuthing and sharing the interrogative chart data!

    There are a few ways to approach the charts in regard to accuracy of the message. One is ‘on counsel given, good or bad?’. Another is ‘is the message (rumor) true or false?’. A third is as an electional. There are two chart possibilities. One is for when Mary P. opened and read the email; Dec 6, 2010, 6 pm (approximately), Ashland, Oregon; Asc 5Cancer33, MC 11Pisces36, Moon 1Capricorn30). The other chart is for when the email was sent from Townsville, Australia; Asc 13Taurus15, MC 14Aquarius01, Moon 20Sagittarius37. If it makes it easier for anyone, the date/time in Townsville, Australia converted from PST to AEST is Dec 6, 4:19 pm AEST.

    Mary, would you consider your source a friend, or he/she consider you a friend, even loosely? We are all ‘friends’ on Facebook, right? If so, the ‘on counsel given’ approach for when the email was first read testifies that the source came from an honest place in his/her heart and intended the information for your good. The chart testimonies are, 1) a benefic in the 10th; Jupiter in Pisces is in the 10th and, 2) absence of the traditional testimonies for deceit such as a malefic in the 10th or the Ascendant, Moon and Ascendant ruler all in cardinal signs. Only two out of three are cardinal: Ascendant and Moon, but not Ascendant ruler. On the provision that the time is close to accurate.

    When we apply the ‘is the information (rumor) true or false’ approach we find an increase in testimonies that the info is true and for the good, 1) Moon is angular – I use the Ptolemy’s five degree rule which is within five degrees of a cusp in same sign planet is in the next house, 2) Moon’s next aspect is a friendly one to a benefic (sextile Venus) and almost simultaneously to the North Node (considered favorable). Again, only if the 6 pm time is close to correct. Ten minutes later the Moon would be cadent and the email message would be judged false.

    The Townsville, Australia chart is an electional chart for when the source sent the email and is read in a different manner. One of the Moon’s traditional significations is ‘a message’. The Moon also rules the 3rd and is exaltation Lady of the Ascendant. Being a day earlier, this chart has a dark Moon and the Ascendant ruler (Venus) is cadent in the 6th in detriment showing the hidden nature of the message and the source’s detriment & inability to express openly. Neptune in the 10th adds to the veil.

    The Moon (message) is trapped under Sun beams and is trapped in the 8th. Its only way out of the 8th is to be received by square to its ruler Jupiter in Pisces in the 11th (TMA & all us happy Facebook friends). The message is well received in that it was welcomed and received with integrity (Jupiter dignified, TMA). Squares between Sagittarius and Pisces have more sympathy than other squares because they share the same benefic ruler. Jupiter is also conjunct Uranus. The message created much excitement in the astrological community of social media blogs, some of it conflicted and discrediting, all of it energizing (Moon is applying to conjunct Mars after square to Jupiter-Uranus) but saner heads prevailed and kept the faith.

    The fixed angles have staying power; the birth time is probably a keeper.

    • Hello Ace,

      I cannot consider this person a friend in any way that seems sensible to me…we have never met..

  159. Assange has a combination in his Vedic chart (sidereal zodiac/whole sign houses) called Saraswati Yoga. Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge and this particular combination, if it has enough strength, can bestow brilliance in both the arts and sciences.

    From the “Phaladeepika” a Vedic classical text:”This native with Saraswati Yoga in his birth chart is highly intelligent, good at dramatics,in prose composition, versifying accounts and poetics. He is skilled in poetry, narrative description and in the exposition of the sacred lore. He is well known and reputed all over the world. He is prosperous and blessed with wife and children. He is fortunate and respected even by the best of rulers.”

    For this ‘yoga’ to occur, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter need to occupy (together or separately) either the 2nd house or any of the angular or trinal houses (i.e. 1st, 4th, 7th,10th, 5th or 9th). Jupiter must be in his own sign, in exaltation or in a friends signs. Jupiter’s friends are Sun, Mars and Moon so therefore Leo, Scorpio, Aries and Cancer are friend’s signs. There are no particular requirements by sign for either Mercury or Venus, but obviously they gain more power in their own, exaltation or friend’s signs as well.
    Given the above possibilities this combination is somewhat (but not too) common, and when weak will produce only ordinary results. When powerful, it can give high intelligence along with mathematical, poetic and musical skills.

    Assange has a fairly strong Saraswati Yoga due to the strength of his natal Venus throughout the various harmonic or varga charts and also due to the rulership of Venus and Mercury over the 1st and 9th houses and their occupation of the 9th and 10th houses respectively. Venus occupies the sign of Libra in the important 9th harmonic or Navamsa chart and Mercury gets a distinction as well by occupying the sign of Cancer in both the natal and Navamsa chart.
    Jupiter is well placed in the 2nd house for the Saraswati Yoga, and gets additional strength by virtue of its friend and dispositor Mars occupying its exact exaltation degree at 28 Capricorn.

  160. Tem, this is just about perfect! Moon/Mars, Pluto and Lillith in such tight orbs and those houses. I’ve been toying with the idea that on some level, Wikileaks has a lot to do with his dark feminine side, a sort of Medea complex, a cancer sun avenging his betrayed mother, all the betrayed mothers, which translates into becoming the avenger of the suffering, the weak, the powerless – and this does seem to confirm it. Also, notice the two entries for the 22 of September: he obviously felt the vibes of the eclipse quite intensely – both are very dark (to say the least!) and both talk about powerlessness. The second entry is an excerpt from The night country by L. Eisley. This is the last paragraph:

    How, oh God, I entreated, did we become trapped within
    this substance out of which we stare so hopelessly
    upon our own eventual dissolution? How for a single
    minute could we dream or imagine that thought would
    save us, children deliver us, from the body of this
    death? Not in time, my mind rang with my despair; not
    in mortal time, not in this place, not anywhere in the
    world would blood be staunched, or the dark wrong be
    forever righted, or the parted be rejoined. Not in
    this time, not mortal time. The substance was too
    gross, our utopias bought with too much pain.”

  161. P.S. By all the betrayed mothers, I wasn’t talking about women only, but about the archetype of the moon – he lost his child (Daniel) also, in that terrible custody battle.

  162. Somebody may have already written about this, but just in case not, Julian’s Ceres at 28+ Gemini will be hit by the Gemini Lunar Eclipse on 12/21. We all remember how Ceres withheld the growing of plants, hence no food for humanity, because her daughter had been taken from her. I think Julian might take his revenge, as he promised, of releasing a torrent of new info to the world on around this date.

    The asteroid Juno completes a mutable grand cross with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Pallas in the 12/21 chart. As Stephanie Austin said in her MTA article on the eclipse, “This potent combination, which includes three of the four major asteroids (with the fourth, Vesta, also in Sagittarius), suggests that we have reached a major crossroads and are ready to make a big shift in how we perceive and relate to each other. We are primed to reshape the roles and rules of relationship to establish freedom, fairness, and benefit for all.”

    Julian’s Ceres is square his natal Pluto in Virgo, the same degree where the progressed U.S. Moon is. Transiting Neptune and Chiron conjunct in Aquarius from their trining position are egging his Ceres on too. Do it for the people they are telling her. The darkened Moon is probably just irritated enough by the grand square to give the go-ahead. And remember, Ceres is no longer just an asteroid, she’s a minor planet. . . just like Pluto!

  163. The Scorpio Ascendant is looking more and more accurate to me. Julian Assange’s hair lost all its color, according to his mother, shortly after the conclusion of a series of court cases in 1999 (from The New Yorker, June 2010), which changed his appearance rapidly and dramatically.

    In 1999 there began a series of two major simultaneous hard transits to his 17 Scorpio Ascendant from Saturn and Uranus. Transiting Saturn opposed it from 17 Taurus and Uranus squared it from 17 Aquarius. Saturn then followed up with a square to his natal Mars (Ascendant Lord in close square to his Ascendant) in 2000 and Uranus’ conjunction to natal Mars in 2001.

    The extreme nature of the transits to the 17 Scorpio Ascendant and coinciding drastic change in his appearance is astrologically remarkable. Saturn-Ascendant events will drain color and Uranus-Ascendant events will change the appearance in a highly unique and distinctive way.

  164. I found this description of AA and A data (Rodden ratings):

    AA Accurate accurate
    Data as recorded by the family or state. This includes BC (birth certificate), and BR (birth record), that which is not an official document but a quote of the birth record from the Registrar or Bureau of Records, the baptismal certificate, family Bible, or baby book. These data reflect the best available accuracy.

    A Accurate
    Data as quoted by the person, kin, friend, or associate. These data all come from someone’s memory, family legend, or hearsay. The quote may be substantiated by a qualifying statement such as, “My grandfather wanted me to be born on his birthday and my mother said that I almost made it. I was born three minutes before midnight.” When the information comes from an astrologer’s client, it is considered reliable, since a client is investing money for the astrologer’s time and expertise. When the quote is from a public figure given in public, it may be questionable. Please keep in mind that public figures, especially politicians, answer a question in public to be accommodating; therefore, the time given may not be accurate. When the quote is from one of a group of people who were asked casually, it might be questionable. Rounded-off time such as 6 AM or midnight might also be questionable.

  165. There is a good case for a Vedic Libra Ascendant for Julian Assange (sidereal zodiac/Lahiri Ayanamsha). So far, I like a birth time of 2:05 PM, with 23:42 Libra Ascendant and Taurus Navamsa Ascendant, though I agree with Pat Tagliatello that this is still Class C Data.
    But if for the time being we use Libra Ascendant, this chart puts natal Moon on the Ascendant. Julian’s mother Christine has always been a pivotal influence on him, so that is fitting. His Moon is in Swati nakshatra, ruled by Vayu, God of the Wind. It is known for its independence and for the spreading of information. Assange is known to be highly intelligent and well-spoken, and these were traits he had from an early age, along with a passion to speak out about the injustices of the world around him. Libra Ascendant also gives him a Saraswati yoga, as Steve Stuckey pointed out. However, Jupiter should be in the sign of a friend to the Ascendant lord, which it is not, and so weakens the Saraswati yoga. (Mars and Venus are neutral to each other.) But sign lord Mars is exalted to its maximum degree, giving maximum power to what he has to say. Mars- Rahu adds the danger element. Further, Jupiter in the 2nd house has a lot to say. Ketu (South Lunar Node) is at 22:47 Cancer close to 10th house cusp, which can mean bringing hidden or stolen information to public attention. Natal Mercury at 0:31 Cancer is prominent in the 10th house.
    Libra Ascendant is very urban and keeps him moving around. (He moved 30 times by age 14, in part due to his parents’ theater tours, and later due to his mother, half-brother and himself hiding from his 2nd stepfather.) Libra has a vision of harmony or a way of harmonious living. Venus and Libra rule over love and contractual relationships such as marriage. But Venus is also one’s desire nature, and may tear down everything in its way in order to achieve the goal. As a Vedic astrologer, I don’t see Assange as hiding – in the sense of Scorpio (the Western tropical Ascendant for this birth time). I see him as someone who is dedicated to the spread of information, and adamant about doing it. He is comfortable in the public eye for doing it, though obviously persecution and prosecution was not what he sought, but he knew they were always possibilities. Maximum exalted natal Mars also rules the 7th house, representing the professional or marital partner (or enemy) who could cause him trouble. Rahu with Mars only amplifies this potential trouble. For someone who has travelled so much, and moved so constantly, a fixed Ascendant is not as appropriate as one of the dual signs (Western mutable) or Chara (Western cardinal). Whole sign houses are the general rule in Vedic charts, and I would tend to put his Mars in an angular house.
    Mars-Rahu in the 4th house of family foundation and higher education is also fitting, as his home life was destabilized from the start, his education was disrupted constantly, and moving was ongoing. (His first stepfather was Brett Assange, who provided a more emotionally secure situation up to 1979, when Christine hooked up with her next partner and split from Assange.) The Dasa of Rahu-Mars would be the most disruptive for Julian, and using 2:05 PM, this occurred from Nov. 5, 1978 through Nov. 25, 1979, coinciding with when Christine split from Brett Assange and started up with a much more unstable man, with whom she had another son. After three years, this situation deteriorated even more, and Christine, Julian, and his half-brother were on the run for 5 years to escape the legal clutches of this man, who appears to have been a mentally troubled person. This was from 1982 thru 1987, in Jupiter-Saturn, Jupiter-Mercury, and Jupiter-Ketu Dasas, or planetary periods, using the Vimshottari dasa system – the most important one in the Vedic system.
    In Jupiter-Venus Dasa, from Oct. 6, 1987 thru June 6, 1990 Julian entered the first more favorable period in the 16-year Jupiter Dasa, due to Dasa lord Venus being Sub-Dasa lord. This coincides with when he was given his first computer (1987) at age 16, opening up the technological world for him. He also moved in with his girlfriend, whom he married at age 18, and they had a son (Daniel), possibly born Jan. 26, 1990. He would experience losses and separation with children, due to 5th lord Saturn in the 8th house of loss. He had a custody dispute with his wife that was not resolved until 1999, but was so bitter and complex that it resulted in Julian and his mother forming the group Parent Inquiry into Child Protection, a central databank for legal records in child custody cases. Natal Jupiter and Venus are in 6-8 house relationship (shashtashtaka) in the birth chart, considered problematic. His marriage lasted a very short time, and he dealt with legal troubles due to his early teenage years as a computer hacker. He was fined, but never accused of destroying property, as he did not damage the programs he “hacked into,” and the presiding judge considered his motives benign.
    Using 2:05 PM, it gives him Rahu dasa from birth up to Nov. 24, 1979 (age 8 ½), then Jupiter dasa for 16 years up to Nov. 24, 1995. His power in the world would increase in Saturn dasa, as Saturn is a great friend and Yogakaraka to Libra Ascendant, while Jupiter is a planetary enemy to Ascendant lord Venus. The 19-year Saturn dasa began Nov. 24, 1995. According to biographical information available on him at Wikipedia and elsewhere, from 1995 onwards he started coming into his own in the world. He is listed as a researcher on a book published in 1997: Underground: Tales of Hacking, Madness and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier.
    The domain name for Wikileaks was registered Oct. 4, 2006, and the first publishing began Dec. 2006. In Oct. 2006 he was in Saturn-Sun dasa (up to Oct. 28, 2006). Saturn-Sun combinations tend to put one in confrontation with authority figures and/or organizations. Therefore, this is appropriate especially due to Saturn-Sun in Pisces in the 11th house of the Navamsa chart. Jupiter in Leo is in a Parivartana yoga (mutual exchange) with Sun in Pisces.
    Assange is currently in Saturn-Rahu Dasa (July 7, 2009 through May 13, 2012). The problems of this Dasa-bhukti should start subsiding to some extent when transiting Mars enters Capricorn on Jan. 8, 2011. His last sub-period in Saturn Dasa (Saturn-Jupiter, from May 13, 2012 to Nov. 24, 2014) is a great improvement over Saturn-Rahu period. The Jan. 4, 2011 eclipse is close to his natal Sun at 17:08 Gemini, but fortunately, this Sun is well placed in the 9th house in Gemini, if this time of 2:05 PM is correct. I don’t believe he should be imprisoned for long, as the Ascendant lord Venus is also well situated in the 9th house. But his name, status, and reputation are under attack, with Mercury and Ketu in the 10th house. He is strong physically, with maximum exalted Mars, but this same planet (as lord of the 7th house) gives a huge amount of power to his partners and/or enemies. This has been an ongoing danger, and he experienced problems in this way from childhood, including from his first wife – mainly regarding a 10-year custody battle for their child Daniel.
    His natal Jupiter opposite Saturn has an important resonance with the current Jupiter-Saturn opposition (exact Aug. 10, 2010). His sexual encounters (both consensual) with the women who became his accusers was in mid-August, 2010 and the Stockholm workshop where he met the two women probably began on Aug. 11, 2010, the day after the exact JU-SA opposition. Another famous whistleblower, Daniel Ellsberg, has the Jupiter-Saturn opposition (Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius). Ellsberg was born April 7, 1931 in Detroit, Michigan, no birth time known. He leaked 7000 pages of The Pentagon Papers, which led to their being published June 18, 1971 by The Washington Post, in spite of the ongoing legal case being deliberated at the U.S. Supreme Court , the case of New York Times Co. v. the United States. It was argued June 26, 1971, and decided June 30, 1971 in favor of NY Times Co. – just a few days prior to the birth of Julian Assange.
    Ellsberg compares the current situation to his era, when he risked his own safety as a whistleblower. At that time all the media was warned not to print the Pentagon Papers, but 19 newspapers did print them. Ellsberg says he “has been waiting for 40 years” for something like Wikileaks.

    • Thank you for writing this, Edith. I often have trouble understanding Vedic astrology interpretations but this was very clear, and seems also to explain Assange’s life very well.

  166. Thanks so much, Edith. I was wondering about the dasa periods for this 2:05 pm birth time.

  167. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the input. The reason I asked is that the first technique I applied to the chart is recommended when the message comes from a friend, neighbor or associate. However, I have seen it work well on charts for 911 calls to police. There is another approach that I will look at (later) which is for judging information from an unknown person in a foreign land.

  168. The vedic astrology scholars are starting to tip the balance in favour of Libra ascendant (sidereal) ie 2.05pm Although not specifically mentioned by Edith, Mars forms a Ruchaka mahapurush yoga in the 4H. This is quite powerful and elevates the chart considerably. It must give a solid home base. Mars in the nakshatra Dhanistha gives optimism, enthusiasm and an innate capacity to control and command others.

    In addition to describing past events, a rectified chart should also be used to predict some future events. The most logical event would be the time of his release from prison. Thinking caps on!

  169. The Libra Lagna h 2.05 (sideral system) explain enough well his life but with Moon in Lagna he has to be more solid how Ron said. Plus, he has to be religious and where can we see this? Maybe someone can make connection with Yogi Karve who can give birth time for someone by clairvoyant. Someone can try. Here is one link with some information about him.

  170. Do we have Christine (née Hawkins) Assange’s birthdate (1950/51 – Sagittarius?) and place (N. Lismore?)? Ms. Assange’s age is 59, in news stories recently. This is a mother-son story more than we know.

  171. I think you’re right Lynn Cee, a mother-son story has been unfolding on British TV screens today with Christine offering her opinions outside the courts before and after his bail hearing. Before the decision on whether the Swedes would appeal the judges decision to grant bail was heard, (Moon in Aries 11th SQU 4 degree stellium in Cap 7th) Christine left the court and fought her way through a crowd of journalists saying she ‘had to get to somewhere else in order to help Julian, if you want me to help Julian please let me through’

  172. Responding to the comment by Magda R., I am not sure why the hunt for the religious component here. From what I have observed so far, Assange has shown a more broadly ecumenical and philosophical approach rather than evoking any particular religion. The 9th house and sign deal with religion, but also philosophy, and ideals on a broader plane – especially internationally, depending on how well the person is educated. Intense religious orientation often goes hand in hand with intense nationalism (both Sagittarius), and Assange sees national politicians and realities as mostly interchangeable. He just wants to hold them accountable. In this case, using Libra Ascendant, Ascendant lord Venus is in the 9th house, and his Sun is there as well. The 9th lord is placed in the 10th house, creating a Raja yoga of power and status, only made more quirky or exotic by Ketu also in the 10th house. His passion for social justice was noted by his parents from childhood, and has been a hallmark of his life to date. When I spoke of his Jupiter-Venus Dasa as marking his first improved sub-dasa within the 16-year Jupiter Dasa (in 1987, when he was age 16), this was because Venus is his Ascendant lord and is so well located in the chart, as the 9th house is considered an excellent house in Vedic astrology.
    His personality and personal appearance may go through fluctuations with Moon in the Ascendant. Magda speaks of “solidity,” but this comes in different forms, and I think there is a need to distinguish between what is solidity and what is persistence. Assange’s material fortunes may have fluctuated, but it is clear from his biography that he has never wavered in his philosophical search for truth and justice through his love for technology. See his statement from prison today, for instance.
    An earlier post by Ace McEvers gives helpful information about 1999 being the year when Assange turned white-haired due to stress. This too is compelling validation for the Vedic/sidereal Libra Ascendant. His 10-year custody battle over his son Daniel concluded in 1999, as I noted yesterday. For this type of event, we look for Saturn aspects to the Ascendant, Ascendant lord, and/or the natal Sun. (Classical Vedic aspects for Saturn are Houses 1, 3, 7, and 10 from itself, in clockwise motion.). Tr. Saturn in Aries aspects Libra Ascendant, as well as his Moon in Libra, and both Venus and Sun in Gemini, hitting all the bases. Saturn transited through sidereal Aries June 18, 1998 through June 6, 2000, putting relentless stress on all these points in the chart – even if Saturn is an excellent planet for Libra Ascendant, and would bring favorable results in the end.
    Regarding Ron’s request for predictions, I have already predicted in my previous post that Assange would not be in prison for long, if a Libra Ascendant is correct for him. This is due to his well-placed Ascendant lord and Sun. I also stated that his situation should improve after tr. Mars enters Capricorn on Jan. 8, 2011. As of today, another major hearing in London is scheduled for Jan. 11, 2011, and today he was granted bail, though he is still in custody for another two days. Even the bail restrictions are severe – though far better than solitary confinement. With tr. Sun in late Scorpio today (considered a very treacherous area of the zodiac in Vedic terms), this creates a Papakartari yoga to the Libra Ascendant. This is a planetary combination creating restriction to the house involved, when there is a classical malefic planet on either side of the Libra Ascendant in this case, in House 12 (tr. Saturn in Virgo) and House 2 (tr. Sun in Scorpio). This lifts after two days, fortunately for Assange. However, with Mercury Retrograde until Dec. 30th, and two eclipses Dec. 21 and Jan. 4, the latter within two degrees opposite his natal Sun, this is bound to be a fraught period for him, and the first major letup for him is still when tr. Mars leaves Sagittarius on Jan. 8, 2011. As I said yesterday, there are potential entanglements for him throughout Saturn-Rahu, and further improvement comes May 14, 2012, with the start of his Saturn-Jupiter period.

  173. Julian Assange is born at Magnetic Island.

  174. The chart is valid regardless of time. Thank you for posting this, it has helped me a lot in my other researches.

    Now I suggest that my (astrologer) colleagues use common sense and begin a real investigation about WL itself. A real investigation begins with ultra-critical thinking – beyond thought itself. It will require seer and remote viewing abilities.

    As a Scorpio moon native myself, (and it takes one to know one), I ask and you have to ask yourself also, who is the SOURCE of the materials given to WL and or to Assange (WL and Assange are perhaps not exactly the same) –

    And / or properly formulated you want to ask yourself in a legal manner who is funding and who is behind WL, and or what is behind the WL agenda. That is if you know what the agenda is in TRUTH.

    That is the question one should ask oneself if one were using heart intelligence.

    Once you grasp all of that (and it takes time to grasp it) you can then move on to the chart itself.

    If Assange is as smart as his chart indicates to me, (regardless of the childhood issues he had while brought up around abusive cult or sect-like conditions), he can simply answer the questions I have posed, and then the whole story takes on a really interesting dimension.

    Answering these questions will also save his life.
    So far the whole thing has been predictably boring.

    It looks like his associate Daniel Domscheit-Berg might be the one who will begin to answer some of my questions first when he published his book in Germany on 27 January 2011 – in German.

    Advice to JA: Use lawyers from now on who are real experts in the legal field and jurisdiction you need.

    You need a criminal attorney who knows how to deal with Swedish laws applied to your case, not a posse of British celebrity attorneys who purport to be media and human rights experts. You need the Swedish equivalent of F Lee Bailey.

    Next you will either need a constitutional US law expert, and possibly you might want to surprise the US and the world by answering as best as you know the questions I asked.

    Once you are done with facing down Sweden, you move on to dismantle the big guys who set up WL – consistent with your Pluto-Saturn story of birth.

    That will be the real scoop. It might take time.

    Michael St.Clair
    (author of Light-Seeds)

    • This is written December 24, 2010. I have been following Julian Assange’s fortunes as closely as one can on the interet, starting the beginning of this December 2010.

      I was surprised and delighted when I read Michael St.Clair’s post.

      This sounds GOOD, Michael!!! This sounds good!

      Thank you from all of us who care about liberty, (which is SO endangered) and thus Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

      Lindsibc British Columbia, Canada

  175. Consider my first suggested horary judgment (on whether the source offered ‘true or false’ data) withdrawn because Mary P. says the source-person was not a friend, nor had they ever met. As stated in my earlier post, the technique applied was based on guidance given from someone known to the person. It is, after all, Mary’s chart and her explanation is essential to interpretation.

    Therefore the chart is more suited to judgment of a rumor that is (likely) from a distant land and has journeyed a long way to the receiver (Bonatti, 13th Century).

    Chart data for when Mary P. opened and read her email from source: Dec 6, 2010, 6 pm PST (approximately), Ashland, Oregon.

    Ascendant – 5?33’Cancer
    MC – 11?36′ Pisces
    Moon – 1?30′ Capricorn

    A first glance at the overall chart, two things stand out in regard to the veracity of the email which immediately gives mixed testimony: South Node in the Ascendant (signifying false) and Jupiter in the 10th (signifying truth).

    Digging deeper we find that the combination of testimonies from truth-bearers Jupiter, Venus and North Node are of considerable strength. Look for one of these in either the 1st, 3rd, 5th, or 9th. Without at least one (add the Sun) we cannot be sure if the rumor is true or false. There is one: Venus is in the 5th signifying truth.

    The Ascendant ruler, which is the Moon, is angular (signifies truth, as configured here) and her next applying aspect is to Venus by sextile (signifies truth again). Think of it as the Moon (the message) committing her virtue or light to a truth-bearer (Venus) in a good house (5th). Simultaneously, the Moon commits her virtue to the North Node (another truth-bearer) by bodily conjunction in an angular house (expresses in the open).

    I would argue the email message is honest and accurate based upon the several testimonies to that effect, possibly with some corruption (South Node in the Ascendant, cardinal sign). The corruption may not necessarily mean falsehood but might pertain to, for example, the source’s requirement for anonymity. The South Node’s nature is to diminish. In this case, diminish the full truth. Yet on the opposite side is the North Node conjunct the Ascendant ruler (Moon) testifying to truth multiple times, as are the other truth-bearers.

    • Ace, thank you for that, and isn’t horary astrology fascinating?! Anyway, having done the back-and-forth e-mailing with our source, I can confirm the e-mail came from a long distance (had “.au” at the end of the e-mail address, anyway), and I think that your reference to the diminishing effect of the South Node may be explained as follows: our source used inexact wording like hospital “registry” when s/he should have which used “records room” — this aroused a few data skeptics to (understandably) challenge the source’s credibility. Source also at first said “birth certificate” when, if source was being more precise would have said that “the birth record was appended to some sort of birth certificate”… so, it created confusion and some suspicion, as if the source was changing his/her story over time. When, in truth, they were asked to clarify (by me) and then offered more detail. And there are still a few unanswered questions. Keep in mind that the source was probably violating strict privacy laws, and one could easily imagine source being rushed and nervous about snooping through those records. If the source isn’t being outright deceptive, s/he is fairly new to astrology (had a reading in the last year or two that amazed him/her and now follows a few astrology blogs) and also was primarily motivated, in retrieving and revealing this data, by curiosity — what would astrologers have to say about Assange if they knew the birth time, and was Assange capable (from his chart)of doing the things he was accused of?

      • Tem, Yes, horary is definitely fascinating ! Your explanation of the South Node’s partial corruption of the source’s data makes perfect sense. A ‘rumor’ can have parts of it be falsified innocently, accidently, confusedly or deliberately. The essence of this message was the birth time, which I’ve judged true. I can understand the source’s nervousness about revealing too much superfluous info in regard to how s/he obtained the birth time info, iow, either innocently using an imprecise label or deliberately not saying outright that they were in the hospital record room rifling through files, for fear of opening his/her-self up to being identified locally by co-workers (goes to maintaining anonymity). In addition, the appearance of changing one’s story (that you described) can be seen by this Ascendant in a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are called ‘movable’ signs because they change direction or reverse themselves – as opposed to fixed signs on the angles, which are judged true because they stay the same.

  176. Hi! While I was here waiting to hear if the British high court will confirm Julian’s bail, I began thinking about his greatest expressed fear: “they’ll throw me into a dark hole forever.” He’s in solitary confinement in a basement cell of Wandworth prison, the cell where Oscar Wilde passed the last miserable days of his life – and with whose plight Julian openly identifies. If we assume that the 2.05 birth time is true (which I do, at this point), the synastry between them is quite eerie: Wilde’s venus conjuncts Julian’s Uranus poised on the cusp of his 12th H, his Mercury conjuncts Julian’s moon and ascendant, his Mars conjuncts Julian’s Jupiter and Neptune in 1st H, his moon exactly conjuncts his South node and opposes his Mars, while Wilde’s South node conjuncts Julian’s Jupiter and Wilde’s Mars opposes Julian’s Saturn. For me, the clinch that Julian’s 2.05 birth time is correct is this: Wilde’s Mercury/Uranus opposition straddles Julian’s ASC/DSC axis. Of course, this is just a quick look at this synastry and there are many other connections – it would also be interesting to study Wilde’s transits, progressions etc. at the time of the confinement and compare them to Julian’s, as well as take a look at their composite. Don’t you think?

    • Moon in the 12th House will do it. Living in a confined place — much of the time it signifies jail, or a monastery, depending on the influence of the rest of the chart.

      • his bunker in sweden

      • I have the moon in the 12th. Prison or monastery is about right but it doesn’t have to actually have Walls, it’s a permanent state.

    • Oscar Wilde wrote his own work. It’s a bit different.

  177. I’ve just taken a quick look at their composite – it’s quite incredible! Mercury conjunct Moon in 12th, Mars conjunct Neptune in 4th, opposing Pluto in 10th and a T-square between Sun, Chiron and Saturn reflecting Julian’s natal T-square with a twist – Saturn takes the place of Uranus. Saturn is on the cusp of the ninth and the MC is on Julian’s natal Sun…

  178. 12.16.2010, 18:06 PM London Time, 11:06 AM MST:
    Julian Assange started his speech outside the court house as he was released on bail.

  179. Sanaa wrote:

    ” He’s in solitary confinement in a basement cell of Wandworth prison, the cell where Oscar Wilde passed the last miserable days of his life – and with whose plight Julian openly identifies.”

    This is nonsense.
    Wilde died in Paris and is buried there. He was baptised into the Roman Catholic Church on his deathbed.
    The supposed similarities between the supposed chart for Assange and Wilde are amusing but totally inconclusive.

  180. I am so thrilled to find out his exact birth time!

    I was guessing and came up with 2:30 pm AEST. I feel very vindicated in my Astrological knowledge that I got so close to the facts.

    I knew he had to have major Scorpio influences and placing his Sun in the 8th House made his Ascendant echo the Scorpio effect.

    He REALLY has to watch his concept of romance and attraction to women. He’s got Venus in Gemini (2 women — sudden attraction and sudden splits) in the house of enemies (8th) squaring Pluto in the 11th. Sudden sexual troubles. I hope he learns his lesson and consciously monitors his choice of women in the future, but these planets and houses don’t make for rational decisions. Case in point: Bill Clinton. He’s got a similar effect in his chart.

  181. I am really impressed with the expertise here. One little detail regards his background which strikes me as quite mythic in context of his difficult relationships with women, I read his mother runs a puppet theatre. With mercury conjunct sun albeit a wide conjunct, in Cancer, what blurred lines might there be between mother and son? Pluto is creeping up on his natal sun. When the great muckraker squares with Uranus in Aries he might see some transformations he doesn’t expect or like which will expose his inner cancerian shell. Where Scorpio is implicated on the asc expect the sting to fold back on itself. Even Assange can’t be immune to karma?

  182. friends, there is no ‘exact birth time’ WHATSOEVER. The data is ‘dirty’ at best. The source is anonymous and dubious, and everybody’s rectifications are inconclusive. We cannot, much as we may like, go about proclaiming that the birth time is ‘known’ – it simply is not. There have been several good cases put forward for three or four rising signs, but those of us who may have gone through this kind of thing before, know how easy it is to make everything ‘fit’, to rationalise what we might like it to be. I await eagerly to find out from the mother herself, to prove it one way or another.

    • Totally agree Phillip – we do all have our biases astrologically and I salute your comment – NOBODY knows his birth time and even if people end to prefer say a Scorpio asc, or Uranus rising, it is completly not proven. I still (absolutely from n=my own litle bias) feel he hasMercury angular – he is deadpan but mischievous, and I feel absolutely familiar with all the tricks and now-you-see-me-now you-don’t of Mercury – – mental gymnastics are natural to him, and also a certain perversity/ambiguity in the way he handles the press, etc. It would be wonderful to get an accurate birth time but many posts commit themselves indeed totally to their standpoint which (after 40 years of doing astrology with a passion and which I too have been guilty of) has to be considered indeed dirty data – it has amazed me how many people have compared their chart to Assange! what has THAT to do with it when we ar objective, professional and should be wary of “certainties”.

  183. Juilian Assange is a Cancer Sun, but one with a Uranus square to said. Uranus squares are trouble to authorities because they insist on doing what they want and following their own path. They cannot easily be scared into backing down. I know a fair number of people from politics with this aspect.

    Julian Assange has a Neptune/Jupiter conjunction, which opposes Saturn meaning that his personal ideology has scant regard for rules and laws and naturally clashes with authorities. The addition of the Mars square adds additional intensity to that conjunction, already supercharged by it’s opposition to Saturn.

    Basically then Julian Assange is a fanatic of an anti-Saturn, but Saggitarius/Scorpio nature. This is what motivates him. Truth (Saggitarius) and freedom (Scorpio). All this without limits and against authority (Saturn).

    What is directly relevant to the moment is the Inconjunction between his Mars and his Mercury. An Inconjunction to Mars means sporadic conflict, to Mercury means conflict with his communications (Wikilinks). His Mecury is conjunct to the questioning Orcus as well.

    In addition to this, the conjunction between Ceres and Venus means that Julian Assange wields leadership/power through personal relationships, with both being in interlinking Gemini this means 2+ party relationships, in other words other people’s relationships.

    This fits very well, by controlling as a third party what information is revealed about relationships between powerful people, he certainly wields plenty of power/leadership. Pluto squaring means that this power comes from his ability to CHANGE those relationships.

    Think of all those diplomatic leaks, Julian Assange is powerful because he can influence who is friends and enemies with who. Hence Ceres.

    The opposition between his Sedna and Moon suggests that Julian Assange basically doesn’t emotionally feel the necessity of ‘breaking eggs to make omelettes’; of concealing information from the public in a democracy thus undermining it order to preserve that democracy’s security.

  184. What was Julian Assange’s birth surname?
    Assange was his mother’s second husband and
    not Julian’s birth father.

    • Julian’s biological father remains a mystery.

  185. I’ve been playing with his chart for a few months now, trying different dates and times. I use Human Design rather than astrology. When I got the 3rd July date I put it into the mix and did some work with it, came up with a birth time of 2.49pm. Interested to hear how that pans out in the astrological chart if anyone would like to experiment with that.

  186. Just wanted to share that Julian Assange’s chart and life are very sensitive to this eclipse period (with or without a birth time).

    Both of his arrests occurred before a Lunar Eclipse at 29 Gemini – conjunct Assange’s N Venus and squaring his N Pluto – followed by a Solar Eclipse at 13 Capricorn – opposing his N Sun and squaring his N Uranus.

    For those interested in further study:

    July 11, 1991 – Solar Eclipse at 19 Cancer
    July 26, 1991 – Lunar Eclipse at 3 Aquarius

    October 29, 1991 – Arrest for computer crime (source:

    December 21, 1991 – Lunar Eclipse at 29 Gemini
    January 4, 1992 – Solar Eclipse at 14 Capricorn

    In 2010:

    June 26 – Lunar Eclipse at 5 Capricorn
    July 11 – Solar Eclipse at 19 Cancer

    December 7 – Arrest for alleged sex crimes

    December 21 – Lunar Eclipse at 29 Gemini
    January 4, 2011 – Solar Eclipse at 14 Capricorn

    • Yes, I have my eye on the eclipse tonight. It impacts Assange’s chart directly, but so does a slew of other transiting planets: Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron. Phew! They’re all in the last degrees of their signs, completing his problematic Pluto/Venus square into a grand square, and squaring his Juptier/Neptune opposition to Saturn.

      I’m guessing that the eclipsed Moon conjunct his Venus (in Gemini; those two women in Sweden) means they will drop their charges. But he might not be out of the woods. Could be the U.S. indicts him formally. Or he goes after even bigger fish than the U.S. gov’t.

      Any thought?

  187. Stellium in Cap. 7th is so telling, Catriona. Christine is both mother and father to Julian Assange and, whether consciously or not, he is replaying his mother’s script: the rebellion and defiance of authority, the escaping via motorcycle (her leaving home as a teen, his trips through Vietnam, see his blog). Both mother and son were teenage parents, both have two children being raised without the other parent; the custody fights, the running, the hiding, the creative self employment: it’s of an eerily repetitive theme.
    Curiously, when Christine spoke with Julian at the prison for the first time (presumably via in-house phone), she was asked by the press what it was like, and she said: “He’s back, I could feel it.” … Deep issues here. Incarceration may set Julian Assange free from the bondage/torment in his mind.

  188. We need to get Christine (née Hawkins) Assange’s birthday (d/m/y).
    Christine’s age is apparently 59. She is Australian and was possibly born in Lismore, where her father was an educator.
    In a bizarre upbringing, Christine was Julian’s constant, for better or worse.

  189. pdw,

    If this is so, it is very intriguing – the 2 arrests before a lunar eclipse at 29 Gemini. Julian’s 28 Gemini 30 Ceres (conjunct his Venus)must hold a clue to this coincidence. Perhaps a reversal of the myth of Ceres, Persephone, Pluto but this time Persephone (Julian) draws his mother (Ceres) to the underworld to find him? Gemini has a reputation for two-timing and Julian’s Pluto IS square Ceres at 27 Virgo 09!

  190. Mary and friends, it would be great if this anonymous source could be in more communication so we can ask some more questions or perhaps you can forward on? Do they have access to seeing the birth cert again, and if so, can we get a scanned copy?

    I had a friend dowse for the time. I find her very reliable and she has been assisting me for several years with unknown times. Her result yesterday gives 3.16 pm. I wonder if that smudged data could render the 2 as a 3 in the recorded time?

    3.16 pm is a fascinating time, giving Sag/Neptune rising with Cancer Sun in the 8th house and Moon in Scorpio in the 12th. It is powerful and it does speak! Yet so do a few other charts.

    • I originally sensed that his Sun is in the 8th House. I still do. I guessed his birth time at 2:30 pm. But I’m willing to work with this new data.

      Assange’s first and most REVELANT identity was as a computer hacker. This is who he created himself to be at a very young age, and who he still thinks himself to be, despite his more recent incarnation as “publisher.” The 8th house suits this primary identity to a tee. So does Moon in Scorpio in the 12th House (hackers hide and dig stuff up in solitude.) The more recent “publisher” role can be explained by the influence of Gemini in the 9th House.

  191. The 7 degree Scorpio Moon strikes a cord with me, because it conjuncts Hilary Clinton’s Sun. She did not like the material that came to light.

  192. Hello Lorenzo,
    As you rightly noticed, I made a mistake in writing that Wilde died in Wandsworth and for that I apologise. But that wasn’t really my point – I was making a creative parallel between two men whose life stories brought them to the same cell in Wandsworth and where they very probably felt similar emotions of fear, anger and impotence. I wasn’t stating a truth but playing with an idea. I beleive that creativity is always a boon in any kind of endeavour and that includes astrology.

    • Yes, fanciful, creative, imaginative speculations and fantasies are often the meat and potatoes of astrological phantoms. Amusing but hardly the stuff of sensible discourse.
      Such errors are often a sign that there is error in pot- fulls throughout whatever else is proffered as “insights”.

    • Yes, fanciful, creative, imaginative speculations and fantasies are often the meat and potatoes of astrological phantoms. Amusing but hardly the stuff of sensible discourse.
      Such errors are often a sign that there is error in pot- fulls throughout whatever else is proffered as “insights”.

  193. I hope Julian’s mother, Christine, is back soon.It won’t do any harm to know his exact time of birth, or “as close as can be recalled.” It would make a good stocking stuffer, or festive addition to our holiday Astrology wheel. I will set out some cookies for the elf who may just bring us that information. Meanwhile, T Mars in Capricorn is opposing Julian’s Natal Solar, and squaring his natal Uranus in Libra “nowabouts.” Christine’s chart would be very interesting as well, I agree.

  194. I don’t know if anyone has done this yet, but I wanted to see a chart for Mary’s 12/7 article about the disclosure. There’s no time stamp but the first comment is Gary’s at 12:32 pm, so I ran the chart for noon. I have no experience with horary so perhaps others may want to chime in. Between 11:41 am and 12:55 pm on 12/7 Pisces was rising, which is not surprising given the nature of the controversy over the birthtime. The Sun is on the midheaven, reflecting the wide publicity her post has received, and the Moon is in an applying square to Saturn so it’s not surprising that this birthtime has been met with such skepticism.

    • Hi Lynn, I got an e-mail from Mary at 11:42 PST a.m. that morning saying the post was up. So it definitely was before that time. You can find the horary analysis for the initial moment the e-mail was sent to us by our source, about 25 comments up this thread.

  195. Is Mr. Assange’s mother still with us? Did anyone think of asking her when her son Julian was born? I have a reasonable memory of when my children were born, perhaps not to the exact minute, but certainly to within 5-7 minutes. My oldest child is now 41 and 1/2. I remember that experience very well.

  196. The basis of legal protection, Mr. Julian Paul Assange of WikiLeaks could be justification for its compliance with existing international law and fundamental human rights (including this and the right to know who controls the people and what they as an intellectual, moral or and professional level, in so far as regards their ability to regulate public social processes).

    In addition, there is legal justification of his right not to disclose sources of information, if released information corresponds to reality and affects the basic rights of many people.

    Regarding of formal charges, Julian Paul Assange (Julian Paul Assange) from WikiLeaks: judging by the charges against him (published in the online information), it probably is not the accused should be, it is likely the victim, because of the very essence of the charges it is clear that it is the actual discrimination and baseless carping from the opposite side, having little to do with human rights and simple logic.

    If it is true what is written on the Internet, Julian Paul Assange got into this situation by formally put forward claims of activists of the feminist movement, which I think is unreasonable requirements, violating his rights as a person. Formally put forward the claim to be in violation, in my opinion, international law and established international human rights law, even in Sweden and have such laws, so distorting the relationship between men and women. Human rights can not be waived or prohibited by national law any country – is repealing the Human Rights Act would be unlawful. The discussion should not abuse the rights and on equality – it means respect for the equal rights of men and their parity, negotiation of reciprocal rights with mutual responsibilities. Me it seems to that in this case is present abuse of right, overstatement of rights for one side due to the illegal diminishing of rights for other side. Therefore, even if in terms of morality, not really nice to meet two girls, from the point of view of the law – he is innocent, if they met voluntarily and without violence.

    I do not understand the position of the Australian Government. Julian Paul Assange, if I understood correctly, is the citizen of Australia, a prosecution was pulled out him in one country, detained in other country. The government of Australia is not interested in the fate of an Australian citizen and it does not want to fulfill their responsibilities to protect its citizens?

  197. ?????’???? ????? ??????.
    ???????????? ????? ????????.
    Droits inalienables de l’homme.
    Rechte des Menschen.
    Inalienable human rights.

    For lawyers, attorneys Julian Paul Assange from WikiLeaks.

    I think that Americans must remember, what people wrote their Constitution, what country they dreamed about, must remember about Bill of Rights.

    Necessary to protect not only the rights of women, but as it turns out, and the rights of men.

  198. I agree with those who think this birth date is questionable for reasons already discussed.

    I’d like to prose this:

    A Libra rising with Uranus conjunct his ASC and a 10th house Sun and Mercury with MC in Cancer. That really works for me. I’m not sensing a Scorpio rising – which as an uppity Aqua Mars myself, usually have a very intense instant hatred and distrust of Scorpio rising people. Just not getting that from him.

    I have a 10th house Sun and Mercury too (mine are in Gemini). A lot of parallel between his personality and mine. Astrology folks sometimes are surprised I’m a Gem because I comes across very Capricorn-like (And I actually have very little earth and cardinal, and no Cap placements in my chart). When I get an idea in my head to do something, I go for it like a freight train and I rarely doubt myself or my vision. I’ve been accused of being dictator-like and ego-centric in supervisor positions. I suck at social give-and-take, and have burnt a few bridges as result. I can get very possessive and controlling of things I see as my idea or my project and it can be very hard for me to trust people to delegate the work. I also am the kind of person who steps up and takes the heat for people who are working under me, and I care passionately about the work I do being just, ethical and having integrity.

    A Libra rising with Uranus conjunct is very fitting to me–many people who know him have described him as charming, friendly yet erratic and aloof, in a pretty Uranian way–constantly seeking mental stimulation (and he actually has little air in his chart), withdraws into his thoughts, focused on self-learning, seems to prefer technology to people. I’m am not seeing Scorpio rising at all in that. I think people are mistaking his Cancerian need for security and protection for Scorpionic paranoia and secrecy. Assange’s work, including projects before Wikileaks, have a common theme–protect and keep secure. Minimize harm. Far more Cancerian than Scorpionic, and that he’s putting those Cancerian elements into his work screams 10th house Cancer SUN/MC to me.

  199. This is from Dennis Harness, when I asked him about dasas based on the 2:05 pm birthtime:
    “Mr. Assange is in his Saturn/Rahu Dasha Bhukti cycle from 6/20/09 until 4/26/12….With natal Saturn in his 8th house (whole sign houses) and Rahu conjunct Mars in his fourth house; this combination does not bode well for his freedom during this challenging Dasha/Bhukti…”

  200. Let me get this straight – an anonymous source divulged this information, and there are questions about how it was obtained? Yep – it was WikiLeaked, all right!

  201. Even without the exact time of birth, I am having fun watching Julian’s transits. His life is hopping right now all over the airwaves, so I can safely say “never a dull moment.” For an experiment, I am using zero Capricorn as his ascendant until the actual time of birth is confirmed. “We Open Governments.” I feel like I am holding a lottery ticket waiting for the actual time of birth, or the closest thing to it. 🙂

  202. I know that his birth time isn’t certain, but the proposed chart looks a lot like a guy doing what he does.

    I think he is fiercely independent (Sun square Uranus)

    Very idealistic (Jupiter conjunct Neptune) and willing to fight the authorities for what he believes (Jupiter/Neptune opposite Saturn and square Mars). A warrior of both information and technology (Mars in Aquarius) who is will aggressively communicate his values (Venus in Gemini trine Mars) to the collective (Aquarius). And is also willing to die for what he believes (Mars square Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Sag along with Scorpio Moon in the 12th and Scorpio rising)

    He was also born at the time of the very tight applying Uranus/Neptune septile (within 15 minutes). This aspect only occurs every 180 years and was the forerunner to the Uranus/Neptune conjunction that we had in the late 80’s early 90’s. That conjunction defines the internet age and the septile shows that he would embody that energy and do something ahead of his time that is subversive and be about violence (septile) and it would be both revolutionary (Uranus) and enlightening (Neptune).

    He is an individual that is certainly embodying the anarchistic side of the current Uranus/Pluto square.

    I would also point out that at the time of the Iraqi bombing video leak he had transiting Mars sitting on his MC and Mercury squaring Mars and his MC along with transiting Jupiter trining his ASC. When the Wikileaks site was registered he had transiting Jupiter at his proposed ASC. This may not be definitive, but other transits do work well with this chart.

  203. friends,

    There is a Wikileaks astrological summary i did here:

    i have also published as a follow up to that, a review of Assange’s hypothetical Aquarius rising chart at my website:

    I have incorporated a few of your observations about other rising sign possibilities into the essay.

  204. I had this birth time question for some time on my mind, no answers, yet. This discussion clearly tells it is not an easy find.In Vedic Astrology rectification is done by looking at several important life events, if we captured them in real time, then a solution might occur. I heard others had solved a similar problem using this approach. Any comments from experts?
    Vaidy Bala

  205. Perhaps Christine Assange will tell us in 2011. It can’t do any harm to share the information with a group of friendly astrologers. I only wish Julian the absolute best in life. I am not looking for skeletons in his closet unless he’s the one bringing them out into the light for a dance. Not all skeletons have bad intentions.

  206. Happy New Year to everyone!

    My article on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is now available at my website:
    Click on Articles on my Home Page (upper left) and scroll down. It will also be published at Saptarishis Astrology magazine On-line. (Please note: There is one correction on the btm. of the last page. It should read May 2012, not May 2014, when Assange’s Sub-period improves. This correction will be made when my webmaster is available again after the holidays.)

    Edith Hathaway

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