Dec 2009 /Jan 2010 Issue

Dec 2009/Jan 2010

Highlights of this issue:

  • The Heavens Declare: A Conversation with Alice O. Howell

  • Water, Water Everywhere…The Astrology of Nature’s Profound Gift
  • Enthusiastically Embracing (the Possible Arrival of) the New Age of Aquarius
  • The Offstage Leo
  • Astrological Indications of Influenza
  • Challenges of Aging: Transits from 58 to 84

Sample Features from this Issue:

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Chiron Calls

Mary Plumb writes personally about Chiron turning direct and slowly moving forward again – with Neptune, Jupiter and the Full Moon close by.

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Mars in Leo & the Cardinal Crisis

Gary Caton notices a few key historical events from Mars’s previous long transits in Leo (1962-63 and 1915-16). He then looks at the current ingress chart (Oct. 16) cast for Washington, D.C.,  and the Sibly chart to see what we might expect in these months approaching the Uranus-Pluto square.

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Health Insurance Reform

Robert Blaschke writes on Pluto squaring Saturn as it crosses the U.S. Sibly chart Midheaven. He includes a look back to the last triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in 1945 when a key legislation allowing state law to regulate insurance companies was passed. Congress is now deciding whether to repeal this law.

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A Big Week

Mary Plumb looks at President Obama’s big week from Copenhagen to Oslo, including an important shift in his progressed chart.

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Michael Moore’s Love Story to Capitalism

Mary Plumb discusses Michael Moore’s newest film, Capitalism, A Love Story, which goes to the heart of the economic crisis. Moore’s natal and progressed charts shows his strong connection to the fast approaching Saturn square Pluto.

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The Libra Ingress Chart

Gary Caton demonstrates techniques from traditional mundane astrology and gives a forecast for the season using tomorrow’s Libra Ingress chart set for Washington, D.C.

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