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A few blogs to attune us to the week upon us

As a gesture to the mutable cross now in the sky — with its suggestion to keep moving and touch in, or touch down, only temporarily or lightly before the next thing needs attention — here are some links that capture the moods of these days.(The current mutable planets are: Sun, Venus, Mercury in Gemini, Saturn in Sag, Jupiter/North Node in Virgo, and Neptune/South Node in Pisces.)

Laura Boomer-Trent, Agent Dakini at C*I*A, writes on the soon-upon-us Full Moon (June 20): 2nd Full Moon Sagittarius 29°32′ — A Golden Solstice Light: “To make the most of this incredibly influential Solstice Full Moon, turn up the inner light-switch and illuminate a very personal kind of heart-centered Love-Wisdom, which can then hold sway upon all kinds of issues that appertain to flux and flow, be that cash flow, emotional flow, or happily in the universal flow. When the constantly shifting ideas and actions of Gemini move into cautious Cancer, this Solstice Sun’s quest is to be fully informed before entertaining the idea of taking risks in the name of truth and freedom, security or power.”

Jude Cowell at Stars Over Washington sets the solstice chart for Washington, D.C. (June 20, 2016; 6:34 p.m. EDT) and brings lots of details into her analysis, e.g., midpoints, fixed stars, the U.S. Venus return, and unaspected Uranus. Here’s a sample from her solstice essay, Summer Solstice 2016: Endings, Partings, and Denials of Guilt: “From the Grand Cross there are, of course, midpoint pictures with potentials for impractical plans, distrust, philosophical discussions, short journeys, and/or fortunate separations. In fact, separation is a theme of this Summer Season 2016, especially with the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse of this solstice at the IC, the Foundation of the Matter. The eclipse at 18°55′ Pisces manifested on March 9, 2016 in the 18 South Saros Series, and its separative influence will be felt through the summer as it affects Campaign 2016 and the candidates as well as individuals with 19° Pisces prominent in their natal charts.”

Dorothy Morgan, New Hampshire Astrologer, is personal and very approachable in her writing. In a short essay on the Full Moon she writes: “Full Moons are all about letting go but Sagittarius is one sign that says ‘Yes, I can do it, bring it on.’ Unfortunately, we often end up exhausted by having too many things to do. Sagittarius is known for over-committing, over-doing just about everything. For example, I have never seen a Sagittarius go into a store and not come out with more than they needed. More is always better in their eyes.”

On Divine Harmony’s weekly astrology forecast 6/13 – 6/19, here’s a bit of what she wrote for Monday. “Monday, June 13th at 8:39 a.m. Venus in Gemini quincunxes retrograde Mars in Scorpio, creating tension and friction between the Divine Lovers. Last month Venus opposed retrograde Mars (exact on 5/24) and now they quincunx each other, making for two intense interactions between the relationship-governing planets.”

Kathy Watts at Head’s Up! The Writer’s Astrological Almanac offers a monthly forecast with entries for each day (times are PDT). For the Full Moon on June 20 she writes: “Monday June 20 at 4:02 a.m. we have the Full Moon at 29° Sag. The last degree of any sign is especially strong. Look for a major breakthrough or blast of enlightenment that makes your artistic world bigger. The Moon now goes void-of-course. At 4:55 a.m. the Moon enters Capricorn and is in that sign when, at 7:55 a.m. Mercury opposes Saturn. At 10:11 a.m. Mercury squares Neptune. In the morning you may sometimes feel that the creative magic is close but it keeps slipping away. Stick with it. At 3:34 p.m. the Sun changes signs, bids farewell to Gemini, and moves into the sign of Cancer. Heads Up. The Sun is now a guest in the Moon’s house. It’s also the first day of summer (in the northern hemisphere, anyway). Look at an ingress chart to get a peak at what the next three months may hold.”

If you haven’t seen enough of Mars retrograde, here’s Peter Stockinger’s Traditional Astrology Weblog. He reminds us that the April retrograde station occurred with Mars on the fixed star Antares (where Saturn and Mars will both be on August 23). “Antares, or Alpha Scorpius, is also known as the Heart of the Scorpion. This is due to the fact that the fixed star is located in the middle of the constellation Scorpio. Diana Rosenberg, one of the most knowledgeable fixed star astrologers, knew that Antares had strong connections with the great issues of humankind, especially intolerance, racism, and human rights.”

Have a good week everyone and trust in the one heart that holds us all.


  1. Thanks a bunch for quoting and linking, Mary! You’ve curated a good assortment of articles to check out as summer approaches.

  2. ‘Endings, partings and the denial of guilt.’ It’s interesting that this Summer Solstice occurs just three days before the UK holds its referendum on whether to leave the European Union.

  3. Over the last few months I’ve research the beginnings of the current Democratic Party. The traditional 1792 chart represented a movement that went out of business long before the 1824 election. The new Democratic Party was cobbled together from loose factions and state parties by Martin Van Buren, and its success in getting Andrew Jackson elected in 1828 was its true beginning. Having studied this against the actions of the party of the last few months, I’m convinced it is accurate. The timing is Dec. 2, 1828, at 11:59 pm, the close of polls in the Presidential election which was held from Oct. 31st through Dec. 2nd of that year. You’ll notice the Ascendant at 15 Virgo. As the Democrats were sitting in on the House floor, garnering massive attention, both North Node and Jupiter were conjunct that Ascendant. That is just one instance of how it seems to work very well. I would like to put it out there for other’s consideration and testing.
    In 1824 the Presidential election resulted in 3 candidates who got less than 50% of the vote, so the House of Repreentatives had to decide. Andrew Jackson had won a majority of the seats, but Congress put John Quincy Adams into power as President, which caused a national furor. Over the next 4 years, Martin Van Buren became the party organizer and Andrew Jackson’s campaign manager. If you look at his life, he not only founded the Democratic Party, but was the first to institute caucuses, nominating conventions, and the other rituals and rules of the national parties.

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