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Blogs for a New Moon week

Good Monday everyone. If anyone else is starting this week feeling a bit quiet (and slow?), a notable change in mood will surely come with the weekend’s New Moon at 22° Aquarius (Feb. 9 11:20 pm PT; Feb. 10 2:20 am ET). We are between eclipses, the past November’s total solar eclipse at 22° Scorpio and the May 9 annular solar eclipse at 20° Taurus. This week’s New Moon is square the nodal axis; seems like the Taurus/Scorpio houses await – and are ready for – a blast of clear Aquarian air.

I had fun finding an eclectic mix of blogs – some inspired by the beautiful clear nights we’ve had lately in Oregon (followed by very foggy mornings).

Sky Maps archived in the Public Libraries at the International Academy of Astrology (IAA). There are a dozen or so constellation maps for each month and they co-ordinate with Julene Packer-Louis’s Sky Watch column in every issue of TMA.

Earth Sky is a great astronomy site with highlights of what you can see in the sky for every day. Here’s the link for tonight, that is, the predawn sky on Tuesday, February 5, when the Moon and Antares pair up together.

TMA Editor Dena DeCastro has a series of podcast interviews archived at her site, including two with our distinguished — and ever modest — publisher, Tem Tarriktar.

Here’s an article on The Vertex: a Turning Point of Fate by Lorna Tedder at The Spiritual Eclectic. She describes how to find the Vertex and how to use it, including in synastry, with transits, and in progressed and solar return charts. She concludes: “Once you understand how the Vertex works in your life, you’ll never look at your astrology chart again without considering the Vertex or, as I imagine Duran Duran might have said if they’d been singing about the Vertex instead of the Reflex, the Vertex is in charge of finding your treasure in the dark.”

Now that Jupiter is moving ahead again, let’s not forget to notice when good luck comes our way. Molly Hall at Astrology has a summary of Jupiter in Gemini Transiting in the Houses.

Dharmaruci at Astrotabletalk has a new essay called What Sort of Astrologer am I? He concludes: “So there you have it: I’m a polytheistic evolutionary astrologer.”

Robert Hand has a paper at StarIQ called Freedom and Consciousness. He refers to some ideas of the late Anthony Damiani (author of Astronoesis) and suggests “that the movements of the physical planets are results of movements in higher worlds in which there is freedom, and that we participate in those worlds also, and therefore we have freedom.” The article also includes a look at dignities: “Detriment and fall do not really weaken a planet. It is more our problem. We are more creative with these planets when we are being conscious beings and less creative when we are less conscious.”

(The website has an archive of 23 of Hand’s articles.)

You can download Bill Herbst’s pdf of Astrological Patterns in 2013-2014 from his site. Bill is very specific, including mention of the rare isosceles trapezoid forming in the sky with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto in March 2013.

Enjoy these excellent videos produced to accompany 2013: A Round-up of Planetary Movements This Year at Astrology for the 21st Century.

Uranus square Pluto 2013

Venus in 2013

Mercury in 2013

Okay everyone, that should keep us busy for a while.

Onwards to a good week ahead of us. (What could possibly go wrong with Mars conjoining Neptune in Pisces?)


  1. When the New Moon three months after the eclipse squares the eclipse point, some manifestations of the eclipse can be seen. However, the quarter Moon is no slouch either. We had a quarter Moon on Feb. 3 at 14 Scorpio, but when it officially got up to 21 Scorpio later in the day, and was in conjunction with the North Node at 21 Scorpio–the degree of the November eclipse–well, the lights went out…literally…at the Superbowl (7:37 PM, New Orleans).

    • Thanks MIchele,

      A good point….

  2. Thanks for sharing this blogs.
    Looking forward for this New Moon beetween eclipses 🙂

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