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Blogs for a new week..

I think this is a good mix: some world events and politics (U.S. and international); a show of respect – and humor – for Saturn; a call “to remember who we really are”; some movies and television shows; a reminder of Neptune’s presence; a personal and inviting view of the days this week, and a graphic model of the great beauty and symmetry that is carrying the whole show along. Enjoy yourselves, and thank you to all these writers. What a time we are in – we are fortunate to have all the wonderful company.

In his current blog, Will Iraq Fall to the Islamic State?, Barry Goddard at Astrotabletalk looks at the chart for June 28, 2004 when the U.S. handed power over to the new Iraq government. This chart is strongly connected to the U.S. horoscope and the June 28, 2014 chart for the Caliphate. After a detailed analysis, including eclipses, Goddard concludes: “I’d say from the astrology that Iraq will fall to IS in 1 to 2 years’ time.”

Peter James Clark at Classical Astrologer Weblog has an article entitled The Planets Within – Toward a Shamanic Astrology.
“A world that contains an island of plastic the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean and allows natural crops to be replaced by cloned ones is in great need of a radical wake-up call. It is of the utmost importance that we remember who we really are. Astrology can be a powerful tool in this regard, both personally and in the larger context of humanity.”

Paul Saunders considers German Reunification — The 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. (His website is Solaris Astrology.) He has a colorful chart for the event, which was on November 9, 1989. “The chart for this historic moment was quite remarkable with a four-planet stellium of Saturn, Neptune, Venus, and Uranus on the Capricorn descendant. Saturn was almost exactly conjunct Neptune in Capricorn, therefore structures and administrations (Saturn) were being dissolved and destroyed by the pressure of the collective. Uranus conjunct Venus showed a peaceful (Venus) revolution (Uranus). These last two planets were square to the Moon in late Pisces, therefore the people (Moon) were not going to be held back at this moment. Pisces is a sign that is fluid and free flowing. Like an incoming tide, it washes away any impediment in its way, and in the same manner the Berlin Wall was breached.”

Take three minutes and enjoy this video for a bigger perspective from wherever you are: The helical model — our solar system is a vortex

I just found Marcha Fox’s website Valkyrie Astrology and it has many interesting articles on techniques, the history of astrology, asteroids, mundane, and more. Surviving Saturn discusses the transit of Saturn in Scorpio and, if it’s in hard aspect to your natal Saturn, has some good advice. She’s funny and helpful. (In referring readers to Liz Greene’s book on Saturn, she writes: “This book was published in 1976 so is undoubtedly older than some of you but Saturn hasn’t changed much, believe me.”)

In conclusion (about Saturn returns) she writes: “This can be a difficult time as all transitions tend to be. However, it is a means to an end. Think of it as climbing a mountain and in the most difficult part, where the going is steepest, you’re tired and wondering why on Earth you ever took on such a feat. You do a lot of soul searching, questioning your judgment and wondering why you feel so bummed out. This is where knowing the astrological source of this trying time can help. It’s the prevailing energy for you and not a personal vendetta between you and the Universe. It’s a time to learn, mature, find new reserves of discipline, and ultimately to progress . . . Recognize what is going on and do your best to be objective about it. It’s like getting through that class that fried your brain in high school or college, i.e. algebra or differential equations. You’ll get through it as long as you keep placing one foot in front of the other and pushing forward with as much optimism as possible. Nurture your sense of humor, you’re going to need it. And when you get to the summit, the view will be glorious.”

Astrolass: astrology meets fashion, film and television, by Coeli Carr, has short articles in which she describes the outlines of the plot and characters on the screen (and what fashions they are wearing) and suggests the planets that are carrying those motifs. Current movies include Nightcrawler, Gone Girl, St. Vincent, and Citizenfour.
“Nightcrawler’s deceptively simple tale, set in the Plutonic blood-splattered underworld of Los Angeles, is, below the surface, an archetypally rich work. Lou is never not a good talker, even when spitting out clichés. He’s the consummate Mercurial Trickster, who’s not above blurring (Neptune) and crossing Saturnine boundaries and ethics, and committing Martial violence to effect his career ambitions and self-mastery. To get there, Lou Bloom doesn’t soar. He crawls. It’s ugly. And it’s eminently watchable.
Archetype: Trickster, Thief, Accountant, Entrepreneur, CEO, Manipulator, Amorality, Rules, Boundaries
Astrology Archetype: (Mercury ☿ Mars ♂ Saturn ♄ Uranus ♅ Neptune ♆ Pluto ♇)
Readers may remember Coeli’s blogs for TMA last summer:
Vince Gilligan: Astrologically “Breaking Bad”
Lorraine Warren: Hunting Demons in “The Conjuring”

Nancy Sommers of Starlight News Blog is unflappably consistent in keeping readers informed on U.S. politics. In her new article, The Aftermath, Sommers utilizes her usual range of techniques (. i.e., tertiary progressions, transiting sesquiquadrate and semisquare aspects, etc.) and looks in great detail at Obama’s natal chart and the 2013 Inaugural horoscopes.

Neptune’s station direct on November 16 inspired Jessica Murray’s latest blog, Out of Africa at MotherSky. She writes with her careful eye about Neptune’s “subtle but all-encompassing power.”
“Our liberation starts by taking a careful look at the way we’re feeling in our various media behaviors. Do we feel invigorated by what we’re hearing? or do we feel dis-empowered? The moment we dare to consider this, something shifts.
The Law of Correspondences dictates that we draw to ourselves energies in the outside world that match our own level of awareness. So once we make a choice to refuse to engage with dark Neptune, we will start attracting events, ideas, and people of heart and intelligence. We will call to ourselves Neptune in Pisces at its highest.”

For a gentle take on the times, read divine harmony’s weekly astrology forecast : week of 11/10 – 11/16. She writes a daily synopsis and is positive and affirming, qualities that are always good to include in our travels.

Have a good week, everyone. Mars conjunct Pluto (Nov. 10) and square Uranus (Nov. 12) should keep showing us exactly where we need to go.


  1. I like this new format Mary, where you not only list the links but also give some editorial comment.

    Although I’d like to spend more time reading interesting blog posts, I do not seem to be able to.

    You giving some “bon motes” triggers my own brain waves..and keep me uplifted in my day..Thank you

    • Thank you, Kate..

      If I can in any way uplift your already impressive brain waves, I am delighted..


  2. Being way too lazy… Where is that link shown for “Coeli’s blogs for TMA last summer. (link)”? As always, thanks for everything you do, Mary. Never miss your email!

    • Thanks loyal reader Tanz..

      Yikes! I forgot to activate the links…fixed now..

      Thank you very much for noticing..


  3. Greetings Mary

    many thanks for this interesting looking compilation – hope to find the time to get around them all! I’ve just started teaching again – a Refresher Class at the request of some of my ‘old’ students – and I will be forwarding them this link as well as getting them to subscribe to TMA blog.

    All good wishes


    • Hello Anne,

      Thank you for reading…I’m sure your teaching is going well and your students are happy to have you..

      It’s just become autumn here in southern Oregon.

      I think of you up north..I loved Edinburgh when I was living in southern England for two years..I never made it to Glasgow..(I do remember my sister Kate and I noticing how handsome the Scots men were 😉

      Best for now,


  4. Mary, thank you so very much for keeping us abreast. There is such a quantity of good astro info on the web that it’s downright daunting, and your blog gives us a warm invitation to get started reading. It primes the pump of our curiosity. A wonderful service. Jessica Murray

    • Dear Jessica,

      My pleasure..your work is always so wonderful…

      Hope to see you again before too long..


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