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Blogs for a New Year

With Janus upon us, I offer a mix of writers on the themes of the times — from yearly overviews, to a focus on Mars or Saturn, or a close-in look at the “liminal space” at the very end of 2014.

C*I*A Agent 98, Lorna Bevan, writes on The Astrology of 2015. Her introductory thoughts: “2015 brings a year of transition from the deeply introspective Scorpionic revelations and the constant Plutonic unearthing of bodies, secrets and lies to a more collective approach focused on problem solving rather than railing against injustice. The Year of the Wood Sheep is known to be more conformist, cooperative and collaborative, waking you out of a preoccupation with yourself into a concern for bigger issues. There is a distinct leitmotif woven through the coming twelve months by significant planetary sign changes, aspects and eclipses which makes 2015 the Year of Gathering.” Her article includes an outline of the astrological highlights for the year, with extra attention to Saturn in Sagittarius.

Madalyn Hillis Dineen, Agent 84, writes on the 2014 Capricorn Solstice As Seen Through the Eyes of a Symmetrical Astro*Carto*Grapher. Her article offers an analysis of the Capricorn Ingress chart (set for London), the worldwide Astro*Carto*Graphy map, and the 90° dial set for Washington. The article gives an introduction to Uranian (i.e., Symmetrical) astrology in mundane work, and how to look at an individual natal chart in relationship to the solstice chart.

“The most important axis in the Solstice chart is that of the Sun itself, and examining the hard aspects and midpoints on this axis will tell us a lot about the conditions in the world. By looking at the aspects and midpoints of the MC and Ascendant of various places around the world, we can also give a general forecast for that particular place. To look at the conditions for a particular country, one would look at the MC and Ascendant for the capital of the country. For forecasting the general tone of the year for individuals, we begin by looking at the position of the native’s sun and progressed sun in the solstice chart and looking at the aspects and midpoints to those positions. We can even advance the progressed sun in 5-minute increments over the course of the year to look at what may come into play as time goes on.”

(For a more extensive article on how to predict using the winter solstice chart, here’s another article by Madalyn.)

Peter James Clark, Classical Astrologer, delineates the Winter Solstice chart including the seven hermetic lots. “The Winter Solstice chart provides us with relatively short predictions which are concerned specifically with the season of Winter. Solstice Charts are generally used to tell us of the current climate, both literally and figuratively, and employed with a particular interest in the season itself. That is not to say they cannot provide us with more. For people living close to the Ring of Fire, earthquake and tsunami warnings are crucial. These predictions also include weather predictions of a general nature because we are talking about a three-month period.”

Louis Acker’s Equinoxes and Solstices of 2014 and 2015 is a thorough discussion of current and upcoming energies. Scroll down about halfway through this long essay to find “the 2014 winter solstice chart.” In a snippet from his article, he writes: “The 2014 winter solstice chart has Uranus in Aries in the 10th house conjunct the South Moon’s node, which shows general public disapproval of the established economic-political power structure and out-of-control unconstitutional government…..In the first week of January 2015 the transiting Sun is square Uranus, conjunct Pluto, and conjunct Venus in the 2014 winter solstice ingress chart. These aspects also suggest the public disgrace of powerful and important people.”

Look further for the 2015 spring equinox chart (cast for Washington, D.C.) that has “24 degrees of Virgo on the Ascendant. Mars is at 22 degrees of Aries in the 8th house and starting to inconjunct the Ascendant. The seventh exact Uranus-Pluto square is on March 16, 2015, only five days before the Aries ingress. Mars in Aries is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto during the second week of March. This is an incendiary combination. Rash acts can have devastating long-term consequences.”

Teri Parsley Starnes at Starsdance Astrology looks at the week from December 28—January 3, 2015. “The weeks spanning the end of the year and the beginning of the next are a liminal space of time to look both ways: into the past to take stock of ourselves and the world and into the future to visualize what we desire to manifest. Capricorn is the sign best suited for this meditation. With its focus on foundations and aspirations, Capricorn supports the best possible outcome by thoroughly understanding what brought us here and what is realistically achievable. This solid basis for dreaming into our futures is both reassuring and sobering because we see the work ahead. However, under Capricorn, we aren’t meant to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks but to refocus our efforts to support our dreams……Liminal spaces that invite us to pause, reflect, open, and imagine are rare and precious. Take advantage of this space in the next week as 2014 ends and 2015 begins and as we build to a feisty Full Moon on January 4.”

Mars travels in Aquarius until January 12. If you missed the link to Jeff Jawer’s article on our Facebook page (lots of you liked it), here it is. “The apparent mismatch of the Waterbearer as a brainy Air sign represents the idea that human intellect enables us to bear the heavy emotions symbolized by water. Passionate Mars in Aquarius is about the ability to act with relative objectivity, even in high stress situations. There is also an idealistic side of this sign, which makes this Mars transit an excellent time to act for the benefit of others. Working for a group or a cause in which you believe should be especially satisfying now.”

In an excerpt from his 2015 Astrological Almanac, here is Austin Coppock’s take on Saturn in Sagittarius. (He includes a bit about the transit for each of the 12 signs.)

David Crook at Stellar Insights always seems to say a lot in a few words. He looks ahead to the January 4th Full Moon in Cancer. “Generally speaking, both Cancer and Capricorn prefer stability and security, but these may be hard to come by at this time of mass change and upheaval. It seems prudent to adjust one’s attitude to the inevitable, rather then resist what needs to happen out of fear.”

Penny Thornton writes on The Year Ahead, 2015 at
“Last year presented more than its share of global conflicts and 2015 promises to eclipse 2014 in terms of international crises. Nations will come to the brink on more than one occasion, and Putin is not giving up on his mission to reclaim the land lost in the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. There will be trouble…….And with Saturn just beginning its two-and-a-half-year transit of Sagittarius, fears of another economic collapse may not prove unfounded. Saturn was in Sagittarius at the start of the Great Depression and it was in the same sign in October 1987 when stock markets across the world crashed….But if all this sounds too gloomy for words, I should remind you that it is the years of struggle that produce some of the finest events: dynamic alignments bring welcome change as well as conflict and controversy. So, at the stroke of midnight on 31 December, tilt your glasses and say three cheers to a year that promises remarkable things.”

Marina Macario at Darkstar Astrology has a five-page report on the 2015 Horoscope —Year Ahead. She includes fixed stars, eclipses, major aspects, asteroids, etc., and the article has links so you can go straight to the theme or time frame of interest. Her overview begins: “The astrology forecast for the year 2015, like last year, starts with a roller-coaster but then smooths out into an easier cosmic cruise through April to September. Winter, however, will give us some turbulence.” Her main themes for the year, in sequential order: Uranus Square Pluto; Grand Earth Trine; Crystal Cradle; Venus Retrograde; Uranus Yod and Cardinal Cross Flashback.

Okay, that should keep you busy and adequately informed/excited/inspired (?) for the crossing into 2015. All blessings of the times to everyone in this best of all possible worlds.


  1. Thank-you Mary for finding a great variety of different astrology blog posts, much appreciated. Happy New Year.

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    Happy New Year and many thanks for this brilliant selection which I’ve just shared on my ‘Astrology: Questions and Answers’ Facebook Page.

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