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Blogs for Eclipse Week

The total lunar eclipse will have just passed when you read this. (It was exact on Sunday night at 9:16 p.m. PST and Monday morning 12:16 a.m. EST.)

Using Dane Rudhyar’s lunation cycle guidelines, the effects of any phase lasts for 3 1/2 days, so the next few days are still bathed in the Full (Super)Moon eclipse energy.

(For readers who may not know, the phenomena of “SuperMoon” — accepted internationally — was first identified by astrologer Richard Nolle. Here’s Richard’s complete explanation from TMA’s way back machine.)

Meanwhile, California Senator Kamala Harris, born on a Full Moon, announced her candidacy for president this morning. Here’s my article about her natal chart (with AA birth time) from last year.

Now, on to other thoughts on the implications of this eclipse.

Astrologer Mark Lerner at Great Bear Enterprises writes on The Real National Emergency on the Horizon: The January 21, 2019 Total Lunar Eclipse. “Less than seven hours following the exact moment of the Total Lunar Eclipse, Mars in its home sign of fiery Aries squares Saturn in its home sign of earthy Capricorn. Note: The red planet Mars will also be square to America’s Sun in Cancer and opposite America’s Saturn in Libra, and the beautiful ringed planet Saturn will be opposite America’s Sun and square to its natal placement at the time of our nation’s birth on July 4, 1776. In addition, Mercury in Capricorn will have just opposed its natal placement in Cancer in the USA birth chart. And be aware that our nation’s Moon is conjunct Pallas in late Aquarius while modern China (born October 1, 1949) has the Moon and its rising sign in early Aquarius.”

Life Under A Lunar Eclipse Nothing Is Quite As It Seems is at Awakenings: Astrology with Sarah Varcas. She writes: “If … a lunar eclipse brings to a head issues which have been simmering beneath the surface for quite some time, it may be very clear that a watershed moment has arrived and cords need to be cut, alliances forged or feelings expressed which have previously been silenced and held-back. Some honest self-appraisal can help you discern if this is the case: are your emotions at this time new to you, swirling you up into a storm of activity you may later regret, or are they familiar but louder and more insistent, demanding, finally, to have their say?”
(The author explains how to look at an eclipse in your natal chart as well.)

Also on Sarah’s website is another article, All Life Is Family, about the North Node in Cancer (November 2018 – May 2020). Here, she writes: “It’s a long road ahead and there are many trials to be faced. But we walk it step by step, with every breath we take, every penny we spend, every thought we think and decision we make. The North Node in Cancer reminds us we do not act in a vacuum nor live in a consequence-free world. The ripple effect is alive and kicking and we must now, more than ever before, consider deeply the many waves we create.”

Molly McCord’s January 20: Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Align With Your Soul’s New Messages” is 20 minutes long. She shows the horoscope and points out the planetary glyphs as she’s speaking, which is very helpful for beginners who can got lost in the unfamiliar squiggles. One of her themes is “connecting to your inner light” and inquiring “who am I now?”

Pam Gregory’s Total Lunar Eclipse 20-21st January 2019 is an 18-minute, clearly explained delineation of the eclipse chart, including mundane examples (e.g., leadership issues, especially in France, the U.K., and the U.S.). She mentions that this is the last last chapter of the Uranus-Pluto square, with its ongoing “clash in the cardinal signs.”

Robert DuHamel uses a whiteboard and simple diagrams and photos to demonstrate the astronomical factors of the Lunar Eclipse 20/21 January 2019. No astrology here, this 13-minute video is in the Science and Technology category and is a good place to refresh your understanding of the physical features of eclipses. He shows the path of visibility, explains the phenomenon of the SuperMoon, and why it looks red (the “blood moon”).

Another visual presentation of the astronomy of the total lunar eclipse is this 5-minute video produced by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and demonstrated by a woman using globes and lights to show the different phases.

Short and simple, here’s a 3-minute video from National Geographic, Lunar Eclipse 101.

In Barbara Goldsmith’s 10-minute video, Eclipse in Leo January 2019 – Shining Your Light, she speaks to the joy, creativity, and “uniquely ourselves” qualities of the Moon at 0° Leo. She is cheerful, encouraging, positively radiating the essence of Leo: “Don’t hold back on your joy.” She shows us a painting she did for the eclipse and plays the violin as well!

Terence Guardino at Astrology Answers has a 5-minute Weekly Horoscope January 21st, 2019. He breaks this “very active” week down, day by day, for a quick guide to the daily planetary highlights (for example, Mars square Saturn on Monday, Venus conjunct Jupiter on Tuesday, etc.), always with practical advice.

Dorothy Morgan’s Astrology Forecast January 21st – 27th Aftermath of Lunar Eclipse is another day-by-day guide. It is 14 minutes long and focuses on integrating the energy after the eclipse.

Total Lunar Eclipse 21st Jan 2019 – Sudden Events and News That Unsettle But Bring Opportunities, with Dolly Manghat, is an 11-minute video with ideas for managing what might be turbulent times that bring anxious thoughts. “Life does become hectic … patience, self-control and adaptability will help you take advantage of the new opportunities that are arising.”

Bhabajeet Kalita, a soft-spoken Vedic astrologer at Exotic Astrology offers a 25-minute video on Total Lunar Eclipse in Cancer – January 20th, 2019. He includes a description of Rahu and Ketu as they “affect our existence (the Sun) and how we feel about our existence (the Moon).”

Enjoy yourselves, have a good week — and on this day when we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., may justice prevail!


  1. Thank you so much for such a really good collection of eclipse articles. I am a longtime subscriber to TMA and spent quite a bit of time and energy watching the Moon last night. At first the full Moon was very visible in Oklahoma City but unfortunately as the eclipse progressed so did the clouds in this area. Our nephew was able to take a very clear photo of the Red Wolf Moon from his home in PA. It is hard to digest this soon afterward all the meaning both real and symbolic of such a potentially powerful physical phenomenon but I can say that the manifestation in our psychotherapy practice today included many situations of over the top intensity requiring cool headed
    practical solutions to bring stressful feeling down and step by step instructions on how to proceed with rational thinking as patients gave themselves time and space to wed feelings to realistic and positive thoughts in order to have good outcomes. These articles are very helpful as reminders to assist us all in the unfolding of the next few days, weeks and months.

  2. Thanks, Mary. Lovely to read these comments on the recent eclipse, which I’m definitely still feeling.

    My own ‘Eclipse Medicine’ was a YouTube video of Alison Balsom and Iestyn David in “Eternal Source of Light Divine” (Intro to Handel’s ‘Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne’, also sung at recent royal wedding.)

    “Eternal Source of Light Divine
    With double warmth Thy beams display
    And with distinguished glory shine
    To add a lustre to this day.”

    The Sun/Moon symbolism is also personified in these two utterly magnificent young performers: a very ‘solar’ woman and a very ‘lunar’ man.

    A totally breathtaking, awe-inspiring 3.5 minutes of music … words simply fail!

  3. Lunar eclipses can be visible from everywhere on the night side of the Earth, if the sky is clear. From some places, the entire eclipse will be visible, while in other areas the Moon will rise or set during the eclipse. Actual eclipse visibility depends on weather conditions and line of sight to the Moon.

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