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Blogs for the New Year

Pam Gregory brings a spiritual perspective to her much loved YouTube channel where she posts regularly. She discusses the long term implications of the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer 10th January 2020 in a 25-minute video.

And, here is her 20-minute description of the New Moon in Aquarius 24th January 2020, which includes noting that the lunar nodes are changing signs this year and the strong cardinal energy of 2020.

Melanie Reinhart has recently focused her pioneering astrological work on Chariklo, the largest of the Centaur objects, and the one with the most stable orbit. Melanie has taught and written extensively on the “potent  inner processes” she finds with the Centaurs. Chariklo is Chiron’s mythological wife and is currently traveling in Capricorn with the Saturn–Pluto conjunction! For those drawn to “inner processes,” Melanie adds a potent layer to the themes of our times. Here is a free 15-minute introduction to her talk, Chariklo and the Saturn–Pluto Conjunction in 2020 at Astrology University.

Terence Guardino’s 29-minute talk, Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer * Jan 10th 2020 * Amazing Predictions! covers the meaning of the eclipse in each of the 12 houses of the natal chart.

Acyuta-bhava Das, formerly known as Adam Elenbaas, hosted and assembled “an all-star astrology panel talk on Saturn’s upcoming conjunction with the planet Pluto.” There was a large turnout and all “the proceeds we raised went directly to the fire relief efforts in Australia.” The participants in this nearly three-hour event were Gray Crawford, Acyuta-bhava Das, Rebecca Gordon, Jason Holley, Sabrina Monarch, Samuel Reynolds, Leisa Schaim, Becca Tarnas, and Patrick Watson. (There are timestamps for the astrologers, and for the questions discussed, in the comments section.) Thank you to all who participated in this generous offering to our southern neighbors.

Charlie Obert has a 30-minute video called 2020 Grand Conjunction and Beyond. He discusses the change from Earth to Air in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction series (including historical and cultural events), as well as practical advice on Surviving 2020 and Beyond.

Charlie’s site, Student of Astrology includes his very thoughtful essay, My Worldview. He concludes with these words: “This website, and my work with astrology and philosophy, is an ongoing attempt to include as many different schools and techniques of astrology – not to figure out which one is true, but to examine each for their characteristic strengths and limitations. I think that using multiple schools gives us multiple descriptions, multiple viewpoints, that will enrich our understanding of the multi-level complexity of the cosmos we inhabit.”

Lynn Bell’s article, Cutting down the Overgrowth, Saturn Conjunct Pluto was written in April for the 2020 edition of the Wellbeing Astrology Guide in Australia. Lynn posted it on Facebook on January 9.

The ghosts of past Saturn Pluto cycles have been rising. For now, the crisis with Iran seems to have calmed. There is…

Posted by Lynn Bell on Thursday, January 9, 2020

Austin Coppock, “Teacher of Astrology and Esotericism,” writes on Jupiter in Capricorn – Of Dark Wings and Magic Rings. “Jupiter faces a heroic trial in Capricorn, as do all planets in their Fall. The planet of big vision, divine favor, and good cheer is tested mightily by the hard realities conjured by Capricorn. If Jupiter brings us visions, then Capricorn challenges us to prove them, to bring earth, stone, and sweat into accord with inspiration.”

Molly McCord has a 10-minute teaching video, Part 1: January 10, 2020 Cancer Lunar Eclipse: Soul Transformations, Soul Growth. If you haven’t seen her work, Molly shows the chart and points out the planetary glyphs as she describes the eclipse, attended to by the Saturn–Pluto conjunction and Uranus’s station. “Consider this a triple-whammy of energies as we begin the new year, new decade, and a new era in our world.” Molly completes her interpretation in a 12-minute video, Part 2: January 10, 2020 Cancer Lunar Eclipse: Connecting With Source During Epic Changes. (She brings Jeff Bezos, born on January 12, 1964 into the picture.)

Kelley Hunter writes on 2020 Vision Lunar Eclipse. Looking at the horoscope of the eclipse she writes: “I don’t usually show charts, but this one speaks for itself, as a work of astral art.” She delineates the planets positions at the eclipse,  including Chiron’s mythic wife, Chariklo, at 24° Capricorn. Kelley concludes: “Amidst the chaos around us, we can each stand tall, let go of old ways of being that no longer ‘fit’ who we are becoming. We engage our creativity and imagination. A beautiful and brave new world lies ahead. We take this journey together letting Earth and Cosmos support well-being, mutual support and joy of life.”

Happy New Year one and all!

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