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Blogs on Michael Jackson

Good Monday to one and all. This entry is a short list of some early blogs on Michael Jackson. I’ll add my thoughts in the next few days. May he rest in peace.

A few preliminary comments: He was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. There’s no confirmed birth time for him, but the Sun is in Virgo is conjunct Pluto, Mercury, Venus and Uranus are in Leo,  and Mars is in Taurus. The pre-natal solar eclipse (PNSE) degree is 28°34′ Aries. This is 14 South in the Saros Series, about which Bernadette Brady writes: “This eclipse family will tend to bring success.”

Matthew Currie uses the sidereal zodiac and techniques from the late Richard Houck’s The Astrology of Death, a rather infamous (that is, known for its accuracy) book in considering Mr. Jackson’s death.

Eric Francis looks at the time of death chart and says, “The story is not as simple as we are being told.”

Nick Dagan Best has a long, serious article about Mr Jackson’s life and death at his celebrity blog.

More to come. Your comments are welcome. May Michael Jackson rest in peace.