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Blogs on Michael Jackson

Good Monday to one and all. This entry is a short list of some early blogs on Michael Jackson. I’ll add my thoughts in the next few days. May he rest in peace.

A few preliminary comments: He was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. There’s no confirmed birth time for him, but the Sun is in Virgo is conjunct Pluto, Mercury, Venus and Uranus are in Leo,  and Mars is in Taurus. The pre-natal solar eclipse (PNSE) degree is 28°34′ Aries. This is 14 South in the Saros Series, about which Bernadette Brady writes: “This eclipse family will tend to bring success.”

Matthew Currie uses the sidereal zodiac and techniques from the late Richard Houck’s The Astrology of Death, a rather infamous (that is, known for its accuracy) book in considering Mr. Jackson’s death.

Eric Francis looks at the time of death chart and says, “The story is not as simple as we are being told.”

Nick Dagan Best has a long, serious article about Mr Jackson’s life and death at his celebrity blog.

More to come. Your comments are welcome. May Michael Jackson rest in peace.


  1. Hi, Mary, I’ve yet to get my head – or heart – around a death chart (the subject of the Currie and Francis blogs), but I understand the consideration. We astrologers are fascinated with time – especially an official one.

    Interesting concept at the Best blog. MJ had a natal out of sign Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and Best uses the ‘recurring’ conjunction for his focus on Jackson’s life.

    Maybe I’m saturated or overwhelmed with the outpouring since Michael Jackson’s death but I find I’m drawn to basic astrology at the moment. He was an extraordinarily talented performer (Venus-Uranus conjunction in Leo)with, astrologically, the life task of fitting this phenomenal ‘gift’ into the Virgo-Pisces spectrum (Sun-Moon). This is the territory of health and well-being, details-ideals, perfection-satisfaction, humility-compassion, worry-peace, for example – with a significant astrological note of difficulty-challenge ‘adapting’ here (Saturn in mutable T-square to Sun-Moon). Plus the suggestion of a life magnified in extremis (Pluto conjunct Sun and oriental) – for better and worse, as we’ve seen.

    Richard Corliss offers a stellar observation, I think, in “The Death of Peter Pan” at Soon after his career went stratospheric, Jackson went extraterrestrial (in his appearance). An apt reflection of both his look – very dramatic, very unusual, very special – and our (public) attention and speculation drawn to it. Venus-Uranus-Leo.

    Blessings to MJ and his loved ones.

  2. It’s disturbing that some of these linked articles refer casually to Michael Jackson as “child molester.” Jackson was accused, but never convicted of, this crime; no actual evidence was found.

    I think the late star deserves to be remembered for his music and outstanding talent that brought joy to millions, not for unproven allegations that somehow became “fact” in the minds of many. The process by which an allegation, apparently false, becomes a public “fact” (especially likely when the alleged crime is as heinous as child sex abuse) might make an interesting astrological study.

  3. Hi all,

    I’m also noticing in general the Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune trilogy and how a conversation is occurring about doctors and prescription meds.

  4. Thanks Mary. Interesting blogs. Question: How does SEX in the death chart prove sex in the ‘living’ chart?? Did MJ die having sex? The world observed/scrutinized/condemned his life !! Who was there when he died? Do we have a chart for the doctor? Does it matter?? Did Lewis Carroll’s books get burned after his chart got ‘studied’? Guess I still have a ‘few’ questions!!

  5. Hi Roberta,

    You do have some questions..I’ve never considered the sex in the death chat before..interesting (maybe?) that there was speculation about David Carradine’s death by auto-fixation (I think that’s what it’s called?) Did you follow that story?

  6. Michael Jackson was born with Sun-Pluto-Mercury conjunction in Virgo and in opposition to his Moon in Pisces. This means he was born on the morning after the full moon.

    Obviously there must be more people born that day, and they would have the same aspect in their birthchart. But if we have the right time of birth, he was born with the Moon node right at his Ascendant and that is probably much less common.

    The fact that this Sun-Pluto conjunction is in the 11th house of Michael’s chart opposing the Moon in the 5th house is also quite unique to him, and very descriptive of his incredible musical creativity as well that his amazing ability to change the lives of those around him.

    After watching endless programs on Michael and listening to what friends and associates had to say, they always seem to be describing the side of Michael represented by his Moon in Pisces. Sensitive, extraordinarily creative, compassionate, almost a victim like personality, abused by his father and others. Persecuted by the media, which he was.

    All of these descriptions confirm the Piscean side of his personality, but we Astrologers know that he also has Sun-Pluto conjunction in Virgo and in the 11th house of Aquarius, and that is an entirely different side of Michael Jackson, as it is expected of an opposition.

    Sun-Pluto personalities can be extremely good friends, loyal like no other, but they are also manipulative, vindictive, jealous and like to dominate. In this particular case being in the 11th house, his detachment could easily be interpreted as aloof and distant, which we also know he was. Fortunately and unfortunately, he acquired quite a considerable wealth which allowed him to do what he wanted but also in a darker version, allowed to believe that he could buy anything or anybody as in the case of these doctors that provided him with all the medication he wanted. His persuasive power must have been pretty strong. With his Moon in Pisces he could easily victimize himself to get what he wanted, making people feel sorry for him.

    So, we can see how in this particular case, a Sun-Moon opposition worked positively in certain aspects but extremely negative for the individual. He was the victim (Moon in Pisces) of his own extraordinary power (Sun-Pluto). By this I don’t, by any means, excuse the physicians who provided him with these “legal” remedies not taking in consideration his medical record, addiction, etc. To be quite honest, you don’t need to be Michael Jackson to be over medicated by doctors or psychiatrists. Half the population are walking around with pills in their pockets or handbags.

    The characteristic and at times distressing criticism of Virgo, exaggerated by the obsessive Pluto, which made him such a great dancer, it also made him keep trying to perfect his face to unpleasant extremes, and it could have been easily projected onto his children eyes, (Moon in the 5th) something that it would have been unbearable for him.

    Venus the Goddess of love and beauty, ruled his 8th house of death, made a conjunction to Uranus, in his birth chart, which explains his quick departure, and it had progressed to his Ascendant. If he hadn’t died, it would’ve helped him with the 50 concerts he was about to embark on, by providing the creativity and the creative people necessary to pull it through, something we was obviously doing before his heart failed him.

    This man was an extraordinary creative man, but also like most humans, very tragically troubled. With that natal Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in his 1st house, close to the Ascendant, everything had to be larger than life and as far away from humanity as possible. Neptune’s negative influence makes the person wish he lived in Olympus, rather than on Earth as most regular folks. The positive side of it was his philanthropy and genuine true desire to help the world.

    As a dancer, I am for ever indebted to this man, and my heart goes out to his children, his family and all those around the world who have been touch by his magic, his genius and his dedication.

  7. Nice post, Cristina..

    Thank you for sharing your insights…

  8. I am so sad for Michael Jackson, I can’t beleive his father has no tears.
    Moon in Pisces is so sensitive.

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