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Can Donald Trump Win Reelection?

I have asked myself whether I can judge this accurately, given that I was wrong in 2016. As it happened, most astrologers were wrong in 2016. Many of the very small minority who got it right had made their prediction of Trump’s win way before the election.

As you may remember, the polls were decidedly in favor of a Hillary Clinton win for many weeks prior to the election. I guess I was not the only one misled by her huge lead, as I did not even wonder which candidate would win; instead I had asked myself what in Hillary’s chart showed that she would win. And, along with that bias, I was juggling at least three possible ‘correct’ charts for her.

As fate would have it, the astrologers who were asked to present their opinions at the ISAR 2016 conference had been emailed the (supposedly) “truly correct” birth time for Hillary only a week or two before the conference. It’s been my policy that if a client isn’t sure about the exact birth time, I won’t work on their chart. So, my initial mistake in 2016 was agreeing to form an opinion in spite of “dirty data.” But the 2020 U.S. Presidential election is different because we have AA data for Donald Trump and A data for Joe Biden.

Donald Trump: June 14, 1946; 10:54 a.m.; Queens, New York

Joe Biden: November 20, 1942; 08:30 a.m.; Scranton, Pennsylvania

Clearly, Trump’s progressions were fantastic in late 2016 and early 2017. Particularly impressive was the fact that on Inauguration Day, January 20, his progressed Moon (25°43’ Cancer) was spot on his natal Venus (25°44’), the ruler of his Taurus 10th house of career and success. Also, his progressed Sun had recently crossed his natal Ascendant, while his progressed Ascendant sextiled natal Mars (October 2016), and while the progressed Moon was exactly conjunct his antivertex (22°51’ Cancer) on November 7. Cancer is the first summer sign associated with the “homeland” and the ‘common folks’ whose hearts he had won. In addition to that, both solar eclipses surrounding the election — September 1 at 9°23’ Virgo and February 26 at 8°09’ Pisces — were favorably aspecting Mercury, the dispositor of his 10th–house Sun.

The logical questions: Is there as much power in his chart now and in the coming months, especially in early November 2020? Is there enough power to overcome his opponent, Joe Biden?

Let’s take a look. Trump’s progressed Moon has moved to Virgo, the last summer sign that does not have the strong, vital, cardinal energy of Cancer. It is called mutable because the seasons are changing when the Sun travels there. This shows that Trump’s underlying energy may be less inclined to fight, or initiate, than in 2016. In early November, the progressed Moon will be at 18°25’ Virgo, where it makes no aspects, except to square his progressed lunar nodes. (Note that I am using exact, 1° aspects.) On January 20, 2021, the progressed Moon will be at 21°16’ Virgo, just past the square to his natal Moon and nodes, and about to square his progressed Uranus (21°23’ Gemini). I interpret this configuration as “disconnected.” It looks to me like Donald Trump will leave office. (Interestingly, the transiting Moon will reach the 20th degree of Gemini on the evening of the election, activating this configuration.)

But before coming to any definite conclusions, we should check the closest eclipses. The November 30, 2020 appulse lunar eclipse (8°44’ Gemini) will semisquare his Saturn — a depressing influence —whereas the December 14 total solar eclipse (23°06’ Sagittarius) will take place in his 4th house (of endings), in an exact opposition to his natal Sun while quincunx to natal Saturn, confirming the indications given by his secondary progressions.

How about Joe Biden? His natal Mercury, ruler of his 10th house, is in an applying trine to his Jupiter (albeit from the “hidden” 12th house), suggesting a successful career. We have already seen this in his life, but the aspect will be strongly reinforced by transiting Jupiter (21°29’ Capricorn) in an exact sextile to his Mercury on election day. What’s more, the Sun will be conjunct his natal Mars, ruler of his 5th house of luck. The most recent solar eclipse — June 20, 2020 at 0°20’ Cancer — exactly sextiles his natal Moon and its node, showing a strong positive push in his current standing as the major force of the Democratic Party. The November 30th lunar eclipse (8°44’ Gemini) will be conjunct Saturn in his 7th house, whereas the December solar eclipse (23°06’ Sagittarius) will sesquisquare his Pluto. That’s not such a good thing, especially with his progressed Moon in mutable Pisces, which shows low energy or a lack of courage and dynamic force. On the other hand, politicians have been known to thrive during such periods due to the increased hope and idealism that voters project onto them. He could, therefore, personalize the Piscean ‘dream,’ which is certainly not a bad thing when it comes to elections.

Biden’s progressed chart is actually much better than Trump’s. After passing some stressful, chilling aspects in September (progressed Moon square progressed Saturn), his progressed Moon will conjunct his progressed Venus on October 1 and sextile his progressed Mars on November 8, a few days after the election. This invigorating aspect could bring him success. (1)

However, the most positive indication for Biden is the December solar eclipse (23°06’ Sagittarius) in his progressed 10th house (and natal 1st house), sextile to his progressed Ascendant (22° Aquarius) and in trine/sextile with the progressed nodes (24° Aquarius/Leo). A strong eclipse in the 10th house is an indicator of change in one’s career or social standing.

Last but not least, the Jupiter–Saturn conjunction in December at 0°29’ Aquarius will trine Biden’s 10th–house Neptune and 7th–house Uranus. The social planets in Aquarius are a strong indication of the democratic politics that Biden represents. In conclusion, I must say that I think Joe Biden will win the next U.S. Presidential election.

(1) Joe Biden’s progressed Moon (5°35’ Pisces) squares progressed Saturn (5°25’ Gemini) on September 14; the progressed Moon conjuncts progressed Venus on October 1 at 6°15’ Pisces; the progressed Moon (7°47’ Pisces) sextiles progressed Mars (7°47’ Capricorn) on November 8.

Bio: Ema Kurent (DFAstrolS, QHP, CMA, ISAR CAP) is a professional astrologer from Slovenia, working as a consultant, teacher, writer, researcher, and publisher. She specializes in traditional and predictive astrology. She runs Astrological Academy Stella (ISAR affiliated) and has written many books: Sonce in Luna (The Sun and the Moon, 2008); Lunin vodnik (Moon Guide, a yearly publication since 2005); Horarna astrologija (2015); Horary Astrology (2019), and nine student textbooks. She has lectured in Slovenia, England, Poland, the U.S.A., South Africa, India, and Serbia. Contact her: Ema,,


  1. Biden is just a place holder. Would love it if you could look at his real running mate Michelle Obama. She has filed all the necessary paperwork to run.

    • Is this true? I can’t find the official statement. I’ll look into her chart when this news is confirmed.

      • No, it is not true. I am sorry to say that it is just more conspiracy theorist, armchair quarterbacking, wishful thinking with which we humans inundate the Internet. There’s no validity there. And as you know know, Kamala Harris is his running mate.

        It was a good analysis. I hope that you’re right. For a little extra accuracy, perhaps checking Mike Pence and Kamala Harris wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

  2. Do you think Biden really is the one to usher in the Pluto Return for the U.S? What about the Pluto return in the Constitution chart? Trump is an eclipse baby and the 2017 Great American eclipse worked in his favor while hurting America. Won’t the December eclipse empower Trump even more?

  3. I am reminded years ago of realising the loser often has better transits in the year following the election since life is less stressful than becoming the president and in such a divisive era … Although I’m not sure it helps picking a winner but the 2021 inauguration chart is the most divisive I’ve ever seen ..Mars conjunct Moon and Uranus square the Sun, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter … it’s not a happy inauguration chart, it seems who ever wins will not be able to mend the divisions …in fact that Mars, we the people Moon Uranus suggests life for the loser will be way more harmonious than the winner … and there’s that whole constitutional crisis concept potentially weighing in on this huge event.. USA Mercury hit by Pluto and impending Pluto return….The winner may well be the loser .

    • It doesn’t look to me like we will have an inauguration. As you say, that chart is ominous, it doesn’t look like a chart of a celebration. If Trump loses, he will have to flee the country to avoid lawsuits and possible arrest. If he flees to Russia, maybe his chart would look better because he is avoiding that. But there is no way he would be happy living in Russia and never being able to see his precious “properties” again. That would drive him crazy. Another reason his chart might look good is because by then his dementia may be in full swing and he may genuinely not realize what is going on around him therefore he isn’t stressed about it. Who knows, but he is diminishing rapidly.

      Biden however is going to be inheriting a huge mess, and if we don’t take control of the Senate, he will be facing huge uphill battles to get things done. The Repugnant’s will be so pissed that Trump lost they will obstruct worse than we’ve ever known.

      I’m an atheist, but even I am praying to whoever might be out there for America.

      • Hate to burst your bubble, but you do sound like a bunch of Democrat astrologers anxiously trying to find aspects that will pull Biden through … deja vu Hillary winning the 2016 race.
        Kind of crazy you see Trump has lost his mind and you are not seeing Biden slipping into senility? Hate to pull you folks out of your Neptunian haze.. but it is hard to continue reading predictions Biden will be the next President of the United States… TRY Node/Kronus/Zeus. This is the uranian planetary picture for choosing the President of United States. Trump has this pattern natally, along with fixed star, ‘Regulus’ (denoting King/riches/power/glory) sitting right on top of his Ascendant…EXACT! Hard to find anything in either Joe’s or Kamala’s chart that has enough power for either of them to become the leader of the free world. Has Biden’s natal moon any aspects at all? I don’t think so… which means the public has no liken for him…As far as the many difficult planetary transits you point to at time of election … we cannot forget Mercury Retrograde running up to the day of the election. Could be we are going to be experiencing lots of confusion and possible fraud with mail-in ballots and machines causing much consternation. I’m putting my money on Regulus, the powerful fixed star that protects Trump…. along with directed Node/Kronus/Zeus coming up to aspect his natal Node/Kronus/Zeus! Voila! Strong double pattern indication he will be re-elected!

        • Refreshing! An astrologer that is capable of forming her own opinion and not following the herd.
          Well said, thanks.

        • Thanks so much for an unbiased prediction. Most of these so-called astrologers must feel pretty silly after their embarrassing self serving misreadings of the last election. Hard to believe they are at it again, shoring each other and a collapsing political view with completely subjective analysis.

        • I pray you are right. Thank you for your unbiased recap.

        • Well said. Thanks for the more objective and free-thinking perspective. These are the same people that predicted Hillary would win.

        • I hope Biden does not get elected. He will not take a hard stand with China. And I’ve had my fill of being penalized by Obama Care.

          • how have you been penalized by Obama Care or the Care act?

          • The day Obamacare kicked in, my insurance rate doubled. I am not eligible for the financial subsidy.The subsidy that some people enjoy is not free, people who is not eligible have to pay for it with higher insurance price.

        • Also…Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio. Mercury is Trump’s ruling planet and Scorpio is Biden’s sign. Hate to burst all your bubbles, but Trump has the upper hand with Biden’s sign being in his ruling planet and it being retrograde. It basically gives Trump power over his opponent. His opponent is basically caged and his power is taken from him. Retrogrades always affect the sign that’s in that planet the most.

        • I am with you. I am a Tarot reader who predicted Trump’s win last time before the election and I found myself in a very distinct minority against other Tarot readers who hated Trump and insisted he would lose. Of course, he won – just as I am certain he will win again.

          I absolutely can’t stand it when someone practicing magic, whether it’s astrology, Tarot or other forms of divination, puts their own political desires into their readings, which is what they appear to do. The Astro-Twins, for example, are an absolute disgrace.

          I study astrology too and am absolutely confident Trump will win again. We’ve got a rare Blue Moon coming up on Halloween, with the Sun and Moon in opposition at the exact same time it appears. Lots of clashes with Uranus and to me this is obvious indication of the riots that will follow following his victory.

        • My goodness Ann, I would never have thought about what you mentioned, Trump has this pattern natally, along with fixed star, ‘Regulus’ (denoting King/riches/power/glory) sitting right on top of his Ascendant…EXACT! That is great, it looks like you know what you are saying. So glad to read what you mention and hope you will continue adding more readings soon. Thanks.

      • I wonder if the lawsuits and possible arrests mentioned here will not be against Joe Biden, after his son Hunter forgot his laptop at the repair shop, and the mails of corruption in its hardrive are mentioning not only his son, but also the Big Man as the leader of the gang, doing dirty business with adversary countries like China.

  4. I have been watching the approaching and now come to pass conjunction of Uranus to Melania’s Sun, and the opposition from Uranus to Ivanka’s Sun for some time now. I can’t help but think that this points to sudden unexpected upsets and great changes regarding Donald Trump.
    In addition to that, there have been reports that his birthtime, (and this was from his mother) was actually earlier (I believe) which would put his MC at 8 Taurus and which would undergo a transiting Uranus conjunction, not to mention lining up exactly with Melania’s Taurus Sun.
    Additionally, there are so many Capricorns around Trump: Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, and both Don, Jr and Eric who may or may not yet have transits from Saturn and Pluto going through Capricorn affecting their placements in Capricorn.

  5. I do like the way Uranus stations direct on Jan. 14, in partile conjunction with Joe’s Part of Fortune. What a time for a lucky break! Just before inauguration.

  6. Well, you’ve been wrong before. Let us hope for the sake of the Constitution, American freedoms, and a better business environment, you are wrong.

  7. Donald J. Trump can not win, his horoscope says so.

    The election results are on November 10, 2020, as an astrological conclusion.

    10-Nov-2020 027°,16’36 Sagittarius C–3 45 AR05
    10-Nov-2020 026°,46’54 Capricorn Sat 150 Mars transit

    13-Nov-2020 022°,56’02 Capricorn Jup 150 Sun transit
    13-Nov-2020 026°,59’08 Capricorn Sat 180 AR11 transit
    13-Nov-2020 022°,59’20 Capricorn Jup 120 C—2 transit
    14-Nov-2020 +13°,46’22 Ura // Mars transit
    15-Nov-2020 005°,17’35 Virgo C-11 90 Black Moon
    15-Nov-2020 023°,14’25 Capricorn Jup 135 AR12 transit
    16-Nov-2020 005°,17’35 Virgo Moon 90 Black Moon
    16-Nov-2020 005°,17’46 Virgo Moon 0 mutual C-11
    16-Nov-2020 022°,56’02 Capricorn Plu 150 Sun transit

    Joe Biden.

    3-Nov-2020 022°,44’29 Aquarius Moon * DENEB ALGEDI (SAT – JUP )
    4-Nov-2020 -13°,40’24 Moon # Pars
    10-Nov-2020 005°,09’13 Pisces Ven 60 C—2
    10-Nov-2020 029°,46’11 Libra Merc 120 Black Moon transit


    10-Nov-2020 022°,25’13 Capricorn Jup 120 Nep transit

  8. Fixed stars Donald J. Trump.

    Asc. 29°,56’42,3 Leeuw; REGULUS (MARS – JUP ) 29°,05’06,1 Leo.

    Sun * ENSIS (MARS – MOON ) 22°,18’59,1 Gemini +00°,37’03,0
    Sun * ALNILAM (JUP – SAT ) 22°,42’54,8 Gemini +00°,13’07,3
    Moon * RASALHAGUE (SAT – VENUS ) 21°,41’50,6 Sagittarius -00°,29’38,2
    Merc * ALHENA (MERC – VENUS ) 08°,21’23,1 Cancer +00°,30’55,1
    Ven * PROCYON (MERC – MARS ) 25°,02’47,3 Cancer +00°,42’02,2
    Mars * ALPHARD (SAT – VENUS ) 26°,32’02,6 Leo +00°,14’51,7
    Mars * ADHAFERA (SAT – MERC ) 26°,48’58,1 Leo -00°,02’03,8
    Mars * AL JABHAH (SAT – MERC 27°,09’22,2 Leo -00°,22’27,9
    Jup * SEGINUS (MERC – SAT ) 16°,54’45,5 Libra +00°,32’21,7
    Drac * BELLATRIX (MARS – MERC ) 20°,11’56,4 Gemini +00°,33’27,5
    Drac * CAPELLA (MARS – MERC ) 21°,06’33,3 Gemini -00°,21’09,5
    Drac * PHACT (VENUS – MERC ) 21°,25’11,7 Gemini -00°,39’47,8
    Drac * MINTAKA (SAT – MERC ) [21°,36’48,9 Gemini -00°,51’25,1
    MC * CAPULUS (MARS – MERC ) 23°,26’49,2 Taurus +00°,53’11,0
    C-11 * MENKALINAN (MARS – MERC ) 29°,09’47,9 Gemini +00°,09’45,1
    Asc * REGULUS (MARS – JUP ) 29°,05’06,1 Leo +00°,51’36,3
    C–3 * FORAMEN (SAT – JUP ) 21°,31’21,3 Libra -00°,20’23,9

  9. Trump’s progressive Nine House cusp is on the 28 degree of Gemini.

    Sabian symbol meaning:


    KEYNOTE: A release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks.

    Ruler progressive C-9 = Mercurius in 17 degrees Leo and in progressive Tenth House.


    KEYNOTE: The feeling of togetherness which unites men and women in their dedication to a collective ideal.

    • Interesting. He has contracted covid-19. I don’t see him surviving covid. Many astrologers predicted October was going to be a bad month for Donald Trump. Thoughts?

  10. I rectified Donald J. Trump jr,’s birthtime:17h,19m32s4.
    His mother said he was born 17h,20 minutes.
    I have verified the rectified birthtime by looking at other events.

    Progressive aspects:

    2-Nov-2020 016°,22’46 Aries Moon 150 mutual Ura
    3-Nov-2020 016°,25’16 Aries Moon 60 C-12
    6-Nov-2020 016°,31’52 Aries Moon 180 mutual Plu
    8-Nov-2020 016°,36’00 Aries Moon 180 Plu
    10-Nov-2020 +21°,22’11 C-12 # Nep
    10-Nov-2020 011°,20’33 Aquarius Merc 120 AR03
    12-Nov-2020 016°,44’45 Aries Moon 120 Nep
    15-Nov-2020 014°,52’23 Taurus MC 45 Jup

    See my comment Donald J. Trump.

    10 November 2020 the results of the president election are known.

    15 November 2020 Trump sr. accepts his loss.

    Astrologically said Trump cannot win and shall not win.

    • I hope that your analysis is correct that Donald will lose the election. Not all that thrilled with Biden. Hoping that Kamala’s chart shows strength enough to power thru years 2-3 if Biden has a health crisis. Either way, I am hoping the Magnitsky amendment captures all the monied, royal, Saturn/Pluto players. Time for women to dominate the world stage.

  11. What will happen on October 24, 2020?

    Donald J. Trump.

    24-Oct-2020 -01°,29’03 Nep // mutual C-12
    24-Oct-2020 017°,54’00 Aries Mars 60 Ura transit

    Donald J. Trump jr.

    24-Oct-2020 001°,09’30 Scorpio Sun 180 Chiron transit
    24-Oct-2020 020°,04’25 Capricorn Jup 90 AR05 transit
    24-Oct-2020 025°,56’23 Virgo Ven 45 AR11 transit

    Mike Pence.

    24-Oct-2020 001°,06’53 Capricorn Sat 90 mutual Asc

    Mike Pence horoscope is fictive rectified as 09h,50m02s0.
    Ascendant and Uranus in 14 degrees Leo.
    Neptune on 5 degrees Scorpio IC.
    Saturn in 6 degrees Capricorn is opposite USA Jupiter in 6 degrees Cancer.

    Joe Biden.

    24-Oct-2020 028°,57’20 Sagittarius C-11 * SINISTRA (SAT – VENUS )
    24-Oct-2020 018°,02’02 Aries Mars 135 Asc transit


    24-Oct-2020 014°,42’57 Capricorn Moon 45 AR07

  12. I am confused some astrologers say trump will win,some Biden,how can we believe you people,I really don’t believe in this stuff but,it makes for good thought

  13. Donald J. Trump horoscope.

    Progressive aspects.

    8-Oct-2020 003°,49’48 Virgo Moon 45 mutual Ven
    16-Oct-2020 027°,05’13 Aries Desc * VERTEX (MARS – MOON )
    24-Oct-2020 -01°,29’03 Nep // mutual C-12


    7-Oct-2020 023°,14’25 Aries Mars 45 AR12
    7-Oct-2020 014°,54’45 Libra Sun 0 Chiron
    7-Oct-2020 025°,24’05 Capricorn Sat 0 AR02
    8-Oct-2020 022°,56’02 Aries Mars 60 Sun
    11-Oct-2020 +05°,35’07 Mars # Jup
    12-Oct-2020 009°,27’47 Taurus Ura 135 AR08
    14-Oct-2020 018°,41’47 Pisces Nep 135 AR03
    21-Oct-2020 025°,44’49 Capricorn Sat 180 Ven
    24-Oct-2020 017°,54’00 Aries Mars 60 Ura
    26-Oct-2020 020°,17’35 Capricorn Jup 45 Black Moon
    26-Oct-2020 017°,27’07 Aries Mars 180 Jup
    26-Oct-2020 008°,52’18 Taurus Ura 60 Merc
    27-Oct-2020 -05°,35’07 Nep // Jup
    28-Oct-2020 020°,36’55 Capricorn Jup 90 AR10

    1-Nov-2020 021°,10’57 Capricorn Jup 90 C–3

  14. The transits of the inauguration are very telling. On January 20th, Mercury in Aquarius will be in Joe Biden’s Third house of communication. Also, Saturn and Jupiter will move into Aquarius, transiting Joe’s 2nd house of values. This is the herald of the next sea change when Pluto moves into Aquarius, so somehow he is the beginning.

    • Mercury will be in Biden’s 3rd house in January…? So what, it goes there every year. Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius– and you say that somehow implied Biden will be president– because it goes through his 2nd house of values? First of all, a “sea change” happened in 2016: an unorthodox, non-politician who was a DC outsider won the electoral votes by a landslide, in defiance of a VERY corrupt establishment that spied on his campaign, then lied about spying and wasted millions of taxpayer money trying to cover it up (unsuccessfully!!). They basically did everything they accuse him of!! So NO, Sorry but Biden “Big Guy,” a 50 year DO nothing politician who enriched his family via corruption, is NOT a sea change!!

      Trump is the one with a Sun-Node-Uranus conjunction in Gemini in 10th house.

      • Very well said Yuri, I like astrology but do not know much about it yet, please allow me to copy and paste your words above, I like what you said. Thank you.

  15. Donald J. Trump’s has his progressive aspect Neptune parallel his Twelve Hous cusp on October 24, 2020.

    I thought it is a bad aspect.

    Neptune rules his Eight House.

    What happened today is that Trump casted his ballot on about in the West Palm Beach County Library.
    He voted on Donald J. Trump.

    • Basic astrology works. Synastry works— and may be plenty enough to show am outcome without needing to scour progressions, secondary progressions, solar arc, random asteriod stuff, etc.

      American presidents tend to echo the primary energies of the US natal chart: Cancer, Aquarius and Gemini, and Trump fits this. Sorry to all the astrologers who desperately don’t want to see this but…

      Trump natal Sun-Uranus-Node in Gemini, along with Saturn, venus and Mercury in Cancer lines up with US closely (and a double whammy with US chart btw Venus-Mercury).

      Biden, a quadruple Scorpio does not fit the pattern, and neither did Hillary. Kamala does more than Joe as she has Gemini rising conj. North node, Venus conj Uranus and Saturn in Aquarius, but I’m not seeing the smack in face obviousness with her that exists btwn Trump and USA.

      I’d rather Kanye West became president at this point, but otherwise, Trump is a destiny president so CLEARLY laid out by the basic rules of basic astrology.

      And what is Biden anyway but a means to an end for globalist establishment that wants the control (with KH poised to step in as the shill to do their bidding). If Harris does win via her surrogate Biden, Kiss your country goodnight. Oh but they will make us feel good…for awhile, makes us happy to give our rights away.

  16. Demetra George talk titled War In the Heavens discusses Trump’s horoscope from a Hellenistic perspective, saying Trump has an extremely protected Saturn, in the bounds of the two benifits Venus & Jupiter.. also his Sagittarian Moon Eclipse conjunct Sth Node, representing his enemies.. 12th house ruler, as it applies to his Gemini Sun.. falls into his Sth Node, ie.they are eclipsed.. Sun rules his Leo Ascendant conjunct Mats & Regulus, the King Star.. Demetra also discusses Biden’s strong Jupiter in Cancer, trine his Scorpio Sun.. but natal Jupiter is farsis, about to station retrograde..

    While horary chart I drew up for election of February 12, 2020.. showed Trump as Saturn in Capricorn, in his own house, the 10th.. very strong as he was then.. however by Antica, or hidden position, put him in 8th house, early Sagittarius.. house of death & debt, or Covid 19.. also showing Dems/Biden as the Libra Moon, in the 6th house.. not so good.. however almost exactly opposed by Venus in Aries, in the 12th.. a malefic Venus, echoes of Antifa & violent protesting & looting, & Defund police movement supported by anarchic Democrat run cities & states..

    Meanwhile divisive democrats & lying Left media are now a joke, critical race theory et al.. America is the most democratic free democracy, despite a its flaws.. I think we all need to calm down & listen to more wise elders such as professor Thomas Sowell, the voice of Pluto in Capricorn, author of A Conflict of Visions, Discrimination & Disparities, & Candace Owens book titled Blackout.. It’s time to leave the Democratic plantation..

  17. Joe Biden.

    Mercurius is ruler MC and Descendant.

    4-Nov-2020 021°,32’54 Capricorn Jup 60 Merc transit

    Can Biden loose with this transit?

  18. In December of 2011 I rectified Kim Jong Un’s horoscope.

    4-Nov-2020 024°,37’53 Aquarius Sun 45 Pars

    Has this progressive aspect to do with friend Trump’s defeat?

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