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Cancer Solstice/Ingress blogs

The Cancer Solstice is on June 20 at 10:04 pm (PDT) – that’s on the 21st at 1:04 am EDT, and 6:04 am GMD.

Tem wrote a brief description of the chart with the astrolocality map in the June/July issue of TMA. Some highlights about the map: “Venus and Mercury-Midheaven lines run through the Koreas; a Pluto-Desc. line runs through London; Mars, Chiron, and Neptune lines all come together in the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of Louisiana.”

I’ve collected a mix of blogs, including some mundane analyses of the ingress chart, a Vedic perspective, and a Druid’s view of the significance of the day.

Have a good week everyone and enjoy this longest day (in the northern hemisphere).

Jude Cowell’s essay, Horoscope: Summer Solstice 2013 in Political Astrology at Stars Over Washington, considers midpoints in her assessment. (She also shows her handwritten notes on the chart in question — a cool view of a working astrologer’s thought process.) She comments: “Rising is 27°Pisces31′ along with two midpoints: 1) Uranus-NN, denoting radical political groups and reformers; 2) the forceful Mars-Pluto midpoint, which gives dangerous and ruthless tones to the chart and to the hot summer season. Also, Mars-Pluto opposes US progressed Neptune, which adds potentials for disasters related to water, oil, or gas, causing secret harm to others, and use of cunning and deceit — you know: Washington and state politicians behaving badly.”

Kathy Biehl’s blog is called The Summer of Water is Here: Astrology Forecast from June 17-23, 2013. She writes: “Look at the next three months as time in the ocean. Coming to terms with the water is essential. Push it and blowback is likely. Fight it and you’ll exhaust yourself, get water up your nose (remember how that hurts?), and possibly go under. Ride it, swim, surf, float, canoe. Experiment with metaphors; some will fit certain days, others…others. Let the current carry you, and some days going with the flow will also mean full speed ahead.”

Ron Berger, whose site is called Living Skillfully with Vedic Astrology, has a short essay on aspects of the week: Venus Conjunct Mercury, Summer Solstice, Venus enters Cancer, Jupiter Combust. Of the solstice, he writes: “In Vedic Astrology this is called a Sankranti, an Ingress. It’s a Transition, and therefore Unstable, i.e., avoid doing anything really important for three days on either side of the Solstice, from Wednesday through Sunday.”

Peter Stockinger at the Traditional Astrology Weblog writes: Cancer Ingress 2013 for the UK & Europe. Using the ingress chart set for London, he finds that since the planets ruling the Ascendant (Cancer) and 10th (Pisces) are in fall (Moon in Scorpio) and detriment (Jupiter in Gemini), then Venus is the “Lady of the Revolution.” (Venus is exalted in the sign on the 10th cusp (Pisces) and well placed in the first house.)

David Crook at Stellar Insights has a concise appraisal of the solstice chart set for Washington, D.C. In this mundane analysis, Summer 2013 in the U.S., he notes the importance of Betelgeuse at 29° Gemini on the 4th-house cusp and cites recent mundane events where that star was prominent.

Genevieve Vierling, the Blue Light Lady, has an article on Solstice June 20/21st, 2013. Writing on the water emphasis this year, she says: “This takes us on a dive into the unconscious realm as well. All the unseen realms are going to be emphasized this coming year in a very strong way. Water symbolizes secrets and all the hidden subterranean depths of the human psyche. It also symbolizes the subtle dimensions where other entities often hide and, with stealth, feed on those unaware. Oh yes, how many of us are aware that the unseen dimensions are inhabited by not just viruses, bacteria, and mutant cells, but also actual entities? Think about that one for a while! Perhaps we will learn more about the astral realm in the months ahead.”

Benjamin Bernstein at Astroshaman offers June 2013 Astrology Forecast: Visualize Revolutionary Transformation! This is a straightforward presentation with lots of good data — i.e., major aspects for the month, void-of-course Moon times, notes on New and Full Moons and stations. “Creative visualization is supercharged by four Grand Trines featuring Law of Attraction powerhouses Saturn and Neptune. Stir in three T-Squares ignited by the Uranus-Pluto square to get June’s astrological theme: visualize revolutionary transformation!”

Caroline Casey will be having a live event, Summer Solstice Swoosh! in Washington, D.C. on June 22. The recording of Convening the Council of Extreme Mythological Weather will be available as a download for $15. (The live event is not free; please see website for details.)

If you want to understand the broader use of declination and the solstice points in astrology, here are two good articles:

Declination for Beginners by Paul Newman

Declinations & The Antiscia by Bette Denlinger (1996)

David Crawford, who writes The World through a Druid’s Point of View, writes on the meaning of the Summer Solstice: “To get a broader understanding of this High Day, one should look at various aspects of the season: the actual astrological phenomenon, the agrarian activities, and a religious aspect.”


  1. These blogs are really informative and i came to know many things regarding Astrology.I always blog on Astrology related facts as those plays a vital role in our life.

  2. The solstice moment (five minutes after midnight) here in Minneapolis is of special interest because Moon was the most elevated body and precisely square the Ascendant, Moon being lady of the Sun in Cancer but in fall in Scorpio and disposed by Mars on the IC in Gemini. From that I anticipated destructive storms concentrated around the solstice date.
    About two hours later, heavy thunderstorms rolled in but without much wind–some areas in the state reported baseball-size hail. The following evening (the 21st) a much more intense storm blasted through–about two inches of rain came driving down within about 25 minutes, with high winds taking down many trees. The cleanup and power restoration crews have been very busy amid much local flooding.
    I find it instructive how the planetary exactitude has played out. Next question: When does the water spigot get turned off? I puzzle out such situations at my mostly-weather blog
    Others’ astro-weather discoveries and observations are welcome.

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