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Capricorn Eclipse: New Power Emerges

As if there weren’t enough juice flowing through the sign of The State (Capricorn), with the Lord of the Underworld (Pluto) taking up residence, now we begin a period where the Capricorn archetype will be torn open, erupting its dark shadow contents and forcing all the world to see. This is because an eclipse is essentially a rip in the fabric of time.

To really understand the power of an eclipse you must understand that time here on earth is fractal. It is measured by the constant repetition of the primal alternations of darkness and light. One day is made up of a light phase and a dark phase. Every 29 days we see the completion of the light and dark lunar phases. Every 13 lunations we see the completion of the light and dark solar phases via the seasons. With an average life expectancy close to 85 years (in the developed world), this means we will see nearly 29,000 daily cycles of light/dark and around 1040 Lunar cycle repetitions. This rhythm of light/dark is absolutely ingrained into our bodies and psyches. For instance, without the emotional processing dream-sleep of the nocturnal cycle, psychological disturbances will very quickly show themselves and we would basically go insane well within a lunar cycle.

When there is a disruption of this pattern, via an eclipse, the natural flow of the dark/light fractal is stopped in its tracks. There is darkness where there should be light. It is as if the Laws of our Universe are temporarily inverted, and the world is stood on its head. Granted, this happens somewhere twice a year, to a greater or lesser extent (depending on the power of the particular eclipse), but compared to the massive numbers of regular daily and lunar cycles, eclipses are fairly rare and therefore significant. So the eclipse becomes much more significant when thought of as a disruption of time. And, similar to sleep deprivation, things can get a little crazy — and rather quickly.

Eclipses happen in families or series, with a new member emerging approximately every 18 years. This is the Saros cycle, first discovered by Babylonian astronomer/astrologers more than two millennia ago. Solar eclipses with very similar characteristics repeat every 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours; these eclipses are then part of the same family or Saros series. Any two eclipses separated by one Saros (6,585.3 days) share very similar geometries. They occur at the same node with the Moon, at nearly the same distance from Earth, and at the same time of year.

The current eclipse belongs to Saros Series 141, the last two of which occurred in January 1992 and December 1973. This series is made up of a total of 70 eclipses, of which the current January 15, 2010 eclipse is number 23. The family began on May 19, 1613. The first annular eclipse took place on August 4, 1739. Subsequent members of Saros 141 were all annular eclipses with increasing durations, the maximum of which was reached on December 14, 1955 and lasted 12 minutes and 9 seconds. This event was the longest annular eclipse of the entire Second Millennium. The duration of annularity of each succeeding eclipse is now dropping, yet our January 15, 2010 eclipse will still be the longest annular eclipse to occur this century, with a duration of 11 minutes and 8 seconds. Annular eclipses have such long durations because they occur at lunar apogee, when the Moon is farthest from Earth, and thus moving relatively slowly. Because the Moon is too far from Earth for the apex of its shadow to touch the Earth’s surface, the Moon will not completely cover the Sun.


graphic 1

This greater distance also results in the ubiquitous “ring of fire” (annulus = ring). Some ancient astrologers felt that the resulting ring of fire made annular eclipses especially malefic.

graphic 2

Certainly, when we look back at the last three eclipses of this family, we see some very powerful events unfolding near the eclipse and/or within the following six months (until the next solar eclipse). I have selected just a few of these that seem to clearly resonate with the zodiac sign of the corresponding eclipse.

Eclipse of December 14, 1955: (21° 31′ Sagittarius)
On the evening of December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for disobeying an Alabama law requiring black passengers to relinquish seats to white passengers when the bus was full. Blacks also were required to sit at the back of the bus. Her arrest sparked a 381-day boycott of the Montgomery bus system and led to a November 13, 1956 Supreme Court decision banning segregation on public transportation.

Eclipse of December 24, 1973: (2°40′ Capricorn)
May 18, 1974 saw The Smiling Buddha, code name of a nuclear test explosion by India. It was the first confirmed nuclear test by a nation outside the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, making India the world’s sixth nuclear nation.

Eclipse of January 4, 1992: (13° 51′ Capricorn)
On April 28, 1992, the two remaining constituent republics of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia — Serbia and Montenegro — formed a new state called the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (after 2003, Serbia and Montenegro), bringing to an end the official union of Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Montenegrins, Bosnian Muslims, and Macedonians that existed since 1918 (with the exception of the period during World War II).

When we look at the birth chart for this series, we see two very powerful planets: Venus in her own sign conjunct the North Node (this is a North Node series); and Mercury in his own sign and conjunct Uranus. This seems to explain the theme we have seen recently of women, minorities, and smaller nations coming to the fore around these eclipses.

Solar eclipse: May 19, 1613 12:49:32 pm LMT; Washington D.C.

graphic 3


The chart for the current January 15, 2010 eclipse seems to echo the birth chart of the series in a few important ways. Venus is again conjunct the North Node, Jupiter is again conjunct Neptune, and Pluto is again in the sign of the eclipse.

Solar eclipse: January 15, 2010 2:11:55 am EST; Washington D.C.

chart 4

Within these commonalities, it seems we can form some reasonable expectations. Venus conjunct the North Node seems to symbolize either a female leader exercising her power in ways that disrupt the current status quo, or diplomatic situations/resolutions that have far-reaching consequences. This may also indicate economic complications for a struggling economy. The year 1974 was bad for the Dow and it also happened to be during a waning Saturn-Pluto square. However, this probably echoes what we already know — that unemployment will continue to lag behind a slowly growing economy. Still, Jupiter representing banks and Neptune representing fraud tells me we have not quite seen the end of the banking scandals.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune also symbolizes simultaneous expansion and dissolution — or expansion through dissolution — as was the case with Yugoslavia. The triumph of the bus boycott simultaneously expanded Civil Rights while dissolving segregation. The expansion of India into nuclear weapons also somewhat dissolved the boundaries of “the nuclear club.”  The five permanent members of the Security Council are the only nations recognized as possessing nuclear weapons under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Several other countries with nuclear weapons have not signed the treaty and are not recognized as “nuclear weapons states.” There has been criticism that the five permanent members have created an exclusive “nuclear club” that only addresses the strategic interests and political motives of the permanent members: for example, protecting the oil-rich Kuwaitis in 1991, but poorly protecting resource-poor Rwandans in 1994.

Of course, this nuclear issue brings us to Pluto, who is again in the sign of the eclipse. It is only a matter of time before we see more posturing from or toward the “rogue nations” of Iran and North Korea, so “predicting” that one or both of these situations could come to a head in the next six months seems like a no-brainer. However, it also appears obvious that both of these nations are attempting to use their potential nuclear status as a bargaining chip, making another round of escalating tensions equally as likely. Because of the lack of clear or firm support from either Russia or China, both of these situations are essentially stalemates, whereby the “rogues” can slowly inch toward the ultimate Promethean power (symbolized nicely by the Mercury-Uranus conjunction semi-square Pluto in the foundation chart of this series).

Russia and China, as the real wild-cards in these situations, brings us back to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Jupiter symbolizes wealth and Neptune communism. One of the “paranoid” fears is that a cash-strapped Russia (or its scientists) could be selling off nuclear parts or knowledge to rogue nations, or even terrorists. The reverse is China, who has plenty of cashbut could easily expand into the Korean peninsula by allowing North Korea to do its dirty work and then swallowing them. The original division of the Korean peninsula occurred under the previous Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune triple conjunction in late 1945 (in the sign of Libra).

Whatever happens, it is likely to have serious repercussions due to the intense transit menu over the summer. When viewed as a series, it is easy to see the upcoming Capricorn eclipse as symbolizing some sort of destabilizing situation that may lead to a confrontation, or Cardinal Crisis, under the cardinal t-square transits of the summer. This, in turn, may beg a response from the U.S., with the next total solar eclipse of July 11, 2010 falling in the sign of Cancer and near our national holiday.

However, the closer we get to these much anticipated astrological events, I am beginning to expect less of them. Rather than “doomsday” scenarios, I’m inclined to think these events may be seen as less important to us in their moment than the fears and anticipation leading up to them seems to warrant. Cardinal signs represent beginnings. It is quite possible that the true import of what unfolds in this pivotal year will only be fully appreciated in hindsight. Someday we may look back and see that some small shoot emerged in the summer of 2010 that eventually grew into the World Tree or the “axis mundi” of a future World Order. Surprisingly, after the final analysis on this subject, my muse is asking whether we will indeed recognize it for what it is when we see it.

Gary P. Caton is an eclectic astrologer who embraces an organic, process-oriented approach to spiritual exploration. Gary holds a degree in counseling and has developed a unique multi-disciplinarian approach to Astrology over 17 years. Connect with Gary at


  1. Yes, smartypants, excellent research Gary. As I was reading through this, so many current events sprang to mind. Yesterday Iran and North Korea made loaded peace offerings to the USA in an attempt to limit the econmic sanctions.

    Looking back to the 1613 eclipse certainly seems very useful and your interpretation does fit. Another example from today – the Mrs. Robinson affair in Northern Ireland, female partner of a leader causing disruption which may lead to real problems over there. The shootings and bombings are starting again.

    Back to the beginning. April 1613, daughter of a leader, Pocahontas was captured. After the eclipse (June), her husband made the first shipment of tobacco from Virginia to England. This fits your interpretation of a woman having far-reaching effect on diplomacy and economics.

  2. LOL, Thanks Y’all and nice catch(es) Funkstar!

  3. Again, great info on this series of eclipses, Gary. I particularly liked what you said at the end, and find myself in agreement with you. I think we need to go back to the basic symbolism of “Cardinal” energies — that of new beginnings. As you say (and what a nice metaphor), the small shoot in the forest is hard to spot, but it is perhaps the beginning of things we can not even conceive of at this point.

    Great technical explanations, here, too. Thanks Gary!

  4. Hey Dena, thanks padna!

    Yeah, I’m sure as a counseling astrologer (and fellow cardinal sun) that you know the real reward in the work we do comes from helping to “plant seeds” of future growth in the heart/mind/souls of our clients…

    btw, I’ve been thinking maybe us cardinals should do a reprise of our combined cancer eclipse podcast…that was great fun!

  5. Gary, brilliant! Thank you. This one’s a keeper. I’m going to print it out and keep in my eclipse notebook.

    I wanted to contribute what I’ve observed re the upcoming eclipse and the chart for the Republic of Yemen, May 22, 1990, midnight, Sanaa, Yemen (Asc. 22 AQ).

    The January 15 Capricorn Sun-Moon is conjoined to Yemen’s Saturn setting off a square to Yemen’s Moon-Venus conjunction in cardinal Aries and transiting Uranus is conjunct Yemen’s natal Mars — explosive event on or near water aka a USS Cole style bombing?

    I bring up Yemen for the obvious reason — the Underpants Bomber, whose natal Uranus at 23 Sagittarius is in square to Transiting Uranus and Yemen’s hot-headed Mars. Recent events/people have reignited the Yemeni flame that had been smoldering underground since the USS Cole bombing of 2000.

    The mutual reception between transiting Uranus at 23 Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius might be articulated as “Disruption leads to dissolution.” Especially since Jupiter (recently on Neptune) enjoys any opportunity he can grab to egg other planet players on. Since Yemen is close to being a failed nation-state (the merger of North and South Yemen in 1990 isn’t holding), and is the home of Anwar Al-Awaki (a new “Bin Laden” figure) who had a profound impact on the Underpants Bomber, I think we can expect Yemen to become more and more troubling for the USA.

    Recently Joe Lieberman (I-CT) was champing at the bit for military action against Yemen. Yet another overraction from someone who’s never spent a day in uniform. Senators are so willing to shed someone else’s blood so long as it doesn’t spill on their Gucci shoes.

    The USS Cole bombing took place on Oct 12, 2000 at 12:15 pm, Aden, Yemen, 18 CAP rising. The January 15, 2010 solar eclipse’s Lunar Nodes are in very nearly in reverse to where they were positioned at the USS Cole bombing — within a degree. On February 1, the transiting nodes will make their exact reversed conjunction. January 31 is the next Saturn-Pluto square, too. On March 15, the transiting nodes will conjoin the USS Cole bombing Asc/Desc axis. I suspect we will witness something around this time as well, as transiting Mars will have gone direct on March 10th.

    When stepping away from the aforementioned sum of parts listed to frame up discussion, I see a big “Gestalt” here. January 15th’s eclipse is a pot boiler. You’ve done a masterful job bringing hot spots to our attention. I wanted to throw Yemen in the mix too.

  6. Thanks Claudia,

    Yep, the connection to Yemen is obvious. I decided not to go there because I’m still wondering if we’ll all have to “go commando” now thru airport security, in addition to taking off our shoes…

    but wouldn’t that just legitimize the underpants bomber? LOL!

  7. lol! I’d better start reviewing Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton’s mode of travel!

  8. Whoa, when you check out the astro-cartography maps for these eclipses, Jupiter rises right over Port au Prince, Haiti in the birth chart for Saros series 141 and in the current eclipse Jupiter is at Nadir near Haiti…

    prayers for the Haitian people

  9. Kudos to you Gary – excellent work! And who knew that YEMEN and Barack Obama share the same Saturn and an Aquarius ascendant that is within 4 degrees of each other?

  10. PS: Not to mention…. Obama’s Gemini Moon is conjunct YEMEN’s Sun

  11. Very interesting.
    I would note that the MA/SA midpoint is at 9.58 SG and thus directly on(-45-) the SO/MO at 25.01 CP.
    This must be taken into account when discussing this Eclipse.

    Earthquake Haiti:
    Haiti (BWH #146) 1.1.1804 MA-90-SA 3.33CP=3.27LI
    current transit SA 4.39LI = PL 3.49CP

    Moreover the ASC for the Eclipse in Port-au-Prince is 25.41 SC, thus -0- Haiti’s NE @ 25.6 SC and -45- her SO @ 10.9 CP; tranisting NE is @ 25.2 AQ, thus with the Eclpise ASC activating the nation’s SO-45-NE.

    If a noon time for the act of de jure independence is accepted this would give the ASC @13 AR and MC @ 9.19 CP. But rectification is mere speculation and fancy-dress play.

    The Vertex for the Eclipse is 10.3 LE. Thus the midpoint of radical SO and this point is 10 SG, directly on the Eclipse SO/MO = MA/SA.
    Go figure!

    sic transit potentiam stellarum.

    The USA is to be involved in some very difficult moments under this eclipse, which is visible in the Afghan, Indian area. I would look for effects involving not only Yemen, but the centres of terrorism in Pakistan, India, and Afghan. The USA chart of 1 April 1789 (12.41) NYC has been hit by the recent lunations at 10 CN and 10 LE; the 15.I.10 MC @ 23.15 LE hits the USA MC at 22.44TA.

    Interesting the 1613 chart with the ASC @ 13.43 VI = USA SO/MO 13.26 GE, which was hit by the SA/PL on 9/11.

    Also most important is the fact that the ASC for 15.I.10 @ 14.34 SC and MA @15.17AQ put both of these directly on the World Axis (aka 0* AR and congruent points). This is a delicate degree area for the USA.

    The SA=PL of 31.I.10 @ 4* Card. will = USA PL @ 19.7AQ.

    Good luck.

    Lorenzo Smerillo

  12. Yes..Vedic & Western astrologer here..Everything is de-stabilizing in my life & this the dramatic climax, so to speak–my old life NEEDS to be totally destroyed (Indra) so my new life can fully be actualized. To understand my meaning go rent the Tomb Raiders movie with Angelina Jolie. She desparately wants to be reunited with her father & she is thru a time portal. Direct connection between my LIFE EVENTS of Jan 1992 are bearing KARMIC fruit now in Jan 2010.

  13. When she gets the time travelling device that allows here to GO FORWARD OR BACKWARD IN TIME many interesting events/things happen to her. When we use the Kriya key we can break the chains that bind the soul to all Maya/Illusion. We have to go back to the source thru the same portal in which we first arrived. Her father & her have a weird conversation like TIME WAS STOLEN from us & paradoxical things are hinted at. Life is a divine paradox…

  14. Not into astro cartography yet. Is there any link to this with the July 2009 solar eclipse? I’m still a believer that eclipses last to the next one, not before and not after. Just a belief but I’m open to being convinced otherwise by research. This idea does fit with your “rebooting” analogy.

    For this Haiti earthquake, the Moon and Jupiter were sextile, making quincunxes to the July 2009 solar eclipse degree. The total orb of aspect for this Yod configuration is 33′:

  15. Jamie, I’m generally not one for hard and fast “rules” but generally of the feeling that perhaps at least in the two weeks leading up to an eclipse there is already set in motion the energy of the eclipse…look at Rosa Parks(above), Michael Jackson, the Hatian earthquake…

    On another note, I think I may have spied one of those green shoots emerging while watching the pbs newshour

    They were talking about Google possibly pulling out of China. It was said that the proper context in which to view this is not Google v China but rather the Internet v Authoritarian Govt…or the Internet v “Chinternet” (their word for a govt censored internet)…and that ultimately “Chinternet” will loose

  16. Just throwing it out there Gary to test the waters. I’m questioning all the standard beliefs in astrology. Might be related the the Saturn-Uranus oppositions.

    I haven’t looked into the astrology of Jackson or Parks but would like to know of any links to this eclipse degree, not just in the timing being close to the eclipse date. With the Haiti earthquake, there is that link with the cartography you mentioned, but I do not see any link in the event horoscope relating to the eclipse degree. There is that link with the previous eclipse.

    Again with the China Google thing, how exactly are you linking this to this new eclipse apart from being close in time? The point I’m trying to make is that we could say all events and even our feelings are related to this eclipse tomorrow, even though these may in fact be related to other astrological factors. This is why I like to see direct links to the eclipse degree.

  17. Jamie, I hear what you are saying and certainly respect your position, however I also respectfully disagree

    Empirically, what I see with my eyes are massive Govt and Agency (Capricorn) mobilizations in response to an historic natural disaster which has left thousands of impoverished people buried in the rubble of collapsed building structures (Saturn)

    Essentially what you have is 3 simultaneous astrological factors: A Capricorn eclipse, Saturn square Pluto, and Saturn station RX

    -how does a Cancer eclipse (or other astrological factors) explain this better?

    As for the Google thing, they are only threatening to pull out. When and if they do, it will almost certainly be after this eclipse and perhaps before the next, however that is not what is important

    what is important is that it may be that an idea and/or perhaps a movement was born

    that idea is that it IS possible to reject the notions that we cant afford not to compete in china’s markets and that we must pander to censorship and other totalitarian practices in order to do business there

    as i pointed out above, the archetypes of wealth (jupiter) and communism (neptune) would seem to be activated not only by this eclipse but by the birth chart for the series

  18. “how does a Cancer eclipse (or other astrological factors) explain this better?”.

    I totally agree with you about the relevance of Saturn square Pluto, and Saturn station RX to this earthqauke. So the only point of contention now is which of the solar eclipses seems to have had the most influence.

    You say tomorrows Capricorn eclipse because it is in the sign of Capricorn (Govt and Agency). Where is the emperical evidence that the sign of Capricorn has anything at all to do with goverment? 25cap01 is out on its own in the chart for the earthquake. Yes, maybe conjunct Venus but that’s no reason for an earthquake surely.

    The previous Cancer solar eclipse for starters was a much more dramatic eclipse, the longest one for the rest of our lives. Cancer could rule governments just as much as Capricorn does, there is no proof otherwise that I have ever seen. In the earthquake chart, 29can27 is quincunx the Moon (28′) and quincunx Jupiter (33′), making the last eclipse the action point of a very tight Yod configuration. Yods are very powerful configurations, intense energy is formed which needs release.

    Other astrological factors which may explain this earthquake (better than a Capricorn eclipse) include the tight configurations between Eris, Quaoar, Varuna and Sedna (all within 13′). There was also another tight configuration with the slow movers during the Samoan earthquake last year.

    Shorter term triggers could have included Uranus setting (12′) and the Part of Fortune conjunct the last quarter Moon (27′). This last point I think is significant because that last quarter Moon represents the very last lunation period (last week) in the life of this previous eclipse.

  19. Before I begin my retraction, I wish to inform you of the aspects which tomorrows eclipse makes to my chart:

    24cap30 square Saturn
    25cap01 solar eclipse
    25cap01 square Mercury
    25cap34 Part of Change

    At Tyl’s forum a few hours ago I wrote: “Anyway, my thinking might change on this, and also how I communicate my thoughts on the subject.”

    I used the UT instead of local time when doing the chart for the earthquake. So the orb for the Yod with the Solar Eclipse is now just under 3 degrees, a bit wide for me to get excited about. The rest I wrote about Fortunae and Uranus setting is also poo.

    Fixed stars continually amaze me. Saturn stationed retrograde exactly on Zaniah: “An attribute of Zaniah can be seen in the Mercury-Venus-in-Libra talent for negotiating peace. One attribute which a good commander must surely need is an intuition for knowing to call a halt to battle and either offer or seek terms for peace.” [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.69-70.]

  20. The evidence is right in front of our eyes, a vast majority of Govt leaders are old white guys, lol! (and if they arent the job turns them gray fast)

    Seriously, though, I think we have reached a point where we may have to agree to disagree because truthfully there is no proof and probably will not ever be any proof for any kind of astrology.

    That is basically because we are probably both “right” here. This earthquake is related to both past and future eclipses I’m sure. If we went back and found the last eclipse to actually be visible in Port au Prince I would virtually guarantee you we’d find some very interesting symbology -cuz that’s what we do!

    For my part, Saturn as the Lord of the Eclipse stationing Rx before it symbolizes events occurring prior.

    For me, Capricorn is the sign of Govt or “The State” because it is a trans-personal sign.

    The first 4 signs are personal, the next 4 interpersonal and all 8 are ruled by personal planets (classically). Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio all need a personal “other” to perform for/with, serve, be partner to and merge with…

    in Sag the other becomes Trans-personal -The Church, in Capricorn the “other” becomes The State, In Aquarius the other is Humanity and in Pisces -The Universe!

    Thus, the last 4 signs are ruled by the social planets accordingly. I think we would do better to call Jupiter and Saturn Trans-Personal planets (because they lie beyond the personal planets) and then the outers would be Trans-Social or Trans-Cultural…

    This would explain why, with Pluto, Eris, Quaoar, Varuna and Sedna all being intimately involved that peoples from all over the World are coming together…perhaps we need these disaster to teach us how to come together globally?

    Anyway, I am not interested in further debating or explaining how this eclipse is related to any specific event. I’ll leave that to anyone else who may be interested.

    What interests me personally is how, going forward, our experience of the Capricorn and Saturn archetypes changes post-eclipse. I will be looking for the signs that this is happening -cuz that’s what I do!

  21. ha! we were both typing at the same time from opposite sides of the globe, how apropos

  22. Hi Gary,

    Interesting article! I was born on one of the eclipse days mentioned. Astrologically speaking, is this upcoming eclipse supposed to have any special significance because of that or should it be the same for all Capricorns?


  23. Thanks Kristian,
    No, you are pretty special in this regard. Depending on how old you are you may be able to see trends which changed the course of your life under previous instances of this eclipse family (ie in the years 1974 & 1992) and expect somewhat similar developments…the main idea to understand is that this Eclipse has both literally and metaphorically turned the world on its head. The old rules don’t apply somehow any more. Things are possible which you may not have dared to imagine… Imagine yourself Dorothy in Oz, Alice in Wonderland or Lucy Pevensie in Narnia etc etc for the next 6 months and you will have the right perspective, in my humble opinion…if this is true, then finding your Glinda or recognizing her when you see her (it could also be a him) would seem to be important too, but if you simply play with the metaphor of “being in Oz” then this will probably take care of itself. The “yellow brick road” is simply a metaphor for taking the path of self-discovery

    Of course, as an astrologer i can’t help but astrologize everything and so it is no surprise I see the characters of OZ as representations of archetypes -a way of relating to our “inner planets”

    Aunt Em = Moon
    Dorothy, the heroine = Sun
    Scarecrow = Mercury “if I only had a brain”
    Tin Main = Venus “if I only had a heart”
    Cowardly Lion = Mars “if I only had courage”
    Glinda = Jupiter “the greater benefic”
    WOW (wicked witch of west) = Saturn “the greater malefic”
    Wizard = Uranus “the exotic foreigner with Promethean technology”

  24. Thanks for the insight, Gary!

    I’m the 1973 one, so the ’92 eclipse was in my last semester of high school, going into college (which makes sense with it).

    We’ll see what this one brings.

    Thanks for your time and info. It’s definitely helpful. And I like the Oz reference!

  25. Gary,

    Really appreciated your thoroughness and insight! Thanks very much for this. Really helped me to understand the Full Moon on the 29th a lot better. Great work!


  26. Rockin’ work, you all..

    Thanks to all the smartypants, especially, of course, Mr. Gary Caton!!

  27. i have capricorn as my moon sign and scorpio as my sun will this Jan 15th solar eclipse affect me? anything good going to happen?

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