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Catch up with astrology on the web….

This week our collection of blogs represents lots of points of view and subject matters, as well as discussions of the past (i.e., see Chris Brennan’s), present (e.g., sex scandal in France), and future (e.g., Austin Coppock and Crystal Pomeroy on 2014). Something for every mood, I hope.

Have a good Monday and enjoy the first day of the Sun in Aquarius.

Paul Saunders at Solaris Astrology writes on French President Francois Hollande’s love affair with actress Julie Gayet in France Rocked by Presidential Sex. He considers the horoscopes of all the players — the president, the actress, and his primary partner. “It is very revealing that transiting Jupiter, the planet ruling his permanent partner of the moment (Valerie Trierweiler), is now conjunct Hollande’s South Node, a point of detriment, and as it has moved there she has gone into hospital and is suffering greatly from stress.”

Frederick Woodruff interviews Jessica Murray, Finding a Way Through, at AstroInquiry. Enjoy this conversation between two intellectually robust astrologers.

Austin Coppock has a synopsis of the big themes of the year in The Astrology of 2014. (This is an excerpt from 2014 Astrology Almanac.)

Crystal Pomeroy writes: 2014: The Year of the Spiritual Warrior at DayKeeper Journal. “If the sacred masculine supports heroic progress in 2014, the sacred feminine is the center that insures deep and lasting results. From St. George saving the maiden to the celestial Toltec warrior who defends his mother from attack while still in the womb, warrior myths remind us that the hero’s ultimate goal is to defend the inner life. Whether you prefer mindfulness, meditation, prayer, forgiveness, journaling, or any discipline or combination, this is a year to keep the inward flame burning through daily practice and a commitment that goes beyond the surface.”

As the Sun moves from one Saturn sign (Capricorn) to another (Aquarius), let’s keep listening to the ringed planet. Julie O’Mahoney writes: Saturn: The Big C (by which she means commitment) at The Astrology Place. “With Saturn we need to rise to the challenge, we need our mettle to be tested, and it rules those places we feel less developed, inferior, not good enough. Saturn is the place we compensate for our weaknesses, but some of our greatest talents and capabilities arise from our feelings of inadequacy. It is thought that humans will do anything to avoid pain to preserve a sense of self, but this avoidance results in the creation of psychological defences that are so common with Saturn in the natal chart.”

Enjoy Gary Caton’s current 50-minute talk at his Goddess Astrology Podcast. His subject: Venus Conjunct the Sun in Capricorn.

Teri Parsley Starnes at Starsdance Astrology writes about Time. “What is your relationship to Time as a Mysterious One? Does this question catch you by surprise? Have you never thought of Time as a being with whom you could have relationship? If so, I invite you to entertain that notion. It could shift your whole life. I know it has mine…….Pressure and panic are signals that I am not in alignment with Time. Too focused on the future, I lose my anchor to Present Being. Like a child who feels neglected and who knows she is the center of the world (don’t we all know this?), Present Being warns, ‘If you lose me, you lose everything! Future won’t help you and it won’t help me. Come back to me. I need you.'”

Chris Brennan collected a list of Top 10 Astrologers of All Time. It’s a mini-mini course on astrological history; he explains why he chose these ten (and lists some Honorable Mentions), and gives a snapshot of their respective contributions and place in history.

Jeremy Neal at Chirotic Journal writes The Astrology of Paul Walker’s Demise and the importance of transNeptunian objects Ixion and Orcus. “Studies of Walker’s demise cite varying opinions about the gathering portents implied in his astrology. In my view, none of the analysis has identified the single overwhelming stormy petrel of the piece, which is the Hadean transit of Ixion to Walker’s Sun and Saturn.” (Editor’s note: “stormy petrel” – “a person or thing that foreshadows trouble” The Free Dictionary)

We’re always open to your suggestions for links to help keep us informed about the myriad astrology writers on the web. (I remember when TMA first started collecting astrology websites — 1995, I think. It’s rather a more complex picture nowadays.)

Thank you.
Have a good week everyone, Mary


  1. Mary

    Thank you for this comprehensive, rousing collection of articles. I just finished reading Austin’s fascinating overview of 2014 and now I’m making my way over to Chris Brennan’s — (I love top ten lists).

    Too, I appreciate the AstroInquiry mention amidst such a formidable grouping of peers. Jessica is always a surprise and inspiration.

    Belated New Year greetings!


  2. Mary,
    I always love it when you present a compilation of perspectives from astrologers around the world. They are refreshing, informative, diverse and fun to explore. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Judie, so glad you enjoy it..


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