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Checking in with Jupiter

Midday on Sunday, with the transiting Moon in Libra opposing Uranus (13°33′ Aries) and about to square Pluto (14°27′ Cap), I got a call from a friend who was having a panic attack. I was able to stay on the phone with her until her partner got home.

These “panic attack” moments are somewhat familiar to those of us tracking the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, now approaching the 7th and final exact aspect on March 16 at 15°18′ of their respective cardinal signs. I wrote a few weeks ago that this is the aspect “that has been keeping us from falling back to sleep.”

The sequence of the Moon’s travels on Sunday, however, led me to think about Jupiter. After the square to Pluto, the Moon made a sextile to Jupiter and a trine to the Sun before moving into Scorpio late tonight (Monday). (1)

Jupiter is retrograde and very bright in the night sky. (2) On February 6th the Sun opposed Jupiter (17°37′ Aquarius – Leo), which places us midway in their synodic cycle that began with the conjunction on July 24, 2014 at 1°52′ Leo. Look to the house in your natal chart where this cycle began and imagine that a benevolent and generous impulse was born there. And now you may look for the fulfillment of an inner promise, or of a vow or oath towards goodness related to the affairs of that house.

Jupiter, the “greater benefic” in traditional astrology, is connected to all manner of plenty and abundance, to that which expands our view and keeps hopefulness on the horizon. (3)

Although we know that the planetary archetypes are finely calibrated in any particular horoscope, I am herein evoking Jupiter as our trust in the goodness of life, our experience of joy and laughter, and the knowing that our inner compass points toward integration. (4)

The opposition means that Jupiter rises around the time the Sun sets, is visible all night, being overhead around midnight, and sets around sunrise. Jupiter will be visible in the night sky throughout February. “The giant world burns at magnitude minus 2.6, three times as bright as Sirius, the brightest star, which sparkles very far to Jupiter’s right or lower right on February evenings.” (5)

Here are some recent photos from the Hubble, which show the rare event of three moons of Jupiter crossing the face of the planet at the same time. “In the last 15 years, this has happened only twice, the Space Telescope Science Institute said. ‘The next one will be 2032,’ said astronomer Carol Christian.”

With clear skies you can see Jupiter in the night sky, and here you can listen to the sounds of Jupiter (from a Voyager recording):

Enjoy the current planets on your screen here: What’s Up for February 2015, a graphic overview from NASA including Jupiter’s moons, the Venus-Mars conjunction on the 21st, and Juno.

Have a good week, everyone. Keep looking up on the clear nights this month to see the greater benefic guiding you along.


(1) In horary terms, this is a translation of light by the Moon from Jupiter to the Sun; the Moon is carrying the light of Jupiter to the Sun. However, some sources say the translation is more effective if, in this case, the Moon (in Libra) were receiving either Jupiter (Leo) or the Sun (Aquarius). “Some references suggest a need for the transferring planet to be received by the planet it is separating from or applying to.” I am thinking of it in poetic terms — as I am writing, the Moon is connecting Jupiter and the Sun.

(2) Jupiter stationed retrograde on December 8 at 22° Leo and will go direct on April 8 at 12° Leo.

(3) Chris Brennan: “The term ‘benefic’ is derived from the Greek term agathopoios which literally means ‘good-doer’ ”
Horoscopic Astrology Blog

“Jupiter was not only the protective deity of the race, but he was regarded as the guardian of public morality, being concerned with oaths, treaties, alliances, and wars. Socially Jupiter also was concerned with the citizen’s duties toward the gods, state, and family….He was particularly responsible for honoring oaths, which led to the practice of swearing in his name, by Jupiter! Or by Jove!”
The Mystica

(4) According to the doctrine of sect, for example, Jupiter is a more obvious benefic in the chart of a person born during the day. Jupiter’s place by sign, house, aspects, reception, etc., are some of the variables in a more specific assessment of its function in a horoscope.

(5) NBC News


  1. thank you very much for this brillant information. indeed we have to consider the law of nature as “the way it go’s” in daily life instead to live a life “what other people expect” of us. thank you for your information.

  2. Thank you Mary. I love your description of the aspect “that keeps us from falling asleep” I wonder what will keep us awake after it starts to recede? So many of us born in the mid 40’s have them in conjunction (parallel) in declination..xox

  3. It’s great to have transiting Jupiter in one’s 3rd House when one is writing a book!

  4. Very Detailed and Informative . Jupiter is Transiting my 11th House Hope it Bestows me with Gains .

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