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Chiron Calls

Chiron stationed direct at 21°13’ Aquarius late at night here on the west coast on October 30.  There was a Full Moon eclipse on February 9 at 20°52’ Leo, so this degree area is especially responsive again.

Chiron station

There are other significant celestial events at the station: Saturn is newly in Libra, the Full Moon is today, Jupiter is just moving forward (as of October 12), and Neptune turns direct on November 4.

As always, there are many windows to peer through when noticing events as they parallel the sky. And there are many levels of manifestation and countless expressions of the movements in the heavens. I’m writing a few stories from my own life as the wisest of the centaurs has turned around and is slowing, slowing, slowing, and tenderly, carefully, moving forward again.

Chiron can signify a wound. Words fly out of some half conscious part of our selves and are magnetized right into someone’s most recent, or most finely tuned, point of sorrow. We’re not in our usual parameters of time with Chiron. We may slip into a new and heightened consciousness. It can happen very quickly and there is no going back — only slowly, gently, allowing space for the grace that we trust will descend again.

Enhanced by Neptune’s delicate presence, some are feeling a fragility and vulnerability that is hard to bear. On the day of the station (in close aspect to my natal Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto), I said too much to a close loved one. I’m waiting for the moment to make amends.

In another Chironic episode: On Saturday I got a phone call from a sometimes aloof (i.e., Uranus connections between us) but beloved family member. It was a longed for and cherished conversation, which was indeed a healing connection.

A dear friend’s natal Sun is at 20° Aquarius. Her Ascendant is 22° Taurus, the same degree and sign as her elderly father’s natal Sun. She flew across the country late last week to sit with her father at the hospital after he suffered a brain hemorrhage and had surgery. The family waited guardedly with him as he hovered between this world and another. He left this mortal coil early this morning, surrounded by his family and their prayers. Here Chiron’s appearance relates to the father’s illness and wound and as the shape-shifting, shamanic principle of traveling between worlds.

Chiron is also a guide on the journey to wholeness or completion. Some Jungian therapists speak of the individuation process as shamanic, in that we can retrieve parts of ourselves heretofore lost, discounted, or abandoned. This healing can be initiated at the cellular, physical, or spiritual levels — and all levels seem to interconnect with each other.

At the station, Chiron is barely moving. Chiron gives the gift of a new perspective, which in some traditions has to be practiced with diligence and inner gentleness. It can be accompanied by acute awareness of pain, emptiness, being different or left out.

This weekend, I spoke with someone who is in a healing journey with a shaman. At this moment in the therapeutic process, having re-visited a critical early wound, she is literally at the time where she has been instructed to “practice the new perspective.” Chiron signifies the recapitulation of a wound, the insight gained, and the necessity to practice the change in awareness that then stimulates new neural pathways in the nervous system. In this case, the Chiron station is conjunct Mercury, which is aspected by Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto.

I have friends in a challenging relationship. The composite chart has Saturn conjunct the South Node at 21° Aquarius. Late last week they came to the decision to break off all contact (for now, anyway), after a series of difficult and painful disagreements.

Another friend has struggled for years with digestive issues. She is an alternative health care professional and has tried everything. She is thrilled to have received a definitive diagnosis (i.e., celiac disease) on Friday. (She said, Mary, tell them it’s been 40 years!) She has a Moon-Mars conjunction at 21° Leo in the natal horoscope — the Chiron station in opposition brought a significant new perspective for her long-standing digestion (Moon-Mars) issues. The Moon and Mars are part of a fixed cross in the natal chart, suggesting the persistence of her symptoms and her huge relief now.

Someone else I am very close to has Venus, the Moon, and Pluto in Leo. The Venus/Pluto midpoint is precisely at 21° Leo. Transiting Chiron stopping directly opposite that very sensitive point has brought intense awareness of her deeply familiar feelings of abandonment and aloneness. She has been grappling with her emotional history for a while now, but the Chiron station has sharply and painfully articulated what she now feels is the primary wound at her emotional core.

At times like these I often consult the I Ching. Yesterday I threw hexagram #8: Holding Together. In The I Ching Workbook by R. L. Wing (1979), I read: “The individual human spirit is nourished by a sense of connectedness to the whole of human awareness….You will be able to glimpse yourself as a part of a whole, which will both amplify your individuality and annihilate it. Do not fear this, for it will not diminish your self-awareness but rather spotlight it against a more profound background.”

I think these words are a beautiful description for these days with Chiron, Neptune, and Jupiter continuing to travel together and moving forward again. May we all find the way home to our own true selves.


  1. I am in my wound, what can I say only that there must be some kind of shamanic death for me and very uncomfortable even though I know a healing must be happening. Thanks very much, Mary for this new blog. Very timely. Anneke

  2. Dear Anneke,

    Thanks for the nice comment…

    Keep the faith..

    Much Love,


  3. Thank you Mary for creating such a vivid picture of Chiron. To see it in terms of moving forward from the wounds, going beyond them, yet, not losing the compassion that comes when we are deeply experiencing them is such a profound wisdom that Chiron can teach us.

    I have a friend with a natal Jupiter at 20 degrees Leo and Moon 27 degrees Aquarius who wallows in his hurt, constantly. His natal Chiron in the 7th house in Virgo seems like such an enemy to his Jupiter. . at least that is how it seems to me.

    I pray that the aura of Chiron’s Light and gifts will help him move forward with its slow movement.

    Thanks so much,

  4. Great article, Mary!
    I learn a lot from this blog.

  5. Hi Hillary,

    Thank you for writing…and about your friend..

    It sounds like you & I are having a similar experience of Chiron..

    Many blessings..

  6. Thanks again for another fine article. Mary. I appreciate you.

  7. Just a few days ago I came home to a core issue – feeling invisible to my father. This wound has created a dis-empowered dynamic with men. My Moon and Pluto in Leo are in the 10th house with the ruler of the house Leo. I do not have the exact degrees, however they are very close to this degree! My 4th house is ruled by Aquarius. What a remarkable healing seeing this has been!
    Thanks for adding your light to this!

  8. Written in your dear, sweet style, this post offers empathy and support on so many levels. Pluto has been crisscrossing my natal Chiron even as transiting Chiron opposes my Hades Moon (Pluto conjunct Moon) mid Leo where Mars extended stay offering opportunity for Soul Alchemy. Temporarly affected by a series of mini-strokes (TIE) while also discovering various chronic symptoms were from undiagnosed gluten and dairy intolerance, Whoo Hoo, I am enjoying creating a new relationship with my inner self and my outer world. Letting Go of the judgments projected on me by close family and friends has relieved any Personal sense of abandonment or vulnerability and attracted them back into my life in a kinder, gentler form. Using Solar Arcs, I expect this transformative process to continue. Thank you for your post. Namaste.

  9. Great stuff! I’ve had this on and off my mars/lilith conjunction at 23/22 Aqua.
    I hadn’t considered the chiron part separately or the fact its been retrograde.
    The triple conjunction has brought me wonderful life
    Changes. But just recently I had a relapse of sorts.
    I realised I was self sabotaging due to negative expectations
    instilled in childhood. Then I pulled my self out of the pit.
    I can feel the forward motion already. Very exciting times!

  10. Oprah’s October 30th show was with the widow of Patrick Swayze. It is difficult to describe how well this description of Chiron fit with the show.

    Instant soulmates, 38 years of WORK to make their marriage last, battling the cancer, healing, and the foggy veil transition of him moving to the otherside and still feeling him there.

  11. Hi Lisa,

    beautiful words, feeling invisible with your father. It is so powerful to experience these core issues and hard to imagine until it actually happens on a visceral level…Chiron remember was wounded in his body..

    Thanks for being open with your process..



  12. Hi Mara,

    What a beautiful openhearted post..sounds like the deep healing is moving in its always mysterious ways!

    Love, Mary

    (Thanks for calling my style “dear” and “sweet”..must be my Cancer Moon, always working overtime)

  13. Hi Marina,

    I love what you say: “I realised I was self sabotaging due to negative expectations
    instilled in childhood”

    Really, what an important realization..the older I get, the more I realize how deeply the earliest impressions are..
    And I’m a big Lilith watcher, so thanks for bringing her into the discussion..

    Best in all ways on your journey..


  14. I wonder if your Cancer moon is near 21 degrees? So much of my learning comes from people with planets there, especially Sun or Moon (my Saturn). My Moon’s 21 degrees Aquarius. Whilst Jupiter trines my Jupiter, Chiron may be helping to make me feel less invisible in the world; and increasingly keen to become more compassionate rather than a bad-tempered old hermit (Mars-Pluto Leo opposition to Moon)

  15. For some literal Aquarian symbolism – on the day of the Chiron station, I broke my right ankle! Headed from my home to my car, I slipped on black ice and couldn’t right myself.

    Chiron is important in my chart, conjunct my IC; I’m also having my Chiron return. There are enough other contacts to my chart from the Chiron station chart, almost enough to make the experience funny.

    Okay, Cosmos, I get the message!

  16. Thank you for this post!

  17. Thank you for your powerful inights and meaningful guidance.

    Chiron turning direct is making itself clearly seen in every aspect of my life as it conjuncts my ascendant- which also happens to sit directly in a grand cross/grand square in my natal chart. (AS in Aqu opposing DS/Jupiter in Leo, squaring IC/Sun in Taurus and MC/Neptune in Scoropio.) Your article helped me awaken to the connection of how profoundly I am affected by Chiron turning direct as it so strongly draws ties between my current and past wounding in each of these areas.

    There is a real theme here for me. As I am already in complete awe (and shock) of the transformative process occuring with Uranus opposing my natal Uranus, and Pluto conjunct my natal moon, (as well as many other powerful transits currently) I dare say I was weary of what lessons Chiron had planned for me.

    Thank you for your assistance in helping me reframe some of my perspecetive on all of this timely “work” going on in my life. There is more to come, and I can only hope that Chirons lessons may now begin to fortify a new base on which I might build a new life…in every way.

    Thank you for your insights,

  18. Its about healing our own individual perceptions. It is us who choose which way we will view the world…yes others paint a picture for us to look at with their words, actions and deeds but it is ‘us’ coming from our our own wounded-ness that gives definition to our worlds and creates the perceptions we choose to give emphasis to. The world is a blank canvas that we paint our colors onto.

  19. Hi Vivienne,

    My natal Jupiter (20 Aquarius) is on your Moon..
    I love what you say about becoming more compassionate,instead of crabby & bad tempered..

    me too..;-)

  20. Virginia,

    Thanks for your words…this article really seemed to speak to people (at least from what I can see from all of these wonderful comments).

    It’s nice to really see that we are all in this together..



  21. Your friend who has received the diagnosis of Celiac Disease can also come to acknowledge the deep seated anger and adrenalin issues at the seat of the problem. Then she will be able to eat anything moderately. With Chiron so activated she may become aware of what she has helped others with that she needs to internalise herself. Chiron is great for bringing us a mirror.

  22. Thank you for this enlightening post. If possible i would like to know your opinion on Saturn-Chiron conjunction on a composite chart. It might help me to understand the meaning of this relationship.


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