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Chiron with the North Node

Chiron, the celestial representative of the maverick and the wise and wounded centaur, will station direct on October 25 at 21°09′ Aquarius, conjunct the North Node. The two bodies (along with Neptune) have been close all year and were also conjunct at Chiron’s retrograde station in May. Astrologer Terry Lamb has been writing about this combination for awhile. Her new political blog post McCain Rubs Salt in the Great American Wound brings us up to date with the possibilities of a great healing inherent in this combination. Enjoy!


  1. I’m looking at October 25th in the ephemeris and Chiron will be at 16 degrees Aquarius, the North Node at 14 degrees Aquarius. Neptune will be at 21 degrees Aquarius.

  2. In terms of the nodes, there is a slight difference between the True node and the mean node. The True node is at 16 Aquarius while the Mean node is 14 Aquarius.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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