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Curious about Uranus?

It came to me last night to try to capture something about the paradox and perplexity of Uranus as it is leaving Pisces and moving into Aries. (This happens on May 27th when Uranus will be in Aries for the first time since 1927–1934; Uranus has been in Pisces since 2003.)

I got out my copy of Rex Bills’s The Rulership Book and made lists of some keywords and started mixing it up. (For any non-astrologers reading this, although all the planets and signs are complex and multi-layered in meaning, we can take a shortcut and use keywords to encapsulate meaning into succinct phrases, meant to kindle the imagination.)

To start, a key idea of Uranus is the awakener. In Pisces, Uranus awakens through subtlety, sorrow, empathy, and an invisible — though keenly felt — presence. In Pisces, Uranus awakens through sacrifice of a personal reference point.

In Aries, Uranus awakens through pure joy in the life force, courage, impulsiveness, acting as a warrior, and jumping in without thought. In Aries, Uranus awakens through a pronounced and fearless individuality.

Uranus signifies brilliance and takes us to the farthest reaches of creativity. Uranus in Pisces aligns us with brilliance through believing; trusting; the awareness of intangibles; watercolors; dreaming; pretending; schemes and schemers; séances, secrets, and our innermost emotions.

Soon upon us, Uranus in Aries takes us to the extremes of creativity through the distinction of separateness; bravery; valor; heroism; physical activity; sleeplessness; adventuring through life; and being willing to face conflict.

In Pisces, Uranus opens inner vision; in Aries, Uranus motivates direct action and initiative.

Uranus also agitates and accelerates. In Pisces, this can happen through intoxicants; or in private life; or with the destitute and mystics; or in mazes, monasteries, and all places of confinement.

Uranus in Aries agitates and accelerates our physical activity; the conquering of new lands and spaces; heroes and leaders; the military; surgical equipment and procedures; headaches and sleeplessness.

In another guise, Uranus brings sudden change and detachment. In Pisces, that can be from our disappointments and self-deceptions. Uranus in Aries may bring detachment from, and a different appreciation of, the experience of being alone.

Uranus can also be deviant, disagreeable, distorted, eccentric, perplexing, and extraordinary. It is where we disobey and bring disorder. Uranus rules uprisings, uncertainty, the unconventional, the uninvited, the unprecedented, and the untimely. In Pisces, these things may be hidden and cloaked; in Aries these qualities come to life in plain view.

Uranus alarms, amazes, and astonishes — in Pisces, we are astonished by our sensitivity; in Aries, we are astonished by our courage.

Uranus inspires by bringing the future into the present. As Uranus changes signs, may the potential self-undoing, sabotages, and undermining of Pisces turn to a resounding “yes!” for the next great round of challenge that Uranus in Aries will happily bring.

(And, for those who haven’t had quite enough time to awaken in the fog, veils, and damp, wet places, take heart:  Uranus will be going back into Pisces from August 2010 until March 2011.)



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