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Early Thoughts on Obama

We’ve enjoyed several weeks of relief and hopefulness about the US election, and articles about the President-elect are beginning to appear on the web. Like many of you, I’m delighted to be looking at some new figures on the national scene and I’ve selected a few of the early blog posts.

Joyce Hopewell is a teacher of the Huber Method of Astrological Psychology and her article Barak Obama Revisted includes assessment of Obama’s “Age Point”, a technique unique to the Huber’s which finds a particular place in the chart for each year of life. Since Obama has just celebrated his 47th birthday, “his Age Point is in Libra in the 8th house.”

Elizabeth Spring writes on the similarities between Jung’s and Obama’s astrological charts. Read Elizabeth’s article for a deeper understanding, but for a start, both gentlemen have 6th house Leo Suns (square Neptune), Aquarius rising, and Venus in Cancer.


Terry Lamb’s writes enthusiastically about the team Obama-Rahma! The Chemistry of Obama and His New Chief of Staff. She uses a solar chart for Emanuel (no known birth time) who is a Sag with several planets in Scorpio.

And for a down-loadable PDF file interpreting Obama’s natal horoscope (written by Liz Greene) go here.

Enjoy – and please do leave your comments and suggestions.


  1. Thank you for the links to this additional information on Obama.

    I suggest an astrological perspective on the date and time of the Inauguration. My concern is that it will occur during Mercury Retrograde. Also, if President-elect Obama is sworn in at 12:00 noon EST, it will also occur during a VOC moon.

  2. Hello G.R.

    We’ll have to watch for the exact time of the Inauguration. As a first thought, the Mercury retrograde could suggest that we are dealing with issues and situations that need lots of review and re-visiting.

    I want to look at the chart again, but I do remember that Jupiter is elevated and that gave me hope before the election that a sense of optimism would be present that day. (A very subjective assessment, I realize!)

    Thanks for the comment..

  3. For whatever it’s worth, two friends and I who often do runecasts together considered the issue of the possible void-of-course moon on inaugeration day. We believe that something will happen to postpone the usual noontime inaugeration, but all will work ultimately to Obama’s benefit.

  4. Does it make sense to base the presidency chart for Obama to start on Jan 21 around 4:30 pm, not sure of the exact minute, when he repeated his vow with Chief Justice Roberts? I am not a professional astrologer, but this seems to be an ultimate “re-do” in keeping with Mercury retrograde.
    Could be there is a left-brain ascendent timing of exactly 12 noon on Jan 20, when the constitution officially makes Obama president, and then a brain-brain, more intuitive timing for his true presidency, to be on Jan 21 around 4:30 pm?

  5. Hi Elsah,

    Interesting distinction about the brain.

    I will certainly be looking at both charts. There are some comments under this week’s blog, Yeah Aquarius..

    The timing for the second oath was 7:35 pm, a chart which gives Virgo rising and Mercury retrograded back into Capricorn..the 12:05 pm chart for the 20th has Mercury in Aquarius and the stellium in the 10th. The new time places the Sun, Mercury, etc. in the 6th house of work, employment, and the general health of the society. As we all know, we have a big job ahead and I think it’s interesting that this is showing so clearly in this chart.

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