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Early Thoughts on Pluto’s Big Move

With so much to keep track of, it seems a good time to assemble a few resources to offer a perspective for some of the fantastic sky-earth stories wherein we dwell. This curated (and tiny) list is meant to highlight some of the key themes in a manageable way while we ramble along together.

Gahl Sasson, host of the Cosmic Navigator Astrology Show, published a 54-minute podcast for the transits for the week of March 26: Pluto in Aquarius – Are God and Odin Gender-Fluid?

A researcher’s dream archive, Astrotheme has a collection of thousands of Horoscopes with Pluto in Aquarius for celebrities, historical figures, and events. The horoscopes are presented with portraits and biographical notes. Elizabeth I of England, Lord Byron, and the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, CA; Toronto, ON; and Sydney, AUST are some of the entries. There are also tools to help narrow your search.

Pluto in Aquarius: 2023–2044 is an essay by Evolutionary Astrologer Rose Marcus. She mentions historical events from Pluto’s previous transit in Aquarius and finds it a time “of upheavals, revolutions and rebellions, significant social and political development, modernization, and momentous inventions that influence the quality of daily existence.” With the current transit, she foresees increased neurological research and greater understanding of the implications of trauma. She writes, “Trauma keeps consciousness in a frozen, static, or immobilized state. For evolution to proceed, it is necessary to unlock or unblock whatever inhibits growth. The transit position of Pluto in Aquarius serves this purpose. Pluto’s process is metamorphic and alchemical.”

Heather Ensworth’s 70-minute interview with Melanie Reinhart on Healing and Transformation in 2023 is a gentle conversation in which the women consider the transits of Chiron and Chariklo, reconfiguring the hero/heroine journey, the significance of Pluto square the nodes, and much more.

Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology offers a 25-minute talk, The Major Shadow of Pluto in Aquarius. He discusses the connection of the sign of Aquarius with perfectionism as an entry into “one of this transit’s subtler and more long-term effects.” Adam looks at five ways that “perfectionism may sneak in on us over the next couple of decades.”

In an hour-long talk, UK astrologer Penny Thornton discusses Solar Eclipse square Pluto April 20. She writes, “On 20th April, a solar eclipse will square mighty Pluto. Why is this such an important event? Why do eclipses change destinies? How is the past playing into the present, particularly in regard to King Charles and the coronation to come.”

The Five Phases of Pluto in Aquarius by Dan Waites at World Astrology Report is a focused, 22-minute presentation (with time codes). Dan explains “how we can view Pluto’s transit through Aquarius through the lens of the sign’s five Egyptian bounds. We’ll look at Pluto’s last transit through Aquarius from 1777 to 1798 and see how the events of that period reflect the five rulers of Aquarius’s Egyptian bounds: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. Then we’ll think about what this might say about how Pluto’s forthcoming transit through Aquarius from 2023 to 2044 will play out.”

Changing of the Gods Cosmic Weather Report: World Transits 2023–2032 with Richard Tarnas, Kenny Ausubel, Luisah Teish, and Becca Tarnas, moderated by Téana David, is a two-hour follow up conversation to the 2022 ten-part Changing of the Gods docuseries. Looking at the major world transits for the next ten years, the participants also specifically discuss the Pluto and Uranus returns of the US birth chart and “[h]ow will the country reconcile an epochal reckoning in the struggle between democracy and autocracy, between freedom and empire? As well, Ifa/Orisha priestess and lifelong African American activist Luisah Teish shares her community’s prophecy for the coming time. How can we bring our best selves forth to meet these world-historical changes?”.

In The Astrology of 2023 & Beyond Rick Levine gives a detailed synopsis of the astrological phenomena (i.e., aspects, ingresses, eclipses) for the next several years. This is a recording of the 2-hour, 15-minute presentation held on January 21, 2023, which was attended by over 500 people from around the world.

photo: Anne Kristen Euba, Unsplash

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