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Eclipse collection

We are in solar Aries time which this year is also eclipse season wherein events move quickly and in some circumstances, furiously. The March 25 lunar eclipse was at 5°07’ Libra; the total solar eclipse in on April 8 at Aries 19°23’ . (A total solar eclipse is easy to recognize on a chart wheel — the lunation will be within 5° of the node, in this case, the North Node.)

Dan Waites of World Astrology Report gives a 10-minute recap of “a deeply strange story” accompanying the “hideous war and humanitarian catastrophe that is unfolding in Gaza”: Eclipses, Red Heifers And The Apocalypse

Wade Caves writes on the Baltimore bridge collapse in this post on Skyscript. With his customary thoroughness, Wade looks at the March 26 event and the chart for the opening of the bridge. “The event chart features an angular Moon in Libra, ruler of the 8th house of destruction, conjunct the South Node – a mere half a degree apart. The Moon governs shipping, logistics, and travel by sea. Together, this conjunction indicates that a critical error in navigation was made, leading to the devastating collapse of the bridge, a vital component of Baltimore’s infrastructure.”

Within that article, Wade links to his previous webinar on The lunar nodes in practice wherein he looks at the astronomy of the nodes, historical references and “how much weight to put on them in interpretation.” (1 hour, 36 minutes. Transcript provided)

Patrick Watson and Nick Dagan Best discuss Eclipse Season on The Astrology Livestream, posted on March 24. As per their engaging style, they look at many charts — both events and personalities — in a wide ranging (and personal) discussion of the events at hand, the nature of prediction, and more. (2 hours. Transcript provided)

Chiron is exactly conjunct the solar eclipse at 19° Aries. As a respite from the turmoil, please enjoy a gentle conversation between Melanie Reinhart and Mychal Bryan of Oraculous School of Astrology: Melanie Reinhart on Chiron, Dane Rudhyar, + a life of Astrology. Always generous, Melanie has inspired astrological awareness of Chiron and the centaurs for decades. (1 hour 19 minutes. Transcript provided)

From all of us at TMA: Here’s to a safe and sound, meaningful and enriching eclipse season for everyone. As we often note, so glad we are on this road together. Thank you for being here!

Photo: Jongsun Lee via Unsplash

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  1. Interesting I have not heard of the red heifers in decades…

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