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Feb/Mar 2020

Feb/Mar 2020


Highlights of this issue:

  • The 2020s: A Perspective from Civilization Astrology
  • What the Sibly Chart Really Says about the United States of America
  • Dignity and Reception in Aspect Interpretation
  • Uranus in Taurus and the Race to LEO
  • Monica Seles: From Tennis to Tragedy to Triumph
  • Uranus through Aries and Emily’s Inspiring Story
  • Student Section, Book Reviews, Forecasts and more…..

Click on the cover to see a PDF file containing the current issue:
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  1. I will be receiving you as a substitute for Dell Horoscope magazine for April. Will you send us your newest issue ASAP so we can decide to renew subscriptions? I am good until October 2020 I believe and am curious as to your issues.? Thank you!

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