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February Check-In

Eclipse seasons are distinctive times, no matter what frame of reference we use: from measuring the geomagnetic, weather-related, or other mundane areas of turbulence generated by the massive physical bodies of Sun, Moon, and Earth lining up precisely; to the heightened awareness (and possible integration) of our own inner demons; to balancing the subtle energies that travel along the spinal column in the body and the lasting effects of meditative practices familiar to yogic traditions.

We are also in the somewhat rare period (from Uranus’s station direct on January 2 to Jupiter’s station retrograde on March 8) when all the planets are moving forward. Outer events and our inner experiences (i.e., our interpretation of what is going on) may seem different and somehow new. There is a sense that time is hastening, chapters in life are both closing and opening, and we are on the way to our future.

Here are two quick examples of the recent Leo lunar eclipse (January 31 at 11°37′ Leo-Aquarius): A friend with the Midheaven at 12° Leo has suddenly had several much-needed career opportunities arise. A client with the natal Moon at 11°32′ Leo is bereft over the loss of her dearly beloved cat – the cat jumped over the fence at their new house and ran away. Given the uncertainty of eclipse energy, I told her the cat may return (this would be a good horary question). This story echoes the presence of asteroid Ceres, connected to loss and grief, conjunct the Leo Moon of the eclipse.

Here are some thoughts on eclipses (from classical and modern astrology), especially the Leo lunar eclipse and the upcoming Aquarius solar eclipse on February 15.

Head and Tail of the Dragon: The Lunar Nodes by P. James Clark, has a beautifully illustrated description of the astronomy of eclipses and a synopsis of the myth of Rahu and Ketu, as told in the Mahabharata. He writes: “I have changed my view more than once over the years. I have read everything I could get my hands on regarding Traditional Astrology. There is no consensus, but I’m giving the last word to Al-Biruni. He is discussing the relative conditions of the luminaries:

‘When both the luminaries are in aspect to each other, and to the benefics, and are in their own sections of the signs of the benefics, both of them are strong. But if they are in situations unsuitable to them, and the malefics, full of enmity are above them, and the benefics below, or are eclipsed, or near the dragon’s head or tail, especially the latter by less than 12 degrees, both of them are weak.’ (Instructions p. 110.)”

Barbara Goldsmith has a 12-minute video on Solar Eclipse in Aquarius: February 15th. “Free at last! When I think about Aquarius, I am reminded of Inner and Outer Space uncoiling a new intelligence.” She offers cheerful encouragement to celebrate our “unique quirkiness.”

Here’s a fast-moving (two-minute) graphic map that shows every upcoming solar eclipse until 2040.

Marina at Darkstar Astrology writes on Solar Eclipse February 2018: Under Swan Wings.” She notes: “The New Moon Solar Eclipse falls at 27º Aquarius directly opposite the right royal Regulus Solar Eclipse last August at 28º Leo. It brings to completion projects or issues raised at that eclipse. In some respects, that last eclipse was quite elite in its style, whereas this Aquarian eclipse has more of a working-class flavour. This eclipse falls on fixed star Gienah in the constellation of the Swan so it still has a regal taste, since all white Swans in the UK are supposedly owned by the Queen and they are a protected bird.”

Ed Snow at Astrology News Service considers this eclipse season and President Trump’s horoscope: Trump’s Troubles Far from Over. He refers to financial astrologer Grace Morris: “The 2018 lunar eclipse on January 31 at 11 degrees of Aquarius will oppose planet Pluto in President Drumpf’s birth chart. Days later, the February 15 solar eclipse in Aquarius will oppose his Mars. ‘The effects of these oppositions should be very personal,’ Morris says.”

Kathy Biehl, astrologer at Empowerment Unlimited, has a forecast for the month: “February is in the thick of eclipse territory. Shock waves are still radiating out from the total lunar eclipse of Jan. 31. Its companion is the month’s centerpiece, the Aquarius New Moon solar eclipse on Feb. 15. While bringing its share of dramatic endings, it is also a life-changing quickening and power-up, complete with rocket ship.”

Although not directly connected to the current eclipses, Alex Miller, Asteroid Files looks at Political Apprentice, Season Two: The Trump Administration’s 2018 Solar Return. He writes: “The Moon at 13º Pisces conjoins Neptune at 12º Pisces. This could indicate a dishonest stance with the public, an attempt to misrepresent, obfuscate, or deceive. It also represents confused or inconsistent public policy, and a populace that is disillusioned, disheartened, or cynically disengaged; many may feel betrayed, another Neptune keyword.”

Have a good week, everyone!


  1. Great list, as always. Thank you, Mary. One little note: Ed Snow’s piece says last summer’s solar eclipse happened on August 15th – it was actually August 21st. No doubt a typo, but since that was such a big deal eclipse, I just wanted to note it.

  2. Thanks for this stimulating selection, Mary. Looking forward to a browse…

  3. The Queens Swans are dying, 30 so far. Diagnosed with bird flu. And the eclipse falling in the constellation of The Swan!

  4. Hi Mary,

    this is really awesome post

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