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Financial News for the Brave

Most of us are galvanized by the graphs and commentary on financial markets (Look, it’s world-wide now!) that is dominating the collective news. It seems essential to turn off the media long enough to keep our balance and sanity with whatever it is that deeply restores our own eco-system. When ready for another look, here’s a link to great collection gathered by mundane astrologer and blogger David Crook on stellar insights 108. You’ll find Ray Merriman’s take on the week in the markets, as well as classic articles by Bill Meridian on the Federal Reserve and the History of Stock Market Astrology. Thanks, David.

TMA readers, please enjoy (?) the blog, post a comment if you like, and then maybe get out for some fresh air or dinner with a good friend..we’re all in this together!


  1. Mary,
    Thanks for the link to David Crook’s sight. Loved the chart of the Federal Reserve. I wish I could find new articles by Bill Meridian.

  2. I just want to say that I have gone back to the Federal Reserve Chart and was surprised to see that it has a north/south node at 18 Virgo/Pisces!!!! Which, drum roll, is the degree of the Uranus/Saturn opposition. I am going to go back and check out some dates when those nodes have been hit before and see if I can find something. Thanks for the link to stellar insights, Mary

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