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Fire of Love: Venus Rx in Leo Horoscopes


Fire cannot subsist on itself – the elements must be balanced to stay ablaze. It’s not always you, even when it feels that way. Individuality is a reference point to otherness and it is up to you to orient to both – yourself, and other… and in that order. We might not understand why it has to be your way, but you know you’ll love us harder on the other side.

Inquiry: How do you experience support in your life?



The cows in India are treated like family, given names, and sleep inside the house. They are associated with Aditi, the mother of all Gods: a beacon of fertility, abundance, and prosperity. Remember that respectful relationships are reciprocal. Just because you have a lot to offer, doesn’t mean you have to give it all, all of the time.

Inquiry: How do your relationships feed you?



The vast web of the Information Age is woven with mercurial fibers. Don’t take your fluency for granted. Speed can be an asset when your vision is clear. Why waste energy on deliberation? We don’t always love you for your rate of change… but then again, our understanding is often clouded by our wounded ego.

Inquiry: Who is holding you back? (It’s not always their fault.)



You’re not an archivist. Everything you collect has value because it helps you feel safe – at home. I wouldn’t start putting things out on the street just yet… but perhaps it’s time to start making piles. Adorn yourself in lavish significance.

Inquiry: What is essential to your sense of vitality?



It’s okay to forget your lines. The outtakes bring it all back down to Earth. You’ve got the range right now to wander and get a little lost. It’s all revocable and yet… you can never really go back. Make a crown out of your curiosities, but don’t be surprised if we put back up on the pedestal.

Inquiry: Who are you when no one’s looking?



Everything is talking to you – even and especially your body. You got the best medicine in town – potent and preventative. If you’re going to be on bed rest, it’s nice to have something with ample support. It’s not an infirmary, it’s a throne for your wildest dreams to be seated.

Inquiry: How do you know what you need?



If only every conflict had a capable mediator. Were you red-handed or just the one who happened to be picking up the pieces? Take a highlighter to your old journals – the evidence is there between the lines. You’ve got a way of making it all better. Do that, but try doing it for yourself.

Inquiry: What does forgiveness feel like?



You can’t keep it a secret forever. Sure… keep pretending you don’t know we’re all thinking. Whenever you’re ready, we will be too.

Inquiry: How do you assign value to yourself?



“Teacher don’t you see? Don’t wanna be no uptown fool

Maybe I should go to hell but I am doing well

Teacher needs to see me after school

I think of all the education that I’ve missed

But then my homework was never quite like this.”

  • Van Halen, Hot For Teacher

Inquiry: What’s your relationship to authority?



It’s true – the village has always needed supplies and someone had to do it. What we gained in goods, we lost in connection. If you’re not around to enjoy the meal, then why did we cook it? Trust the invitation: we want to know you; we want you to stay.

Inquiry: What’s the difference between vulnerability and weakness?



You’re not exactly one to date outside your party. Like Tetris pieces, hard edges can come togehter for a snug fit. Yet in alchemy, the original metals don’t remain in tact. We admire the mind you have to write your own agreements even if we don’t consent to all your terms.

Inquiry: What’s the difference between being lonely and being alone?



Put it on the altar. If it makes you feel reverent, give it a home. We love it when you merge with us but is it wise to get lost in someone else’s dream?

Inquiry: To what/whom are you devoted?




Art: Venus by Henri van der Stok, 1925


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