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For Listening: Astrology Podcasts

graphic by Jesse Draxler

In this collection of astrology podcasts I focus on those I haven’t mentioned before. There are so many gems out there — your suggestions are very welcomed! Please enjoy many happy hours of listening — I mention some for students at all levels, and a few for those of you who just really enjoy astrological wisdom to help you get through the week.

Oraculos Astrology is the site for Mychal A. Bryan’s “astro-mystical media.” He offers trainings via the Oraculos School of Astrology, where “we believe Astrology and Divination create tangible touchstones of real and practical magic within the lives of people.” Mychal’s inquisitive, lighthearted and creative mind makes him a wonderful host on his podcast where he has free classes, Astro RoundTable Talks and interviews with astrologers.

Recent episodes include Astrology Masterclass: Why Saturn is the only Ruler of Aquarius in Traditional Astrology: “Since the discovery of Uranus in 1781, the topic of which planet rules Aquarius has been a great source of controversy within the astrological community. In this Q and A, I give a general overview of the concept of rulership, the Thema Mundi, and ultimately how our Astrology is based on harmonies that exist within Nature; harmonies that – if understood – stand to bring us all greater light and clarity within our practice of Astrology, both Traditional and Modern.”  And, under the modern astrology subhead, Mychal interviews Henry Seltzer on Introducing Eris – The Tenth Planet.

In researching for this blog, I have listened to a few of Sabrina Monarch’s The Magic of the Spheres Podcast and am touched by her interview skills — she is a sensitive listener to her guests who come from a range of astrological approaches and skills. An evolutionary astrologer, Sabrina’s work is “about astrology, depth psychology, healing, magic, wellness, business, sexuality and spiritual lifestyle.”
Recent episodes include The Fixed Stars with Oscar Moises Diaz; Séance Death and Death Positivity with The Eckharts (séance hosts); The Planetary Nodes and Sustained Inner-light with Mark Jones. Her current podcast is Chiron and the Original Wound of Rejection with Maya of Darker Materials, where “Sabrina interviews astrologer Maya of Darker Materials about Chiron in Aries and the original chronic wound of rejection.”

An experienced astrologer and Tarot reader, S.J. Anderson’s podcast delivers his weekly astrological forecasts — with a Tarot card for each. In his calming voice, S.J. captures the planetary themes of the week; he brings in techniques from traditional (e.g., planetary bounds) and modern astrology. The episodes are about 20 minutes each.

Tony Howard hosts the Astrology Universitypodcast, with frequently updated forecasts and guest interviews. A recent episode was this interview with long-time astrologer Brian Clark who discusses his book Soul, Symbol and Imagination: The Artistry of Astrology. “We share inspiring quotes from the book and along the way talk about house system arguments, how technique can only take you so far, and validating versus proving astrology.”

I’ve enjoyed listening to Kirah Tabourn of The Strology Show, “conversations with astrologers and mystics from all over the world.” The conversations are at least an hour, and casual, self-revealing and very educational for a range of listeners, beginners to pros. We are learning together on her podcast, it’s fun and smart. A comment from one listener: “No more crusty dusty old while dude astrologers.” No offense to my respected age-peers, but couldn’t have said it better myself. Recent topics: The Lots with Jake Green and Mo Olufemi, Asteroids with Michael J. Morris, Locational Astrology with Charm Torres and Alyssia Osorio.

The StarLady-Soul-Reader is Kim Marie’s podcast. Kim is the Director Evolutionary Astrology Network and she posts weekly forecasts to “utilize the current planetary transits and the natural principles of Evolutionary Astrology….. to nourish your Soul and rekindle your Spirit while guiding you through your week.” Episode are about 20 minutes each. For a sample, the Taurus New Moon episode “offers clear choices based upon the evolving values we have been working on throughout the year. The Taurus mantra reflects this back to us: ‘I create self-reliance with every metamorphosis.’…. Quiet your mind and stay calm because Mercury in Gemini from May 29th to June 22nd from 25*-16* Gemini will certainly keep the pot of doing-ness on slow boil. Consider an unplugging event of some kind, deep breathing exercises or just make more time for walks in nature.”

Astrologically Speaking with Sheri (Horn) has in-depth interviews with long-practiced astrologers. Recent events include a 56-minute conversation with mundane astrologer (and former TMA columnist) Bruce Scofield on The Saturn/Uranus squares of 2021.

Erin Sullivan is the author of many highly influential and groundbreaking astrology books; among them — Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body, and Soul (1991), Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape (1992) and The Astrology of Family Dynamics (2001). In this episode, she discusses Saturn’s Journey through the chart along with Uranus’s transit through Taurus.

Kathy Biehl hosts astroinsight’s podcast which offers “a light-hearted, practical weekly astro-forecast.” Episodes are only six or so minutes, “short and sassy.” Kathy has a “homing thought of the week, song of the week and image of the week.” She synopsizes her Astro-Insights for May 17-23, 2021: “We’re in the pause that perplexes. Nothing much you can do about it…except use it to reinvent yourself, commit to people and projects that point to your future, and share, share, share. Nothing much. Riiiiight.” (She also has extended weekly and moon forecasts EmpowermentUnlimited)

Everyday Astrology forecasts the current planetary conditions in a bi-weekly podcast hosted by holistic Astrologer Hillory Skott. Episodes are about 30-minutes. Her tagline: “We are all connected to the cosmos whether we realize it or not. If we tune into the flow of the Universe it makes our journey on this earth plain magical, productive and deeply fulfilling. Dreams really do come true!”

I haven’t time yet to listen to BloodMoonMilk Astrology podcast (“An astrology podcast for mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation”), but I am intrigued. It features music, and has been around for awhile — there are 58 episodes — the current one is on The New Moon in Taurus. It has several 5 star ratings; one listener’s comment: “Really interesting content! I’m new to astrology and this is a great podcast for people who are getting into it. Super informative and great for binging. Thanks for helping me get through my work day!”

With Saturn’s current station retrograde (the 23rd) — maybe there will be time to stop for awhile and listen to some of these podcasts. Have a good week, everyone, and please do add to this far-from-complete list.


  1. Thanks for all that information. Wish more people took real astrology seriously….. maybe one day.

  2. I adore this list thank u, ?
    Sabrina Monarch is amazing glad she’s in this list

    • Hi Louisa,

      Glad you liked it, I appreciate your comment..


  3. Great info, thanks. Wish there were more hours in the day to listen to all of these!

    • Hi Fiona,

      Yes, indeed, at least we’re approaching the longest day of the year – summer solstice.



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