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Sagittarius Solar Eclipse — December 3–4, 2021

by Diana McMahon Collis

December 3, 2021 — 11:42 p.m. PST /// December 4, 2021 — 7:42 a.m. GMT

The Sagittarius solar eclipse is a total eclipse and indicates that stronger changes may occur than we imagined were possible — whether for better or worse. How we perceive such changes may depend quite a lot on what we were expecting in the first place, of course. It can be easy to assume that a planned course of action will emerge in exactly the linear way that the imagination first painted it. Yet life is not always so straightforward. Besides, what we think we want may be easily replaced by what we truly need, ultimately. Only once a little more time has passed might we then see the very clear picture of why it was so necessary that things ended up the way they did.

For some people, the eclipse will bring a revelation that helps to make more sense of a situation — but for others, what is shown may now seem more confusing. This could be especially relevant when dealing with a relationship where strains and tensions start to tilt behaviour in a peculiar direction. It could be important to remind ourselves that this is not quite the whole picture — or that we cannot yet appreciate the depth and breadth of the entire situation. Having this heightened sense of awareness may help us cope with a greater understanding if someone else’s behaviour seems out of sorts. And it might even help to explain if we, personally, feel off-kilter for a while too.

Since Mercury is conjunct the eclipse, it could seem that someone’s thinking is far from straightforward. Rationale may appear to have gone out the window temporarily — or worse still, someone is convinced that what they believe is real and makes sense, when to another the opposite is true. If we can see that something is amiss, then we can perhaps cut some slack and avoid getting caught up in a panic or otherwise over-reacting.

On a more practical note, this can be a time when Mercury operates in frustrating ways on a mundane level. It may be that information is not fully revealed — whether intentionally or unwittingly — and the net effect, either way, is that we are at something of a disadvantage, at least temporarily. It could be important, therefore, to check specific details — almost as we might do under the rays of a retrograde Mercury. This can mean checking with more than one source, because one version of the so-called truth, or set of facts, may not match another.

Asteroid Vesta is on the other side of the eclipse pair, reminding us of the importance of holding on to ideas and inspirations. We may be in the middle of a creative process that doesn’t feel as progressive and awe-inspiring as we’d at first hoped for. Yet we’re probably making progress — of a sort. If we struggle to spot this, then we can perhaps cast our thoughts back to previous times — maybe involving other people — to see how we have, in reality, already advanced. This could be as simple as having more resources available to us now than we or others had access to in previous scenarios.

A sextile of Saturn to Vesta, the Sun, and Moon lends a sobering, steadying influence. Saturn in Aquarius reflects strong principles, including fairness. If we stress this point in our dealings with others, we may be able to mitigate certain excesses that the planets in Sagittarius could want to lead us toward. Expansion can, of course, be a great bonus — but we may have a reminder soon that not everyone can handle changes, expansion, or progress equally well or at the same speed. A little emotional catch-up may be required on certain fronts — and any patience we can demonstrate may support us, as well.