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Full, Full Moon

This week’s Full Moon, exact on Friday, December 12 at 8:38 am PT, is especially dynamic and we have a week upon us where paying attention to our emotional reactions and keeping steady amidst strong stimuli may be a very good idea. The planets suggest a volatility and passion in the air. The Full Moon has a grand cross in mutable signs: The Sun in Sagittarius has just past its conjunction to Mars – this was exact on December 5 – and Mars squares Uranus in Pisces on December 10, and Saturn in Virgo on the 15th. The Full Moon at 21° 02′ Gemini, therefore opposes Mars, which squares both the Saturn and Uranus. These two planets, Saturn and Uranus began their long (i.e., through July 2010!), challenging, creative, maddening opposition on November 4. The long term stories playing out for us all – around defenses, fears, self-limiting beliefs, finding a move to make in spite of imagined or real opposition – get easily triggered this week. We may be overstimulated and too quick to take offense. Giving and taking is essential this week – two mutable oppositions squaring one another certainly implies a stimulating engagement with many others, both individuals and their points of view and ideas. It is extremely creative and engaging – a wide view or vision of where we are heading may show itself brightly and clearly, and enthusiasm may lighten the heart. A Full Moon always offers the ahah! moment, and this one especially so. Look for what is both useful at this time, (Saturn) and on point towards the future (Uranus).

The grand cross suggests that we may feel the urgency for a big change and yet, we may not see where or how. Patience may be a nearly impossible but urgently needed quality this week! Have confidence that the ideas and visions of the Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon will be exploding with creative ideas for the future, rather than feeling that someone else is cramping our style.

At the Full Moon, Mercury is on the World Axis at 0°25′ Capricorn, conjunct Pluto at 0°33′ Capricorn. With the swift-footed messenger of the gods traveling closely with the harbinger of the massive re-structuring of power centers that is beginning to sweep the globe, we can expect that critical events from various world hot spots will be dominating the news. The conjunction, occurring at the same time as this volatile lunation, suggests that we may see – at best – significant compromises being found, or, at least beginning to be imagined, as well as – most likely – increased tensions and explosive dialogue around many world situations.

I like to return to the ongoing transit of the South Node in Leo and the North Node in Aquarius, now with Venus, Chiron and Neptune all in Aquarius and pulling us all towards the future waiting to be born. We each have a personal role to play or gift to offer (Leo) that is ready to be employed for the good of the whole (Aquarius). There are many altruistic motivations, projects and ideas we can join with. With this Full Moon, some of us may be happy to get through a stormy few days with equanimity and grace, or at least not too many hard feelings.

Here’s to the ongoing work of understanding our own natures and our place in the greater story of the day – it is surely a magnificant Full Moon for illuminations in all departments of life. Here’s to having the courage to see ourselves and our own situations with brilliance and heart.  Enjoy!


  1. This ‘current’ column gives new meaning to Moonday – Thanks Check my Math, but isn’t 21 Mutables = 6 Fixed (45)? Do the planets we have (or transits) give a “where or how”? My Natal Pluto is at 6 Leo has been aspected by the new Moons…so does this full ‘reflect’ how to proceed or where I may ‘see’ areas that still require change/purge? Very interesting…Roberta

  2. Hi Roberta,

    Yes, 21 degrees of the mutable signs equals 6 degrees of the fixed signs (on the 45 dial). It’s a provocative relationship – we might be irritated and therefore jarred out of some level of assumption or comfort..
    Your observation about yourself is interesting…anything you’d like to share now, a few days after the lunation?

    Thanks for writing…

  3. Oh my God. The Illinois Governor and I share too much in common. 19 degrees Sag is my Sun, and I share Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo, too. My Mars is also in Aries, and conjunct my Aries Moon at 2 degrees. Perhaps my 25 degree Capricorn Ascendent, and singleton Sun in Sagittarius are the best help, though a prominent trine of Moon/Mars to Saturn and Uranus bring the blessing. My 19 degree Venus is conjunct my 20 degree Midheaven, and I, too, have north node at 28 degrees Scorpio. My Mercury is 5 degrees Cap.

    I ran for political office earlier this year, but lost. During last week’s full moon, I began a recall election on the guy who beat me because he cheated. His unfair electioneering was witnessed and a complaint sent to the Secretary of State. Unfortunately, corruption runs deep in New Mexico, too, and I didn’t get much help from the chain of command. Perhaps, it’s the recall that will shake things up, and oust the guy from office?

    So, it seems the table was turned even though my chart is similar to Blagojavich’s. They didn’t come after me – I went after them!

    Feedback welcomed.


  4. Those interested – my data: Dec. 11, 1956, 9:35 am, Newport, Rhode Island. I now live in New Mexico, and have for 12 twelve years.

    Blagojavich and I also had Pluto passing over our natal Suns just a few years ago. I was nearly killed by an enraged mate, but I believe my angels carried me through. I haven’t seen Blagojavich’s chart so I can’t comment on the Sun placement or his benefics, only that both Venus and Jupiter are in detriment – Jupiter at the critical 29 degrees like mine. Both our solar return charts show a fighting spirit with Sun conjunct Mars for 2009.

    My past few years have had public notoriety, and public attack. What should have been a building up through success in my business, came down as jealous competitors trying to ruin my reputation.

    Now I’m curious what astrologers may see.

    Thank you,

  5. I have been getting the Jim Maynard wall calendar
    every year since 2000, and I noticed that the month of December 2008 has for the whole month, no retrograde planets. I went back through all my calendars (the art work is too interesting to throw them away)and did not find another month that was free of retrograde planets. With Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, and the Sun, Mercury, and Venus spending some time each in the sign of Capricorn during December, how might that effect
    what is happening as pertains to business.

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